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Father Murdered, Family’s Home Raided by 240 Cops for Exposing High-Level Gov’t Pedophiles

by: Matt Agorist
A teenage refugee from Lithuania has come forward with a White House petition and a damning testimony showing what happened after his family tried to expose a little girl’s abusers. When his four-year-old cousin accused two high-level government officials—describing it in heartbreaking detail—Korolis Venckienė learned the hard way how the government protects its vilest members, up to and including using hundreds of militarized police and even murder.

As Venckienė explains in his petition on, this nightmare started when their family attempted to seek justice for the sick men who allegedly raped his four-year-old cousin.
“In 2008, 4-year-old Deimante Kedyte described her sexual assault by high-level Lithuanian officials. Her testimony was later verified as true by 4 separate commissions. She never had her day in court,” Venckienė wrote.

When the teen’s uncle, Drasius Kedys, Deimante’s father pushed for the men to be prosecuted for what they did to his daughter, he was murdered.
“Her father pursued justice, but was murdered in 2010,” Venckienė said.

According to reports, the girl’s father, Drasius Kedys was abducted and brought to a secret bunker from the old Soviet Union where he was brutally tortured, fingernails were torn out, and his bones were smashed and partially cut off. Finally, the torturers tied him into a straightjacket and drowned him in a nearby storage lake.
In spite of all the evidence showing horrifying violence enacted against Kedys, the “official” government verdict was that he drowned in a puddle.
After Kedys was murdered, Neringa Venckienė, Karolis’ mother, and the little girl’s aunt, was given custody of Deimante as it was the little girl’s mother who allowed her elite political friends to have their way with her daughter.
Neringa Venckienė is a former Lithuanian judge and Parliament member who was brutally persecuted by the government after she attempted to expose this corruption.
After they silenced the father, the government set their eyes on the little girl who could also expose them.

“Deimante’s aunt, Neringa Venckiene, was awarded custody of the girl and provided a loving home,” reads the petition. However, “when Neringa started The Way of Courage Party to fight corruption in Lithuania, she, her family, and supporters were persecuted by the government. In May of 2012, a terrified Deimante was abducted from Neringa’s home by 240 government agents.”
The horrifying raid was recorded on video as hundreds of special forces police officers raided a family’s home to kidnap a little girl for accusing high-level government officials of raping her.

“To stop the anti-corruption and truth movement, government forces had to eliminate my mom because she was not intimidated,” Venckienė said. “The Lithuanian people elected her to Parliament to fight against corruption and to seek the truth. She proposed many laws among which there was stricter punishment for pedophiles, but all of them were blocked by the dominant parties in Parliament. When the prosecutors brought charges against my mom, all of her opponents announced that they’ll support the removal of her legal immunity, before the investigation took place.”

My mom became a target after she publicly started speaking about the bribery and corruption in the Lithuanian courts, the government and its media did not succeed in intimidating her. My 8-year- old cousin Deimantė, whose father was murdered, was abducted by government forces from my mother’s care. My mother was her legally appointed guardian at that time. The government called it “a child’s return to her mother operation,” but that was actually an elimination of an inconvenient witness operation with the help of 240 special forces and the intimidation of everyone in Lithuania who sought the truth in the pedophilia and murder case (more people were murdered in this case than just my uncle). My cousin was returned to the person she was testifying against. I was really scared and could not even imagine what is going to happen to Deimantė.

After this horrific incident, Neringa—who now feared that her own son’s life was in danger—then fled to the United States in 2013. 

According to Karolis Venchiene, “today, the Lithuanian government continues to persecute Neringa by attempting to get the U.S. to extradite her back to Lithuania.”
Although they moved here to find refuge, two weeks ago, as Venckiene explains, “mom was arrested, and the Lithuanian government is seeking her extradition, before the political asylum case is over.”
Whether or not the United States will send Neringa Venckienė back to Lithuania—where she will likely be persecuted for exposing government criminals—is currently unknown. However, as TFTP has consistently reported, the problem of elite pedophilia knows no borders and these depraved individuals will go to any lengths to maintain their operation.
Below is Karolis Venckiene’s most shocking video, in which he backs up all of his claims with sources and, in some instances, heart-wrenching video. If you would like to help Venckiene and his family seek justice, please consider signing the petition here.

Article posted with permission from The Free Thought Project

Chelsea Clinton SPITS in Ivanka Trump’s face (hypocrite!)

Chelsea Clinton is using her latest book tour to go on the political offensive — and what she just said about Ivanka Trump has left critics of former President Bill Clinton spitting mad.
Chelsea appeared on CBS’ “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Monday, and turned her attention to the recent attacks against President Donald Trump’s eldest daughter. What she said was a spit in the face to Ivanka… and to women everywhere.

The former first daughter called Ivanka fair game for the press to attack regarding the accusations of lobbed at her father. Ivanka had called the media’s questioning of her “inappropriate” regarding her father’s accusers.
“I don’t think that’s a question you would ask many other daughters. I believe my father, I know my father, so I think I have that right as a daughter to believe my father,” Ivanka Trump told NBC’s Peter Alexander during an interview at the 2018 Winter Olympics. 

“I think anyone who works for the president should expect to be scrutinized for whatever decisions not only he or she is making, but whatever decisions the White House is making on any given day,” Chelsea told host Stephen Colbert.

Of course, the liberal comedian didn’t push back on Chelsea’s thoughts on her own father’s numerous rape accusations.
Chelsea appeared on the show to promote her children’s book, “She Persisted Around The World.” Chelsea was sued over her original “She Persisted” book by Christopher Kimberley, an author who claimed Chelsea stole his idea almost word-for-word.
Since her mother’s failed presidential campaign, Chelsea’s series of children’s books about female empowerment have spent months on top of The New York Times bestseller list, making her very wealthy.
But for someone that claims to be a strong feminist, Chelsea is very quiet about certain rape accusers: Her father’s alleged victims.

Since writing her pro-woman books, she has appeared in hundreds of interviews promoting these books. Chelsea has been featured in television, radio, magazines, and newspapers around the world.
In all these interviews about female empowerment, not once has a media personality asked Chelsea about these alleged rape victims. But they’re eager to attack Ivanka over an accusation of infidelity from 12 years ago.
Does the media still consider Chelsea off-limits?
By her own admission, she’s outspoken in her “resistance” to the Trump administration.
What Chelsea said in response exposed both her and the mainstream media’s nasty hypocrisy.

So why doesn’t she face questions about Juanita Broaddrick, who says Bill Clinton violently raped her in a hotel room? Broaddrick has been outspoken about her alleged rape for decades… so where’s her mention in “She Persisted”?
Broaddrick hasn’t been mentioned by Chelsea, of course. And she won’t be mentioned until the media has the courage to ask Chelsea the same questions they ask Ivanka.
You can see Chelsea’s nasty comments here —

Obama got BAD legal news on Weds (finally!)


Former President Barack Obama received very bad legal news from Attorney General Jeff Sessions — and it could lead to charges being brought up against top Obama administration officials.
In fact, even Obama’s former Attorney General is in the legal crosshairs.
That’s according to California Rep. Darrell Issa, a Republican, who told Fox News that new documents about to be released to the public shows the Obama administration knowingly “obstructed justice” during the investigation into Operation Fast and Furious.

“In June 2012, then-Attorney General Eric Holder became the first Cabinet member to be held in contempt of Congress for refusing to release documents relating to the scheme where guns purchased in the United States were allowed to flow into Mexico for purposes of tracking them to Mexican cartels,” reported.
Obama used executive privilege to keep those documents hidden and Holder safe from justice… until now.

Sessions, as the acting Attorney General in the United States, has ordered the documents released six years later in the name of transparency.
That’s very bad news for Holder and Obama.
Issa chaired the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee in 2012 when Holder refused to turn over documents related to the Obama administration’s biggest scandal. He remains on that committee — and he’s not happy about what Holder did.
“Eric Holder has systematically obstructed justice to the family and the American people and personally lied to me about the documents that were fully compliant with our request, claiming it was only 200 and something when thousands have been delivered. A new search will allow us to get some of what we requested for in the beginning,” Issa said.

So what does that mean? It means charges could be brought against Holder for obstruction of justice, a crime punishable with up to 20 years if convicted.
The documents will “show us that Eric Holder was very involved in the obstruction of justice — a man who now still proudly says he’s a lawyer and should be disbarred — in fact had an active role in texting, emailing, helping people figure out how not to deliver to Congress what we said we wanted and were lawfully entitled to,” Issa said.
At long last, the Obama administration may finally face justice.


Unreleased Steele Memo Alleges DNC Hack Involved Russian Agents "Within the Democratic Party Structure Itself"

Email Template

Christopher Steele’s sources claimed that the digital attack involved agents “within the Democratic Party structure itself,” as well as Russian émigrés in the U.S. and “associated offensive cyber operators.” 

by: Tim Brown 

According to a report from The New Yorker, following the Democrat National Committee's emails release by Wikileaks in 2016, former UK spy Christopher Steele  filed a memo with GPS Fusion stating that the "hack" that obtained the emails involved Russian agents "within the Democratic Party structure itself."

While the piece continues to perpetrate the media narrative of Russian collusion by the Trump administration without really dealing with the known and documented Russian collusion of the Obama administration and Clinton State Department, it did provide this little caveat.

On July 26, 2016, after WikiLeaks disseminated the D.N.C. e-mails, Steele filed yet another memo, this time claiming that the Kremlin was “behind” the hacking, which was part of a Russian cyber war against Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Many of the details seemed far-fetched: Steele’s sources claimed that the digital attack involved agents “within the Democratic Party structure itself,” as well as Russian émigrés in the U.S. and “associated offensive cyber operators.”

Suffice it to say that like the dossier that the Hillary Clinton campaign paid for, which was debunked, these claims about Steele are also not confirmed and The New Yorker admits that, but the fact that it was mentioned seems like it falls right in line with the documentation we do know about Clinton, Obama and the criminal activity in the midst of the 2016 elections.
Zero Hedge ties this to the current Mueller investigation.

The shocking claim comes amid recent reports that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is preparing criminal charges against Russian hackers allegedly behind the breaches of both the DNC and John Podesta's email.
NBC News reports:
Much like the indictment Mueller filed last month charging a different group of Russians in a social media trolling and illegal-ad-buying scheme, the possible new charges are expected to rely heavily on secret intelligence gathered by the CIA, the FBI, the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), several of the officials say. […] Mueller’s consideration of charges accusing Russians in the hacking case has not been reported previously. Sources say he has long had sufficient evidence to make a case, but strategic issues could dictate the timing. Potential charges include violations of statutes on conspiracy, election law as well as the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

The sources say the possible new indictment — or more than one, if that’s how Mueller’s office decides to proceed — would delve into the details of, and the people behind, the Russian intelligence operation that used hackers to penetrate computer networks and steal emails of both the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.
Meanwhile, as we have been reporting, Mueller has yet to even reach out to Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, or New Zealand entrepreneur Kim Dotcom - who clearly knew of the upcoming email leaks before they were dropped. While Assange has heavily insinuated it was DNC staffer Seth Rich, Dotcom has gone "all in" over the last few months - tweeting that he knows Seth Rich was Wikileaks' source, Rich used a memory stick, and that Dotcom himself was involved.

Kim Dotcom @KimDotcom
Let me assure you, the DNC hack wasn’t even a hack. It was an insider with a memory stick. I know this because I know who did it and why. Special Counsel Mueller is not interested in my evidence. My lawyers wrote to him twice. He never replied. 360 pounds! 

Kim Dotcom Retweeted Sean Hannity
I knew Seth Rich. I know he was the source. I was involved.
Kim Dotcom added,

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Dedication to all LE officers...

....who have to deal with incompetent AG's 

Enjoy...hold your heads high...the proverbial pendulum always swings back to normal eventually!

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Holder and Hogg Counting on Student Bloodbath to Do What Fast and Furious Could Not

The Gunwalker Man couldn’t get semi-autos banned when he was in power. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. (Eric Holder in t-shirt Twitter photo “repurposed” with a design I helped create).


“Former Attorney General Eric Holder discussed on Friday strategy for how to achieve what he views as meaningful gun control with Parkland, Fla., shooting survivor David Hogg,” The Washington Examiner notes, reporting on the pair getting face time with fellow gun-grabber Bill Maher on HBO’s “Real Time.”
“If the only thing that comes out of this tragedy is we outlaw bump stocks and we raise the age at which people are allowed to buy an AR-15, that will be a failure,” Holder claimed. “Because the reality – from my perspective – is you need to do what we’ve always tried to do, which is to ban the sale of AR-15s, have universal background checks, and also take away the ability to buy these large magazines.”
The guy never has been much on Founding intent for either the Second Amendment or the oath of office he took, which is supposed to be for life.  So it’s hardly surprising he’s going after weapons  that have “some reasonable relationship to the preservation or efficiency of a well regulated militia [that] could contribute to the common defense [so that] when called for service these men were expected to appear bearing arms supplied by themselves and of the kind in common use at the time.” 

You can’t catch him – he’s the Gunwalker Man!

Wannabe tyrants can’t have that, and besides, this is something Holder’s been going after for a long time. From 2009, he floated a premature trial balloon a year-and-a-half before Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered in an Arizona desert and a weapon found at the scene was the catalyst for exposing ATF’s lethal Operation Fast and Furious “gunwalking” plot:
“Holder said … it would help cut down on the flow of guns going across the border into Mexico, which is struggling with heavy violence among drug cartels along the border.”
And “botched gun sting” media cover notwithstanding, the reason behind the murderous practice was spelled out early on in my investigations by an ATF insider disgusted with what management was doing:
“ATF source confirms ‘walking’ guns to Mexico to ‘pad’ statistics”

Despite perjury, stonewalling, being held in contempt of Congress and being given a pass on ethics violations by insider cronies, or perhaps because escaping accountability has emboldened him to be even more in-your-face about his untouchability, he’s back trying to make murdered schoolchildren do for his goals what murdered Mexicans could not: Disarm countrymen he loathes.
So naturally young Boss Hogg is singing from the same page, although to minimize the role of the totalitarian lobby’s newest citizen disarmament rock star to that of “survivor” is to mask the well-organized, well-funded and well-connected interests bankrolling the “March for Our Lives.” The newly-realized media reality that virtue-oozing youths trump loudmouthed, middle-aged moms at swaying emotions über alles useful idiots.
“I do see the reason to have a weapon, and I do see the reason behind the Second Amendment. But I think we should have limitations on the Second Amendment, the same way we have limitations on the First [Amendment],” Hogg asserted, “comparing shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded movie theater to mentally unstable individuals buying an AR-15.”
See, that makes him appear “reasonable” to mask the end goals from people who don’t know any better and who can’t see though what a fraudulent argument he’s making.

Of course you can — there are no prior restraints. It’s just that there had better be a fire.
Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes’ conveniently misstated quote was:
“The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man in falsely shouting fire in a theatre and causing a panic.”
You can’t open fire in a crowded theater either, at least not unless it’s also legally justifiable. No one but a deceiving gun-grabber would try to get people to think otherwise. And, of course, if this child had gone to a school that actually taught non-”progressive” American “history,” he’d know what people of the Founding era would have said about that:

If we really want to compare free speech with RKBA…

We have an old subversive and a young one in training. And the kid is supposed to be sacrosanct and immune from criticism, giving the insiders backing him a pass from having their own motives questioned too closely. Proving their power to punish those who aren’t afraid to cross the self-serving boundaries they would impose, “progressive” social media monopolists are deleting the accounts of those who dare question his credibility.
Bull. If up to him and Holder, there will be plenty more victims and mourners. They want — they need — vulnerable schoolchildren. They want our guns. And they want men with guns in the employ of the powers behind them to execute their demands, even if it means more bloodbaths.
The hell with them. And the hell with those they serve.
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David Codrea’s opinions are his own. See “Who speaks for Oath Keepers?”

Attention .@Twitter management:..............

Y'all are smelling of stale perfume~Open up the window sucker let some Conservative/Christian air into this room!

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Judge Jeanine: Clinton Is Even Dumber Than I Thought

Get em'

by: Tori McNabb

Hillary Clinton went on an anti-Trump offensive last week via Twitter, stating:
“I say this as a former Secretary of State and as an American: the Russians are still coming. Our intelligence professionals are imploring Trump to act. Will he continue to ignore & surrender, or protect our country?”
And the hypocrisy is astounding in that statement alone, isn’t it? So Jeanine Pirro did what she does best and went on a hard offensive of her own… bluntly stating: “The woman is even dumber than I thought” and it just continues to be gold after that."

She highlights this herself on Twitter, saying “I got an idea Hillary, since you’re so good at selling uranium to foreigners, maybe you can buddy up with your Clinton Foundation friends to sell the rest of our uranium to the Russians. On second thought– just get back into the woods. My
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I am glad this woman is on our side, boy howdy! She DOES NOT mess around when it comes to this stuff. And not to pander but I hope she seriously considers running for office someday, maybe even President… I think I’d support her.

As reported by Fox News:
Pirro said Clinton was showing rank hypocrisy with the statement, calling the former first lady “even dumber than I thought.”
She said Clinton couldn’t even know for sure if Trump is not acting against the Russian threat, saying the 2016 Democratic candidate no longer has the security clearance to know such things.
In her tweet, Clinton linked to a story about NSA Director Adm. Mike Rogers, and Pirro said Rogers confirmed that Trump is indeed taking defensive steps against Russian interference.
Pirro said Clinton was being hypocritical because she and her husband allegedly sold a sizable stake in American Uranium to Russians.

Just Like Vegas, Authorities are Hiding the Surveillance Footage of Parkland Shooting

Just like officials have done in Las Vegas, authorities in Broward County are now surrounding themselves in secrecy and refusing to released the surveillance footage showing Nikolas Cruz attack the school.

by: Matt Agorist  

Parkland, FL — In the weeks since the tragic shooting occurred in Parkland, Florida, we have learned that cops cowered outside instead of helping, the police and FBI were all warned on multiple occasions that the alleged shooter, Nikolas Cruz, told people he was going to shoot up the school, nearly two dozen people reported Cruz for death threats, and first responders were told to stand down. Now, we are finding out that the surveillance footage from the school — which the public has a right to see — is being deliberately kept secret by the Broward County sheriff — which many say is illegal. 

Broward County sheriff Scott Israel, who has already been caught contradicting the official story, is claiming that the surveillance footage must remain secret.
The South Florida Sun Sentinel, the Miami Herald and CNN have filed an open records lawsuit against the Israel and school Superintendent Robert Runcie for their role in this secrecy.
Officials claim that the video is exempt from Florida sunshine laws because its release would somehow put lives at risk and expose the district’s security system. However, as the NY Post reports, this is not true.

First, disclosure of the videos would pose no danger to students because Building 12, where the shooting took place, will be demolished.
Second, key investigative records, transcripts and logs in the active criminal probe against the Parkland school shooter have already been released to the public. Israel himself coughed up call logs documenting 23 times the shooter’s family or neighbors called deputies to the house. Additional dispatch records obtained by local and national media outlets revealed 22 more calls to law enforcement dating back to 2008 that had not been initially communicated by the selectively disclosing sheriff.
Moreover, the open-records lawsuit notes that Israel has already publicly described in detail what the video shows about Peterson’s actions: He arrived at the west side of Building 12, took position, got on his radio, had a view of the western entry of Building 12 but never went in for “upwards of four minutes” while the shooter slaughtered 17 innocent students and teachers.
By refusing to release the video, police are creating an environment that fosters distrust, and rightfully so.
In case after case of “terror” attacks in the United States, the surveillance footage is immediately released in almost every incident. However, in Parkland and Las Vegas — two shootings that have been surrounded by controversy and cover ups — the public has seen nothing.
Within hours of a terrorist attack in New York city, the surveillance footage of Akayed Ullah walking into the underground tunnel between Times Square and the Port Authority Bus Terminal and detonating a crudely-made pipe bomb was released.

Before that, a suspect, identified as Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, rented a pickup truck, drove it onto a busy bicycle path and mowed down innocent people before getting out and brandishing toy guns. Almost immediately after the horrific attack that left 8 dead and a dozen more injured, video of Saipov, an Uzbekistan native, was released.
It has been months since the attack in Vegas and officials have yet to release a single still image of Stephan Paddock in the Mandalay Bay Casino. This is in spite of the thousands of cameras both inside and outside of the casino.
Now, it appears, this same secrecy and cover up is going to happen in Parkland. Hopefully, for the sake of the victims and their families, and in the interest of the public, the lawsuits will resolve successfully, and the evidence will be released — even if it is damning to the image of the Broward sheriff. Indeed, the Broward Circuit court agrees.

“If there were shortcomings,” Broward Circuit Court Judge Charles Greene concluded, “the public has the right to know.”
Article posted with permission from The Free Thought Project


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Ok guys...we are all guilty of this once we pass 50....

It's hard to let go of pride... ha

Gun Company Selling AR-15’s Unleashes Brutal Attack After Dick’s Unveils Their New Firearm Policy

oped: I 2nd that emotion see: 

by: Cillian Zeal  
How do you become a media darling after a mass shooting? Just announce that your stores will no longer be selling “assault weapons” like Dick’s Sporting Goods did. Sure, you’ll alienate your customer base, a significant portion of whom likely believes strongly in the Second Amendment. But just look at the press attention you’ll get!
However, there are going to be plenty of gun stores willing to pick up the business that Dick’s is leaving behind. One of them is Palmetto State Armory.
In a statement issued to a local TV station after Dick’s made the announcement that it would no longer be selling so-called “assault weapons” and would raise the minimum age for firearms purchases to 21, the South Carolina store unleashed a brutal attack on the new policy and reminded customers that AR-15s and other such weapons will always be available at the Palmetto State Armory.

“Palmetto State Armory would like to go on record stating that we support the Second Amendment,” the store said in a statement to WCBD on Thursday.
“While this may seem like an obvious statement, we as a company felt it necessary to make our opinion known to the general public. Palmetto State Armory also strongly supports the First Amendment which enables individuals to voice their opinions, even those in contrast with our own,” the statement added.

“We believe that a primary purpose of the Second Amendment is actually to protect the First Amendment.”
The owners of the store then went off on Dick’s Sporting Goods and their demonization of the AR-15.

“In regards to the actions taken today by the CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods to no longer sell the AR-15 platform, while we do not agree with this decision, we recognize the fact that capitalism gives him the right to make this call,” the statement continued.
“PSA however, does have an issue when misinformation is spread in the very next sentence by referring to the platform as an ‘assault rifle.’ AR stands for Armalite Rifle which pays homage to the company that originally created the platform.”
They also noted that Dick’s statement failed to take into account the real culprit in the case: the killer himself.
“To blame the rifle or a high capacity magazine for the actions of an evil man is illogical and is only applied when referring to firearms,” the statement read.

“Senseless acts of violence are a terrible plague on society that we all recognize we need to try and prevent as a community, but to blame a tool such as a firearm is at very best missing the point of the problem.”
The armory explained that cars can be used as weapons, but nobody goes ahead and blames the vehicle itself.
RELATED: Dick’s Employee Pens Epic Resignation Letter in Wake of Company’s New Firearms Policy
“When a vehicle is used to commit an act of violence we as a society do not blame the car, we do not blame the speed, or the steering wheel, but rather the driver. It is our hopes that we can approach this negativity with humanity and both sides of the argument can come together and have a civil and intellectual conversation that continues to make this amazing county better,” the armory said.

“We are all in this together, and we all want the same thing,” the statement concluded. “Safety, happiness, and the ‘American Dream.’”

Now, which store do you think is going to see more business for its decision? I don’t know about you, but I know which gun supplier I’d rather shop at: one that honors and respects the Second Amendment.
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