Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Ok I have been silent long enough re: The Border Wall
( Immigrant Inspector inspecting Braceros for admission, Hidalgo, Texas, 1957.) 

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I worked the Mexican Border as a Customs Patrol Officer 1975-1986 from San Diego Ca through El Paso Tx most was in the Yuma Arizona sector...a physical wall is not the answer it is expensive to build/ maintain and has very little just slows them down...the perps will just go over/under or through it...  Just a fact Jack!

What is needed is a Vertual Law enforcing the laws already on the books...cutting off all welfare benefits to illegals...stopping the crazy anchor baby crap...congress needs to enact a law requiring the parent/parents to be US citizens or have legal resident status in order for a child to be a US citizen not just born here (for those who came illegally and have the cost of birth paid for by medicaid)! Enforcing the verify Soc Sec system for employment... punish businesses who violate this law.
Stop complaining about breaking up illegal immigrant families by required immigration law...the kids can go home with the parents... they have dual citizenship... when they become adults they can move wherever their heart desires US or Mexico!  

The amount of money that it would cost to build the wall would be better served by hiring more Border Patrol agents as well as immigration judges and electronic surveillance equipment to overtake the drug smugglers as illegal immigration would cease if laws were enforced, no jobs are available and benefits are cut off! And don't even go with 'they do jobs Americans won't do~ we need a program for these jobs'...hello one has been in effect for decades the old bracero program 1951-1964 then the (MICA card ) seasonal workers for the agricultural industry.

If the laws were enforced... jobs and benefits were cut off... illegals would self deport themselves at zero cost to the taxpayer...they would go home and work on improving their own countries problemos instead of causing problems for US workers,citizens and families!

Thats my story/opinion and I'm sticking to it!

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