Saturday, April 9, 2016

A lil advice to political candidates..Knock off the BS & lies !


I for one am sick and tired of it...look at me face..pic is 3 years old at 68 camping with the kids... still put on me old worn out mil shirt and hat to capture memories from the past...however a few more wrinkles and yes the old 6 pack still stuck in the 12 pack mode...tis ok ladies feel free to pat the Buddah Belly for

What I am saying is I chose a profession to serve my country...Military then LE after...I never had a desire to become rich...yes in retirement it can be hard... do ya pay the rent,utilities,food,insurance etc or get a dental check up/needed work...or meds &  a long needed night out on the town?...Well ya pay the bills first and hope for the best! When ya choose a service career vs fame & fortune ya must deal with the negative benefits upon retirement..I am not complaining I would do it again...after all I can sleep at night knowing I enjoyed my time serving and telling the truth and never took advantage of nor screwed anyone for my little nitch in the it as it may be...I'm a happy broke ass camper...well kinda /sorta ha :)

So when I hear candidates for office telling me what they perceive is what I want to hear [to get elected]...then beg me for my hard earned and small income for a donation to their cause not mine ...I say wrong tell me what you are going to do and ya better do it after the election...lest ya will be labeled a liar and fraud for the rest of your proverbial career and don't even think about asking me for are applying for a job from 'we the people' I never asked a potential employer to fund my wardrobe,gas or resume' service while applying...our founders never intended for elected officials to make a career out of serving as a elected official and getting rich with the proverbial is a sorry state of affairs when those who claim to want to serve 'we the people' are really in the game to get rich or richer off of others sacrafice and hard work....need I really say more? Sleep on it if ya can... then get back to me!

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