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Eligibility judge quotes famous Santa case

OpEd: Jack
I am truly convinced there are no real Judges left within the US Judicial pray tell can a real Judge dismiss a case without going thru the  process of discovery and the rules of evidence..what in the world do they teach in Law School nowdays? 'How to Screw the System 101' ? 'Activisim 101' ?... and how to make a decision based on 'Liberalism' ... this truly is a mental disease! We are so screwed, until and unless a real Judge with morals and courage steps forward and actually does the job he/she was trained/hired  to do...without prejudice to party affiliation! This is a sad state of affairs folks...Revolution is not too far away...then real justice will be meted out to those who lie,cheat and steal to advance Marxism.
To be perfectly honest the more I see about anything challenging Obama and it being dismissed without due process...the more I am starting to believe that Barack Hussein Obama is the 'Anti-Christ'... how else can one explain how untouchable he is? It is beyond belief how this judge comes to his conclusion to dismiss this must read in the entirety and even then it will keep one shaking their head in disbelief!

by Bob Unruh 

A real-life Florida judge has paraphrased a statement from the fictional Judge Henry X. Harper in “Miracle on 34th Street” to justify his sudden decision to dismiss a challenge under state law to Barack Obama’s eligibility to occupy the Oval Office.
The ruling from Kevin Carroll of the Florida circuit court for Leon County dismissed the case brought on behalf of Democratic voter Michael C. Voeltz, who raised the issue of Obama’s qualifications under a state law that allows voters to challenge candidates’ eligibility.
Carroll, who had given the plaintiffs until Dec. 23 to respond to Obama’s motion to dismiss the case, changed his mind and abruptly Thursday ordered the case dismissed.
He explained that the fact the government says Obama is qualified to be president is more than enough for him. Read More:

Anti-Gun Advocates are Out for Blood


One would think that people who are opposed to gun ownership would be a peaceful lot. Well, you would be wrong.
Let’s get something straight. Guns are already regulated in America. There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of laws on the books, just like there are probably thousands of laws against murder, theft, rape, sex with children, and driving while intoxicated. Even so, tens of thousands of people break these laws every year.

“The Newtown gunman was a monster who slaughtered his own mother, five heroic educators and 20 angel-faced schoolchildren. He ignored laws against murder. He bypassed Connecticut’s strict gun control regulations, and he circumvented the Sandy Hook Elementary School’s security measures. Every decent American is horrified and heartsick by this outbreak of pure evil.”

Believing that even more laws will stop the deaths, anti-gun advocates are going for the throat. Here are some choice comments from University of Rhode Island Professor Erik Loomis who teaches U.S. environmental history, the Civil War, late 19th and early 20th century America, labor history, and the American West in the university’s history department. Keep in mind that our tax dollars help to pay his salary:
“This week, the nutty professor took to Twitter to rail against law-abiding gun owners and the National Rifle Association. ‘Looks like the National Rifle Association has murdered some more children,’ Loomis fumed. ‘Now I want Wayne LaPierre’s head on a stick,’ he added. (LaPierre is executive vice president and CEO of the NRA.) Loomis was just warming up.
“‘F**k the National Rifle Association and its policies to put crazy guns in everyone’s hands,’ Loomis tweeted. ‘You are g*dd*mn right we should politicize this tragedy. F**k the NRA. Wayne LaPierre should be in prison,’ he spewed.
‘Can we define NRA membership dues as contributing to a terrorist organization?’
“If all that wasn’t clear enough, Loomis also re-tweeted the following message from a fellow left-winger: ‘First f**ker to say the solution is for elementary school teachers to carry guns needs to get beaten to death.’”

People kill other people for a variety of reasons. Deep down in their darkened souls they offer justification for their actions. In what way is Professor Erik Loomis’ rationale for wanting to beat to death a pro-gun activist any different from the various reasons people put forth as to why shooters kill and maim people in schools, at political campaign events, and in movie theaters?
Doc Loomis is not alone. John Cobaruvvias, the Texas Democratic Party leader, tweeted violence against NRA members: “Can we now shoot the #NRA and everyone who defends them?” Of course, later he said that he was not really serious.
The sad fact is, many people are serious. Will some disturbed person act on the above irresponsible statements and kill in the name of “Whatever?” If it happens, the gun rather than the person will be blamed. Maybe it’s time that we blame the rhetoric.

Another State Considers Arming School Staff


Tennessee is the latest state to consider legislation that will require schools in the state to have an armed staff member at all times, something that until now has been prohibited. Most Tennessee high schools do have “resource officers,” which are essentially armed police officers, but a bill being proposed by State Senator Frank Niceley in the next legislative session would also allow teachers or other members of administrative staffs to carry concealed weapons if the school could not afford a “resource officer.” His bill would require that all schools have at least one armed official on campus. TPM reported that Niceley recommends against using a uniformed officer and favors armed school personnel:
 “‘Say some madman comes in. The first person he would probably try to take out was the resource officer. But if he doesn’t know which teacher has training, then he wouldn’t know which one had [a gun],’ Niceley said by phone. ‘These guys are obviously cowards anyway and if someone starts shooting back, they’re going to take cover, maybe go ahead and commit suicide like most of them have.’”

Liberals claim that there’s an inconsistency in conservatives’ thinking about arming school teachers. They point out that conservatives are so critical of public schools, calling them “indoctrination camps,” yet all of a sudden we’re in favor of giving them guns. Maybe they have a point. Why would we be in favor of giving guns to people who we claim brainwash our kids? There are a few ways to respond. Maybe they’re right. Then the answer would be to outlaw public schools. They’ve proven themselves to be dangerous places. After all, how many home-schooled kids have been murdered in these recent massacres? Not many. If all these kids were home-schooled, they might still be alive today.

Besides, there is no Constitutional provision allowing governments to take money through taxes to be used to finance “education.” Education is the parents’ responsibility, not the taxpayers’ responsibility.
Of course, liberals would respond that the Connecticut murderer was home-schooled and try to make an association between those “weird, socially inept” home-schooled kids and mass murderers. As if murderers have never been the product of government education. Mass murderers’ education background never mattered to the media until they found one that they claim was home-schooled. Then suddenly it makes all the difference in the world.

On the other hand, carrying a gun is a Constitutional and God-given right. The fact that public schools are government property should make no difference whether or not law-abiding citizens should be able to carry a gun. Liberals have as much right to keep and bear arms as conservatives do. As has been shown, even some liberals in favor of strict gun control (inconsistently) carry a gun. It’s a means of self-defense. Why would anyone not want to be able to at least match what criminals use to kill people?
Also, especially in the South, there’s bound to be at least one conservative on staff at public schools. Let the conservatives carry if the liberals are too afraid.

Chinese Join Democrats in Calling for Gun Confiscation


If you’re reading this, I’m not dead and neither are you.
That means Doomsday didn’t happen.
Moving along, that means we can get back to making fun of liberals for their churlish, girlish views.
The current phobia du jour of course is guns, particularly those nasty old “assault weapons,” whatever those actually are.
The Democrats and other liberals have gotten support in their fight against scary-looking weapons from a longtime ideological soulmate, China.
Xinhua, the official mouthpiece for the Chinese government, kind of the way the New York Times is for the Obama Administration, said Americans need to be disarmed immediately, and Obama should exploit the Sandy Hook massacre to bring that about.

The Xinhua article said there should be “no delay for U.S. gun control.”

I like the Chinese — they’re being a lot more honest than our own Left, which cloaks even the most Machiavellian gun control legislation behind comforting words about safety and children.
But the Chinese just come right out and say what they mean. “Gun control” to them means the government takes all the guns. None of this folderol about waiting periods, gun locks or permits.

The Chinese interest in eliminating American guns is obvious. Even though they are trading partners, China’s communist government still harbors ambitions of taking over the United States, economically or militarily. Getting rid of our guns would make the latter option a lot more feasible.
Meanwhile, as the liberal Left warms up to an onslaught on our God-given rights again, the American people are voting with their itchy trigger fingers.
The National Rifle Association reports that an average 8,000 people per day have joined their organization since the Sandy Hook shooting. Walmarts in at least five states have reported that they have sold out of semiautomatic guns, and eBay sales of ammunition magazines have soared under the imminent threat of new laws banning large-capacity clips.
A Gallup poll released this week found that a majority of Americans prefer more police presence at schools and better mental health screening as solutions to mass shootings over gun bans.

Once again, the loony Left is out of step with most Americans, but with their Chinese allies, they’ll no doubt forge right ahead with their plans to eliminate the 2nd Amendment.

Armed Citizen Saves Cop’s Life


Sgt. Steven Means of the Early Police Department in Texas, is one law enforcement officer that is thankful for the Second Amendment right for citizens to bear arms.
Early is a small community in central Texas with a population of just under 3,000. Back in August of this year, several residents of the Peach House RV Park got into a squabble.  Seems one of the residents, 58 year old Charles Conner took issue to his neighbors’ dogs doing their business in his yard.
On that hot summer day, Conner got into an argument with 58 year old David House, one of the dog owners.  Conner eventually left the argument and went to his RV only to return with a gun that he used to shoot House dead with.  Hearing the gun shots, the other dog owner, 53 year old Valentina Calaci ran from her RV screaming.  That’s when Conner turned and shot her dead also.
In his fit of rage, Conner then turned and shot both the dogs that he felt started the whole confrontation.
Shortly thereafter, Sgt. Means responded to the shots fired call.  The moment he got out of his car, Conner opened fire on him and then took cover behind a large tree.  Means tried to return fire with his AR-15, but Conner had the better position.

Hearing all the gunfire outside, another resident of the RV park, Vic Stacy, looked to see what was happening.  When he saw that Conner had the better position, he felt that the officer’s life was in jeopardy.  Having a clear side view, he decided he needed to help the officer, so he took a shot from his vantage point and hit Conner in the thigh.  Although wounded, Conner was not giving up, so Stacy shot him again. 
Sgt. Means was also able to get some shots off and eventually Conner was killed and the officer’s life was saved.

After other officers arrived at the scene and investigated what happened, they deemed Stacy to be the hero.  Brown County Sheriff Booby Grubbs commented, saying:
“The citizen that fired these shots did a tremendous job out there. Had he not had a gun and the presence of mind to do this, we don’t know what the outcome would’ve been.”
This is just one of hundreds of cases where legally armed citizens have used their guns to protect themselves, their families and others.  In this case, it was a police officer whose life was saved by an armed citizen.  Tomorrow, it could be you or one of your loved ones, that is if Obama doesn’t steal them all away from us.

Rubio Grills Deputy Secretary of State During Senate Hearing

During a hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio grilled William Burns, the State Department Deputy Secretary of State and asked him some pointed questions- specifically, just how high up the chain of command did the knowledge of weak and inadequate security conditions at the Benghazi consulate go?
Rubio asked Burns if Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was aware of the lack of security and if specific security concerns were discussed at any point with anyone on the ground in Benghazi.

NRA calls for protecting schools with arms

After a week of silence in the wake of the Newtown shootings, the National Rifle Association finally spoke out Friday defending guns and decrying violence. NRA’s Wayne LaPierre called for schools to be protected with armed guards, just as sports stadiums, the President of the United States and government buildings.

Texas Has Had Enough of the War on Christmas

So the Republican lawmaker from Houston has introduced legislation to protect traditional Christmas greetings, decorations and displays in public schools. The bill is appropriately titled, “Merry Christmas Bill.”
“I’m taking these rulings by the Supreme Court and codifying them in a state law to give teachers and administrators a safe harbor to point to when drafting their policies regarding winter celebrations,” Bohac said.

The “Merry Christmas Bill” would afford students and teachers the right to celebrate Christmas on school property with displays including Menorahs, Christmas trees and Nativity scenes. It would also clarify the right of school districts to use traditional greetings such as “Merry Christmas,” Happy Hanukkah,” or “Happy Holidays” on school grounds.
“I think it’s sad that I have to file a bill like this,” Bohac told Fox News. “But because of the censorship going on in our public schools and the fear of litigation teachers live with – I’m trying to provide a measure of protection.”
Bohac said he was inspired to introduce the legislation after a conversation he had with his first grade son. His son told him about their classroom’s holiday tree decorated with holiday ornaments.

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Lt John Kerry for Secretary of State...? No Way !

Let's just do a photo op on the Infamous Lt.Kerry...a picture is worth a thousand words... You be the Judge!

John Kerry helped cover-up a massacre in Vietnam

Ex-Muslim to spill truth at Ravi Zacharias conference

by Art Moore 

Raised in California by devout followers of a Muslim sect, Nabeel Qureshi says his life took a radical turn when his mind and heart were confronted by a series of prophetic dreams along with a friend’s presentation of the rational claims of Christianity.
“I loved Islam. I loved the practice of Islam. My parents were raising me to be a Muslim leader, as a Muslim apologist to invite people to Islam,” he explained to WND in an interview.
His conversion to Christianity is one of the largely untold stories amid America’s abrupt introduction to Islam following the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks carried out by 19 Muslim men.
Over the past decade, the federal government, establishment media, academia and mainline Protestant churches have portrayed Islam as an apolitical “religion of peace,” often labeling anyone who believes otherwise as a bigoted “Islamophobe.”
Qureshi wants to set the record straight about Islam, pointing to its sacred texts and the words of Muslims themselves to argue that while diversely practiced around the world, it is fundamentally a supremacist, political religion that threatens Western civilization. Read More:

'Hate speech' targets 2nd Amendment supporters

by Michael Carl 

“If this hate speech leads to hate crimes, people like Piers Morgan and Chris Matthews will be partly responsible.”
That’s the word from Second Amendment Foundation Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb on the issue of the vitriol that is being directed both at gun owners and firearms rights organizations in the aftermath of the Connecticut school shooting tragedy.
Gottlieb said the hostile tone against gun owners may lead to actual “hate crimes,” and some of the communications that have come into his office have been “vulgar.”
“We have received some vulgar e-mails from people that want us to vanish for the sake of a civilized world,” Gottlieb said. “This kind of rhetoric does not contribute to any rational discussion.”
He said the level of dialogue is only heightening a violent atmosphere.

Thursday, December 20, 2012


My friends and loyal Americans. I have waited for 3 days for conformation of this before posting it on "FaceBook". On Monday the powers that be in Washington notified some agencies within "DHS" that within 6 weeks there would be legislation passed that would require "ALL AR and AK" owners to turn in their weapons to be fitted with magazines like those in California but that would hold only 5 rounds. Once this is done other magazines would not work. THE USE of any larger magazines would be prohibited by law. This law will then be used by a Federal Judge to expand "THE LAW" to "ALL MAGAZINE FED FIREARMS". 
This gives the Feds a list of all owners and they would have your (ASSAULT- LOL)weapons in their possession. This is a clever way to take a large percentage of "WE the PEOPLE's" guns away. This is not a tin foil hat posting. It is true. Now I will add my own gut feeling that hasn't failed me not once in the last--- 50 years. The media is hitting us 24/7 with talking points about assault weapons and mental health. Veterans health records have long been in the hands of the FEDS. Now with obamacare ALL Americans records will be in their hands. "ANYONE" who has ever taken a drug related to mental health or nerves will be stripped of their Second Amendment Rights and if you have turned in your magazine fed weapon in for the magazine conversion they will know where to come to get your other weapons. This posting is not a joke and if I disappear from facebook may GOD be with you. Share this if you think "WE the PEOPLE" are still heard in our Congress and Senate. Only the Voice of the people can stop this. Sam Renfro

Tiny House, Big Freedom

Now this is cool...I could live with that...:) Who needs big when small fits the bill ! However I would need at least another 100 square feet thou 130 is a tad

Ella Jenkins has been living in a space about the size of a shipping container since October—and loving every minute of it. She built her own 130-square-foot house with the help of a kit and her stepfather, and is now part of a growing trend of people who reside in “tiny houses,” miniature abodes that are modestly priced, eco-friendly and minimalistic.  - Beth Greenfield, Shine Staff

Little Yellow Door House
Little Yellow Door House
Little Yellow Door House
Little Yellow Door House
Little Yellow Door House
Little Yellow Door House

Gun Control Won’t Prevent Tragedy


Gun SC Gun Control Wont Prevent Tragedy
It’s not tougher gun control, stupid.
No matter how much tougher we make our gun laws, we’ll never prevent future tragedies like last week’s murder of those innocents in Newtown, Conn.

We won’t stop future Newtowns if we outlaw every military-style assault weapon in America.
We won’t stop future Auroras if we outlaw semi-automatic pistols or rifles, or mandate that no magazine clip can ever hold more than 10 rounds.
We won’t stop future Virginia Techs if we make it tougher to buy a gun legally or if we shut down all gun shows on the continent for the rest of time.
Let’s get real. America has an estimated 300 million guns. We could make owning a gun a capital crime today; and by tomorrow, 100 million guns would be hidden in our closets and buried in our backyards.

Good people, bad people, and crazy people would still have access to tens of millions of guns and the ammunition they need. All the strict laws Mayor Bloomberg or Sen. Feinstein can dream up won’t change that.
Some of the strictest gun laws in the country don’t stop the gang-bangers of Chicago from slaughtering each other by the hundreds each year over drug turf.
Connecticut already had tough gun laws. So did Norway, where last year an evil extremist used guns and bombs to randomly kill 77 people — mostly teenagers.
To politicians, banning all semi-automatic weapons or large magazines in guns sounds like a good solution to stop mass murders, but it isn’t.
Those laws might keep the death toll in the single digits, but they won’t stop another killing spree like the one at Sandy Hook Elementary from occurring in the first place.
I want to prevent mass murders from happening in schools, not merely reduce their number of victims. I’m not willing to accept six dead first-graders instead of 20. I’m not willing to accept a single dead teacher or principal or schoolchild.

And the only way to bring the death toll down to zero in our schools is to put trained armed guards in every one of them.
Not a retired policeman or a fat guy in a cheap uniform who sits in a chair all day. A real guard with a real loaded gun that he or she knows how to use and is authorized to shoot.
It could be a local police officer or a private security guard. And taxpayers would be willing to pay the price for knowing their kids were being protected by more than security cameras and locked doors.
Security is never foolproof. When my father was shot in 1981, he was the most protected person in America, surrounded by heavily armed and trained bodyguards.
The disturbed man who tried to kill him didn’t use an assault rifle or a semi-automatic to carry out his plan. Before he was wrestled to the ground, he got off six shots in 1.7 seconds — with a revolver.
I’ll never forget what Mike Luty, the head of the Secret Service detail who was with me the day my father was shot, said to me when I asked, “How can you allow this to happen?” Luty said, “We train 24/7, but we can’t stop the crazies.”

We can’t stop every crazy in America who is intent on committing mass murder, either, but we can try. We need to fix our mental health system so it’s better able to identify potential killers before they kill, and we need to find ways parents can provide help to their kids over 18 without needing a court order.
But no matter what we do, evil people, crazy people, and troubled suicidal young white males will always have access to guns; and they’ll plan their lethal attacks in secret and carry them out.
More gun control and gun-free zones won’t stop them, but guns will. Putting armed guards — with loaded weapons — in our schools is the only sure way we can keep our future mass murderers from hurting any more of our innocent children.

If Ever We Needed Christ In Christmas, It Is Now


Jesus Coming Soon SC If Ever We Needed Christ in Christmas, It Is Now

This year, the politically correct gestures of seasonal salutation (Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings, etc.), which for too long have served as substitutes for the real thing, have become vacuous, stale, and boring. This year, somehow, they seem especially inadequate to express the sentiment we so desperately need to hear at this moment in time.
In the last few years, I have sensed a desire on the part of many to return to the traditional greeting, “Merry Christmas.” This year, anything else seems especially hollow.

We watch with horror, depression, anger, or detachment as events unfold in Newtown, Connecticut; Washington, DC; the Middle East; or elsewhere in our fallen world. We listen to politicians offering to place Band-Aids on the open arteries of our national psyche, and we think, this can’t be the answer!
For two thousand years, we have looked everywhere but a manger in Bethlehem.
Jesus Christ was born in the humblest of settings to become the Savior of all. This was by design; for at the time of His birth, even King Herod’s men did not think to look in a stable for a king. Kings are born in palaces, among opulence and luxury. Jesus did not fit the template.

For two thousand years, the human race has continued to look for something more, something flashier, something more glorious, something greater. For those of us who passionately believe in the story of the Nativity, it is a clear reminder of why our faith is a life to be lived in the Spirit of the Living God. What could be greater than that?
That is the difference between Christianity and every other religion in the world. Scripture tells us what Christ had to say about Himself. He said: “I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father but by me.” If that is not true, then He was either a liar or a lunatic, and no one believes that. In fact, virtually every other faith speaks of Jesus Christ as a wise prophet, a great teacher, or a good man; and other religions are willing to acknowledge that following Jesus is one of the ways to heaven. But Christ says He is the only way to heaven. No wonder He was crucified.
Christianity also is unique in that it proclaims that its central figure is still alive. Hindus think their leaders have been reincarnated. Buddha and his followers are thought to be part of some vast cosmos of energy. Mohammed, fiercely and violently defended though he may be, is still dead — and adherents to Islam know it. Even the bodies of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob have long ago turned to dust. Jesus Christ alone is believed by his followers to be physically alive, despite having faced the worst death imaginable.

Far too many in our society reject the simple gospel presented by Christ and his disciples in favor of alternative religions that teach vague notions of piety through good works. The social gospel of using government to create an earthly utopia will disappoint us every time. False prophets and self-serving politicians have always been at the forefront of man’s disenchantment. They offer hope but dispense hopelessness. They promise freedom, but deliver bondage — to an ideology, an idol, or a doctrine. There is only one infallible answer. Discontented seekers of new age solutions to age-old problems need only look to the truth of the Christmas story.
This week, as we celebrate the miracle birth of a baby who would grow up to be both man and God, who would lay down His life as a sacrifice for the sins of those who would believe, we also should remember that He is still with us. Like Christmas itself, the reality of Christ persists and grows stronger. He was born, lived, died, and rose again. He ascended into heaven to sit at the right hand of His Father, to make intercession for us; and He sent His Holy Spirit to live within those who would receive Him. What a story! To hundreds of millions of us, it is still the only one that makes sense; and He is our only source of true hope and of a truly Merry Christmas.

Video: Busted: Mark Levin Exposes Dianne Feinstein On Gun Control

They are ALL hypocrites. When they give up their armed guards, they can talk all they want. Got that, Ms. Feinstein?!

Who Will Hillary Play On Her Way To The White House?


Hillary Clinton Jabba SC Who Will Hillary Play On Her Way To The White House?
Secretary of Hillary Clinton’s suspicious, self-diagnosed “concussion” presents some interesting possibilities. She claims she fainted, fell, and struck her head hard enough to have sustained the “concussion” that she is now relying upon to avoid having to lie about her part in the Benghazi cover-up during a Congressional hearing. To her adoring media, this story presents not a moment of skepticism but another chance to marvel at how skillfully the Clintons lie.
That Hillary did not seek or receive medical attention for such a serious injury as a concussion (especially for an obese 65 year old woman) means little to her legion of media bootlickers. Nevertheless, she will at some point have to either continue her ruse as a mentally incapacitated old woman – perhaps showing up at a hearing in a bath robe like Mafia boss Vincent “The Chin” Gigante, or testify as the rotund, 65 year old woman she really is. The “bath robe” trick didn’t work for Gigante, but it might work for Clinton.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a Republican in the House with the courage to tie her tail in a knot by subpoenaing her every 30 days until she comes in–with or without her bathrobe. Hillary will waddle away from the Benghazi murders, and Republicans will hold the door for her as she does.
Yet there is the remote possibility that she actually did suffer a concussion, which is brain damage resulting from having one’s gray matter slammed up against the hard surface of the skull.  They would desperately work to shield her from the voting public, claiming that since she was going to be elected anyway, she should not have to waste time campaigning but rather start immediately to do the “work of the American people” as soon as she was nominated.   If this is the case, Democrats will have to adopt the “Woodrow Wilson/Edith Wilson” stunt.

In October of 1919, while sitting on the toilet, Wilson had a stroke, which was immediately covered up by the Democrats.  THEY appointed Edith Wilson the de facto president. She made presidential decisions for the last year and a half of Wilson’s second term. When the clods in the Republican Party got suspicious, the Democrats put on a show for them. As the story goes, Democrats “fooled” a delegation of Republicans who “demanded” to see Wilson so they could judge his capabilities to govern. In a scene suggestive of  “Weekend at Bernie’s”, Democrats propped up the vegetative Wilson in his bed and spread a series of newspapers around him, making believe he was “carefully studying” the events of the day. The Republicans were either too dimwitted to know the difference between a functioning president and a bag of non-communicative bones, or they were paid off and went away quietly.
My guess is that by August, Hillary will be out on a golf course with Bill trying to prove she is not an obese 65 year-old, worn out woman. She will be all whispers and giggles with her loving husband, ready to be crowned America’s first female president.  Her appearance will not change. She will still be an obese, 65 year-old, worn out woman; but in the eyes of her adoring fans, she will look like Jackie Kennedy incarnate.
Photo credit: Dave Merrick

Media Celebrates Armed Killers, Ignores Armed Heroes

Miss America w shotgun Creative Commons Evil Erin Media celebrates armed killers, ignores armed heroes 
Mass killers are celebrated endlessly by a salivating national media unless their murderous exploits are thwarted by Americans with a privately-owned pistol and a concealed carry license.
Nothing stirs “journalistic” juices like the mass extinction of helpless victims by a gun-wielding assassin.  Excited by an inevitable spike in public interest generated by tales of massive blood loss, animated reporters begin the familiar agenda of educating their audience on the dangers inherent in assault weapons, large-capacity magazines, and lawmakers intimidated by the NRA.

But let the grisly exploits of a psychopathic shooter be interrupted by an armed citizen, and media interest suddenly disappears while kudos for the heroic deed are bestowed upon anyone but the courageous gun owner actually responsible! It is a story that will immediately disappear from the pages of every newspaper in the country.
In an Oregon mall, the killer of 2 people committed suicide immediately after being confronted by an armed, concealed carry license holder. Both the media and police spokesmen credit County officers with having prevented additional deaths, never mentioning the fact that police arrived AFTER the shooter had died.

In 1997, a Mississippi high school student killed 2 classmates and wounded 7 others. An assistant principle retrieved a .45 from his car and held the killer at bay until police arrived. CNN made NO mention of Principal Myrick’s weapon, reporting he had stopped the killer with his car!
In 1991, a concealed carry license holder killed 2 criminals who held 20 customers prisoner at an Alabama Shoney’s. Though having potentially saved numerous lives, the sum total of the media’s interest in the story and its hero is contained in one, lone LA Times reference.
Upon being told he was failing, an Appalachian Law School student murdered 3 people at the school. The media reported that he was “tackled” by 2 fellow students, preventing additional killings. The media FAILED to mention that those students were armed with their own pistols.

According to a study done by FSU criminologist Gary Kleck, there are some 2 million defensive uses of firearms “by law abiding citizens” each year. Yet from the murders of 23 defenseless customers at a Luby’s Restaurant in Texas to the tragedy in Connecticut, our national media celebrates and sensationalizes the actions of cold-blooded killers while ignoring, even deliberately misreporting, the countless efforts of armed, private citizens in the protection of their own lives and the lives of total strangers.
After all, to make known the true value of guns in the saving of lives and property would be to betray the agenda of ending their private ownership!
Besides, everyone knows that police and government officials—that is, the “legally” armed professionals– can do all that’s really necessary when it comes to taking care of the public. Think how efficient they were in taking care of the corpses at Sandy Hook!

Insurgency 101 For Obama Opponents

Americans who are opposed to Barack Obama should be facilitating his policies, not resisting them.
It is not as illogical a course of action as it might first appear.
Many Americans now realize that Obama is the nation’s first openly illegal President and unindicted felon. He has reigned over a lawless administration; and in November 2012, Obama stole the Presidential election through voter fraud. The US Government is presently occupied and supported by individuals who are intent on destroying our Constitutional republic and our liberty.
Yet nothing is done by any elected official or law enforcement agency.
It should be now obvious that there are no fair elections, there is no rule of law, there are no means to petition elected officials or the courts for the redress of grievances, and there is no free press to challenge governmental abuse.

In other words, all traditional avenues to fight political corruption have been blocked.
The chaos that will inevitably occur through the implementation of Obama’s policies will provide the environment for an insurgency to grow, which will eventually enable the removal of those who have perverted the Constitution and flouted the rule of law, including Republicans.
Army Field Manual 3-24 defines one type of insurgency as an organized, protracted politico-military struggle designed to weaken an occupying power, theoretically the Obama regime.
Any country ruled by a small group without broad, popular participation by its citizens provides a political cause for an insurgency. It is an axiom of unconventional warfare that insurgents succeed with chaos and disorder appearing anywhere. The regime fails unless it maintains a degree of order everywhere.
For example, insurgents could help Obama exhaust the federal government by legally applying for every possible government benefit (such as food stamps, student loans, and a maximum use of government-funded healthcare) and overwhelming federal agencies with a multitude of questions, requests, and complaints regarding its services. By withholding income tax payments to the last possible legal moment, insurgents could help starve the regime of the funds needed to satisfy Obama supporters’ ever-increasing demands for free handouts.

The regime maintains its control through a central leadership, a political cadre composed of Democrats and the mainstream media and auxiliary facilitators such as labor unions, Islamic organizations, racist black nationalists, radical left-wing New Media outlets, and a collection of prominent leftist financial supporters and celebrities.
The cadre forms the political core of the Obama regime. They are actively engaged in the struggle to accomplish its goals. The cadre implements guidance and procedures provided by the regime leaders.  As organizations, they are not, however, initially susceptible to direct assault.
The auxiliary facilitators are active followers who provide important support services. In the early stages of an insurgency, these organizations and individuals are the most vulnerable. It is important to discredit or eliminate that support structure to provide a point of attack against the political cadre and drive a wedge of embitterment between the regime and the Obama voters.
The strategic end state of such an insurgency is the restoration of the Constitution and the rule of law. The operational objectives involve taking such actions to undermine the illegitimate regime and progressively establishing the desired end state. The tactical objectives, both psychological and political, encompass the immediate aims of independent local insurgent cells responding to targets of opportunity, which taken together support the strategic end state.
In the lawless Obama era, turmoil can become a patriot’s most effective weapon.

Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a retired colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. Colonel Sellin is the author of “Afghanistan and the Culture of Military Leadership“. He receives email at

NRA Membership Explodes

The National Rifle Association, while staying mostly quiet in the immediate aftermath of the mass shooting in Connecticut, has registered an average of 8,000 new members a day since the tragedy, an NRA source told Fox News.
While this broadly aligns with trends seen after similar incidents in the past, the surge in membership this time is said to dwarf past trends.
The source, based on his access to an internal memo prepared by the organization’s membership division, said both the number of individual contributions to the NRA and their average amount have risen significantly in this period.
Amid the uptick, the NRA is planning what it describes as a “major” news conference on Friday. In its first public statement since last week’s shooting, issued Tuesday by an aide to NRA President Wayne LaPierre, the organization also conveyed condolences to the murder victims’ families and expressed the group’s willingness to offer “meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again.”

Gallup: Americans Want Mental Health Laws, Police, Not Banning Guns


Despite the attempts by the Left to use the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut to forward their anti-gun agenda, Americans feel that there are other avenues they would rather explore to protect to innocent children, according to a new Gallup Poll. In order of preference, the poll shows that 53% of Americans would favor an increased police presence at schools, 50% wanted to increase government spending on mental health screening and treatment, 47% thought that gun violence on TV, in movies and in video games should be decreased, and 42% thought the sale of assault and semi-automatic guns should be banned.
Almost as many people (34%) thought that at least one school official in every school should carry a gun as those who favored banning the sale of assault and semi-automatic guns, while 27% felt that the news media should not print or read the names of the shooter. The news blackout of the shooter drew the highest percentage of those who thought it would be ineffective, at 40%, but the gun ban was a close second in the ineffectiveness rating at 36%.
What also becomes clear from the poll is the public’s perception that all of the solutions offered would be fruitless, as 53% was the highest positive rating of any of the remedies.
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Four Officials are Out at State Dept. Following Benghazi Report – Does It Stop There?

Four State Department officials have been removed from their posts after the Accountability Review Board criticized the “grossly inadequate” security at a diplomatic compound in Benghazi. Three of the four have been identified by name. They are Eric Boswell, the assistant secretary of state for diplomatic security, Charlene Lamb, the deputy assistant secretary responsible for embassy security, and Raymond Maxwell, a deputy assistant secretary who had responsibility for North Africa. The fourth official is said to be another official in the diplomatic security office.
Patrick Kennedy, the under secretary for management, apparently will keep his job, even though he has vigorously defended the State Department’s decision-making on Benghazi to Congress. A blogger who monitors goings on at Foggy Bottom suggests that the State Department is erecting a firewall to protect officials at the Undersecretary level and higher.
The ARB report did not criticize Kennedy or other officials at that level. However, it did find that there was a culture of “husbanding resources” at senior levels of the State Department, and that this culture contributed to the security deficiencies in Benghazi. According to the report, the culture at State “had the effect of conditioning a few State Department managers to favor restricting the use of resources as a general orientation.”
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Is DHS Giving Americans 50 Million Reasons To Think Obama Is Gearing Up For A Civil War?

Large purchases of ammunition by the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies have been in the news quite a bit this year and while I understand that an argument can be made for large purchases considering the number of employees that train and have to qualify annually, it does begin to raise questions about large purchases in a short amount of time. Consider the latest presolicitation from DHS for 250,000,000 rounds of .40 caliber ammunition over the next five years. That’s 50 million rounds per year. In light of that, some have questioned whether Barack Obama is gearing up for a civil war.
This solicitation follows up a Special Notice that was filed three months ago on behalf of the Customs and Border Enforcement (CBE) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). According to the Special Notice, the stated purpose is:
The purpose of this solicitation is to achieve price savings over the current 40 SW ammunition. Resulting award will be used for training/qualifications only, not for duty use.
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Federalization of State Militias: Another Attack on Second Amendment

Since the soul-shaking murder of 20 children and six adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, one week ago, thousands of articles have been written calling for increased federal control over the right of an individual to own a gun. Such proposals are perhaps an expected though ineffectual and unconstitutional reaction to an event so horrific and inexplicable.
Of course, the right to “bear arms” is explicitly protected by the Second Amendment to the Constitution and should not be subject to arbitrary and knee-jerk abridgment by those who wrongly believe that limiting access to weapons would effect a proportional decrease in violent crime.
There are many who insist that safety at school, specifically, and at home, generally, would increase were we to impose tighter restrictions on the ability to obtain firearms.
For example, in his statement following the rampage in Newtown, President Obama hinted that such stricter proposals will be forthcoming:
Can we honestly say that we’re doing enough to keep our children — all of them — safe from harm?  Can we claim, as a nation, that we’re all together there, letting them know that they are loved, and teaching them to love in return? Can we say that we’re truly doing enough to give all the children of this country the chance they deserve to live out their lives in happiness and with purpose?

I’ve been reflecting on this the last few days, and if we’re honest with ourselves, the answer is no. We’re not doing enough. And we will have to change.
Many observers are right to worry that those changes will include infringements on the Second Amendment’s guarantee of the right to bear arms. And while gun ownership and the unalienable right thereto is at the core of the Second Amendment, the protection provided before the right to bear arms is equally important to the maintenance of liberty and the safety of the people.
“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State … shall not be infringed.”
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The Ineligibility Battle (Let’s Be Honest) Continues In Florida

The following was written in response to Bob Unruh’s recent WND article (“Democrat Demands Eligibility Hearing Now”) on the petition by Attorney Larry Klayman on behalf of Democrat Plaintiff Michael C. Voeltz for determination by the court as to the eligibility of Democrat candidate Barack Obama.
Think of the absurdity of all of the endless debating and legal maneuvering (on the part of the judges and the Obama defense team) when all that is needed, and all that has been needed from the beginning of this insulting charade, is for a judge to simply require the obvious – that his “original” birth certificate be examined. Is there a sentient being on the planet who would not admit that this would end the so-called “side show” once and for all? No, of course there isn’t…not an honest one (or one who registers brain-wave activity), at least.
Instead, even if a judge were to order this, Jill Nagamine, the Hawaii Deputy Attorney General whose husband is somehow closely tied to Obama, would twist the law – as she already has on numerous occasions – to protest that showing the birth certificate (a “bonafide” copy of which he has supposedly posted on his official White House website for all the world to see) would violate HI state law. Even though the very statute that she has quoted ad infinitum (HRS 338-18: b-9) specifically allows that a “court of competent jurisdiction” can order examination of such a document.

In addition, according to the same statute (HRS 338-18: g-4): “A private or government attorney who seeks to confirm information about a vital event relating to any such record which was acquired during the course of or for purposes of legal proceedings” can request “a verification in lieu of a certified copy” of the validity of specified facts from the record. In other words, Mr. Klayman himself could by this very statue request that the State of Hawaii verify that the virtual birth certificate posted at is an exact replica of the original birth certificate in their vault. (AZ Secretary of State Ken Bennett asked for this to be verified, and HI State Registrar, Alvin Onaka, did not verify that it was, but in a carefully crafted response said only that “the information” on the document posted at “matched” the record in their files. Attorney Klayman could, in fact, demand that the precise question be answered – unlike Mr. Bennett, who was only pretending to comply with the request of this author and others and therefore did not press the matter – shamelessly accepting a deliberate non-answer as sufficient when it clearly was not.)
Once again, is there anyone who would pretend that if Mr. Obama actually had a legitimate birth certificate he wouldn’t have simply turned it over (or allowed a forensic examination thereof)? No, once again there is not…but the sovereign People of this country are expected (told, by Republicans no less) to simply sit back and mindlessly accept that he has nothing to hide!
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Resistance against any attempt to disarm "Assault Weapons Ban"

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My Personal Pledge of Resistance Against Any Attemp to Disarm Us by Means of an "Assault Weapons Ban"
The Queen of Battle, and her modern descendants, are the birth-right of every American.

"Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force: Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined." - Patrick Henry

My conscience, and the urgency of our current situation, compel me to speak out.  The victim disarmament freaks are now telling us that they don't want to disarm us- oh, no!  They just want to take away our "assault weapons" - our semi-automatic, magazine fed, military-style rifles - and the "high capacity" magazines that feed them.   They want us to believe that so long as we can own some kind of firearm, after our semi-auto military rifles are taken, we are not disarmed.  That is a LIE.

The truth is that our semi-automatic, military pattern rifles are the single most important kind of arm we can own, and are utterly necessary for effective defense of our lives, property, and liberty.    When you are disarmed of your military rifles, you are DISARMED.   At that time, the lion's share of your military capacity to effectively resist tyranny is removed (yes, accurate bolt action hunting rifles are useful in that role too, but the semi-auto battle rifle is truly the Queen of battle, as Col. Jeff Cooper correctly noted).   It is a significant force on the battlefield, and as Patrick Henry said, when you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.

It is the height of Orwellian perversion of language and logic to say that disarming you of the most effective arms for combat that you still have is somehow not really disarming you, because you still have hunting rifles and shotguns.  And you can bet that if you let them take your military semi-autos, next on their list will be your bolt action rifles, which they will call "sniper rifles" (and by God, that is certainly what they are good for!).   And then when they have those, they will go after any weapon that holds more than a few rounds,  or is capable of any degree of long range accuracy and penetrating power, telling you that you really don't need one of those to hunt or target practice (a shotgun will suffice), and then they will take everything except single shot shotguns or .22's (as was done in England) and on  down the line.  So long as you have at least a .22, they will say you are not "disarmed" while they take everything else (and then they will take the .22s, or insist that you keep them at a gun-range).

We need to call a spade a spade and teach our fellow citizens that taking away military style semi-autos is disarmament.  And we need to throw down the gauntlet and take a hard stand against it, right now.  When we, as Oath Keepers, pledged to not obey any orders to disarm the American people, this is what we meant.  Any attempt to disarm the people of any arms currently in their possession is illegitimate and must be nullified, refused, disobeyed, and resisted.
And so, in response to this obvious assault on our right to keep and bear arms (as in military arms),  I feel compelled to make the following personal pledge:

I Stewart Rhodes, as an American, as a military veteran, and as a father, pledge the following:

I Pledge to never disarm, and in particular, to never surrender my military pattern, semi-automatic rifles (and full capacity magazines, parts, and ammunition that go with them), regardless of what illegitimate action is taken by Congress, the President, or the courts.

I also pledge to pass on those military pattern rifles to my children and my children's children, as well as the full capacity magazines, parts, and ammunition to needed to use them, regardless of what illegitimate action is taken by Congress, the President, or the courts.  As Founding Father Tench Coxe said, while attempting to allay the fears of critics of the proposed Constitution:
The powers of the sword are in the hands of the yeomanry of America from sixteen to sixty. The militia of these free commonwealths, entitled and accustomed to their arms, when compared with any possible army, must be tremendous and irresistible. Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man against his own bosom?

Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birth-right of an American... [T]he unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people.  - Tench Coxe, Pennsylvania Gazette, Feb. 20, 1788.
And that "power of the sword" - those "terrible implements of the soldier,"  includes the people's battle rifles and carbines - their M1As, their FN-LARs, their HK 91s, their Grandfathers' M1 Garand, their AK 47s, their ARs and M4s, etc. - all of the weapons listed as being targeted for Feinstein's new and improved "Assault Weapons Ban."

The whole point of the Second Amendment is to preserve the military capacity of the American people - to preserve the ability of the people, who are the militia, to provide for their own security as individuals, as neighborhoods, towns, counties, and states, during any emergency, man-made or natural; to preserve the military capacity of the American people to resist tyranny and violations of their rights by oath breakers within government; and to preserve the military capacity of the people to defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, including those oath breaking domestic enemies within government.  It is not about hunting, and at its core, the Second Amendment is not really even about self-defense against private criminals.   It is about self-defense against public criminals - against tyrants, usurpers, and foreign invaders. (and that is the whole point of the crucial upcoming film, Molon Labe).

Appleseed 6 Garand Trial 
On the Firing Line at an Appleseed Rifle Shoot

Above all other firearms currently available to the American citizen, modern military pattern, semi-automatic rifles provide that military capacity.    

Protecting the keeping and bearing of such arms of military utility is the heart and soul of the Second Amendment.  Thus, any attempt to ban their possession, sale, purchase, or transfer, is an attempt to disarm the American people.

Nor will I surrender my accurate, scoped, bolt action rifles, which are also great force multipliers of military utility in the roles of sniper and marksman.  Invaders, tyrants and usurpers fear the sniper and marksman for good reason, and millions of American hunters have the well practiced field-craft and marksmanship skills to serve in those rolls most effectively.  We must preserve their means of doing so, including preserving our .50 caliber sniper rifles, our .338 Lapua's, our .300 Win Mags, and other powerful, long-range capable calibers.

Nor will I surrender my semi-automatic pistols with full capacity magazines, which provide me with the capacity to effectively defend against close range, sudden attack.

I will not disarm, regardless of what law is passed by the oath breakers in Congress, or signed into law by the oath breaker in the White House, and I WILL pass on to my children every terrible implement of the soldier currently in my possession.

Further, I will ask my children to also pledge to never surrender those family arms and equipment, regardless of what illegitimate, Bill of Rights violating law is passed by the oath breakers in Washington DC, and regardless of whatever any oath breaking judge may rule.

Further, I pledge to refuse compliance with any and all laws that attempt to strip me and my children of those arms, the full capacity magazines needed to load and fire them, or the parts and ammunition needed to keep them firing.  I will use nullification, civil disobedience, and active resistance against all such laws.  I will nullify, disobey, and resist as an individual, and I will work with my neighbors to nullify, disobey, and resist as towns, counties, and states.  We will not disarm, we will not comply, and we will resist.

Further, I pledge to refuse to vote for, and to actively work to purge from office any elected official, of any party, who violates their oath of office by supporting, endorsing, or voting for any law, action, or decree that attempts to disarm me, my children, or my children's children of any of the above noted arms.   I pledge to root the oath breakers out, in a scorched earth policy.  I will not buy into the "lesser of two evils" con game, and regardless of what party an oath breaking politician is in, and regardless of the outcome of elections, that oath breaker will not get my vote, ever again, once  they betray my trust and violate their oath by voting for an assault weapons ban or any other attempt to curtail my right to bear arms.

Finally, I pledge to defend myself, my neighbors, my town, county, and state, against any attempt to forcibly disarm them pursuant to any "assault weapons ban" or any other illegitimate "law" passed by oath breakers within Congress, or pursuant to any illegitimate order, action, or decree by the oath breaker within the White House. We will not disarm.  We will resist.  And if given no other choice but to fight or to submit to abject tyranny, we will fight, just as our forefathers in the American Revolution fought against the tyrants, usurpers, and oath breakers of their day.

If we are presented with the "choice" of submission to tyranny or fighting in defense of our natural rights, we will fight, as our forefathers fought, when the British Empire attempted to disarm them and confiscate the military pattern arms, ammunition, and supplies of their time.  We will make the same choice as Patrick Henry made, when he rejected "peace" purchased at the price of chains and slavery, and said "I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!"  I too choose liberty or death.

I hereby reaffirm my oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and pledge my life, my fortune, and my sacred honor in defense of the principles of liberty enunciated in our Declaration of Independence, for which our forefathers spilled their blood.   We will not let the Republic fall without a fight.

What say you?

Stewart Rhodes

Founder of Oath Keepers