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Donald Trump Trolls the Media and Tells America that Obama’s Birth Certificate is REAL
oped: Ha the clue being *trolls* yes indeed The Donald is one smart cookie...he removed himself from the debate on birtherism...and left it to bloggers and MSM to continue the debate..yes Barry Barack Hussein Soetoro Davis Obama or whatever his real name is does in fact have a real birth certificate...the question has never been settled as to which name it has on Barry Obama Jr has never released his original LFBC just a cheap debateable copy of  SEE:

by: By Onan Coca 

Two pretty impressive things took place on Friday’s episode of the 2016 Presidential campaign. First, Donald Trump finally announced that he was 100% sure that President Barack Obama was indeed an American-born-American. Secondly, Mr. Trump trolled the media so hard that he instantly became an even bigger Rockstar among his already adoring fans.

How did Mr. Trump “troll” the media?

The Trump campaign leaked news on Thursday evening that he would be making an announcement about President Obama’s birth certificate at his planned Friday press conference. Hearing this, the entire media machine erupted and every outlet then decided that they would run Trump’s event LIVE on their networks. LIVE!
When the program began, the Trump campaign marched out military hero after military hero offering their support for Mr. Trump’s campaign. For more than half an hour a cavalcade of military stars from generals, to war heroes, to the families of our fallen expressed their support for Trump’s candidacy! It was TV gold. It was campaign gold. The media has been telling Americans for months that Mr. Trump’s lack of foreign policy experience terrifies our military leaders, and on Friday the media proved their own narrative wrong when they broadcast so many military icons arguing just the opposite.

About halfway through the spectacle the media realized what the Trump campaign had done, but by then it was too late — America had a new, broader picture of Donald Trump. Some networks, like CNN, pulled back from the parade of endorsements, but they didn’t leave the scene. Instead, they pushed the military supporters to the background while they discussed the Trump campaign’s ethics, only going back to the event when the candidate himself walked out onto the stage.
In fact, over at CNN, Jake Tapper got so angry that he argued that this spoke to the Trump campaign’s “integrity.”

Tapper should have waited before making his derisive comments because just a few minutes later Mr. Trump would indeed give the media what they were looking for.

“I am grateful for the growing support of highly respected retired generals and admirals who have been so successful in defending our country.
Her (Hillary Clinton’s) campaign of 2008 started the ‘birther’ controversy, I finished it. I finished it. President Barack Obama was born in the United States. Period. Now we all want to get back to making America strong and great again.” 

Yes. Donald Trump just said that Barack Obama was an American born in the United States and yes, he blamed Hillary Clinton for the entire “birther” movement. Epic.
Here is the campaign’s full statement on the issue:
Hillary Clinton’s campaign first raised this issue to smear then-candidate Barack Obama in her very nasty, failed 2008 campaign for President. This type of vicious and conniving behavior is straight from the Clinton Playbook. As usual, however, Hillary Clinton was too weak to get an answer. Even the MSNBC show Morning Joe admits that it was Clinton’s henchmen who first raised this issue, not Donald J. Trump. 

In 2011, Mr. Trump was finally able to bring this ugly incident to its conclusion by successfully compelling President Obama to release his birth certificate. Mr. Trump did a great service to the President and the country by bringing closure to the issue that Hillary Clinton and her team first raised. Inarguably, Donald J. Trump is a closer. Having successfully obtained President Obama’s birth certificate when others could not, Mr. Trump believes that President Obama was born in the United States.
Mr. Trump is now totally focused on bringing jobs back to America, defeating radical Islamic terrorism, taking care of our veterans, introducing school choice opportunities and rebuilding and making our inner cities safe again.” – Jason Miller, Senior Communications Advisor 

donald trump america great
Friday was absolute proof that Donald Trump has complete mastery of our national media. He purchased an hour and a half of FREE national advertising… and he didn’t spend a dime. He has the media eating out of his hand. He knows the direction they’re moving before they even seem to. Chris Cilliza of the Washington Post said it like this:
The most amazing thing was that it took the Republican nominee 29 minutes to deliver those three sentences. The event was slated to start at 10 am eastern. It wasn’t until 11 am that it actually began — with Trump touting his new hotel and proclaiming that it is likely to be one of the best in the world. He then ceded the stage to a parade of decorated military veterans who testified to his toughness, his judgment and his temperament. 

Cable networks seemed to not know what to do.  All three of them — MSNBC , Fox News and CNN — stayed with the generals’s testimonials for the better part of 20 minutes. That’s a remarkable amount of free cable time to dedicate to a series of surrogates testifying to how great one of the two party nominees is.
The networks eventually cut away from the generals but then Trump was back at the mic — roughly 90 minutes after his event was originally slated to start. Meaning that he drew an hour and a half of live coverage for:
  1. An empty podium
  2. A series of military endorsements/testimonials
  3. Three sentences from Trump himself — one that is totally false and two others that represent atotal reversal from a position he held as recently as, well,Thursday night. Many members of the media were unhappy with what happened on Friday, Hillary Clinton argued that the press conference was a complete disgrace, and Democrats across the nation quipped that it was proof that Trump was untrustworthy. However, what most Americans saw was this: many important former military leaders support Donald Trump and whatever he says is important enough for the media to spend an hour and a half of live TV waiting to hear it. This was a big win for Mr. Trump, no matter how you look at it.
    By the way… Hillary Clinton was not amused.


Friday, September 16, 2016

Report: Hillary Campaign Stealing from Poorest Donors With Repeated Overcharges

Report: Hillary Campaign Stealing from Poorest Donors With Repeated Overcharges

By Joe Newby
So much for caring about average Americans.  On Thursday, the Observer reported that the campaign of Democrat Hillary Clinton is stealing money from her poorest donors by repeatedly overcharging them after they made what was supposed to be one-time-only donations through the official campaign website.
According to the Observer:
The overcharges are occurring so often that the fraud department at one of the nation’s biggest banks receives up to 100 phone calls a day from Clinton’s small donors asking for refunds for unauthorized charges to their bankcards made by Clinton’s campaign. One elderly Clinton donor, who has been a victim of this fraud scheme, has filed a complaint with her state’s attorney general and a representative from the office told her that they had forwarded her case to the Federal Election Commission. 

“We get up to a hundred calls a day from Hillary’s low-income supporters complaining about multiple unauthorized charges,” a source, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of job security, from the Wells Fargo fraud department told the Observer. The source claims that the Clinton campaign has been pulling this stunt since Spring of this year. The Hillary for America campaign will overcharge small donors by repeatedly charging small amounts such as $20 to the bankcards of donors who made a one-time donation. However, the Clinton campaign strategically doesn’t overcharge these donors $100 or more because the bank would then be obligated to investigate the fraud.
There’s a reason for that.  One fraud investigator told the Observer that fraudulent charges aren’t investigated unless they’re more than $100.00 — and the Clinton campaign knows this.
Read More:

Hillary Clinton’s New Book Tanks In Its First Week

 Sells Less Than 3,000 Copies… All those copies purchased by the Clinton Foundation? BEST CUSTOMER REVIEWS EVER! One reviewer wrote “I was going to read this book…..I really was. But just as I got started, I found myself under sniper fire, passed out, and fell and hit my head. After that I got double vision and had to wear glasses that were so d*** thick I couldn’t even see to read. Then I was allergic to something and started coughing…”

According to the media it is the most popular bestseller in history! 

Washington Examiner:

Did you know that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her running mate Tim Kaine wrote a book?

Well, they did, and it’s called Stronger Together. It sounds titillating: 256 pages chock full of Democratic policy proposals — what’s not to love?
Too bad for Clinton and Kaine, but it seems almost no one wants to read their book of dry policy proposals and life lessons. After a week on the shelves, the book has sold fewer than 3,000 copies. Generally, first-week sales account for about a third of total sales. No New York Times bestseller or Oprah’s Book Club for this kindling, apparently.

Clinton’s 2014 memoir, Hard Choices — the book whose title and cover photo looked suspiciously similar to Carly Fiorina’s 2006 memoir Tough Choices — sold 85,000 copies in its first week, though it was expected to do better.


So Shep Smith...tis not good for those who live in glass house to throw stones!

Is Shepard Smith a Gay? Who is his Boyfriend? Is that a Reason for his Divorce with his Wife in 1993?
oped: Since you love to bash Donald Trump on his past...let's visit yours...what do we call this? Oh wait Fair and Balanced reporting...your past is a lil shady to say the least...are you gay/straight or #LGBT
I think BQ and a tad strange! 

by: LiveRampUp 
You might know who Shepard Smith is. Well, if you watch Fox News Channel, you will. Smith is a very renowned anchor in the world of news and journalism and has established himself as a very skilled professional.

Shepard Smith was married to Virginia Donald 1987-1993. Virginia was a crush of Shepard at first and soon enough, they started dating and after dating for some time, they exchanged their vows.
The couple seemed to be happy; after all, they were quite the lovers before they were bonded as husband and wife. Unfortunately, after the time interval of six years, they decided to get a divorce. The couple didn’t have any children together.
Both Shepard and Virginia hasn’t given any official reason for the divorce like every other divorced couple but there were rumours that the cause of the divorce was that Shepard was a man with “gay” sexual orientation.

Curious to find out if this is true? Well, let’s find go for it.

According to Gawker, Shepard seems to be romantically linked with a fellow Fox News staff named Giovanni Graziano, commonly known as “Gio”. Gio joined Fox News as a production assistant in 2011 and later on was transferred to Fox Business Network as an associate producer for Varney and Co. The transfer was believed to be arranged by Shepard himself to avoid conflicts about dating a subordinate.

Gawker even mentions that both have been spotted in many bars on multiple occasions. Among these, the most visited one was the Bar called Bathtub Gin, where both Shepard and Gio went almost regularly.
The Gawker came to find out about Shepard and Gio when they talked to one of the waitresses of Bathtub Gin about the unexpected shouting of Shepard with rage when the waitress was a little slow on refilling his drink.  This was not the first time Shepard’s rage was seen publically.
 In November of 2000, Shepard was arrested by the Florida police and was charged with aggravated battery with a motor vehicle with another fellow reporter over the issue of a parking space. 

While asking about who was with Shepard, the waitress said that he came with his regular male partner and when showed the photo of Gio, she replied, “Yes, that’s Shepard’s boyfriend.”
Another report made my Gawker mentions that Shepard was ready to come out about his sexual orientation publicly, which was plainly denied by the president of the Fox News Channel, Mr.Roger Ailes, describing that the conservative audience of Fox News is yet not ready to handle a gay anchor.

Shepard Smith actively supported Anti-Gay “hater” in a live coverage of the release of Kentucky clerk Kim Davis from prison 

Does this suggest he is fighting for his own right? Or is this just a part of his professionalism? We yet have many things to know in near future.
We will keep you updated if Shepard Smith makes any official announcement about his sexual preference or about who his girlfriend or boyfriend is.

Shepard Smith's Short Bio:

Shepard Smith was born on January 14, 1964, in Mississippi, United States and currently ages 52 years old. He attended the University of Mississippi, where he majored in Journalism but did not complete his graduation as he left two credits away from graduation. Shepard’s first known television contract was with WJHG-TV as a reporter.
During his career, he has also reported the death and funeral of Diana, Princess of Whales in 1997, a year after he joined Fox News where he is now serving as an anchor and host. 

#birtherism oh oh FoxNews joined the Borg calling Donald Trump a liar

Hello FoxNews Borg:

Facts are a bitch' eh? #EOS fools

Secret plot to ruin Trump EXPOSED!

By Kevin Hart, Publisher 

As far as vain politicians go, New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is one of the worst.
He’s a guy who probably has a mirror above his bed, just so his own face is the first thing he sees in the morning.
Since he swept into power five years ago, Schneiderman has been the type of shameless media hound that makes even other politicians squirm. He never seems to meet a camera he won’t pose for, or come across a TV interview he won’t do.
He is, in short, everything America hates about politicians.
But right now Schneiderman is doing something truly unforgivable. He has become the central figure in an apparent plot to ruin Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump just weeks before the election. 

And no voter with two working brain cells should fall for it.
Over the past several weeks, we’ve seen countless emails proving that the Clinton Foundation was practically selling access to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The fallout has become so serious that former President Bill Clinton has promised to resign his position with the foundation if his wife is elected.
It’s the kind of political wound that should be fatal for Hillary Clinton — and that should be drawing plenty of attention from folks like Schneiderman. But lo and behold, a story was “leaked” to the press recently that the Trump Foundation was under investigation for impropriety in New York.
And if you’re guessing that information came right from Schneiderman’s office, I’d bet my shirt you’re right.
So what exactly did the Trump Foundation do to warrant such heavy scrutiny? 

Apparently, the trouble started when it made one… yes, one… political donation through the foundation, which isn’t allowed.
Was Trump trying to hide the donation? Of course not. For God’s sake, the foundation has his name on it.
And, ultimately, the donation is a fairly minor infraction that drew a very small fine from the Internal Revenue Service.
So why is Schneiderman so deeply involved in an investigation that even the IRS didn’t think was terribly serious?
I’ll tell you what — let’s come back to that. Because to REALLY understand what’s going on here, we need to take a minute to appreciate exactly who Schneiderman is.
He’s a self-interested politician, an unapologetic mouthpiece for Hillary Clinton, and a man who is backed by powerful financial interests looking to take Trump down. 

Schneiderman is the man behind New York’s current litigation against Trump University. He’s also accepted thousands in donations from partners in a law firm that is waging a class-action suit against Trump University.
That alone should be enough to make us all look suspiciously at Schneiderman — the same way you’d look suspiciously at a fox caught in your hen house with feathers in its mouth.
But worse still, Schneiderman is a member of Hillary Clinton’s New York leadership team — and his announcement of the Trump Foundation investigation couldn’t come at a better time for Clinton.
Schneiderman, ever the politician, claimed he tried to keep the Trump Foundation investigation quiet. But, sure enough, as soon as CNN came calling for an interview, there he was — decked out in his Sunday best, spilling the beans. 

So, again, why is Schneiderman so interested in such trivial potential infractions from the Trump Foundation? Well, there appears to be some political calculus going on here — a man reasoning that what’s good for Hillary Clinton’s career will be good for his own career as well.
As media outlets like the New York Post have claimed, Schneiderman may have his eye on the governor’s seat — or more. And helping take down Trump will win Schneiderman a lot of favor among the Old Guard New York Democrats, who put the Clintons on a pedestal.
This isn’t just a career move for Schneiderman — it may be part of a personal vendetta. Trump previously filed an ethics complaint against Schneiderman, essentially claiming that Trump was shaken down for a large campaign donation, and that Schneiderman still wasn’t happy.
Don’t be surprised if some major announcement about the Trump Foundation comes from Schneiderman’s office before Election Day. Maybe a copy of the press release will be sent with gift wrap and a bow to Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters.
But this ruse only works if people fall for it — and none of us should. Because the investigation into the Trump Foundation is nothing more than politics… and politics at its very, very worst. 

So typical of the Democrat Party. Where is the investigation of the Clinton Foundation? Oh, I forgot, it’s off limits. Makes me sick. I hope and pray Trump becomes our next President. We need someone who loves country more than the self and will shakeup politics as usual.

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The best sport light aircraft (LSA) Icon A5

Icon A5

 Icon A5, a distinctive light sport plane intended for the masses, in that it doesn't require a full pilot's license or extensive training.( LSA license) On the other hand, it does require someone who can pay $189,000.

Aircraft Specifications

ICON A5 Amphibious Light Sport Aircraft (S-LSA)
Estimated Base Price: $189,000 USD + CPI-W 
  • Specifications
  • Seats: Two
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight: 1510 lbs (686.4 kg)
  • Useful Load: 430-550 lbs (195-249 kg)
  • Baggage (Maximum): 60 lbs (27.2 kg)
  • Fuel: 91 Octane Auto Gas or 100LL Aviation Gas
  • Maximum Speed (Vh): 95 KCAS (109 mph) (176 kph)
  • Range: 427nm (45 min reserve)
  • Takeoff Distance (Runway on Standard Day/Sea Level): 710 feet
  • Landing Distance (Runway on Standard Day/Sea Level): 530 feet
  • Takeoff Distance (Water on Standard Day/Sea Level): 920 feet
  • Landing Distance (Water on Standard Day/Sea Level): 840 feet
  • Engine: Rotax 912 (100 hp)
  • Dimensions
  • Interior Cockpit Width: 46 in (116.8 cm)
  • Wingspan: 34.8 ft (10.61 m)
  • Aircraft Length: 23 ft (7.01 m)
  • Aircraft Height: 8.1 ft (2.47 m)
  • Available Safety Features
  • ICON Spin-Resistant Airframe (SRA)
  • ICON Angle of Attack Indicator (AoA)
  • ICON Complete Airplane Parachute
  • Planing Wingtips
  • Predictable Flying Characteristics
  • Low Stall Speed 
  • More information: 
  • I must admit  this is definetly on my bucket wish list! 
  • The A5 is loaded with innovative features that redefine what an airplane should be.

    View A5 Specifications

    Available Features

    Foldable Wings
    Retractable Landing Gear
    Spin-Resistant Airframe
    Complete Air Parachute
    Angle of Attack Gauge
    Planing Wingtips
    High Visibility Canopy
    Removable Side Windows
    GPS Moving Map
    Digital Attitude Indicator
    Seawings™ Water Platforms
    High Intensity Lighting landing lights
    Custom Towing Trailer

CORSI : Multiple Friends of Hillary Say She Has Stage-Three Parkinson’s Disease


By Jerome Corsi  
NEW YORK – Hillary Clinton has stage-three Parkinson’s disease and suffers from seizures, according to three sources who have had a personal relationship with the Democratic Party presidential nominee.
The sources, who spoke to WND on condition of anonymity, explained that her seizures or dizzy spells can be triggered by being out in the sun, such as apparently occurred Sunday when she was videoed collapsing as she was escorted into her limousine in New York City.

After the episode Sunday, the Clinton campaign announced she had been diagnosed on Friday with pneumonia.
However, images captured at the 9/11 memorial Sunday showed Clinton apparently being asked by a medical professional to squeeze her fingers, a test that would indicate she suffers from a neurological disease such as Parkinson’s.
Meanwhile, a Republican state legislator in New Hampshire said Monday he believes Clinton has Parkinson’s.
Daniel Tamburello commented on his Facebook page that his father had Parkinson’s, and he noted pneumonia is common among sufferers of the neuro-degenerative disease.

As WND reported Monday, two physicians have stated they believe Clinton could have Parkinson’s.
The National Parkinson Foundation says stage three of the five stages “is considered mid-stage in the progression of the disease.”
“Loss of balance and slowness of movements are hallmarks of this phase,” the foundation states regarding stage three. “Falls are more common. Though the person is still fully independent, symptoms significantly impair activities of daily living such as dressing and eating.”
The fourth stage is characterized by “severe and very limiting” symptoms.

“It’s possible to stand without assistance, but movement may require a walker. The person needs help with activities of daily living and is unable to live alone,” according to the foundation.
In stage five, the “most advanced and debilitating stage,” the person requires a wheelchair or is bedridden, and “around-the-clock nursing care is required for all activities.”
“The person may experience hallucinations and delusions,” the Parkinson’s foundation says.
WND also reported Monday that high-level Democrat power brokers on Wall Street and in New York City law firms and unions speaking to WND on condition their names be withheld say Clinton’s health problems are causing panic among top party operatives and donors.

The top Democratic Party politicos in New York City have decided they can no longer rely on a two-page report of good health put out by the campaign, insisting it’s time to replace Clinton’s current medical team with A-list professionals, which are readily available in New York City.
If top medical experts conclude it’s likely Clinton will suffer another fainting spell, regardless of the treatment she is given, the mood among New York Democrats is that now is the time to find a replacement.
At least eight Democrats or establishment media figures, some citing multiple party members, have raised the specter of replacing Clinton or questioned the campaign’s handling of her health issues, including a former Democratic National Committee chairman.

Military Declares War on Hillary… Former General Openly Demands Jail Time… Former General Openly Demands Jail Time

A retired general who was George W. Bush’s undersecretary of defense for intelligence says that Hillary Clinton must be indicted after the names of CIA-protected agents were found on her private email server.
In an interview with Breitbart News Radio, retired Army Gen. Jerry Boykin said that “lives have been endangered” by Clinton’s irresponsibility, which should be “punishable by jail time.”
“What Hillary Clinton has done, I can tell you, it is … punishable by jail time. I think ultimately she’s going be indicted. She has to be. This cannot stand,” Boykin said during the Saturday interview.

It was previously reported that numerous names protected by “B3 CIA PERS/ORG” redactions had been exchanged by Clinton’s emails. That means those persons were being protected by intelligence — and had been identified on Clinton’s nonsecure server.
“There are two very important principles associated with national security and the intelligence community,” Boykin said.
“One is the protection of sources and methods. And the other one is called ‘the need to know.’ You don’t have access to information that you don’t really need to know about and you are responsible for protecting the sources that are used for the collection of intelligence and the methods that are used,” Boykin said. “Those are fundamental. They are, in fact, in statute.”

Boykin said that what Hillary Clinton did was a serious offense.
“The lives that have been endangered — look, most people think that our sources are compromised by spies. No,” Boykin said.
“Our sources can be compromised by the mishandling of classified information that gives … China and Russia and even North Korea access through cyber attacks to the names of the people that are helping us and the sources and methods that we’re using to get that intelligence. People can be killed as a result of that!”

Thankfully, members of our military are starting to speak out against Hillary. Let’s hope this means it’s only a matter of time before she’s charged.
Please like and share on Facebook and Twitter if you agree it’s time for Hillary to face a jury.
Do you think Hillary Clinton will be indicted? Scroll down to comment below!

CNN #BlackAmerica is revolting against #HillaryClinton ...

and are voting for  
A picture is always worth 1000 words!

Poll shocker! It’s a Trump LANDSLIDE

Republican nominee Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is firing on all cylinders.
The Horn News reported yesterday that recent battleground state polls showed Trump holding an Electoral College edge over Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
Now, new national polls have shown that voters are shifting toward Trump just about everywhere — and the news has the Clinton campaign scrambling.
All aboard the Trump Train. Next stop, the White House.
The notoriously pro-Clinton CNN national poll now has Trump up 2 points over Clinton.

And The Los Angeles Times’ most recent national poll shows Trump has grabbed a STAGGERING 6-point national lead over Clinton in a head-to-head match up.
Even the polls showing a statistical tie should be taken with a grain of salt. For example, the most recent CBS News/New York Times and Reuters polls have the two candidates evenly tied — but those polls focus on so-called “likely voters,” and ignore the millions of new and previously disenfranchised voters that Trump is bringing into the fold.
Trump’s appeal is VERY widespread among these voters — and it’s likely that he’s drawing even more national support than pollsters realize.
Choo, choo.
Do you think Donald Trump is going to win in November? Take Sharlas poll or Comment with your questions below.
— The Horn editorial team

Clinton ready to sue DNC?

Former President Bill Clinton seems willing to do anything to get back into the White House — even if he has to sue his own party to get there.
According to investigative journalist Ed Klein, Bill Clinton has launched a legal plan to protect his wife from suffering any consequences for her health issues.
That plan could even include taking legal action to prevent the Democratic National Committee from replacing her.
The Horn News reported Wednesday on the rumored plan among Democratic insiders to replace party nominee Hillary Clinton if her health continues to fail.
Following her troubling collapse at a 9/11 memorial event on Sunday, longtime DNC insider Cokie Roberts told NPR that concerned party bosses were “very nervously beginning to whisper about her stepping aside and finding another candidate.” According to former Democratic National Committee chairmen Dan Fowler, it’s no surprise.
“It’s something you would be a fool not to prepare for,” Fowler recently confessed to Politico.
The news has the Clinton campaign scrambling — but they’re not going down without a fight.

Klein told Steve Doocy in his appearance on “Fox and Friends” Wednesday that Bill Clinton is preparing to unleash an army of lawyers to threaten the DNC back into compliance.
“Bill has gone to his old legal advisor and said, ‘You know, there’s talk about dumping my wife. Can you put together a legal team that, if that happens, they can block the effort to dump Hillary?'”, Klein said. “So there’s already an effort on Bill’s side to stop that.”
“You can’t dump her, because I’ll sue you?” Doocy asks.
“That’s right,” Klein says with a laugh.

Do you think Bill Clinton would sue his own party to keep Hillary on the ticket, even if she’s in too poor health to continue?
Comment below.
— The Horn editorial team

Celebs hit campaign trail for Trump

In this Monday, Sept. 12, 2016 photo, conservative actor and Donald Trump supporter Jon Voight arrives on the Great America PAC bus for a town hall meeting in Lake Mary, Fla. The Great America PAC is rolling through battleground states, opening offices and registering voters. Presidential hopefuls often embark on bus tours to meet voters across the country. This time, a super PAC is standing in for Republican nominee Donald Trump. (AP Photo/John Raoux)
The tour bus features a giant photo of a waving, smiling Donald Trump, but the person who steps off it is actor Jon Voight. He’s trailed by conservative radio stars and strategists for a super political action committee.
Great America PAC is rolling through battleground states, opening offices and registering voters. In a presidential race where the Republican candidate has paid little attention to the ground game, this outside group has decided the best way to support him is to take such matters into its own hands.
“We look at it as, how do we fix the missing pieces of the campaign?” said Ed Rollins, lead strategist for Great America.
The group is using a different playbook — both in how it raises and spends money — than the usual super PAC. It has struggled to land major donors, but has toiled along since January, making it one of the most senior and active outside groups in the Trump orbit.

Unlike candidates, super PACs can accept unlimited amounts of money from donors, so they typically focus on getting the biggest checks possible. Then they often spend most of their money on TV ads, one of the most expensive parts of any race and the easiest way to reach millions of voters. Great America sees another way.
“Gone are the days where a super PAC should be spending hundreds of millions of dollars on slick TV ads,” said Eric Beach, the group’s founding chairman, between stops in Florida. “We are coming out with a new model, and that is the grassroots. Getting out and registering voters. Getting them excited.”
While Priorities USA, a super PAC backing Democrat Hillary Clinton, had accepted 42 contributions of $1 million or more each and plans to spend $119 million on TV and radio ads by Election Day, no donor to Great America had given more than $75,000, according to federal records through July 31. Instead, the bulk of its $7.6 million came from small donors.
The group is hoping to change that. On Tuesday night, about 50 super PAC donors dined at Trump Tower in Manhattan, where they heard from the candidate’s son, Eric Trump.

Federal rules prohibit super PACs from coordinating with campaigns on their how money is spent, and campaign officials may not explicitly ask donors to give more than $2,700. But it’s become standard for the campaigns to send stands-ins for the candidates — or even the candidates themselves — to super PAC events.
Great America claims to have contacted several million new voters through online solicitations, telemarketing and television ads featuring a 1-800 number — something more in line with hawking a gadget than promoting a presidential candidate.
“We need millions of concerned Americans to call,” a male narrator breathlessly shouts in one low-budget ad. As side-by-side photos of Trump and Clinton are shown, the narrator repeats the number three times, calling it an “insta-voice presidential poll.”
Callers are asked a few questions and urged to make a small donation.

The group’s cross-country tour began Monday in Florida, continues Thursday in Ohio and concludes Saturday in Colorado. When the entourage flew in to join the bus Tuesday in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the vehicle rolled onto the tarmac just as Chelsea Clinton and her Secret Service detail sped off to a campaign event for her mom.
The super PAC is planning a second tour with four or more buses in October, Beach said.
Aboard the bus this week are popular conservative radio hosts, Salem Media executives and super PAC operatives. In Florida, the group was joined by Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, an outspoken African-American figure new to the conservative circuit.
Voight, one of the few highly visible conservatives in Hollywood, provides a dollop of the celebrity that Trump himself would.
“I’ve known him for a number of years, not very well, but I like him,” Voight said in an interview. “He’s a doer, and he organizes his thinking to accomplish goals.”

As the bus rolled through Orlando suburbs, Clarke and Voight, who’d just met, chatted genially. Radio hosts Hugh Hewitt and Dennis Prager (who tells crowds Trump was his 17th choice but a better option than Clinton) pecked away at keyboards.
Fox News blared on TVs, and as a Clinton ad featuring Republicans slamming their nominee came on the air, the bus fell silent.
Later in Tampa, just before an event with more than 1,000 people, Dan Frishberg, a local drive-time host for Salem, said of Great America: “I love that they’re doing this. We need it. Anything to help with enthusiasm.”
The Associated Press contributed to this article.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Lara Cow Flatulence Bill Illustrates Creeping Tyranny Enabled by Cultural Terraforming

Join Oath Keepers

oped: Here we go again...Kawlifornia's progressive Borg's got their marching orders from Barack Obama of the Borg.. 
Yes indeed It's always all about they wanna tax cow these people are truly sick puppies!



Despite plenty of evidence to suggest massive fraud behind “climate change” measures designed to redistribute wealth more than anything else, “progressives” in California are harassing dairy farmers to where moving out of state is becoming an increasingly viable option.  That’s the case with Ricardo Lara’s (he’s a Democrat, naturally) bill targeting cow flatulence and manure.
Obnoxious gas and waste would seem topics a “progressive” Sacramento politician would have plenty of subject matter expertise for, but that’s as far as it goes.  Lara is a city boy, ruling over Bell Gardens in LA County (which provides an important clue to his political success).
See any farmland?
See any farm work in his CV?

But he sure knows how to tell producers to produce.  Most collectivist bosses do – or they at least act that way.  Forget the politically-engineered mass starvation that always seems to follow. Wherever collectivists rule an unarmed populace.
Lara’s expertise and knowledge of what it takes must come from being “’Point man in the push for immigrant rights’ in California …  ma[king] history by becoming the first openly gay person of color elected to the California Senate [and] earn[ing] his B.A. in Journalism and Spanish with a minor in Chicano Studies.” That and being “[r]aised in a blue collar immigrant household”…

What his official bio conveniently/intentionally fails to mention, is that it was an illegal immigrant household. His father snuck across the border. His mother overstayed her visa. And we can thank “conservative icon” Ronald Reagan for getting suckered into granting amnesty in 1986, fast-tracking their “pathway to citizenship.” They had five children, what we’ve come to know as “birthright citizens,” as if that was the intent behind the Fourteenth Amendment.
Is it any wonder creating a new majority is what the Democrats are working toward in their “fundamental transformation” of the electorate, and thus of the legislatures and the courts? If anyone doubts the polls, just ask them to explain California.
Case in point, look at the membership of the California Latino Legislative Caucus. Then let’s see what their agenda is. Let’s start with Sen. Lara on the right to keep and bear arms:
Gun Owners of California gives him an “F-.”

Want to see what the other Caucus members are up to?  Let’s go down the roster, and see what turns up on a simple search:
Starting to form a picture? Try it with the rest. See how many champions of the Second Amendment turn up.
Then try it at the federal level, with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. Naturally, they’re all Democrats. Care to see how they’re rated by Gun Owners of America?
And yes, of course they’ve all taken the oath. It’s easy if you don’t mean it. Wait a few years and it’ll be upheld that requiring it discriminates and disenfranchises. Politicians who refuse will be hailed as bold new media heroes, much like idiot NFL “social justice warriors” are now for dissing the national anthem.
For some time now, I’ve had a challenged that’s gone unanswered by “cheap labor” Republicans and those in the RKBA camp who maintain concerns over immigration have nothing to do with the “single issue” of the Second Amendment:

Produce credible data – not opinion, not anecdotes – something that can be independently validated, that “amnesty” and a “pathway to citizenship” for MILLIONS of foreign nationals in this country illegally (and legally, with CURRENT culturally suicidal policies) WILL NOT overwhelmingly favor Democrats and anti-gunners. Show us your sources and methodologies for determining this WILL NOT result in supermajorities in state and federal legislatures that will then be able to pass all kinds of anti-gun edicts. Show us how this WILL NOT result in nominations and confirmations of judges to the Supreme and federal courts who will uphold those edicts and reverse gains made to date.

They won’t answer for two simple reasons: First they can’t, and they know acknowledging the challenge would call attention to that. And second, they don’t want to mess up access relationships they value more than making sure government officials act within Constitutional restraints.
And what’s the whole purpose of the national government and the reason for ceding delegated powers to it in the first place?  That’s pretty much summarized in the Preamble:
[T]o form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity…
Leave it to Opposite Day “progressives” to assume the role of domestic enemy by undermining that charter, to usurp power, to promulgate subversion and tyranny, and, if they can’t con the people into giving them what they want by surrendering rights, importing voters to finish the job.
Of course, if you bring any of this up, expect to be shouted down with accusations that you’re a racist. Never mind Mexico’s immigration policy.
And Ricardo Lara acts like he’s the one who’s sick of all the BS…

Monday, September 12, 2016

BREAKING: New Video angle Showing Feeble Hillary's Collapse Emerges

This morning, a new video emerged showing Feeble Hillary's collapse from another angle. The Democratic nominee is said to be recovering from pneumonia.  Not being a MD imho her symptoms mimick Parkinsons, CST,DVT more so than pneumonia I just don't see pneumonia symptoms in this video.
What do you think?

Why do some people insist POTUS candidates should be exempted ?

Let the debates begin!

I don't know about y'all but I have had it with the double standard in government as well as from the elite!
Just for the record I had to submit to a Written (test) examination,Medical examination, physical as well as psychological, and a full field background investigation before entering the military as well as a position/employment in Federal Law enforcement....why is it that those running for the highest office in the land POTUS/CIC are exempted from the requirements on those they rule over... the military et al ?
The only basic requirement in the US Constitution/Bill of Rights to run for the office of POTUS is over 35 years of age and a Natural Born citizen.

However it does not say that they are exempted from other job requirements that are imposed on Federal employees that they supervise and does say that no law/rules or regulations may be made that exempts congress/the president or appointed cabinet members from the laws/rules/regulations they pass on the electorate/everyday citizens.

It is past time for congress to pass a bill addressing equal for all requirements... working/elected or serving in the US government and having power to make laws/rules/regulations, or enforcement of.
It was not necessary to spell it out in the past as we had a press/media that vetted fairly all candidates for office and held their proverbial feet to the fire...not so much now days...just the opposite...they all claim to be Fair and Balanced, but all subscribe to their personal agendas! Yes indeed time for real change...give #Trump a chance we have tried it the old way over and over again with the same ol' results #Failure
Like the Donald says...'what have you to lose'
Hey he can be impeached or voted out after his first term if he also why not try a different path?

Hillary Clinton Pneumonia or CST/DVT ?


I report you decide: Compare the symptoms of pneumonia with her past history with CST/DVT and the symptoms she is showing  daily!

Symptoms of pneumonia caused by bacteria usually come on quickly. They may include:
  • Cough. You will likely cough up mucus (sputum) from your lungs. Mucus may be rusty or green or tinged with blood.
  • Fever.
  • Fast breathing and feeling short of breath.
  • Shaking and "teeth-chattering" chills.
  • Chest pain that often feels worse when you cough or breathe in.
  • Fast heartbeat.
  • Feeling very tired or very weak.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Diarrhea.
When you have mild symptoms, your doctor may call this "walking pneumonia."

Concerns about Hillary Clinton’s health are “serious—could be disqualifying for the position of President of the U.S.,” say nearly 71% of 250 physicians responding to an informal internet survey by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS). About 20% said concerns were “likely overblown, but should be addressed as by full release of medical records.” Only 2.7% responded that they were “just a political attack; I have confidence in the letter from her physician and see no cause for concern.”
While more than 81% were aware of her history of a concussion, only 59% were aware of the cerebral sinus thrombosis, and 52% of the history of deep venous thrombosis.  

CST and DVT are serious conditions and has become obvious in Hillary Clinton's decline over the last several months! 

What is Cerebral Venous Thrombosis?
Most people associated blood clots in the brain with ischemic stroke, which is due to a blocking of an artery.  However, clots can also form in the cerebral veins.  Cerebral venous thrombosis (CVT) is believed to be less common than arterial stroke, but can also be more difficult to recognize.
What Are the Signs and Symptoms of CVT?
Because the veins drain fluid from the intracranial space, fluid builds up if the veins are blocked.  This can result in elevated  intracranial pressure, which leads to headache, nausea, and sometimes blurred vision.  A headache is usually in just one part of the head, and gradually worsens over several days, though exceptions do occur.  A headache may be worse when laying flat.  Depending on the location of the vein, you may have focal deficits, such as weakness or numbness on one side of the body.  Seizures are also common in CVT.
In severe cases, you can get changes in mental status that may progress to coma.  

How is CVT Treated? 
The mainstay of treatment for CVT is anticoagulation to thin the blood. Most of the time this involves a use of heparin.  In some cases, an intravenous catheter may be used to remove the clot during an endovascular procedure, though there have been no well-controlled trials to study this technique. Symptoms such as seizures or elevated intracranial pressure must also be managed, which sometimes may require a stay in an intensive care unit (ICU).
What is the Prognosis?
Less than 5 percent of patients with recognized CVT die within the first 30 days as a result of their disorder.  The risks are highest if the thrombosis is deep in the brain, or associated with severe altered mental status.
In the longer run, about 15 percent of patients suffer from death or a serious decline in the quality of their life over 16 months after a CVT.  Men tend to do worse than women.  Other risks of poor outcome include a CNS infection, cancer, hemorrhage, coma, or age over 37 years.  The risk of recurrent CVT is relatively low at 2 to 4 percent. 

Cerebral Venous Thrombosis 

See a more detailed study:

DVT: Deep Venous Thrombosis

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton claims Bp 100/65 Donald Trump 110/65


Calling BS on both ask any MD the average 'active' Bp on a 70 year old would be 135/70 ( The body does degrade with age... blood vessels et al) ...100/65 110/65 would be a active athletic 20 sumpin' year old with healthy veins etc... was this a one time reading or a continued period of time average?  I say a one time reading if anything! Can we please have some honesty in reporting? I'm not buying what is being sold!
And by the way low blood pressure is as deadly as high blood pressure..can cause fainting and even death!

 I say both need to release their complete medical records and let we the people decide! 
May I suggest both submit to a complete medical evaluation at Walter Reed or Bethesda Military Medical centers that POTUS 's use while in office...being that personal Md's of candidates will always fudge in favor of their client...#JusaFactJack

Side note: #JustaFactJack
There is no "normal", despite all the nonsense you read on Answers. The systolic pressure (the top number) for a healthy 70-yr old male ranges -on average-, between about 150 and 180 depending on the time of day - the figures for females are slightly less. The diastolic pressure usually is between about 90 to 100 roughly, but a lot depends on your medical history obviously. 

What is the recommended blood pressure for someone over 70? ... Normal blood pressure is a reading below 120/80. ... Cardiology still recommends getting blood pressure below 140/90 in people up to 80 years old 

Personally mine averages 135/70 which is in the safe and normal range for the Golden Years! 
I control mine with Alternative Medical Rx dangerous blood thinning drugs (Akin to Hillary's Rx)...I use aspirin 84mg, Tumeric standardized 95% ,Vit B-1 300 mg (Benfotiamine) and Cayenne pepper extract ha...Happy old Camper here!

The “Mickey” singer is 72-years-old and still a better dancer than many of us

Back when... Hey Mickey

by:Chris Willman
Hey Toni, you’re still so fine, you’re still so fine, you still blow our minds.
Forming a human pyramid isn’t how we usually celebrate pop artists entering their eighth decade. But we’ll have to make an exception in the case of Toni Basil, the symbol of early-’80s sprightliness who slipped us a “Mickey” with her sole hit back in 1982. She turns 73 on September 22 and, if a recent viral video of her busting a move at a 2016 dance workshop is any indication, Basil fits into that Las Vegas High cheerleader outfit just as well as when she starred in one of MTV’s most famous early videos. 

Basil is a one-hit wonder who’s enjoyed a successful career throughout the last 50 years. If that sounds paradoxical, it’s worth pointing out that “singer” has really been the least important component of her multi-hyphenate singer/dancer/actress/choreographer/director legacy. Like Jennifer Lopez, Basil was a dancer who parlayed that into a musical career. But unlike J.Lo, she quickly went back to her former profession, retiring from record-making after her sophomore album stiffed in ’83.
”People think, ‘Well, she’s not around because she’s not in front of the camera.’ You’re not going to be that naïve, are you?” she complained to Entertainment Weekly in 1996, taking umbrage at the one-hit wonder slur.
It was hardly as if she could financially coast on the success of “Mickey,” which continues to be the DJ’s choice any time some ‘80s tunes are called for on the dance floor. “I don’t think my story is an unusual story for a lot of music performers,” she told an English TV interviewer recently. “But I think that since 1982, worldwide, I have probably seen less than 3,000 American dollars in royalties.” 

Unknown to most pop fans who know her mostly for her work with pompons, Basil has been a virtual Zelig of pop culture — working alongside David Bowie, Elvis Presley, Talking Heads, the Monkees, Devo, Frank Sinatra, George Lucas, Jack Nicholson, Tom Hanks, Bette Midler, the Muppets, Matchbox Twenty, and even Suite Life-era Zack and Cody. One of her latest credits on IMDB had her choreographing an episode of RuPaul’s TV show… which is a long way from dancing next to Annette Funicello all the way back in 1964’s Pajama Party.
Basil really did go to Las Vegas High, per the uniform, thanks to her father/s longtime gig as the orchestra leader at the Sands. She soon came to L.A. to dance in an early-/60s theatrical revival of West Side Story, the cast of which included fellow dancer and BFF Teri Garr, who boogied along with her in Pajama Party, Viva Las Vegas, and The T.A.M.I. Show

“Boy, did I envy her!” Garr wrote in her memoir. “Toni grew up in a show business family in Las Vegas…At her apartment she had false eyelashes, hairpieces, and a waist-cincher. This level of accessorizing impressed me. As far as I was concerned, it made Toni a real show-business dancer. I was in awe of her.” Their adventures included being invited to sit in on the recording of the Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine,” then going out for a full night of drinking and dancing with all four Fabs afterward. 

Basil also hoofed it up for Bob Fosse in Sweet Charity and partnered with Davy Jones for a memorable production number in the Monkees’ Head. But her allure was enough to land her non-dancing roles in Five Easy Pieces and Easy Rider; in the latter, she played a hooker Peter Fonda took a shine to in New Orleans.
Hollywood suddenly had a thirst for the counterculture, but its elders didn’t know how to service these crazy kids. As someone who knew how to keep dancing from looking musty on the big screen, Basil was uniquely positioned to start getting her own choreographing gigs.
She was well known enough by 1974 to land a cover story in New York’s After Dark magazine, and, in 1976, to be praised as “the Pavlova of the Sunset Strip” in a feature in Ms. magazine.