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Carlson: Beck Acted Like He Wanted to be Zuckerberg's 'Manservant'

Image: Carlson: Beck Acted Like He Wanted to be Zuckerberg's 'Manservant'
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oped: I must agree with Tucker on this one... Glenn has been on a fast track downhill slide the past five years or so...not sure if he is hitting the proverbial Barry Obama bong or doing tequilla jello shots...he flip flops on the issues more than a hot chick wearing a polka dot bikini and designer diamond studded flip flops during spring break on a sandy beach in Florida...maybe just maybe Glenn is afraid to go in the water...dunno y'all be the judge :

By Sandy Fitzgerald 
Tucker Carlson said Friday he expected Glenn Beck to "cry [and] rend his garments while quoting James Madison" during a meeting this week between conservatives and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, not "suck up" to him.

"He began the most extended assiduous suck-up I think I've  ever seen a grown man commit," Carlson, editor-in-chief of The Daily Caller and a Fox News contributor, said in an interview, reports Politico. "He acted like he was auditioning to be Mark Zuckerberg's manservant — it was awe-inspiring."  

Carlson said he did not know what Beck's agenda was, unless he was either "looking to put his tanking Web properties up for sale or he just can't help himself. There's a billionaire there, so he sniffs the throne."

Beck's company, The Blaze, laid off around 40 employees while announcing it was moving its operations to Texas, where its headquarters is located.

Further, Matt Frucci, who was announced as the head of The Blaze's New York television operations the same week the layoffs were announced, resigned a week later.
The meeting was held after a former Facebook employee claimed that the website intentionally kept stories from conservative news outlets from appearing in its "Trending Stories" section.

Beck praised Facebook after the meeting, but slammed some others who were there for "demanding quotas AND diversity training AND less people from Ivy League Colleges," one of whom was Carlson.

"My point was a simple one, which is diversity is deeper than ethnicity," Carlson said. "You can look different but have the same values. That's not diversity; it's conformity. … You want people with different life experiences as a backstop against bad decision."

Beck Friday night said he does not have a problem with Carlson or other progressive Republicans, but he disagrees "with shakedowns of private or publicly traded companies."


A world gone mad with political correctness

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The day has come in America when we are facing overt hostility to Christianity, free speech, and freedom of religion through coordinated assaults by the Obama administration, extremist groups, and corporate bullies. If we all stand our ground, we can and will defend our constitutionally guaranteed freedom of religion and right of conscience.

Please see my very important update below – Mat.


At a commencement address this past weekend, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas urged Hillsdale College graduates to lead by example. Hearkening to Jesus' words in Matthew 5:15, he exhorted them ... "Do not hide your faith and your beliefs under a bushel basket, especially in this world that seems to have gone mad with political correctness."
Truly, this U a world gone mad with political correctness! In this new Obama era of social re-engineering, the LGBTQ lifestyle trumps our religious liberty and right of conscience. 

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Recognizing the historic crossroads America has reached, Liberty Counsel is calling upon people of faith throughout the nation to be bold and to stand against the forces destroying the foundations of our nation.
Left unchecked, our nation, our government, our judicial system, our culture, and our way of life will be radically changed – fundamentally transformed, to use Barack Obama's phrase – unless we are prepared to aggressively meet the challenges that lay immediately ahead.

+ + We are asking Americans who believe in biblical morality to stand with us!

No form of government, even the most repressive socialist dictatorship, can restrain a free people! Together, we can "Take Back America" – but we cannot hesitate or cower under the vicious assaults carried out by extremists with the backing of an out-of-control federal government!
Liberty Counsel is actively engaged in judicial and legislative battles across the nation, standing against those who want to redefine marriage and reengineer our culture. In fact, we are fighting at the epicenter of the battle for the soul of America. There are many giants attacking our beloved nation, but we can overcome them if we pray and work together! 

Our biggest hurdle is having the financial resources needed to stand against deep-pocketed adversaries, including our own government's agencies operating under the banners of the Departments of Justice, Education, HHS, EPA, the IRS, and a host of bureaucrats funded by our tax dollars.

Please help us build our war chest to protect our cherished liberties with as generous of a gift as possible. Every dollar matters!


Bishop E.W. Jackson, a prominent signer of our Pledge to Defend Marriage last summer, hit the nail on the head when he told CNSNews, "It is as if a collective madness has settled over our nation's elite and they are trying hard to bring everyone under the same cloud of confusion."

In a world gone mad with political correctness, Liberty Counsel is a leading national voice for sanity

I pray that you will continue to stand with us in prayer and financial support.  You,Patriot make possible our efforts to stand against the insanity enveloping our nation and culture.

God bless you,
Mat Staver

P.S. Please pray for us! We often face very mean-spirited adversaries who want nothing more than for us to be silenced so that they can go unimpeded in advancing their secularist agenda.

More information on this and our many other initiatives can be found at 

+ + Comments? Questions?

Liberty Counsel, with offices in Florida, Virginia and Washington, D.C., is a nonprofit litigation, education and policy organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of human life and family. Liberty Counsel . PO Box 540774 . Orlando, FL 32854 . 407-875-1776 

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WATCH: Cop Pulls THUG Over And Then All HELL Breaks Loose (GRAPHIC)

This is horrifying to watch what happened to this officer during a routine call for a car that was playing loud music. This is the reality of the danger that police officers face everyday — and the #BlackLivesMatter group is continually making it even harder for them to do their jobs without fearing for their lives.

Harrowing footage shows a Minnesota cop fighting for his life after a wanted criminal he was about to arrest began to punch and choke him – before trying to grab his gun.
For three excruciating minutes, officer Sean Hyman desperately fought off his attacker while fellow policemen rushed to his aid.
The late-night confrontation occurred in the city of Brooklyn Park on November 29 just after midnight.
The video, which emerged only this week, began with Hyman responding to a noise complaint involving a parked car playing loud music. 

Upon arrival he realized there was a felony warrant for the arrest of the man inside the car, 25-year-old Lance Carr. However, as the cop moved to arrest Carr, he turned on him in a violent and terrifying way.
As Hyman went to cuff Carr, the young man turns and punches the officer, before tackling him to the floor.
The two start to struggle, which begins a fight that lasts for more than three minutes, as Hyman is repeatedly punched and strangled by Carr. 

Read more: Daily Mail

BREAKING: The Captain Of Flight MS804 Is A Muslim Linked To Major Muslim Terrorist Involved In Killing Americans In Benghazi

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So look what we have here. Amr Khaled is a well known Muslim Brotherhood Jihadi of the first class known in Egypt. And what do we know. Look here. He shares his friendship and old photos on that flight with the captain of the crashed Egyptian flight MS804, Mohammed Said Shaker/Shukeir.

Amr Khaled: “I was with Captain Ahmad Shukeir in the plane that is missing in one of my journeys. He is the kindest of pilots whom I travelled with. May Allah have mercy on him and give patience to his family. I hope who reads my words to pray for him and the rest of the passenger”

This spells trouble.
So who is Amr Khaled? He is a Jihadi who lent material support to Jihadists in Benghazi that killed Americans.
For evidence, here, Ahmad Musa, a well known journalist and TV personality correctly exposes Amr Khaled showing from his own voice of sending young men to Libya and Benghazi for Jihad. Khaled is an Islamic tele evangelist who runs a TV show called “The Makers of Life” and in the video link which Ahmad Musa exposes when Khaled sent material support to Libya during the attacks in Benghazi which killed Americans. Here is Khaled’s own words from the video [translated by Shoebat]:
“This is a message to our brothers in Mistrata, Tripoli and Benghazi. May Allah get vengeance from the evil doers (West). Allah will give you victory. We pray for you day and night. We sent young men to aid you [from Egypt] from our program Makers of Life to Benghazi. We sen you doctors. I dispatched a team and will communicate with you continually with the team in Benghazi and we will do our efforts and continue communicating via Youtub. We want [Islam’s] justice to be established through your hands in Libya.”  (see video link in the article)
The evidence is clear. Khaled was linked to Benghazi from his own video. In our research during the Benghazi fiasco, we exposed Egyptian doctors sent to participate while the attack was happening. (Read our ironclad report)
Here Khaled (the same guy you see on the photo) is calling for victory for the Jihadists against the west in Libya (May 2nd, 2011)

In the above video, it is almost identical message “we have sent aid to you in Benghazi, we will aid you… pray for you  …” with the youth saying “Amen”.
So why is he linked to the pilot? We will continue our research into this. was able to obtain the crew list and the names of every passenger on the Egyptian flight from the Arabic sources for examiniation. The pilot was Mohammed Said Shaker from Badarshin in Giza (who you see with Amr Khaled in the photo) and his co-pilot was Mohammad Ahmed Mamdouh Ahmed Aassem.
Khaled in the plane shows the photo and compliments the pilot for their friendship.
The plane crashed despite that it had three security crew: Mahmoud Ahmed Abdul Razek Abdul Karim, Ahmed Mohamed Magdi Ahmed and Mohammed Abdel-Mouneim al-Ghonaimy al-Kayali. There was no heat signals to show an explosion on board and one possibility is the usual we see in Egypt, it was a kamikaze style suicide. American investigators concluded that the pilot had steered the airplane into the sea, Egypt rejected the idea of suicide and still insists that the crash was caused by an unspecified mechanical failure. 

Guess who I believe: The Americans.
The swerving of the aircraft suggests some kind of struggle inside the cockpit, said Philip Baum, editor of Aviation Security International.
He said the pilots could have been trying to control an aircraft disabled by an explosion, like in 1976 when two bombs exploded on a Cuban passenger plane after takeoff from Barbados and the pilot tried to steer the aircraft away from a beach.
Or they could have been struggling with someone trying to take control of the plane.
“It could have been a fight in the flight deck between crew members, one suicidal and one not. Or a hijacker trying to gain access,” Baum said.

As we stated yesterday. It is simply not safe to fly anymore. Who could vet all these? I flew nearly 3000 flights for years and I decided to suspend flying altogether after years of experience. Smuggling a soda pop as a bomb (thats very easy to make too) is a breeze. No one can trust the growing number of Muslims working in the airline industry. Lists of employees and workers are suspect and should be an eye-opener to traveling these days.
I can even take a look at the passenger list and find issues. AlMutairi is a name on the passenger list and should be of interest since two Gitmo released with the same last name and are most likely related:

There is “Al Mutairi, Nasser (Kuwait) Chapter 2, also see WikiLeaks and the Guantánamo Prisoners Released After the Tribunals, 2004 to 2005 (Part One of Five)”
“RELEASED OCT 09, WON HABEAS PETITION (Jul 09) Al Mutairi, Khalid (Kuwait) Chapter 7, also see Judge Orders Release From Guantánamo Of Kuwaiti Charity Worker, Guantánamo And The Courts”.
Then there is Salaheldin Abu Laban (the clan is Palestinian not Egyptian) and one can find that name of a list of arrests in Syria for joining a terror group Hizbul-Tahrir. There are two coptic Christians on the list of passengers.

While we cannot confirm if these terrorists were some of the actual passengers but vetting all this is nearly an impossibility unless we can profile. Soon you will see more planes crashing down from the sky and the costs of running the airlines will be immense.
After the November attacks, the French authorities have used the threat of terrorism to justify raids of employee lockers at Charles de Gaulle, as well as a systematic review of the roughly 87,000 airport employees who have badges giving access to secure areas that include the tarmac, baggage handling and cargo storage zones. Those reviews have led the authorities to revoke dozens of badges for security reasons, according to the airport police.
Other examples from Germany. A Turkish-born airport cleaner known to the authorities as a hardline Islamist had an access to major German airports’ most sensitive security areas almost a year after Berlin authorities briefed an airport safety watchdog of his ties to radical beliefs, a report has revealed.

The employee, identified in a new report by Germany’s Morgenpost on Wednesday as “Recep Ü,” was eventually sacked in October 2015 after four years of working for the German airport operator FBB, which runs Berlin’s Tegel and Schönefeld airports. However, his dismissal was triggered not by concerns over a possible terrorist threat but by a separate incident involving a security breach. He had been apprehended by airport security officers while attempting to smuggle a knuckle-duster into the security area of Schönefeld airport, the newspaper reported.

To have a pilot linked to this Jihadi should sound alarm bells.

Is It Finally Time for Christians to Say NO to Obama’s Promotion of DEVIANCY?

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I saw this week that President Obama’s approval rating is nearing 50% again. What in the world is wrong with people? Have we fallen so far that the American people approve of this obvious Son of Satan?
Mr. Obama showed his true nature this past weekend by running interference for TARGET when he doubled-down on “transgender” bathrooms. Until the social scientists got involved we called them cross-dressers. I hope you are smart enough to realize that this whole debate is not about restrooms. It is about the promotion of deviancy. It is about what the Bible calls Doctrines of Demons. It is about normalizing that which is not normal.
Homosexualities in particular and deviant sexual behaviors in general, are the fruits of perversion from the decadent American culture. Obama is the Godfather of the anti-Christian mafia that is hell-bent on the destruction of Western Civilization.   

Image result for funny pictures obama bathhouse barry

Bathhouse Barry Obama just poked every God-fearing American in their slowly opening focused-on self eye. “Take that,” he said as he boldly declared that boys and girls can now use the same potties in America’s public schools.
The dude is evil, OK? What kind of a man not only applauds deviancy but forces the perversion onto innocent children? A wicked person does. Barry Obama is wicked. I am sorry but I don’t know the politically correct term for wicked. That was the word Jehovah used…so I guess it will suffice for me.
But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Matt. 18:6.
The mask has completely come off. The dude is deviant. The emperor not only has no clothes but he doesn’t care which clothes our children wear. Expecting a boy to act like a man has become “discriminatory.” It is tyranny of the minority. Barry has bullied his way into our public restrooms.

In their heart of hearts, black pastors have to be ashamed of themselves. Their promotion of this demon simply based on skin color has contributed to the destruction of this nation. Black pastors own it. They promoted a man based on the color of his skin and ignored the content of his character. The roosters are coming home to roost in the ladies’ restroom. They made it about race. Don’t start cock-a-doodling at me when I merely point it out.
But what about the rest of us? How long are we going to sit around with our hiny glued to our church pews and allow this demoniac dictator-in-chief destroy Western Civilization? That’s what he is doing, you know? This isn’t about homos and their cross-dressing friends. This is about the destruction of Christianity and all that it stands for.
The only thing keeping the world from falling into the grimy grip of the New World Order and their declared goal of One World Government is the liberty that is found only in Christianity. If Barry and his boyz can destroy Christianity, then the world will melt like wax into the hands of the globalists.

But you are too damned brain dead to see it. You and your cowardly pastor hide inside your over-sized buildings and play “church” while the foundations of this nation are being systematically trodden under foot. “Good for nothing” …that is what Jesus called it in Matt: 5.
WAKE UP, MEN !! Our fathers started a revolution because their 1775 version of Starbucks was charging a little too much tax for their lattes. But things were different then. Men were men…but more to the point…PASTORS WERE MEN.
But not today. The Devil’s minion in the White House is laughing at America’s pulpits. Barry sees what is going on across this nation as American pastors turn to the government for “Pastor Protection” legislation designed to keep the Devil from eating their lunch. Meanwhile, Obama and his spiritual advisors are chuckling all the way to Mecca as the “men of God” cower under their beds.

Many of us have spent decades trying to warn people. Our appeals to pastors have gone unheeded. The more desperate the times have become the more irrelevant the sermons have waxed.
Planned Parenthood is selling aborted body parts. Men are marrying men. The doors to the girl’s restrooms and locker rooms are being flung open. Muslims and their sympathizers are swarming throughout the catacombs of government. Christ has been outlawed. Satan has been exalted…and our watchmen are blind…or worse.
The opponents of Christianity are running their bulldozer full-throttle as the foundations of American collapses like a folding chair. Your churches won’t save you. Your pastors won’t even try. The bullies in Washington have come out from behind the curtain and they have Christians in the crosshairs. You are on your own now, boys. Soon you will realize that not even the rapture will save you.

If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.

It is time to get involved. Call your local school Superintendent and find out the policy at your local school. Demand your pastor lead the charge. Demand your state reps defend the innocent children. Get out the lanterns and the pitchforks. That’s what our grandfathers would do.
Diabolical times are upon us. Let me invite you to some preparation and some hope. I have been hosting a live show each weekday morning from 7-8 EDT. The show is live but it is also archived for later viewing at
The show will give you hope. It will help you return to Godly manhood. It will help prepare you for the days that lie ahead. Your pastor has let you down. Your children and grand children are depending on you. It is time to man up. Check this out!!
God needs a few good men. This is a hill worth dying on.

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Cancer? Learn About The Specific Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

by Glenn Reschke
What are the health benefits of cayenne pepper (Capsicum)? The purported therapeutic benefits are almost too unbelieveable, but its reputation keeps growing among medical researchers as well as alternative health afficionados and deservedly so.
It can do everything from kill cancer cells in the prostate, lungs, and pancreas to immediately stop a heart attack within 30 seconds.
Let's get into some of the specifics of Capsicum benefits. Capsicum increases metabolism by immediately influencing the venous structure.
It is nothing short of amazing with its effects on the circulatory system as it feeds the vital elements into the cell structure of capillaries, veins, arteries and helps adjust blood pressure to normal levels.
Yes, Capsicum for high blood pressure is certainly one of its core uses, but Capsicum cleans the arteries as well, helping to rid the body of the bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Considering that heart disease is the number one killer in America, this is significant.

Capsicum is also great for the stomach and the intestinal tract. It stimulates the peristaltic motion of the intestines and aids in assimilation and elimination. When taken internally, it warms the body and has even been used by some herbalist doctors to help heal and rebuild flesh due to frostbite.
Notwithstanding its hot taste, paradoxically it is actually superb for rebuilding the tissue in the stomach, facilitating healing with stomach and intestinal ulcers. Cayenne pepper for ulcers is not something most would have considered but I can testify to that remarkability capability of this remarkable medicinal spice.

Cayenne Pepper (Capsicum) & Heart Health

Yes, the effect of Capsicum upon your body is dramatic, even literally instant and no more so than with the heart. Its benefits is one of the things that brought you to this article so now let’s discuss the phenomenal healing properties of Capsicum with the human heart.

Dr. John Christopher, the famed natural herbalist, was persecuted relentlessly by the government for his practice of herbal medicine all the while assisting patients in curing heart disease, cancer, tuberculosis, infertility, rheumatism, leukemia, and every other incurable under the sun.
One of his greatest stories in his long career was how he could instantly stop a heart attack if he could get the patient to drink a glass of warm Capsicum water. He said, "A teaspoon of cayenne should bring the patient out of the heart attack."
While this is not directly related to Capsicum and heart health, with internal hemorrhaging, if the patient can drink a glass of extra warm Capsicum water, Dr. Christopher wrote, " the count of ten the bleeding will stop. Instead of all the pressure being centralized, it is equalized and the clotting becomes more rapid."
Perhaps now you can see why Capsicum is regarded as a true "miracle herb." With over 700,000 thousands Americans experiencing a stroke each year and almost half a million dying yearly of either heart disease or related issues, believe it not the cure is as close as your local health food establishment. How should you take it? Ideally orally in a drink.
The drink, when taken faithfully, will dramatically improve your heart health as well as your venous structure. Drink it with warm distilled water but if that is unavailable, purified water will substitute nicely. Start by mixing about a quarter of a teaspoon in a glass of warm water. Then, down the hatch. Don't worry, you'll get used to it.

Of course, the Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) rating of the cayenne you're using should be known. Most Capsicum is between 30,000 to 50,000 SHUs.
Some, though, like the African Birdseye Capsicum powder can come in anywhere from 90,000 to 140,000! Needless to say, you should scale back your dosages of this until your body acclimates to its heat.cayenne pepper bowl
Another benefit of Capsicum, and peppers in general, are its antifungal properties. Capsicum antifungal properties are significant although this is not its primary health benefit. Capsicum has been shown in some studies to be active against phomopsis and collectotrichum -- both are fungal pathogens.
These fungal pathogens affect fruits especially strawberries and are not directly related to humans. Currently, immune system benefits are also the subject of ap[sstudies conducted by many nutritional supplement companies and microbiologists.
Let's get even more specific. Here is a comprehensive list of all the things Capsicum can do for your health and why you should make it a regular part of your daily health regime.
(I take this information from Dr. John R. Christopher's book School of Natural Healing.) By the way, the word "Capsicum" is another term for cayenne pepper and is used interchangeably. That is how Dr. Christopher referred to it in his book.

Key Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

• This herb is a great food for the circulatory system in that it feeds the necessary elements into the cell structure of the arteries, veins and capillaries so that these regain the elasticity of youth again, and the blood pressure adjusts itself to normal. It rebuilds the tissue in the stomach and heals the stomach and intestinal ulcers; in equalizing the blood circulation, it produces natural warmth in your body; and in stimulating the peristaltic motion of the intestines, it aids in assimilation and elimination.
• It regulates the flow of blood from the head to the feet so that the pressure is equalized; it influences the heart immediately, then gradually extends its effects to the arteries, capillaries, and nerves (the frequency of the pulse is not increased, but is given more vigor).
• Human circulation; it is warming; dilating; specific for varicose veins; equalizes the blood pressure in the arterial and venous system; actually equalizes blood pressure instantly.
• It is useful in alleviating allergies, muscle cramp, improving digestion, gives more pep and energy, and helps wound healing with minimal scar tissue.

• It is a counter-irritant; it brings blood to the surface and allows the toxins to be taken away.
health benefits of cayenne pepperIn an article reported on March 16, 2006 by Reuters, the main ingredient in Capsicum, capsaicin, was found to destroy prostate cancer cells. Here is what the article said,
"Capsaicin led 80 percent of human prostate cancer cells growing in mice to commit suicide in a process known as apoptosis, the researchers said. Prostate cancer tumors in mice fed capsaicin were about one-fifth the size of tumors in untreated mice, they reported in the journal Cancer Research. 'Capsaicin had a profound anti-proliferative effect on human prostate cancer cells in culture,' said Dr. Soren Lehmann of the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and the University of California Los Angeles School of Medicine."
• Capsicum supports the natural beat (rhythm) of the viscera and interior actions of the glandular, circulatory, lymphatic, and digestive systems. It has been used with great success as a cure for spotted fever (?); the most active stimulant to support and re-animate feeble or exhausted powers.
• This is a medicine of great value in the practice, and may be safely used in all cases of disease, to raise and retain the internal vital heat of the system, cause a free perspiration, and keep the determining powers to the surface. The only preparation is to have it reduced to a fine powder. For a dose, take from half to a teaspoonful in hot water or tea sweetened with honey.
• A Dr. Coffin (evidently his real name) includes Capsicum in his composition powder to restore the normal function of the body in the various stages of pregnancy and childbirth. For morning sickness he recommends a combination of ‘White poplar bark, agrimony, centaury, raspberry leaves, yarrow and rhubarb, each a quarter of an ounce, steep in two quarts of water, strain, and add while hot two teaspoons of powdered cinnamon, half a teaspoonful of Capsicumr, and let the patient take one tablespoonful every three hours until the symptoms are removed if this should not relieve, give an emetic and repeat if necessary.

• It's great for heartburn.
• Cayenne is a powerful rubefacient, meaning it helps the body remove toxins from the blood.
• Capsicum is a general nervous stimulant; a specific for delirium tremens.
• For atonic gout, in paralysis, in dropsy, in tympanitis, and in the debilitated stages of fever.
• For scrofulous; dyspepsia; flatulence; it's an excellent carminative.
• For sore throats—gargle (prepare the gargle with honey); for spasmodic and irritating coughs; heartburn and diarrhea.
• Enables feeble stomachs to digest food; for atonic dyspepsia; specific for hemorrhoids; cures intermittent fever; Capsicum has the power to control menorrhagia; relieves sea-sickness;
• In delirium tremens it is beneficial by enabling the patient to retain and digest food.
• Capsicum is particularly efficient in tonsillitis, and the sore throat of scarlet fever and in diphtheria no application is so efficient as a strong gargle or wash make with Capsicum.
• Promote digestion; relieves pains of the womb; removes obstructed menstruation; for quinsy; for all diseases of the throat; use as a plaster with honey for rheumatic pains, pains of the joints, gout, swellings, etc.; Use outwardly as a liniment, apply it warm or hot for arthritis and rheumatism; gargle for scarlet fever; use an infusion for ulcers in the mouth, strep throat or tonsillitis (p.103).
• Capsicum is an excellent remedy for a cold; mix infusion with slippery elm and molasses or honey, and take in doses throughout the day; also excellent for sore throat and coughs.
• Cayenne mixed with pennyroyal (an herb) taken for three days will expel the dead birth material from a miscarriage.
• Eases toothache; preserves the teeth from rotting, and when rubbed on the gums, stimulates them enough to prevent pyorrhea.
• Excellent for any type of internal hemorrhage, (create an infusion with bethroot or star root);
• Capsicum is an important remedy in cholera; Capsicum stops vomiting; combine with equal parts of Capsicum and common table salt, one half ounce of each, one pint of good vinegar, give in tablespoon doses for cholera, vomiting "cholera morbus" -- the gross material associated with cholera from the system.
• In chronic lumbago a plaster of Capsicum with garlic, pepper and liquid amber (silarasa) or storax is an efficient stimulant and rubefacient application (p105).
• When made into a lozenge with sugar and tragacanth it is a remedy for hoarseness.capsicum powder
• For a carminative make pills of equal parts of Capsicum, rhubarb and ginger or aloes.
• Combine Capsicum with cinchona for intermittent and lethargic affections and for atonic gout and in advanced stages of rheumatism.
• Combine with asafoetida and sweet flag root or camphor in the form of pills in cases of cholera.
• Capsicum has a powerful action on the mucous membrane, and in hoarseness and sore throat, and in putrid throat a gargle made of Capsicum is particularly beneficial.
• By pouring hot vinegar upon the fruits of Capsicum all the essential qualities are preserved. This vinegar is an excellent stomachic.

Even More Cayenne Pepper Health Benefits

• The whole plant steeped in milk is successfully applied to reduce swellings and hardened tumors.
• An infusion with cinnamon and sugar is a valuable drink for patients suffering from delirium tremens as it satisfies the craving in dipsomaniacs. A dose of ten grains of finely powdered capsicum seed, given with an ounce of hot water, two or three times a day, sometimes shows wonderful effects in cases of delirium tremens.
• Capsicum can be used in the treatment of a snake bite.
• As well as the fruit being used as a spice, the leaves were applied to ulcers and headaches (p.111).
• Capsicum is given internally in atonic dyspepsia and flatulence. It is used externally as a counter-irritant in the form of ointment, plaster, medicated wool, etc. for the relief of rheumatism and lumbago.
• Oral administration of Capsicum may stimulate the gall bladder reflex.
• Capsicum either contains a cholagogue, or acts as a powerful stimulus upon the mucous membrane of the duodenum.cayenne pepper benefits
• Cayenne pepper is forgotten therapeutic agent against anorexia, liver congestion, and vascular troubles. Capsicum is highly effective in causing hemorrhoids to regress; and these fruits have the same action on varicose veins. The results are attributed to alkaloids or glucosides in the peppers.
• Excessive amounts of Capsicum (above 20 grams, thus, nearly an ounce) may induce frequent bowel movements.
• It stimulates the appetite, more especially as a hot climate tends to produce anorexia. We have always held the saliva is the key that unlocks the door to digestion. Capsicum, a sialogogue, will stimulate the flow of saliva and will be very helpful to people who have become accustomed to ‘inhaling’ their food and thus robbing themselves of the benefits of saliva in the digestive process. Capsicum would stimulate their flow of saliva as they return to a healthier attitude toward eating.
• Capsicum may be valuable in the prevention and treatment of blood clots.
• Capsicum is very soothing; it is effective as a poultice for rheumatism, inflammation, pleurisy, and helpful also if taken internally for these. For sores and wounds it makes a good poultice. It is a stimulant when taken internally as well as being antispasmodic. Good for kidneys, spleen and pancreas; wonderful for lockjaw; will heal a sore ulcerated stomach; Capsicum is a specific and very effective remedy for yellow fever, as well as other fevers and may be taken in capsules followed by a glass of water (p. 119).
What about side effects? Go to this page within this site for side effect information.
So, there you have it. Capsicum is literally one of the greatest health secrets in the world. It's also remarkably inexpensive. I've seen it as low as $1.67 a pound and as high as $35 or so (it was organic certified), but even that $35 a pound figure was astonishingly low, in my view.

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This is What Paul Ryan Has To Say About the Ban on Confederate Flags

Unbelievable: Ryan Said this About Flag Ban

oped: If I said it once I have said it a hundred times..Paul Ryan is just another John Boehner...a self serving go along to get along typical politician who only cares about getting elected and enhancing his personal financial portfolio..back door kick backs...the great state of Wisconsin needs to replace this moron this election cycle! 
And for the record Congress nor the Obama administration has the authority under the US Constitution/Bill of Rights to rewrite much less ban history! 
Educate yourselves on US History 101: 

By Michael Ware 
There has always been this ever-present balance to be struck between liberty and license. All free societies have had to weigh the cost of banning free expression. On the one hand, there is the threat of inciting riots with free speech, but on the other is the slippery slope of censorship.
If the federal government can restrict your expressions, then they can eventually silence all who oppose them politically. It is hard to stop this slide into totalitarianism once it has started. So now, we see that it has begun.

Breitbart reports
In a roll-call vote, the House voted 265 to 159 to block descendants of Confederate veterans from flying the historic banner over mass graves even on the days when flags have been permitted in the past.
Democrats hailed the move as a strike against “racism, slavery and division, as Ryan warned opponents that they are just going to have to “take it” when votes don’t go their way.
Now, being that all veterans of the War Between the States have been declared to be American Veterans, this is a slap in the face to the families of these men. But this is not really the toughest issue. It is the Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s reaction to taking the vote.

Breitbart continued
House Speaker Paul Ryan tells his Republican party members they’d better get used to “taking tough votes,” such as one to ban the Confederate flag at historic cemeteries controlled by the federal government.
Speaker Ryan seemed to insist that the issue wasn’t important enough for Republicans to fight for.
“People are going to have to take tough votes,” Ryan said at a press conference. He went on to say that the issue wasn’t as important as his budget plan saying “the last thing we should do is derail our own appropriations process” by getting too contentious over banning the historic symbol at national cemeteries.

Once again we see that Ryan is campaigning and carrying water for Democrats. Though they have the majority and most of their constituents would not want this vote passed, they are just going to have to suck it up.
Well, I was glad this clown, and his running mate did not get in four years ago, but boy am I happy now. They would have given half the country away by now. This is disgraceful.

Retired General Fired for Disagreeing with Obama’s Transgender Policies!

Image result for lt gen jerry boykin
by Onan Coca 

Decorated hero Lt. General Jerry Boykin, Ret., was recently fired from his position as a teacher at Hampden-Sydney College for holding the very un-PC position that boys and girls should use separate facilities. Now Senator Ted Cruz is urging every American to stand in solidarity with Gen. Boykin and shaming Hampden-Sydney College and every other fascist liberal institution in America for their ruthless assault on free speech.

Lieutenant General William “Jerry” Boykin, USA, Ret. is an American hero. He was one of the original members of the U.S. Army’s Delta Force. A decorated warrior, he commanded Delta Force and he commanded all the Army’s Green Berets as well as the Special Warfare Center and School.
Hampden-Sydney College has fired General Boykin. At a time where young people are desperately seeking hope and inspiration, you would think General Boykin (who had taught there nine years) would be one of their most valued faculty. But instead, he fell victim to the PC police.
Referring to President Obama’s push to allow grown men into girls’ bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms, General Boykin joked, “…the first man who goes in the restroom with my daughter will not have to worry about surgery.” That levity, in today’s precious academic world, was a firing offense. 

Three observations: first, our universities are losing their souls. College should be about learning, and that requires a diversity of views. When I was a student in the 1980s and 90s, surrounded by college and law school faculty members who were militant leftists and even Marxists, I didn’t curl up in a ball and plead for a “safe place.” Confronting opposing views helped me learn what I myself believe, and helped me understand better how to persuade others. That’s the essence of education. Raising coddled, solipsistic children who cannot handle dissent represents a complete failure and abdication of the university mission. 

Second, free speech matters. If you disagree with someone, disagree with them. Don’t silence or punish them. Censorship is the refuge of the weak-minded (those who cannot defend their views) or the tyrannical (those who simply want to force submission and compliance). If you think it’s a good idea for men and boys to be taking showers with little girls — whether you’re the President, a presidential candidate, or a university apparatchik — tell us why. Make the case, with reason and logic, don’t just respond as jack-booted thugs.
Third, young people need heroes like General Boykin. Ironically, Hampden-Sydney’s motto is Huc venite iuvenes ut exeatis viri, which translates to: Come here as boys so you may leave as men. This storied institution, founded the year before the signing of the Declaration of Independence, has decided that warriors and heroes are no longer welcome on its faculty. If you love our country, this should bother you greatly.
Stand with General Boykin and against the evil fascist agenda of liberals in America today. Tell them that we will no longer tolerate their assault on our liberty.

[Exclusive] Recovering Jesus’ baptismal site

jesus baptism

It’s been called the “river of life,” but for almost 50 years, the spot in the River Jordan where Jesus Christ was baptized has been a place of death. Churches stand abandoned, surrounded by signs that warn visitors, “Danger! Mines!” But the landmines that were left behind after the 1967 war – and are still active – will soon be removed thanks to a spirit of unity among Christian churches, Israelis, Palestinians and a former British soldier who served in Afghanistan.
Israel captured this territory on the West Bank during the Six-Day War, making the Jordan River the border between Israel and Jordan. Tensions continued, so to secure the territory, Israel placed an estimated 4,000 mines on the territory and booby-trapped the seven churches that stand on the spot.
For decades, Christians could not visit the holy site, where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, without fear of being blown to pieces.

Then, signs of hope emerged. In 1994, Israel and Jordan signed a peace treaty. A small patch of the area was cleared before Pope John Paul II visited in 2000, and more landmines were removed in 2011.
Now, an international charity wants to remove all the landmines left behind by the war and reopen the area for tourism and Christian pilgrimage.
The HALO Trust, a British-based charity, is scheduled to remove all the mines from the 136 square acres of the area, known as Qasr el-Yahud (“The Castle of the Jews”).
Each of the seven churches, operated by the Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox churches, could become a place of devotion again after all the landmines – hidden or open – will be taken out of the area. “Eventually, you will be able to walk freely from each church down to the river,” said Ronen Shimoni, who is leading HALO’s operations in the West Bank.

In 2015, with only a small part of the area safe, some 430,000 tourists visited the holy site. The Israel Ministry of Tourism hopes HALO’s efforts will attract even more people, many of them Christians seeking to be baptized in the river’s historic waters.
The Jordan River plays a vital role in sacred history and is mentioned in the Bible nearly 200 times. God parted the River Jordan like the Red Sea, so Joshua could lead the ancient Israelites into the promised land (Joshua 3). The prophets Elijah and Elisha also parted its waters when Elijah was taken alive into Heaven by a fiery chariot (II Kings 2).
Meanwhile the Palestinians – who believe Jesus was baptized at another site, nearby al-Maghtas in Jordan – want the landmines removed.
Getting the Israelis and Palestinians to agree on anything is virtually a miracle in itself. The Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem, Theophilos III, called the agreement to move forward a “great sign of reconciliation” between nations and religions.

In the meantime, HALO is trying to raise $4 million in private donations to make this vision a reality.
The project is just a fraction of HALO’s actions. The charity, once supported by Princess Diana, will remove an estimated one million mines from 35 square miles of the West Bank. According to the United Nations, approximately 20,000 people a year are killed by mines, 80 percent of them civilians. Many of them are children.
The Chief Executive of the Halo Trust, Major General James Cowan, said he became dedicated to clearing dangerous ordinance from forgotten battlefields after he saw people injured by mines while he served as a soldier in Afghanistan.
But with the doors he has opened in one of the holiest sites in the world, it’s just possible he was inspired by an even Higher Power.
— The Horn editorial team