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A lil advice to political candidates..Knock off the BS & lies !


I for one am sick and tired of it...look at me face..pic is 3 years old at 68 camping with the kids... still put on me old worn out mil shirt and hat to capture memories from the past...however a few more wrinkles and yes the old 6 pack still stuck in the 12 pack mode...tis ok ladies feel free to pat the Buddah Belly for

What I am saying is I chose a profession to serve my country...Military then LE after...I never had a desire to become rich...yes in retirement it can be hard... do ya pay the rent,utilities,food,insurance etc or get a dental check up/needed work...or meds &  a long needed night out on the town?...Well ya pay the bills first and hope for the best! When ya choose a service career vs fame & fortune ya must deal with the negative benefits upon retirement..I am not complaining I would do it again...after all I can sleep at night knowing I enjoyed my time serving and telling the truth and never took advantage of nor screwed anyone for my little nitch in the it as it may be...I'm a happy broke ass camper...well kinda /sorta ha :)

So when I hear candidates for office telling me what they perceive is what I want to hear [to get elected]...then beg me for my hard earned and small income for a donation to their cause not mine ...I say wrong tell me what you are going to do and ya better do it after the election...lest ya will be labeled a liar and fraud for the rest of your proverbial career and don't even think about asking me for are applying for a job from 'we the people' I never asked a potential employer to fund my wardrobe,gas or resume' service while applying...our founders never intended for elected officials to make a career out of serving as a elected official and getting rich with the proverbial is a sorry state of affairs when those who claim to want to serve 'we the people' are really in the game to get rich or richer off of others sacrafice and hard work....need I really say more? Sleep on it if ya can... then get back to me!

DNA Prove's Obama is a Foreign Citizen and No Relation To Stanley Ann Dunham

Obama a natural citizen of Great Briton,Will an obscure intelligence advisor in England show the way for Americans to finally get rid of the illegal presidency of Barack Hussein Obama?
Barack Obama's long-form birth certificate has been almost universally deemed a forgery, long before Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio's forensic examination found it to be created digitally and never having existed in paper form. Without even a digital examination, it is obvious it is a cut-and-paste job, with at least eight different typewriter fonts.

Despite this fact, and despite Obama clearly not being a natural-born citizen—his father, Barack Obama, Sr. being a subject of the British crown as admitted by Obama—the dozens of lawsuits filed against Obama charging that he's not a natural-born citizen, or that his birth certificate is a fake—have been summarily dismissed for invalid reasons.
Americans have found themselves in a quandary: we know Obama is ineligible to be President; we know his birth certificate is fake—yet we appear to be powerless to do anything about it. But there may be a novel way that Americans can prove Obama is not a natural-born citizen: have a Special Prosecutor demand Obama submit—like Clinton did in 1998—a DNA sample to prove that his mother and father are who he says they are.

This, however, may have already been carried out—by the CIA! 

According to British intelligence advisor and author of the just-published book, Spyhunter, Michael Shrimpton states that the CIA took a DNA sample of Obama prior to the 2008 election and found that the woman Obama now states is his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, is not related to Obama—and his mother may in fact be a foreign citizen!

Shrimpton is no tinfoil hat-wearing kook: He has dozens of contacts in both the British and American intelligence agencies and has access to a huge cache of intelligence documents.

Will an obscure intelligence advisor in England show the way for Americans to finally get rid of the illegal presidency of Barack Hussein Obama?

Barack Obama has been methodically dismantling the United States, shredding the Constitution, and enslaving us to the Chinese with crushing debt; so let us hope Michael Shrimpton can show us how how we can prove Barack Obama is not a natural-born citizen and may in fact be a foreign citizen

So now the Trump supporters claim Ted & Heidi Cruz are kissin' cousins?

Image result for pictures kissin cousins elvis movie clips

I have some cute cousins...however I would feel a lil weird marrying each their own I suppose as long as it is legal!

[side note: according to law 2nd cousins and beyond are not considered ,under law to be incest.]

Well, now I am waiting with baited breath to see Rudy Giuliani comment...I'm thinking being that : When Rudy had just graduated law school in 1968 when he married his third cousin, Regina Peruggi. Or so he thought. Accounts differ, but it seems that they figured out in 1982 that they were actually second cousins, which was just a little too close to home. Coincidentally enough, this discovery was made about the same time he met second wife Donna Hanover. Regina and Rudy divorced in 1982, the marriage was officially annulled by the Catholic church in 1983 and Rudy married Donna in 1984

A few other notables who married their cousins, distant or otherwise:

Franklin D. Roosevelt

One of America's most beloved President/First Lady pairs were cousins. Distant cousins, though. Although they had met as children, they became reacquainted after a dinner at the White House in 1902 held by Eleanor's uncle and Franklin's fifth cousin, President Teddy Roosevelt. FDR was 20 at the time and was attending Harvard. Eleanor was 17 and had just had her formal introduction into society with her debutante party. They were married on St. Patrick's Day, 1905, and had six children in a span of 10 years.

Albert Einstein

Yes, our very own beloved Einstein. He was actually somewhat of a philanderer "“ he moved in with his second cousin, Elsa, in 1917"¦two years before his divorce from his first wife, Mileva. They were separated, though. He married Elsa in 1919, not too long after his divorce from Mileva was finalized. Letters in his own hand showed that he cheated on Elsa, though, and had at least half a dozen girlfriends while he was married to her. Elsa died in 1936 after coming down with heart and kidney problems and it would appear that his newfound bachelorhood suited Einstein just fine: he never married again and had plenty of girlfriends until his death in 1955.

Jesse James "“ first cousin Zerelda "Zee" Mimms
Thomas Jefferson "“ third cousin Martha Wayles
H.G. Wells "“ first cousin Isabel Mary Wells (he left her after just three years, though)
Igor Stravinsky - first cousin Katerina Nossenko
Carlo Gambino - first cousin Catherine Castellano
"¢ Lots of Royals, including Queen Elizabeth II (third cousin Prince Philip); Marie Antoinette (second cousin King Louis XVI) and Catherine the Great (second cousin Peter III of Russia).

At any rate I suppose Kissin' Cousins would be a appropriate song  to play #NowPlaying : 

“Where the Law Ends, Tyranny begins!”

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by:Bradlee Dean 

“Where the Law Ends, Tyranny begins!” –John Locke
It was reported on April 6, 2016, that the California Attorney General raided David Daleiden’s home and confiscated all his undercover video footage of harvesting and sale of aborted babies organs and tissue (Proverbs 6:17) by Planned Parenthood, an organization that America’s representatives refuse to defund.
The office of Kamala Harris (un American Outlaw), who was elected with tens of thousands of dollars from taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood, is set on using the law against the law by attacking and intimidating Mr. Daleiden in hopes of incarcerating for exposing this organization’s crimes against humanity.

Just this last week, we found that the United States government has been targeting and illegally revoking the gun rights of over 260,000 American veterans since December 2015.
It’s interesting to note that it good enough for these politicians (un American Outlaws) to send forth America’s finest to fight unconstitutional wars abroad.  Yet, when they come home, they are denied the very rights that they were fighting to uphold and maintain.
Are these that are to serve “We the people” arming themselves against Americans? Of course, they are. They’re armed to protect themselves from those they are to serve. As a matter of fact, it was several of these un American outlaws in government that just killed Lavoy Fincium in Oregon for standing up against those who were selling uranium ore to the Russians while stealing away the lands from underneath the ranchers.
The answer to dealing with these un American outlaws is to remove the injustice (Article 2, Sections 4 of The United States Constitution; Psalm 94:16-20)!

This flies in the face of everything that we are and what we are about. As the Second Amendment clearly states:
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Last week, a federal judge in Mississippi illegally ruled to force Mississippi to allow sodomite (Leviticus 18:22-20:13; Romans 1:24) couples to adopt children. Is it not telling that the sodomites went from poor victim status (accusing everyone and anyone that rejects their abominable lifestyles as the “bully”) to their end aim, which has always been to get at the children (Exodus 22:22-24; Luke 17:12)?
It is the North American Man Boy Love Association’s motto: “Sex before eight before it is too late.” This can be seen and heard at your local “gay pride” parade.
The answer for dealing with this is to remove the injustice (Article 3, Section 1 of The United States Constitution; Psalm 97:10; Hebrews 1:9)!

Here is the tip of the iceberg concerning the crimes of these un American  outlaws, which we call politicians. Keep in mind, these are the ones that have been caught.
Capitol Hill Blue did some research on Congress, and here is what they found:

  • 111 members of the House and Senate have run at least two businesses that went bankrupt, often leaving business partners and creditors holding the bag.
  • 79 of them have credit reports so bad that they can’t get an American Express card on their own (but as members of Congress, they get a government-issued American Express card without a credit check).
  • 64 have personal and financial problems so serious that they would be denied security clearances by the Department of Defense or the Department of Energy if they had to apply through normal channels (but, again, as members of Congress they get such clearances simply because they fooled enough people to get elected).
  • 31 members of Congress have been accused of spousal abuse in either criminal or civil proceedings.
  • 33 have driving-while-intoxicated arrests on their driving records (34, if you include President George W. Bush, but he never served in Congress).
  • 24 are or have been defendants in various lawsuits, ranging from bad debts, disputes with business partners or other civil matters.
  • Nine members of Congress have been accused of writing bad checks, even after the scandal several years ago, which resulted in closure of the informal House bank that routinely allowed members to overdraw their accounts without penalty.
  • 17 have drug-related arrests in their backgrounds, six for shoplifting, five for fraud, four for assault and one for criminal trespass. These that are appointed to magnify the law are the one’s guilty of breaking the law! Defined: un American  Outlaws! 
John Adams stated that “when the legislature is corrupted, the people are undone. “
It is a prime opportunity to prove the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Psalm 14:5)!
If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? The Lord is in his holy temple, the Lord’s throne is in heaven: his eyes behold, his eyelids try, the children of men. The Lord trieth the righteous: but the wicked and him that loveth violence his soul hateth.  Upon the wicked he shall rain snares, fire and brimstone, and a horrible tempest: this shall be the portion of their cup. For the righteous Lord loveth righteousness; his countenance doth behold the upright.” -Psalm 11:3-7
Furthermore, as E. M. Bounds points out:
“Gods church is a militant host. Its warfare is with unseen forces of evil. (Ephesians 6:12) God’s people compose an army fighting to establish His kingdom in this earth. (Matthew 6:10) Their aim is to destroy the kingdom of Satan and to erect the kingdom of God over its ruins, which is “righteousness,” and “Peace,” and “Joy,” in the Holy Ghost (Romans 14:7).  This militant army is composed of individual soldiers of the cross (2 Timothy 2:3).  The armour of God is its defense, and prayer is the added power that crowns it all.”

Nowhere can you find God the Father, in Jesus’, fail a faithful man or woman of God! America, deal with it.
Read More:

Is The LGBT “Equal” Rights Movement Going to Start Another Civil War?

 Image result for us civil war

By Michael Ware 

Over one hundred and fifty years ago, there was a movement in certain states that pitted one group of Americas against another. That movement was the Abolitionist Movement. It had its good and bad aspects.
This group saw the horror and injustice of the Chattel slavery institution in American. They wanted to abolish this practice from our land. Many agreed with this but wanted to dismantle slavery in a slow process. But many abolitionist wanted it to end immediately.

These two factions, along with those who fought both, divided our nation. Though there was much more pushing North and South apart in the first half of the nineteenth century, there is no doubt that this was, at least, a key political wedge of the time.
Now we are faced with a somewhat similar situation. One used by the political expedient to gain power and remove it from those they wish to silence in this country. This is the “equal” movement of the LGBT.
Many states, unwilling to give these perverse people the legal club with which to beat the church into submission, are now facing the economic and political bullying that has driven this movement from the very beginning.
And Mississippi now joins Georgia and North Carolina as the latest victim.

Christian News reports
The Democratic governors of Vermont, Minnesota, Connecticut, New York and Washington have banned all non-essential government travel to Mississippi over a new religious freedom law that protects pastors, faith-based organizations and business owners who object to being complicit in another’s same-sex ceremony.

What we have to ask is: is this a replay of the events that led to that bloody conflict fought between Americans from 1861-1865? Is the Unitarian playbook now being used by the Homosexual agenda to finish the destruction they started in the Church?
Or is it just coincidence that the same things are being said about the church? Are these people just pouting or are they preparing to devour our rights?

It sure looks as if the same people are again the target of their vile threatening. We must pray for deliverance from such a situation, and from such a beast.

While Bernie Whines about Global Warming – Winter Continues

Trey Gowdy Gave A VICIOUS Wake-Up Call To Every Single Democrat – There’s No Escaping

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by:Chandra Medina 

It’s about to go down… Sometime in the very near future the House Select Committee is going to release their report about everything that went wrong during the Benghazi attacks on September 11, 2012. This disaster resulted in the loss of four American lives.
While Chairman Trey Gowdy has told members of the panel not to divulge any details yet, he release this statement via Twitter this week.
Democrats use Benghazi like it’s a four-letter word. I’d like to remind them it’s actually a place where four Americans died.

Image result for hillary clinton benghazi hearing
Image result for hillary clinton benghazi hearing

— Trey Gowdy (@TGowdySC) April 6, 2016
Democrats have routinely downplayed the events which occurred that day, especially Hillary Clinton. Clinton famously yelled, “what difference, at this point, does it make?” during her appearance before the committee in 2015, despite being secretary of state at the time of the debacle.

“Our thorough, fact-centered investigation into Benghazi is not about the former Secretary of State, and our report will not be about her either. This is about the four brave Americans we lost in Libya, and getting their families and all Americans the truth. I’m confident the value and fairness of our investigation will be abundantly clear to everyone when they see the report for themselves.”

It’s about time this administration is being held accountable. Hilary’s “what difference does it make” was a slap in the face not only to the families of those lost but all of America. She has absolutely no moral compass. While she is notorious for “making things disappear”, it’s good to know that she isn’t getting away with it this time. Now hopefully the families can get closure and justice.

Administration Endangers America, Rushes Vetting of Syrian Refugees

Image result for US Syrian refugee tsunami

Since the start of the Syrian refugee tsunami, common sense Americans have been vociferously warning of the dangers of allowing mass amounts unvetted into the United States. But those warnings fell on deaf, big Obama ears as he waved the green flag for the thousands upon thousands of Muslim immigrants to pour into the United States. Either the President has never heard of a Trojan Horse or that’s his MO to fundamentally finish transforming the United States of America into a failed Europe-wannabe. Read on. TJ 

Image result for US Syrian refugee tsunami

This week, the first of the refugees from Syria are entering the United States. Ahmad al-Abboud and his wife and five children touched down in Kansas City, Missouri, to resettle here. “I’m happy,” al-Abboud said, presumably before he left for the States. “America is the country of freedom and democracy, there are jobs opportunities, there is good education, and we are looking forward to having a good life over there.” While al-Abboud and his family lived in Jordan for three years before relocating here, the Obama administration is planning to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees before the end of the fiscal year in September.

While it usually takes 18-24 months for the State Department to process a refugee, it is speeding up its vetting process so that it will take three months. Remember: Islamic State terrorists snuck into Europe by hiding amongst the throngs of people fleeing the Syrian Civil War. If the State Department lets its guard down now (as if it was ever guarded about this threat), the Obama administration is essentially handing the Islamic State a ready-to-fill Trojan horse.
Meanwhile — and somewhat ironically given the Trojan horse imagery — Greece has become a little less welcoming to the people crossing the water between Turkey and its country. This week, Greece made a second boat trip shipping 45 men from Pakistan — nothing to do with the Syrian crisis — off the Greek Island of Lesbos and back to Turkey. It seems like the country is getting smart to a security threat that the United States is beginning to blithely embrace.
Read full article at The Patriot Post

United Nations Troops Caught in Another Child Sex-Trafficking Scandal!


by Tim Brown 

According to a watchdog group Transparency International Defence and Security Programme, the examination of 30 countries that provide troops for the United Nations’ peace keeping force has discovered that not only are their militaries the most corrupt, but that many are involved in sex trafficking of children.
The report, which was released on Sunday, cited the corruption of these countries on a scale of A to F. According to the report:

The top 30 Troop Contributing Countries (TCCs) to UN peacekeeping operations are amongst those most at risk of defence corruption, according to new research from Transparency International.

Bangladesh, India and Ethiopia make up over one quarter of all UN peacekeeping troops, yet have been judged to be at either a very high or high risk of corruption in their armed forces. Transparency International’s Government Defence Corruption Index graded states from A to F on their risk of defence corruption, with A representing the best and F the lowest end of the scale.

Of the top 30 TCC’s only Italy (C) scores higher than a D, whilst six states received F grades, meaning they are at a critical risk of defence corruption. The UN relies on individual TCC’s to discipline misconduct by troops whilst on missions, yet there is no evidence that breaches of codes of conduct such as engaging in corrupt activities are addressed. 

Major Troop Contributing Countries, including Bangladesh, Brazil, Burundi, Cameroon, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Morocco, Rwanda, and South Africa, do not train their troops and commanders on how to fight corruption in mission environments before they deploy. 

Though UN officials did not dispute the findings, they claim that they have been engaged to deal with the corruption.
TIDSP Director Katherine Dixon said, “UN peacekeepers operate in some of the most fragile environments in the world, so it is extremely concerning that the majority of defence forces contributing to operations are at such a high risk of corruption. This does little to instill confidence that troops on the ground are behaving with integrity. And recent allegations of gross misconduct carried out by peacekeeping troops prove just how real the threat is.”

“We continue to support the UN’s efforts to ensure that those deployed on peace operations set the highest standards and do not risk contributing to the instability they’re trying to stop,” she added. “But we should be under no illusions that this is a tough challenge.”

Nick Birnback, a spokesman for United Nations peacekeeping said, “There are a full range of audit and independent oversight systems that are in place to protect against such risks once individual units deploy to peacekeeping operations.”
We all know that we can trust the UN, right? After all, last month, Sputnik reported:

Over 100 girls from a province in the Central African Republic claim they were sexually abused by UN peacekeepers, the AIDS-Free World’s campaign Code Blue reported. Co-founder of Code Blue Paula Donovan told Radio Sputnik that the reports are just the tip of the iceberg.

According to Donovan, the United Nations has been deliberately concealing the information about sex crimes committed by peacekeepers for the sake of its reputation, leaving ‘thousands’ of victims without hope.

“The United Nations by being so slow and so secretive and so careful about their reputation, they’re actually culpable in these crimes,” she argued. 

Donovan said that documents in the recent case were leaked to her organization by an insider, and that the data they received included correspondence and notes from meetings that imply that the victims were interviewed two weeks before the information was released and that the UN was notified but — for unknown reasons — never informed the civilian population or the governments involved.

“Despite the fact that the Secretary General is saying that he is going to be more transparent, that just doesn’t ring true when he holds back this information and his staff holds back this information for such a long time,” Donovan said.

She accused the UN of creating a culture of impunity where the perpetrators never come to justice and are being released back to the community like there was no crime.  

Apparently, this has been going on for decades. It’s also unsurprising.
As Joshua Krause has pointed out in January, “Though it hasn’t seen much circulation in the American media, the rest of the world has been thoroughly appalled by a string of sexual abuse cases stemming from a UN peacekeeping mission in the Central African Republic. Over the course of 14 months, employees of the mission have been accused of sexual abuse or exploitation on 22 separate occasions.”
“Shortly after Ban Ki Moon issued a zero tolerance policy on sex abuse, and only a month after the UN released a report that claimed “the credibility of the UN and peacekeeping operations are in jeopardy” from these cases, another incident has popped up,” Krause added. “Investigators found that 4 peacekeepers apparently paid girls as young as 13 for sex at a camp for internally displaced refugees.”

Krause also said it only cost these animals 50 cents each!
Here’s a question for presidential, as well as congressional candidates, which of you people are going to get the US out of the United Nations and get the United Nations out of the US?

Friday, April 8, 2016

Turkish Nationalists March in Germany, Chanting, “We Will Conquer You”

Image result for Turkish nationalists “refugees” march in Duisburg, Germany, chanting  Image result for Turkish nationalists “refugees” march in Duisburg, Germany, chanting
Image result for Turkish nationalists “refugees” march in Duisburg, Germany, chanting Image result for Turkish nationalists “refugees” march in Duisburg, Germany, chanting

Why aren't they protesting in Turkey? Why are they even in Germany? 

What part of invasion does Germany not understand?

Turkish nationalists “refugees” march in Duisburg, Germany, chanting, “With Allah’s help, we shall conquer you!”

On Saturday March, 26, 2016, hundreds of Turkish Nationalists marched to protest against the Kurdish Worker’s Party (PKK) and for Turkish national sovereignty– in Germany, not in Turkey.

They used the “Grey Wolves” Salute, which is the Turkish equivalent to a National Socialist Salute, and understood as “neo-fascist” and “ultra-nationalist.”

Welcome to Merkel’s Germany. One observer asks, “is this cultural diversity?”