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FBI Files Show True Nature of Muhammad Ali



FBI files on boxing champion Muhammad Ali reveal that the famous fighter was not the civil rights icon the media portrayed him to be.
Government watchdog organization Judicial Watch obtained the records on Ali after filing a Freedom of Information Act request.
Ali was known as Cassius Clay before converting to Islam in the ’60s. His associations with the black activist Nation of Islam group and its leaders leaders Elijah Mohammad and Malcolm X brought him to the attention of the FBI, which at the time viewed the group as a threat.

The files, which comprise more than 200 pages, revealed Ali as a racist who referred to white people as “white devils” and “crackers” and indicated that the Nation of Islam’s hatred for white people was “violent.”
Ali told an audience at a mosque that “black women have the best sons and daughters in the world,” that “the so-called negro is the original man and is superior to the white devil” and that he would rather be with his own people than “blue-eyed devil white people.”
Wow. It doesn’t get more racist than that. But there’s more:

The files also reported that the boxer said the American flag “represented death and destruction” while the “Muslim flag” represents “life and prosperity, justice for all black men.” According to Ali, programs to achieve integration were “useless” and the 1964 Civil Rights Act was a “swindle.”
He also said that he would rather die or go to jail than serve in the U.S. Army, the files said.
This image certainly isn’t the one the media presented when the three-time heavyweight champion died last year, yet it deserves to be known, especially as his family attempts to present him as a civil-rights hero by launching a national campaign in his honor to combat racial and religious profiling.
Those efforts seem to be misplaced, as it appears Ali was anything but a champion of racial tolerance.

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Breaking: Federal Judge Smacks Hillary With Big News - It's Happening...

Judge Orders Text Of Clinton Emails On Benghazi To Be Released

The full contents of two Hillary Clinton emails about the Benghazi attack will soon be brought to light in the wake of a federal judge’s ruling Friday that the State Department has to share with the American people the contents of two emails sent two days after the 2012 attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Libya.
The release of the information was secured by the watchdog group Judicial Watch, which had sued the State Department through the Freedom of Information Act.
“The full emails may reveal what former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama knew about the Sept. 11, 2012, terror attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi,” Judicial Watch said in a statement.

The two emails, dated Sept. 13, 2012, consist of eight identical paragraphs, Judicial Watch said, and bore the subject line, “Quick Summary of POTUS Calls to Presidents of Libya and Egypt.”
The State Department originally released the emails to Judicial Watch, but redacted the contents using what’s known as the “deliberative process” exemption.
However, U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson read the emails and said the exemption was not applicable.

Judicial Watch said the redaction was not a mistake but part of a “deliberate effort by the State Department to protect Clinton and the agency by avoiding identifying emails on Clinton’s unofficial, non-secure email server as classified.”
The emails were shared with top Obama administration officials including Deputy Secretary of State William Burns, Under Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, Clinton Deputy Chief of Staff Jacob Sullivan, Special Assistant Robert Russo, and Deputy National Security Adviser Denis McDonough.
The attack on the Benghazi compound resulted in the deaths of four Americans. Clinton and the Obama White House offered the American public a very different version of the cause than the one they expressed privately.

Clinton had said the administration was “working to determine the precise motivations” of the attackers but that “some have sought to justify this vicious behavior, along with the protest that took place at our Embassy in Cairo yesterday, as a response to inflammatory material posted on the internet.”

That material, the Obama administration claimed, was an anti-Islamic video posted on YouTube.
However, Clinton’s private comments were different.
“We know that the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film. It was a planned attack — not a protest,” she said in a call to Egypt’s prime minister. “Based on the information we saw today, we believe the group that claimed responsibility for this was affiliated with al Qaeda.”
On Sept. 14, 2012, White House spokesman Jay Carney, said, “We have no information to suggest that it was a preplanned attack. The unrest we’ve seen around the region has been in reaction to a video that Muslims, many Muslims find offensive. And while the violence is reprehensible and unjustified, it is not a reaction to the 9/11 anniversary that we know of, or to U.S. policy.”
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Bill Nye’s Kiddy Cartoon CONDEMNS Heterosexual Monogamous Sex as IMMORAL and…

oped: Alrighty then as I have been saying for many many moons..Bill Nye~The not so Science Guy~ is just plain and simple..."Bat shit Crazy"...a looney toons cartoon/comic book character who needs to just fade away...and save his family as well as the world at large... any more embarrassment! 

Bill Nye apparently is using his Netflix platform to brainwash young people into believing the freak flag he flies is science. The ‘science man’ couldn’t care less about what your beliefs or opinions are about your sexuality. Your choice is not his concern. Nye’s idea of what sex should be is a lot like the ’60s: a world filled with loveless sex, lust, and orgies. He unsubtly conveys this message to your children featuring cartoon ice cream cones. According to the Daily Wire: In the cartoon embedded below, the “Vanilla Cone,” is a Christian who believes in monogamous heterosexual sex and converting those who do not. In the end, however, it is Vanilla who is converted, who finally loosens up and discovers true joy as a slut eager to have sex with everything and everyone: Chocolate Chip Mint: Come on, Vanilla, nobody wants just one flavor of ice cream.

 Vanilla: I do. Chocolate Chip Mint: Haven’t you ever wanted to be in a Neapolitan? Vanilla: [sweating] I, I, I can’t. I can’t. Chocolate: Come on, it’s natural. … Vanilla: [prays] Big Ice Cream In The Sky, help me. Then, as if his prayer is answered, Vanilla licks Pistachio and exclaims, “It’s good!” The joyous ice cream orgy then begins. It would be one thing if Nye’s message had a libertarian tone where he was making the case to let people make their own choices. And in all honesty, who cares about other people making their own mistakes. But that wasn’t what he wanted to convey. He is hammering into the minds of young people that monogamous heterosexual sex is unnatural, immoral and…boring. Brainwashing them to embrace this unhealthy and destructive lifestyle of ‘care free’ sex. From a free Click to see the original article


Is This Sabotage Jeb Bush’s Revenge On Donald Trump

Jeb Bush entered the 2016 Presidential campaign as the establishment’s hand-picked candidate.
Then Donald Trump descended down the escalator of the Trump Tower and proceeded to stomp out Jeb’s globalist ideology.
But ever since Trump assumed office, Jeb and his establishment allies appear to be exacting their revenge.
#NeverTrump allies of Jeb Bush have managed to infiltrate the administration.
Helen Aguirre Ferre is now the White House Director of Media Relations.
But before she held that position, she advised Jeb Bush’s Presidential campaign.
Ferre was also a prominent #NeverTrump “Republican” who viscously attacked Trump during the campaign.

Breitbart reports:

“U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has chosen, as a new department staff member, a former Indiana education official who also worked for years at former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s education foundation.
Education media Chalkbeat reports Neil Ruddock has been working for the federal education department since early February after four years as regional advocacy director at Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education (FEE), where DeVos also served as a board member and to which she provided financial contributions… 

… Other U.S. education department staffers who worked for Bush’s pro-Common Core foundation and for the Indiana education department include Andrew Kossack, who is listed as a “special assistant to the secretary.” Kossack is an attorney who was appointed as Indiana Department of Revenue commissioner under former Gov. Mike Pence. Prior to that position, he served as general counsel to Indiana’s ousted superintendent of education, Tony Bennett, who championed the adoption of the Common Core standards in the state. Bennett then became the Florida commissioner of education and was later investigated for fraud and resigned after allegations that he intervened in the grading system in Indiana to favor a charter school run by a prominent Republican Party donor.”

Trump won the GOP nomination by rejecting the Bush legacy.
That included Jeb’s support for a federal takeover of education – which is Common Core.
But now Jeb staffers are sneaking into the administration.
Will they work to undermine Trump’s agenda?


A Porn Star Cried Out In Desperation And Asked God To Show Her That He Is Real – Guess What Happened Next?

by:Michael Snyder
If you think that your life could never be turned around because you are too far gone, this story is for you. According to her official website, Crissy Outlaw “was molested at the age of 4…a pattern that would continue through her childhood and teen years.” But since her alcoholic father always threatened to kill anyone that touched her, Crissy always kept the abuse secret. Her parents eventually divorced, and Crissy moved in with her mother when she was 13. At the age of 17 she got pregnant, and because she believed that she was going to marry her boyfriend she decided to keep the baby. But when her boyfriend decided to break up with her she ended up having an abortion, and she says that having that abortion was one of the worst things that ever happened to her

She described the aftermath of the abortion as “one of the most traumatic things that happened” to her.
“I was fully awake and aware of everything going on during the abortion and my heart was shattered while the life was literally being sucked out of me,” Outlaw said of the experience. “It was awful … my school knew about my abortion and I lost all my friends.”
Following that abortion, a series of abusive relationships resulted in Crissy being left in a very emotionally vulnerable state. After submitting photos to a modeling site, she quickly began receiving offers to do porn, and she eventually became one of the top stars in the industry.

Between 2001 and 2006 she appeared in more than 50 adult films, and at one point she was earning more than $15,000 a month.
But she was deeply, deeply unhappy, and one night she “cried out to God and asked Him to prove He was real”. The following comes from her official website
Her ongoing search for love, and little personal support, kept her in the porn industry. It was something she never dreamed she would end up doing, but the doting photographers and the affirming fans seemed to fill her heart’s empty places. Willing to do anything for “love,” she sacrificed anything to get it…even abuse. She met a man who took over managing her porn career and pushed her to do more hardcore shoots. For three and a half years of the seven years Crissy was in the industry, she was in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship with a man who took all over her money. He was what people in the sex industry call a “suitcase pimp.” 

After several suicide attempts, Crissy left that relationship with the help of her personal assistant. One night, she cried out to God and asked Him to prove He was real. Nothing she knew about God was what she learned about in Sunday school as a child. She thought no one would ever love a woman like her because she had made so many mistakes. She felt dirty and alone. She prayed for God to send her a sign. He did. A couple of days later, He sent a new friend into her life who told her about Jesus. She knew without a doubt God has used him to help her break free. That day, Crissy left the porn industry and has never looked back. 

You never know when something that you have to say is going to completely change someone’s life.
An article that was recently published by the Daily Mail has more details about what happened the next day after Crissy Outlaw cried out to God…
The next day, the then-31-year-old visited her boyfriend, an actor on a movie set in Albuquerque, New Mexico. During a break in filming, she was hanging out with him, a couple of his friends and film crew members. One of his friends began passing a photo of his topless wife around the circle the group had formed while making lewd comments. Crissy was embarrassed and angry, but a man who worked on the film set, Chris, decided not to look at the picture and rather told the group he would never show any pictures of his wife to anyone.

Simply by refusing to look at that nude photo, Chris made it clear that there was something very different about him.
Crissy was intrigued, and she continued to talk to him when everyone else returned to work. Here is more from the Daily Mail
While the rest of the team got back to filming, she continued speaking with Chris. During the conversation he asked her what she did for a living; she eventually admitted she was in porn. He then told her that her boyfriend had already told everyone about her career and had passed around nude pictures of her to other people on the set.
‘I put my head down because I was so ashamed,’ Crissy says.
But Chris asked her a question that reminded her of a prayer request she had made the night before: ‘Do you know Jesus?’ 

Crissy took that as the divine sign she’d asked for and was relieved God had answered her prayer. The pair prayed together and her life changed in that moment.
Today Crissy travels all over the country telling her story and warning about the dangers of the sex industry.
She is a shining example of the grace of God, and her story demonstrates that nobody is ever out of the reach of the Lord Jesus Christ.
So even after everything that she has been through, she can stand proudly in front of large groups of people and share with them the extraordinary things that God has done for her
At a fundraising event in California, Crissy Outlaw stands at a pulpit wearing a glamorous billowing black mini with a pink flower carefully lodged in her dark hair.
The all-American 41-year-old beauty begins her sermon simply with: ‘Hi, my name is Crissy and I used to be a porn star.’

If you are reading this article, and you would like to know how Jesus Christ can turn your life around, I would encourage you to visit my website for a detailed explanation.
God is in control, He loves you very deeply, and He wants you to have an amazing life filled with love, peace and joy.
If you will just reach out and surrender to Him, He will completely transform your life, but the choice is up to you.
Article reposted with permission from End of the American Dream

‘Trans-Species’: Man Spends $5,000 A Month To Transform Himself Into An Elf

oped: Just *SMH* this whole LG (Lesbian/Gay) thing is totally out of control... went from LG to LGBT(bi-sexual/transgender to LGBTQ (queer) then they added (animal} LGBTQA and now (species) LGBTQAS....just waiting for the final shoe to drop and they add C (ChildLove) 

LGBTQAS et al is a #Fetish not worthy of "SpecialRights" nor *MarriageRights* < reserved for #1m1w  a contract to pro-create and raise a family!

I'm sorry but these people are in desperate need of psychiatric care not surgery,drugs ,hormone treatment and voice coaching! I am starting to think all this push for medical insurance via government intervention is to cover a very small population of society 1-3% for very expensive medical intervention for people with psychological issues via: plastic surgery,drugs,.hormone treatment etc!
Thats my opinon and I'm sticking to it!


by:Michael Snyder 
If you could become an elf, would you do it? You might argue that elves do not exist, but one man has spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on surgeries, hair removal, creams, dyes and bleaches in a determined attempt to transform himself into one. 25-year-old Luis Padron of Buenos Aires, Argentina says that he “became obsessed with the world of elves, angels and fantasy beings after being bullied as a child”. Now he is spending about $5,000 a month so that he can permanently look like an elf, and he has told the press that “I consider myself trans-species”. Body modification has become one of the hottest global trends in recent years, but is this a case where someone has taken it way too far? 

When the world of fantasy becomes more important than reality to someone, they can do some things that may seem really strange to the rest of us. According to the Daily Mail, Padron has spent an extraordinary amount of money in order become the elf that he has always wanted to be…
He now has a £4,000-a-month ritual applying specialist creams, dyes, treatment and SPF 100 sunscreen.
He has almost spent more than £25,000 on surgery including liposuction on his jaw, a nose job, full body hair removal and operations to change his eye colour.
You would think that all of that would be enough, but Padron has even bigger plans for the future.
In addition to everything else he has done, he intends to have his ears cut and his jaw reshaped
‘I have my own beauty ideal and want to achieve that no matter what.
‘I want to have my ears cut to become pointy like an elves, my jaw to look more sharp like a diamond, a face-lift and an eye-lift to give my eyes a cat-like shape.
‘I am also consider having muscle implants too.

‘There’s also a surgery to make you taller and I will remove four of my ribs too, so that I can shape my waist to make it thinner.’
What Padron doesn’t understand is that he didn’t need to make any of these changes to be worth loving.
God loves us no matter where we are from, what we look like, or what physical challenges we may be facing.
Part of becoming a person of great love is learning to love yourself, and I have a feeling that Padron is going to feel empty no matter how many physical modifications he makes to his own body.
That is because self-worth does not come from how others see us on the outside. Rather, it comes from knowing that God valued us so much that He sent His only Son to come and die on the cross for us.

So let us pray that Padron finds the Lord Jesus Christ soon, because then he will finally discover what his heart has been searching for all this time.
And if you would like to know more about how you can come to know the Lord Jesus Christ, I would encourage you to visit my website for a detailed explanation.
God loves you very much, and He wants to take the broken pieces of your life and turn them into a beautiful thing.
Article reposted with permission from End of the American Dream
Take a look at the future of America: The Beginning of the End and then prepare


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Terrorists Didn't Expect This To Happen During Their Sing-a-Long

You can’t make this stuff up. Over the weekend, a suicide belt went off accidentally, causing a giant explosion at a Syrian party—where terrorists were enjoying themselves with a festive karaoke sing-along.

Video footage from Syrian TV, which was posted to YouTube and then reported by U.S. media outlets like Fox and Friends, shows a group of Syrian men singing in Arabic into a microphone.

Shortly after the start of the video, one of the men is seen reaching down, possibly to adjust a suicide belt—and, immediately after, the entire frame is filled with a deadly explosion. 

The camera is knocked to the ground, but the footage continues for another few seconds, depicting snippets of sudden chaos: militants are screaming in pain, and other bystanders are seen running over the camera.

It’s unclear how many of the terrorists were killed by the big blast. According to Fox and Friends, the militants were members of a group called Takfiri, which has claimed responsibility for several explosions in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq.

Takfiri has not yet claimed responsibility for the latest attack on their own party.   

Source: AAN

North Korea’s ‘ghost ships’ with rotting corpses inside wash up in Japan

North Korea Japan ghost ship corpse

GHOST ships filled the rotting corpses of its North Korean crew have been washing up on the Japanese coast in an eerie testament to the oppressive and brutal regime. 

The flimsy fishing boats have been drifting across the sea of Japan for an unknown amount of time, but long enough to see their crew so decomposed it is almost impossible to determine a cause of death.
Haunting images and photos have emerged of the Japanese authorities hauling the decrepit, rusty wrecks from the ocean.
In terrible conditions and in varying states of decay, the eerie vessels still bear scraps of the North Korean flag they sailed under.
Faded writing on the hull identifying the ships as belonging to the ‘Korean People’s Army’, along with the remnants of the flags, are the only indication of where these ships came from.

North Korea Japan ghost ship corpse
Japanese authorities have yet to establish a cause of death 
North Korea Japan ghost ship corpse  
The flimsy fishing boats have been drifting across the sea of Japan  

And aboard the remains lie the corpses of the crew who are thought to have met their fate at sea.
Autopsies conducted on the bodies found some had been dead for months.
But despite ordering an investigation, Japanese authorities have yet to establish a cause of death, with some remains so badly decomposed it was impossible to discover what had killed them.

Commuters leave a subway train platform of the Pyongyang metro
The ‘ghost-ships’ are becoming a regular occurrence along Japan’s west coast, roughly 648 miles from North Korea, but mystery surrounds why so many are turning up.
Some theories have been put forward, which include defectors of Kim Jong-un's brutal regime are trying to make their escape to freedom in the boats.
The majority of citizens born under the tyrannical rule of Kim Jong-un are never allowed to leave the secretive state. 

North Korea Japan ghost ship corpse
Orders issued by the portly dictator cannot be ignored under pain of death 
 North Korea Japan ghost ship corpse 
The bodies of the crews were all in civilian clothes 

But the distance to South Korea is a fraction of that to Japan, and would be the likeliest and shortest destination for anyone trying to flee.
Another theory is that the crew of the fishing boats are simply poor fisherman sent out to bring in the daily catch but who got lost or ran into trouble.
The primitive vessels - none of which are fitted with GPS or any modern navigation tools - could have been manned by an inexperienced crew who were overwhelmed by the complexities of sailing on the open sea.
The hermit kingdom is known to struggle with feeding its population, with previous famines killing thousands of people.
Tyrannical leader Kim Jong-un is thought to have been putting pressure on the fishing industry to meet impossible quotas to help feed the starving millions, which could have seen ordinary folk sent out to sea.

The bodies of the crews, all in civilian clothes, could have tried their hand at sailing into deeper waters to try and bring in a catch to meet Kim Jong-un’s demands.

 North Korea Japan ghost ship corpse
The ‘ghost-ships’ are becoming a regular occurrence along Japan’s west coast 

Orders issued by the portly dictator cannot be ignored under pain of death, no matter how impossible.
Jiro Ishimaru of Asia Press, said: “When Kim Jong-un issues an order no one can ignore it, even if he is asking them to do the impossible.

“That means inexperienced soldiers go out to sea, even in terrible conditions and with no idea what they are doing.”
It is believed the fate of the crew resulted from getting lost or being caught in bad weather in the rickety boats, ill-equipped for rough conditions, and the crew died from exposure or starvation after drifting on the ocean.

Neil Gorsuch Breaks Precedent, Opts Out Of Supreme Court Labor Pool


Neil Gorsuch has been a justice of the Supreme Court for less than a month, but he’s already breaking precedent.
He has decided against joining the Supreme Court’s “cert pool,” a shared team of law clerks that produce “pool memos” for each of the more than 7,000 petitions seeking review annually. Justices who subscribe to the pool make their decision on whether to hear a case based on the recommendation made by the labor pool.
Gorsuch’s own team of law clerks will review the thousands of filed petitions and will make recommendations directly to Gorsuch on the roughly 75 petitions that should be considered by the nation’s highest court each year.

Gorsuch joins Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. as the only other Supreme Court justice who is not part of the pool. Alito dropped out of the pool in 2008.
The pool was created to help ease the workload for Supreme Court Justices but has been criticized for giving too much power to the young law clerks of the pool.
“I’m convinced that when each of the justices had his or her clerks read the cert petitions, you had nine sets of eyes,” said Duke University law professor Erwin Chemerinsky.
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Chemerinsky noted that the number of cases heard each year by the Supreme Court has dropped substantially since the cert pool became the precedent.

“Now you only have one set of eyes, and that really decreases the likelihood of cert being granted,” he said. “Also, it used to be that clerks knew what their justices wanted and what they might be interested in. You really lose that when you have the cert pool.”
In a 2007 article in the Texas Law Review, University of Minnesota law professor David R. Stras examined every cert pool memo from 1984, 1985, 1991 and 1992. He found that the cert pool has a direct impact on the number of cases heard by the Supreme Court.
“One of the things that the data did show was that consistently from term to term, the cert pool is stingier in the number of grants it recommends than the court itself,” Stras wrote in the article. “The court ends up taking more cases than the cert pool recommends.”

“This explanation has considerable facial plausibil­i­ty as some justices, including the late Chief Justice [Wil­liam H.] Rehnquist, have admitted that they do not look at every petition for certiorari that is filed with the court,” Stras wrote.
He added that the “stinginess has increased over time,” with the Supreme Court’s caseload dropping from 159 in 1985 to just 114 in 1992.
Furthermore, notes University of Virginia law professor Stephen F. Smith, clerks on the pool are incentivized against recommending cases for Supreme Court review out of fear they will be dismissed by the courts, otherwise known as a DIG.
“You want to avoid getting DIGs because it hurts,” said Smith, a former clerk for Justice Clarence Thomas in 1993. “You want the most powerful justices in the country to think well of you.”
“You’re really putting your neck out on the line” by recommending a case for Supreme Court review, Smith said. “And what if the court disagrees with you? The incentive in the cert pool is to deny.”

“Your justice will remember you, but not for how many grants you recommended. The other justices will not re­member at all whether you recommended a DIG,” he added. “You sort of have this idea of self-importance that goes away after you’re done.”
The result of the widespread use of the cert pool is the “proliferation of long fractured opinions” on the Supreme Court, wrote Douglas Berman of The Ohio State University Mortiz College of Law in 2007.
“Perhaps if the Justices spent more time personally reading cert petitions and lower court rulings — and not just summaries from one clerk in the pool — they might directly discover areas of the law in need of extra attention and also might better appreciate the mess they sometimes make by issuing fractured rulings.”
Gorsuch’s decision to opt out of the cert pool means he won’t be subjected to its inherent faults. Gorsuch’s team will be subject to a greater workload, but as a result, he will have much greater say in what cases he believes should be heard by the nation’s highest court.
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Report: Trump Issues Surprise Orders on Mexican Holiday… Libs Will Be Irate


Under the past two administrations, there has been an official celebration of Mexico’s Cinco de Mayo holiday at the White House, but that tradition has come to an end under the current “America First” administration of President Donald Trump.
The Hill reported that the 16-year-old tradition will instead be a much smaller affair held somewhere other than the White House and will feature Vice President Mike Pence as the host.
The reported modification of the White House celebration of the Mexican holiday was initially revealed by Spanish-language media outlet La Opinion, which noted that there had been no official announcement of any change in plans and cited unnamed government sources. The White House did not respond to requests for comment, according to The Hill.

Hispanic activists weren’t pleased.
“The decision of the White House to renounce the celebration of Cinco de Mayo is another slap for many Mexican Americans and Latinos,” complained Felix Sanchez, co-founder and president of the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts. “Instead of embracing our nation’s multicultural heritage, we are deepening divisions, not looking for common ground.”
The tradition of hosting a big event celebrating Cinco de Mayo at the White House began under former President George W. Bush and was continued under his successor, former President Barack Obama, who welcomed some 500 guests, a celebrity chef and popular Mexican band to the celebration in 2016. 

That occurred at the same time that then-candidate Trump posted his now infamous “taco bowl” tweet in honor of the Mexican holiday, a tweet that was criticized by many Hispanics, Mexicans and of course, the liberal media.
Here is the tweet that drew so much condemnation and accusations of racism toward Hispanics, in case you had forgot:
As for the reported decision by the Trump administration not to hold a Cinco de Mayo celebration on White House grounds this year, honestly who can blame them? It likely would have sparked outrage and boycotts and harsh criticisms, much like everything else the administration does.

Meanwhile, the only Cinco de Mayo celebrations that have been officially canceled thus far are those held in various cities around the country by Mexican-Americans, amid fears that immigration agents will monitor the events and round up any illegal immigrants in attendance, according to a report from The Washington Times.
It is worth noting that the Cinco de Mayo holiday — which marks the date in 1862 of the Battle of Puebla, during which the Mexican army held off invading French forces — is typically only solemnly observed in Mexico, with Mexican-Americans and others in the U.S. being the ones treating the holiday as an occasion for festive celebration. (Mexico’s real Independence Day is Sept. 16.) 

Though Trump-haters will be upset at the lack of celebration at the White House, they would have been upset regardless, so this move should be viewed less as an effort to offend Mexicans and more likely an effort to either poke the liberal media or simply not waste time on a non-American holiday that isn’t even really celebrated in its country of origin.
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Progressives~Lock em' all up...!

Image result for CPUSA Progressive

I for one have had enough of the Progressive Party USA...formerly known as the CPUSA as well as the Pink Swastika Party
It is past time for congress to act as well as POTUS, the FBI and Justice Department. They need to be arrested,prosecuted and jailed under 18 USC 2384-2385 Sedition Conspiracy...No ands ifs or buts about it! 

HuffPost Horror over Trump Army Secretary Pick Indication Green May be Right Man for Job

Join Oath Keepers

“[Dr. Mark Green’s] military awards include the Bronze Star, The Air Medal, The Air Medal with ‘V’ device for valor under heavy enemy fire, and numerous other medals for service. He also was awarded the Combat Medical Badge, the US Army Ranger Tab, and The Expert Infantryman’s Badge, among many others.” [Photo:]

“Tennessee state Sen. Mark Green (R), President Donald Trump’s nominee for Army secretary, strongly believes that citizens should be armed ― and not just with any ol’ guns,” HuffPost Senior Political Reporter and Politics Managing Editor Amanda Terkel snarks. “They should be able to possess whatever weapons the military has, because an armed citizenry is the ‘ultimate checks and balances’ against the federal government.”

It’s almost funny—a liberal arts major with experience limited to leftist agitprop making fun of a man who … well, take a moment and read his professional qualifications for yourself. He was a West Point Graduate with an economics degree, a Masters degree in Information Systems from USC and a medical degree from Wright State. He served his country on covert missions and received plenty of decorations for being in harm’s way. He’s a successful businessman. He’s a board member for humanitarian organizations “focused on caring for soldiers and their families as they return with the unseen scars of war.”
So Terkel’s needing to resort to Alinsky Rule 5 ridicule is understandable; it’s all she’s got. Compare her education, experience and achievements with Green’s CV. And note she previously “served as Deputy Research Director at the Center for American Progress and the Managing Editor of”

Per Discover the Network:
“Think Progress is a ‘project’ of the American Progress Action Fund (APAF), a ‘sister advocacy organization’ of the John Podesta-led Center for American Progress (CAP) and CAP’s entities such as Campus Progress. It also draws freely on the resources of the George Soros-funded Media Matters website edited by David Brock.
Yes, that would be “spirit cooking” dinner invitee John Podesta…
And Terkel’s hoplophobia is also understandable. After all, “She is a graduate of Colgate University,” and that school just went on a four-hour meltdown over an art student with a glue gun.
What she’ll never admit—because she probably doesn’t know, is that Green’s understanding of an armed citizenry is consistent with Founding intent, as expressed by Tench Coxe:

“As civil rulers, not having their duty to the people before them, may attempt to tyrannize, and as the military forces which must be occasionally raised to defend our country, might pervert their power to the injury of their fellow citizens, the people are confirmed by the article in their right to keep and bear their private arms.” (Tench Coxe in ‘Remarks on the First Part of the Amendments to the Federal Constitution’ under the Pseudonym ‘A Pennsylvanian’ in the Philadelphia Federal Gazette, June 18, 1789 at 2 col. 1)
“Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man gainst his own bosom. Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birthright of an American…. [T]he unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people.” (Tench Coxe, The Pennsylvania Gazette, Feb. 20, 1788.)

It’s also consistent with Supreme Court opinion. In Miller, the court found a short-barrel shotgun could not be determined protected under the Second Amendment because the court had no evidence its possession had “some reasonable relationship to the preservation or efficiency of a well regulated militia [or] that this weapon is any part of the ordinary military equipment, or that its use could contribute to the common defense.”
That’s a key point. The function of the militia was — and is — to field citizen soldiers. And these citizens bore arms that were suitable for that purpose, “ordinary military equipment” intended to be taken into “common defense” battles. The militia came with the intent to match and best a professional military threat.
“[T]he citizenry should be allowed to maintain whatever weapon the federal government has,” Terkel quotes Green, looking for another way to point and laugh. “If they can have an aircraft carrier, I ought to be able to have an aircraft carrier.”
Privateers, indeed, at one time operated vessels of war. And granting Letters of Marque and Reprisal is still a Constitutional power of Congress, even if it does ignore it, along with its power to “provide for calling forth the Militia [and] for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia.”

As for the “private nuclear weapon” strawman, Green never argued for that. While no specific power appears to have been delegated in the Constitution to authorize forbidding such private ownership, it does raise questions on how the purposes of the Preamble could otherwise be fulfilled. I haven’t spent a lot of time mulling this over, but could a case be made that Congress is the entity authorized “to raise and support Armies,” and that would be the equivalent of an unaccountable standing army? Another article seems in order to invite discussion on that.
But the nuke issue is a diversion anyway, from Terkel’s main beef, and the real reason “progressives” are outraged over Green. He dared to repeat that the psychiatric establishment considered transsexuals to suffer from Gender Identity Disorder. That the American Psychiatric Association changed its position in 2012 had less to do with new research and discoveries than it did with lobbying by “progressive” political advocacy groups. Also, the guy he’s replacing, Eric Fanning, is openly gay, so that’s another “progressive strike against Green.
If Green is to be faulted, a better reason than his being considered “mean spirited” by “progressives” would be because he misstated a point:

“The Second Amendment, while it allows citizens to protect themselves from other citizens, goes well beyond just allowing us to defend ourselves from a criminal,” Green said at a pro-gun rally in 2013. “The men who penned and ratified this document gave us the right to keep and bear arms as an ultimate checks and balances against the federal government. When considering magazine size and weapon type, comments like, ‘You don’t need a 10-round magazine to hunt deer’ completely misses the point of the Second Amendment.”
They didn’t give us any rights, and Green no doubt understands that. That’s something even the Supreme Court understands:
The very text of the Second Amendment implicitly recognizes the pre-existence of the right and declares only that it “shall not be infringed.” As we said in United States v. Cruikshank, 92 U. S. 542, 553 (1876), “[t]his is not a right granted by the Constitution. Neither is it in any manner dependent upon that instrument for its existence. The Second amendment declares that it shall not be infringed …

That Green misspoke about something he clearly understands (see video below) can be fixed with a reminder that words have meaning. In the mean time, the facts that he’s for the right of the people to keep and bear arms – and that “progressives’ have their knives out for him – seem like pretty good reasons to welcome his appointment.
It also may explain why John McCain is making noises that don’t, and why CNN is helping pile up on him for speculating on inconsistencies between evolution and his faith.
I guess they’d rather not have someone who understands the Constitution in any position of responsibility:

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Liberal May Day Revelers Chant “Kill Trump, Kill Pence”!

by: Onan Coca 

I hate May Day.
I appreciate some of the early 20th century reforms that changed labor practices in the Western world, but I despise the core beliefs of many of those reformers. However, I can empathize with their fight because the lives they lived were far different than our own today. Unlike those reformers, I cannot stomach the liberal zealots who today champion causes even farther to the left than those who came before them. What problem could I have with these ridiculous liberals?

Unlike the reformers of the late 19th and early 20th century, today’s liberal protesters have NOTHING to be protesting. In fact, today’s protesters are reversing the gains of their forbears by fighting for slavery. They fight to give powerful oligarchies (like union leaders) and the government more power, to strip freedoms from the people, and to hand over the rights of our children. Even worse, these liberal malcontents are willing to trample the rights of anyone and everyone who does not agree with their vicious, anti-freedom worldview.
They are violent (see Berkeley riots, or Seattle, or Portland, or… well any of the other liberal riots), they are closed-minded, and they are wholly intolerant of the beliefs of any who might think differently from them. But the worst part is… they care very little for obeying our laws, or our nations morality.
One small example of their lawlessness…. watch as they chant wishes of death on our President and Vice President.

Ok I have been silent long enough re: The Border Wall
( Immigrant Inspector inspecting Braceros for admission, Hidalgo, Texas, 1957.) 

See more:

I worked the Mexican Border as a Customs Patrol Officer 1975-1986 from San Diego Ca through El Paso Tx most was in the Yuma Arizona sector...a physical wall is not the answer it is expensive to build/ maintain and has very little just slows them down...the perps will just go over/under or through it...  Just a fact Jack!

What is needed is a Vertual Law enforcing the laws already on the books...cutting off all welfare benefits to illegals...stopping the crazy anchor baby crap...congress needs to enact a law requiring the parent/parents to be US citizens or have legal resident status in order for a child to be a US citizen not just born here (for those who came illegally and have the cost of birth paid for by medicaid)! Enforcing the verify Soc Sec system for employment... punish businesses who violate this law.
Stop complaining about breaking up illegal immigrant families by required immigration law...the kids can go home with the parents... they have dual citizenship... when they become adults they can move wherever their heart desires US or Mexico!  

The amount of money that it would cost to build the wall would be better served by hiring more Border Patrol agents as well as immigration judges and electronic surveillance equipment to overtake the drug smugglers as illegal immigration would cease if laws were enforced, no jobs are available and benefits are cut off! And don't even go with 'they do jobs Americans won't do~ we need a program for these jobs'...hello one has been in effect for decades the old bracero program 1951-1964 then the (MICA card ) seasonal workers for the agricultural industry.

If the laws were enforced... jobs and benefits were cut off... illegals would self deport themselves at zero cost to the taxpayer...they would go home and work on improving their own countries problemos instead of causing problems for US workers,citizens and families!

Thats my story/opinion and I'm sticking to it!