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Lib Tries to Show How Easy It Is to Buy Guns, Then Video Takes Embarrassing Turn

A liberal reporter who thought it would be a good idea to make a video about how easy it is to buy guns in the United States embarrassed herself when things did not go according to her plan.
Maggie Palmer, an Australian reporter, set out on a mission to by a gun in Las Vegas, a town she described as having relaxed gun laws.
“Literally all you need to buy a new gun is a local ID card,” Palmer wrote in a piece for Australian news outlet SBS.

“The seller conducts a background check which takes less than an hour in some cases. Get the all clear and voila — you’re a gun holder! No license or registration required,” she wrote.
Eager to prove her point, Palmer waltzed into a Walmart with a camera crew, fully expecting walk out of the store with a gun.
Palmer sarcastically called attention to how the rifle display was located next to the toy section. She also pointed out how the Walmart assistant behind the counter claimed she was not particularly educated about guns (and that their regular gun expert was off that day), but yet was still able to sell them.

However, with all her enthusiasm and wit, Palmer found she could not buy a a gun in Las Vegas because she didn’t have the appropriate ID.
Talk about proving a point.

See video:

This reporter should have been embarrassed but she was not. She glossed over the fact that she was unable to make a purchase because of a little snag with her ID, while continuing to bemoan the fact the U.S. does not follow Australia’s position on gun control.

Arguments like this make no sense.
Palmer illustrates why so many thinking people believe that liberalism is a disease.
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POTUS Trump: We'll see.....hmmmm Oct 9th?

North Korea Revealed They Could Start World War 3 On This Date 

The North Korean crisis could be reaching a deadly breaking point.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is planning something big.
And U.S. spies found out the date he could start World War 3.
The CIA is warning that October 9th could be the day Kim Jong Un launches his most provocative move to date.
That weekend is the anniversary of the formation of the ruling party in North Korea, and the communist government tends to time their missile launches and nuclear tests with days that are historically important to their nation.

U.S. News reports:
“A top CIA official for the Korean Peninsula warned Wednesday that the U.S. should be ready for a new provocation by North Korea on Columbus Day on Oct. 9, which coincides with the anniversary of the founding of the political party that governs in Pyongyang.
“Stand by your phones,” Yong Suk Lee, deputy assistant director of the CIA’s Korea Mission Center, said while speaking at a conference organized by the agency at The George Washington University.
Lee did not speculate what North Korea might do, though it frequently carries out missile launches or nuclear tests on major state anniversaries, such as the birthday of leader Kim Jong Un or other dates associated with the lives of his father or grandfather. Oct. 10 marks the anniversary of the founding of the Workers’ Party of Korea in 1945.
Tensions with North Korea have reached new extremes in recent weeks, following months of increased weapons tests combined with new U.S. appraisals that Pyongyang is close to perfecting or perhaps already has made an intercontinental ballistic missile that can carry a nuclear warhead and hit targets accurately.
Lee added that Pyongyang historically has been controlled by its fear of the Chinese abandoning its support for the Hermit Kingdom, or that the U.S. would carry out a military strike. Kim Jong Un no longer has those fears, Lee said.”
But what could they be planning and why could it accidentally start World War 3?
There are rumors that North Korea could conduct an upper atmosphere nuclear test.
That would be the first of its kind since 1980.
CNN reports:
“North Korea could test a powerful nuclear weapon over the Pacific Ocean in response to US President Donald Trump’s threats of military action, the country’s foreign minister has warned.
Ri Yong Ho spoke to reporters in New York shortly after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un made an unprecedented televised statement, accusing Trump of being “mentally deranged.”
The forceful rhetoric from Pyongyang came after Trump threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea in a speech to the UN General Assembly on Tuesday. Trump tweeted Friday that Kim was “obviously a madman” who would be “tested like never before.”
In a rare direct statement delivered straight to camera, Kim said that Trump would “pay dearly” for the threats, and that North Korea “will consider with seriousness exercising of a corresponding, highest level of hard-line countermeasure in history.”
An upper atmosphere nuclear test that goes awry could create an electromagnetic pulse wave that destroys the power grid in Japan or South Korea.
The United States and Russia stopped conducting these tests because in the 1950s, an atomic test over the Pacific damaged communications and electrical capabilities in Hawaii.
Should North Korea conduct a risky live-fire nuclear test over the Pacific Ocean that damages one of America’s allies, the United States may have no choice but to respond with military force.
We will keep you updated on any new developments in this story.

Here are the things that are banned in the US that aren't guns

oped: Just food for thought about the illogical practice of banning things based on gut wrench reactions rather than examining the product and coming to a logical conclusion!

The scene of Stephen Paddock’s hotel room. It has led to renewed calls for gun control
by: Nick Reilly 

The horrific atrocity is the most deadly shooting in modern US history, and has prompted renewed calls for gun control in a country where it is incredibly easy to purchase firearms.
Pictures, obtained by Boston News 25, have emerged showing the semi-automatic rifles found in his hotel room, as well as spent rounds of ammunition and a hammer.
Under the second amendment of the American Constitution, US citizens are given the right to bear arms – but critics claim that this constitutional right is the precise reason why gun massacres are seemingly so regular in America. 

Donald Trump said in the aftermath of the atrocity that he would talk about gun control at some point – but in a visit to Las Vegas on Wednesday, the US President demured.
His trip to the site of the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history was the first time he has had to deal directly with the aftermath of a major shooting rampage of the type that have killed hundreds of people in recent years in the United States. 

Donald Trump is greeted by survivor family members Shelby Stalker and Stephanie Melanson (Reuters)
But, during the visit, Trump deflected a question about whether the United States has a problem with gun violence.
“We’re not going to talk about that today,” he said.
Many have pointed out the seeming inconsistencies in U.S. law as to what products might be deemed dangerous enough to be illegal.
Here are a few items that are banned in the US: 

Kinder Eggs. 

For European kids, Kinder Eggs are a staple of childhood. Chocolate on the outside, a toy on the inside. It’s a simple delight, but one that Americans can’t enjoy after they were banned in 1930.
A spokesperson for US Customs and Border protection previously said: ‘While sold in many countries, this product is banned from the US because young children can choke on it.
‘Working together at the Import Safety Commercial Targeting and Analysis Center, these partner agencies are able to coordinate and streamline federal efforts to address import safety issues, including the illegal importation of Kinder Eggs.’ 

Children’s Books 

Banned, apparently… (Picture: Flickr)
It’s near impossible that a children’s book could ever cause a massacre, but alas they’re banned in the US, kind of. A Federal court ruling forbids the sale of children’s books printed before 1985, due to the possibility of them containing lead.


Don’t take unpasteurised milk across state lines (AP Photo/Toby Talbot, File)
Again, a dairy product that is unlikely to cause countless deaths, but America isn’t taking any chances. Unpasteurised milk can’t be sold between state lines. A further Twenty US states prohibit the sale of raw milk entirely. You can’t be too careful, can you? 

A favoured delicacy of the Scottish, but you won’t find it over the pond. It’s illegal to important haggis into America because it contain’s sheep lungs – an ingredient that doesn’t pass the regulations of the US Food and Drug administration. 

Bingo games
In North Carolina, it’s illegal to hold a bingo game for more than five hours unless it is being held at a fair. Seems logical.

Cheese, anyone? (Pictur: REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi_
Obviously not all cheese, but the Sardinian Casu Marzu is banned on US soil because of how it is produced – reportedly made  by placing fly larvae into Pecorino cheese in order to speed up the fermentation.
The larvae hatch which in turn makes the cheese a nice, creamy texture, although you’re advised to eat it before the maggots die. Tasty. 

Mirabelle plums 

Banned in America, but with no real explanation as to why…
A healthy sweet treat, but one that isn’t available in the US due to bizarre import laws stopping the French fruit from ever being consumed on US soil. The precise reason for the ban has never quite been revealed.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Bundy Prosecutors Caught Attempting to Ignore Court’s Orders?

By Tim Brown 
Once again, we see the hypocrisy and corruption coming out of the office of prosecutor Steven Myhre as he has sought to not only try and keep the defense from appealing to actual evidence, testimony and the law, but is seeking to use cherry-picked statements from things he does not want to allow the defense to use.  Now, at least one of the defendants is calling him out on it and requesting the judge in the case to enforce the order the court gave concerning the matter.

In a motion that was filed on Thursday by Chris T. Rasmussen, attorney for reporter Pete Santilli, there was an appeal to Judge Gloria Navarro to enforce the court’s order not to use anything from the Oregon case involving Santilli, in which all the charges against him were dropped.
“Fourteen days before trial, the Government has decided to ignore this Court’s Order (Dk: 1613),” wrote Rasmussen.
“Santilli filed a motion to compel disclosure of discovery from the case in Oregon,” Rasmussen continued.  “The government arrogantly announced in their response, ‘The Oregon case is not this case.'”

Rasmussen pointed to the court’s order which states, “Judge Navarro found that “the Oregon case is not relevant… especially given that the activity related to the Malheur occupation began well after the events at issue in this case.'”
He then called out the fact that Myhre and company are attempting to ignore the order and “bring in Oregon activity.”
“Although the statements they seek to introduce are not of Santilli’s, their goal is to poison the entire room with unflattering statement from co-defendants,” wrote Rasmussen.
On behalf of Santilli, Rasmussen asks the court to enforce its ruling concerning bringing in information from the Oregon case “or in the alternative allow Santilli to present to the court the fact that the Department of Justice reviewed Santilli’s speech and declared it constitutional resulting in a dismissal of all charges.”

Indeed, his speech was constitutional and right.
Still, we have the prosecution attempting to silence the defendants in the case from defending themselves with information that substantiates why they did what they did and calls into question not only the lawfulness of how government obtains land, but also the heavy-handed and unconstitutional means of the BLM under the direction of now-fired Special-Agent-In-Charge Daniel P. Love.
According to the documents that were filed with the court, the prosecution wants to “preclude the defendants from:”

  1. addressing in voir dire, opening statement, or closing argument and/or
  2. adducing or eliciting during direct or cross-examination, an information or argument that: portrays or implies that the law enforcement officers acted unlawfully or unethically during impoundment operations; or that the actions of the defendants were justified by the US Constitution or other law. 
Mr. Myhre and company sought to “preclude evidence, information, commentary, beliefs, explanations, or opinions about the following:”
  • Self-Defense, defense of others, or defense of property, justification, necessity arguments which have no foundation in the law;
  • Third-party/ lay person testimony or opinion about the level of force displayed or used by law enforcement officers during impoundment operations, including operations on April 6, 9 and 12, 2014;
  • Opinions/public statements of Governor Brian Sandoval of April 8, 2014, and/or opinions registered by other political office holders or opinion leaders about BLM impoundment operations.
  • Allegations of workplace misconduct by the SAC of the impoundment, or regarding those who worked for, or with, him.
  • Allegations that officers connected with the impoundment acted unethically or improperly by the way they were dressed or equipped during the impoundment, or that they improperly shredded documents during or after impoundment operations.
  • References to supposed mistreatment of cattle during the impoundment operations;
  • Legal arguments, beliefs,  explanations, or opinions that the federal government does not own the land or have legal authority or jurisdiction over public lands where impoundment operations were conducted, or that the land was or is otherwise owned by the State of Nevada;
  • Legal arguments, beliefs, explanations, or opinions regarding infringement on First and Second Amendment rights, including any effort to confuse the jury that there is some form of “journalist” or “protest” immunity for the crimes charged;
  • References to punishment the defendants may face if convicted of the offenses;
  • References to the Oregon trial of United States v. Ammon Bundy, Ryan Payne, and Ryan Bundy, or the results in that trial;
  • References to the outcomes in the previous two trials in this case; and
  • Legal arguments, explanations, or opinions advancing defendants’ views of the US Constitution, including claims that law enforcement officers within the Department of Interior have no constitutional authority, that “natural law” or other authority permits the use of force against law enforcement officers in defense of property or individual rights, or that the US District Court for the District of Nevada has no jurisdiction or authority under the Constitution to order the removal of cattle from public lands. 
Yet, they want to talk about social media posts that took place more than two years after Bundy Ranch.  They want to talk about actions of the defendants that occurred months after Bundy Ranch, as though they are relevant.
However, when it comes to the Oregon case, the reason the prosecution doesn’t want that coming up except for its own selected portions is exactly what Rasmussen sees as “poisoning the room.”
If they were to allow all the evidence of Oregon into this case, it would be an absolute slam dunk for the defendants because many of the same charges leveled at them were either dismissed or they were acquitted of them all.
We’ll see how things turn out very soon.
If you are able and would like to help the Bundy Ranch political prisoners win their case against the tyranny of the central government or would like to write them, please click here.  If you would like to support a house in Nevada that is caring for wives and children of these men as they attend the trials, please click here.

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Witness says woman told Las Vegas crowd they're 'all going to die' 45 minutes before shooting

las vegas shooting witness
oped: Well this is for thought  I suppose...the FBI should do a followup on this one!

by: Alex Lockie 

(The woman who says she witnessed threatening behavior before the Las Vegas shooting.Sky News) In the aftermath of the worst mass shooting in recent US history, one witness said a woman had told the crowd that they were "all going to die tonight."
A concertgoer who attended the Route 91 Harvest festival, where the shooting took place, told Sky News that she saw "a lady who pushed her way forward into the concert venue into the first row."
The witness said "she started messing with another lady and told us that we're all going to die tonight,'" before being escorted out by security about 45 minutes before the shooting.
After that, the witness said she left the concert and headed back to her hotel room. When she heard there had been a shooting, the witness "thought it had a positive correlation to" the woman's warning, she said.
It is unclear, however, whether the incident had any relation to the shooting. The witness described the woman and a man she was with as Hispanic and "five-footers." 

"They just looked like everyday people," the witness said.
Police have identified Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old white man, as the suspected gunman.
His roommate, Marilou Danley, was an initial person of interest to police. Police have said she is out of the country.
The shooting left at least 58 dead and 515 injured. It is believed to be the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.
NOW WATCH: Here are the territories of Afghanistan controlled by the Taliban and ISIS
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Las Vegas shooting: What we know about suspect Stephen Paddock

PHOTO: Stephen Paddock, seen here in a photo posted on Facebook by his girlfriend in September 2014, has been identified as the suspect in Sundays mass shooting in Las Vegas. 
oped: It appears Stephen Paddock went off the deep end...out of his mind...can't blame #NRA,2ndAmendment,ISIS nor POTUS!


Stephen Paddock, 64, is the man suspected of killing at least 58 people and injuring at least 515 in Las Vegas on Sunday night in what is now believed to be the worst mass shooting in modern US history, police said today.
According to police, the shooter opened fire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino at a large crowd of more than 20,000 concertgoers across the street attending the final night of the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival. Witnesses described the shooting as "nonstop gunfire,” suggesting the use of automatic or semi-automatic weapons. 

PHOTO:Las Vegas strip shooting after a gunman opens fire near Mandalay Bay casino, Oct 1, 2017. 

Police responded to the scene Sunday night and breached the suspect's hotel room and found that the shooter, who they believe acted alone, had killed himself. Two sources familiar with the investigation said police found about 20 weapons – a mix of rifles and handguns -- in Paddock's hotel room at Mandalay Bay. Authorities believe the shooter brought the weapons into the hotel on his own and used “a device similar to a hammer” to smash the hotel room windows between him and the crowd below.
Police had been seeking to question the suspect’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley, 62, who appears to have lived with Paddock in Mesquite, Nev., about 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas, but authorities do not believe she was involved in the shooting as she was located out of the country. 

The motive for the shooting remains unclear. Police said Paddock had no criminal history, save a minor citation, so officials had no prior knowledge about the suspect. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, but officials have not uncovered any connections between the suspect and any foreign terrorist groups.
"The FBI stated there is no apparent tie to international terrorism,” one senior official told ABC News. “Perhaps ISIS is just trying to take credit."
He appears to have worked as an accountant or auditor and was at one point employed by a company that later become Lockheed Martin, one of the world’s largest defense contractors.
"Stephen Paddock worked for a predecessor company of Lockheed Martin from 1985 until 1988," the company tells ABC in a statement. "We’re cooperating with authorities to answer questions they may have about Mr. Paddock and his time with the company." 

Paddock was also a licensed hunter and private pilot. He owned an aircraft that he kept at Mesquite Metro Airport in Texas from 2007 to 2009.
“I do not recall that he was ever a person who created any problems for us,” the airport director told ABC News. “He kept his accounts up to date and we never had any problems with him here."
Eric Paddock, the suspected shooter’s brother, told ABC News that the family was completely “dumbstruck” by the news, likening the revelation to being “crushed by an asteroid.”
“We have no idea how or why this happened,” Eric Paddock said. “As far as we know, Steve was perfectly fine.”
While the suspect wasn’t familiar to authorities, his name should be. The suspect’s brother told ABC’s Tampa affiliate WFTS that their estranged father, Benjamin Hoskins Paddock, was a notorious bank robber who spent several years on the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted Fugitive” list

A wanted poster circulated in 1969 described the elder Paddock as a “very dangerous” criminal.
“Diagnosed as psychopathic,” the description reads. “Has carried firearms in commission of bank robberies. He reportedly has suicidal tendencies and should be considered armed and very dangerous.”
Officers also responded to the suspect's home and executed a search warrant, where police used a robot to remove the garage door and enter the premises. They found additional weapons and ammunition. 

PHOTO: The house in Mesquite, NV, where the suspect in the Las Vegas shooting, Stephen Paddock, lived. Investigators used a robot to remove the garage door during the search, Oct. 2, 2017.  

ABC News’ Pierre Thomas, Alex Stone, Katie Conway, Erin Dooley and Kenneth Moton contributed to this report.