Saturday, July 8, 2017

Flashback: Check Out This Racist Democrat Flyer From the Past


Democrats love to pose as as the party of social change, progress, and equality, and often paint themselves in that light to contrast what they think of Republicans.
Of course, for a political organization to really be able to call itself the party of social change, it might need to have not been violently and desperately opposed the Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln, when he was elected president. It would help if it had not once been dedicated to the proposition that chattel slavery, based on race, was an eternal American institution — and fought a war to prove it.
It would be even better if the party didn’t have a long, encrusted history of openly avowing white supremacy, including grossly racist posters and propaganda pressing the agenda of the Jim Crow Era. Unfortunately for Democrats, their well-documented past includes all three.

Take a look at the campaign poster for Pennsylvania Democrat gubernatorial candidate Hiester Clymer, who ran on an extreme white supremacist message in the election of 1866 against Republican James White Geary:

It doesn’t get much more racist than that. And remember, this was only a year after the Union defeated the Confederacy in the Civil War, putting an end to slavery in the United States forever. Democrats — even in Northern states — didn’t get the message.

The Library of Congress website, from which this image was taken, gives further context to this disturbing image, describing it as “another in a series of racist posters attacking Radical Republican exponents of black suffrage, issued during the 1866 Pennsylvania gubernatorial race.”
The issue was crystal clear.
“The poster specifically characterizes Democratic candidate Hiester Clymer’s platform as ‘for the White Man,’ represented here by the idealized head of a young man. (Clymer ran on a white-supremacy platform),” the Library of Congress continues.
“In contrast a stereotyped black head represents Clymer’s opponent James White Geary’s platform, ‘for the Negro.'”

“Every Radical in Congress Voted for Negro Suffrage,” the poster reads. “Every Radical in the Pennsylvania Senate Voted for Negro Suffrage.”
“Read the platforms,” it says later on.
Fortunately for the Keystone State, and America, Geary won that particular race.
Of course, this is the history of the Democrat Party liberals don’t want you to see. They are much happier putting all of the historical racism as far away from them as possible.
I even once spoke with a history professor who tried to convince me that the Democrats and Republicans were just in the opposite parties and that, really, Lincoln was a Democrat.

The Soviets tried to airbrush history like that, too, before Ronald Reagan defeated them in the Cold War.
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Friday, July 7, 2017

Attn: POTUS~Speaker Ryan~Mitch McConnell

Bottom line "We the People" gave the GOP the mandate to REPEAL the ACA aka Obamacare...not tweak it! Put it up for a vote those GOP RINOS who do not vote to repeal it will be removed the next election ands ifs or buts about the job you were elected to do! Y'all came up with the slogan repeal and replace not we the people...we said to repeal it.... hello:

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Video Shows Egyptian President Making Fun of Radical Islam in 1958


Over half a century ago in 1958, only six years after the Egyptian revolution of 1952, then-President Gamal Abdel Nasser made a joke about radical Islamic ideology that many Middle Easterners of the contemporary age would be wise to contemplate.
Speaking at a televised event, the president regaled his audience with a story about how the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood had tried to convince him to make hijabs compulsory for women in Egypt.
“I met the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood and he sat with me and made his requests,” he recalled. “What did he request? The first thing he asked was to make wearing the hijab mandatory in Egypt, and demand that every woman walking in the street wear the scarf. Every woman walking!”

In response, the audience burst into laughter before one member shouted out, “Let him wear it!” Nasser smiled and chuckled to himself.
“(I told him) in my opinion, every person in their own house decides for themselves their rules,” he continued. “And he replied, ‘No. As the leader, you are responsible.'”
“I told him, ‘Sir, I know you have a daughter in college — and she doesn’t wear a headscarf or anything! Why don’t you make her wear the headscarf? So you can’t make one girl, your own daughter, wear it, and yet you want me to go and make 10 million women wear it?'”

The applause that followed was deafening. Listen:

While the audience seemed pleased by Nasser, it remains unclear if a contemporary audience of Egyptians would be as receptive to the same joke. According to the Pew Research Center, Muslims make up about 95 percent of Egypt’s population. And as noted by The New York Times in a report from 2008, Islam had “become the cornerstone of identity” for many young Egyptians, “replacing other, failed ideologies: Arabism, socialism, nationalism.”
Of course, Nasser himself was a a socialist. But while socialism is itself a flawed ideology, at least socialists have known better than to try to force women to wear hijabs.

More to the point, can anyone imagine an Arab leader of any political persuasion making mockery of Islamic fundamentalism on television today?
He’d be signing his own death sentence.
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Monday, July 3, 2017

Colorado Second Amendment Rally Honors Three Percent Founder Mike Vanderboegh

Join Oath Keepers


Sangre de Cristo Sentinel publisher George Gramlich announces the July 4 Second Amendment Rally and March, dedicated this year in memory of Mike Vanderboegh.
This year’s march will honor a patriot and friend who ended his earthly struggle almost a year ago. Publisher George Gramlich asked me to inform Oath Keepers that Mike Vanderboegh’s legacy will be honored and carried on, at least in this section of Colorado.
I wrote several articles last year that elaborate on past supportive relationships this annual event has had with both Vanderboegh and Oath Keepers:
As we celebrate Independence Day this year with family and friends, it’s appropriate to include some time remembering those who have passed on and who made a difference in the advance of our freedom.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Tell Me about the sun...dedicated to all who serve...

Before y'all judge Law Enforcement officers try walking in their proverbial shoe's... it's a hard job... life and death is dictated in micro-seconds...ya win some you lose some...thats all I have to say...Electra Glide in Blue pretty much summed it up!

Tell Me~Terry Kath full song:

Watch: Nancy Pelosi Makes Russia Accusation and Quickly Forgets What She Said
 oped: I'm not a MD however I do believe Ms Pelosi's handlers should get her a medical evaluation...she appears to be suffering from dementia bordering on first stage alzheimers imho


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has never been known for any significant degree of verbal felicity. This is a woman whose career will likely be remembered for a cataclysmic turn of phrase that came to define the entire Obamacare debacle: “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”
However, it’s become clear in recent months that Rep. Pelosi’s condition has degraded from an unfortunate inarticulateness into a genuinely problematic inability to express herself coherently. Nowhere was that more evident than a Thursday news conference that ended up sounding about as coherent as a Pete Doherty interview.
“It’s afternoon. It is afternoon. Good afternoon everyone,” she began by muttering.

Then, just moments later: “Thank you for being here. I’m honored this morning, or now afternoon…”
She then went on to talk about the Republicans’ attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare.
“And what does that mean? Higher costs, fewer benefits, uh, terrible age tax undermining Medicare, uh, uh, stealing from Medicare and Maid-icaid, as I should have said,” Pelosi said, mispronouncing the program.

“As they do this, they’re making an assault on Medicaid, which is, again, very dangerous to children and other living ch– things should they succeed,” she continued.
Yeah, those grasshoppers are really going to miss their birth control.
Then she proved how far gone she’s gotten with her conspiracy-mongering over Russia, which she promptly forgot about.
“They hacked our democracy. Twenty-one state, local election systems were per– penetrated,” Pelosi said.

Six minutes later, she was unable to remember that very salient detail.
“We’re finding out things that we didn’t even know before. For example, was it — how many states have been compromised in all of this?” she asked Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi.
“Twenty-one,” Thompson said quietly.
“Twenty-one. Twenty — twenty-one states,” she replied.
Video here:

First, it was just embarrassing. Now, it’s become clear Pelosi is too far gone to lead the Democrats.
But don’t tell her that. After Jon Ossoff’s loss in the Georgia special election triggered calls for her resignation, she insisted she was a “master legislator.”
“People just flock to support me,” Pelosi said in a remarkably smug news conference. “I think I’m worth it.”

For a laugh, yes. For Republicans, yes.
If you’re a Democrat, definitely not.

H/T The American Mirror
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