Sunday, April 3, 2016

Trump Just Revealed That His Wife Is About To Do Something BIG Many People Probably Didn’t Expect

Trump Just Revealed That His Wife Is About To Do Something BIG Many People Probably Didn’t Expect [Read Full Story Here]
"...she could be more effective ... than Trump himself."

by: Jack Davis  
Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s “best asset” is joining his campaign Monday as Trump pulls out all the stops to win a high-stakes GOP primary on Tuesday.
Trump announced Saturday that his wife, Melania, will be joining him in Wisconsin on Monday. At least one commentator thinks she may have what his campaign needs.
“She’s going to campaign. She’s never done this before,” Trump said Saturday during a rally at Racine, Wis. “So that will be exciting, Melania is coming up.”

Melania Trump has remained in the background of the campaign. To date, the only time she received much attention came when a racy modeling photo that appeared on the cover of GQ in 2000 was used in an anti-Trump ad in Utah, sparking Trump to lash out at Republican rival, Sen. Ted Cruz, and Cruz’s wife, Heidi.
Despite Melania Trump’s low profile to date, one commentator thinks she will help Trump.
“Melania Trump could be a persuasive messenger in the campaign, especially among political independents. In fact, she could be more effective … than Trump himself,” wrote Lauren Wright for The Washington Post.

Wright conducted an experiment in which she asked 3,150 Americans to read an excerpt of a speech praising Trump’s record as a leader, with the accompanying image of either Donald Trump, Melania Trump, or New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.
“Unsurprisingly, Democrats and Republicans were largely unmoved by any of the appeals. But independents who read the speech attributed to Melania Trump were more favorable to her husband,” Wright wrote.
“These effects were larger among independent women: Melania Trump produced a 25-point increase in their support for Trump, relative to Christie, and a 16-point increase relative to Donald Trump himself,” she wrote.
” … spouses can be effective political surrogates because their personal relationship with the president allows them to credibly communicate his feelings, beliefs, and character while advocating for various issues, even as they avoid explicitly mentioning public policy,” she wrote.

Wright said that given the levels of unpopularity polls show Donald Trump has among women, “Melania Trump may be his best asset.”
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