Sunday, April 30, 2017

Refugees Become Even Less Integrated After Time in Country

For several years, liberals have been insisting that the hundreds of thousands of refugees who have entered Europe will be able to integrate successfully into society and soon will just be a seamless part of the culture.
A new study from the Ragnar Frisch Centre for Economic Research at the University of Oslo is pouring some cold water on that claim. The study found that the longer immigrants stay in a country, the less they tend to integrate, Breitbart reported.
The study found that while integration seemed to increase for the first few years, after five to 10 years, the trend reversed itself.

“The integration process goes into reverse with widening immigrant-native employment differentials and rising rates of immigrant social insurance dependency,” read the abstract of the paper.
You can read the study here.
In an interview with the Norwegian online newspaper Nettavisen, according to Breitbart, Knut Røed, a senior researcher at the Frisch Centre stated that he was quite surprised by the results because the researchers went into the study thinking that they would find the opposite.

“Basically we were very surprised by these results, because really the differences between immigrants and Norwegian-born citizens should be getting lesser and lesser the longer migrants have lived in Norway. We found that the opposite happens,” Røed said, according to Breitbart
Now we should note that this is just one study, so it is possible that it was an anomaly. However, based on what is being seen all throughout Europe, there is likely some merit to what this study found.
Putting together people from vastly different cultures isn’t something that is going to result in a seamless transition immediately, as we have seen.
This study shouldn’t be used to claim that no country should ever allow refugees to enter. However, it should be used as a warning that allowing unchecked immigrant flows into a country might not go the way our Democrat friends think it will.

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