Monday, August 6, 2018

POTUS to Special Counsel: You're Fired !

I'm sorry but I for one have had enough of wasting taxpayer money on the personal agenda of the #ClintonCrimeFamily #Obama and their Lieutenants...What POTUS needs to do is exercise his authority under the US Constitution/Bill of Rights.

Agree to a interview with SpecialCounsel Robert Mueller...with Rudy and USAG Sessions in tow...After Mueller makes his opening statement...POTUS should retrieve his termination notice from his suit pocket for Robert Mueller and state : Under the powers vested to me under the US Constitution ...Robert Mueller You're Fired for your Obstruction of Justice as well as violations under 18 USC 1884/85 in the cases against BARACK OBAMA and The ClintonCrimeFamily...hand SC Mueller the written notice as well as a copy to USAG Sessions...and state to Sessions :  Do your job USAG! 

It is is done...waiting with baited breath!