Saturday, May 6, 2017

Bill Nye’s Kiddy Cartoon CONDEMNS Heterosexual Monogamous Sex as IMMORAL and…

oped: Alrighty then as I have been saying for many many moons..Bill Nye~The not so Science Guy~ is just plain and simple..."Bat shit Crazy"...a looney toons cartoon/comic book character who needs to just fade away...and save his family as well as the world at large... any more embarrassment! 

Bill Nye apparently is using his Netflix platform to brainwash young people into believing the freak flag he flies is science. The ‘science man’ couldn’t care less about what your beliefs or opinions are about your sexuality. Your choice is not his concern. Nye’s idea of what sex should be is a lot like the ’60s: a world filled with loveless sex, lust, and orgies. He unsubtly conveys this message to your children featuring cartoon ice cream cones. According to the Daily Wire: In the cartoon embedded below, the “Vanilla Cone,” is a Christian who believes in monogamous heterosexual sex and converting those who do not. In the end, however, it is Vanilla who is converted, who finally loosens up and discovers true joy as a slut eager to have sex with everything and everyone: Chocolate Chip Mint: Come on, Vanilla, nobody wants just one flavor of ice cream.

 Vanilla: I do. Chocolate Chip Mint: Haven’t you ever wanted to be in a Neapolitan? Vanilla: [sweating] I, I, I can’t. I can’t. Chocolate: Come on, it’s natural. … Vanilla: [prays] Big Ice Cream In The Sky, help me. Then, as if his prayer is answered, Vanilla licks Pistachio and exclaims, “It’s good!” The joyous ice cream orgy then begins. It would be one thing if Nye’s message had a libertarian tone where he was making the case to let people make their own choices. And in all honesty, who cares about other people making their own mistakes. But that wasn’t what he wanted to convey. He is hammering into the minds of young people that monogamous heterosexual sex is unnatural, immoral and…boring. Brainwashing them to embrace this unhealthy and destructive lifestyle of ‘care free’ sex. From a free Click to see the original article

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