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Young Finland Woman Whups ‘Refugee’ ASS When They Try To Rob Her

This woman wasn’t going to let these ‘refugees’ have their way when they tried to steal from her store.
Respekt – wehrt euch ! In Deutschland sollen Gemeinden die Supermärkte angewiesen haben, bei Diebstählen von Flüchtlingen keine Anzeigen zu erstatten, unglaublich die Verantwortlichen in Deutschland, Treten ihren Bürgern die für alles arbeiten gehen dürfen nur so ins Gesicht. Busse und Bahnen führen sogar Gratistarife für Refugees ein.
(Respect-arm yourselves! In Germany the neighborhoods have advised the supermarkets not to report refugees who steal, unbelievable the answerable ones in Germany, they stomp on their citizens who work hard for everything…in their faces! Buses and trains have begun to offer free refugee tickets.)  

Watch this young woman. She is my hero.

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French Make MASSIVE Move Against 2,000 Muslims… THIS Is How You Fight Terrorists!

oped:Barry Barack Hussein Soetoro Davis Obama and John Kerry seem to miss the point...yes indeed they are the proverbial inmates running the asylum! 

All of the old jokes about the French and their pusillanimity about war — you know, the “cheese eating surrender monkeys” quips — look to be a thing of the past, at least after the Paris terror attacks. Now, French authorities are taking on radical Islam, and they mean business.
A two-week campaign of raids against radical Islamist targets by French counterterrorism forces has yielded 232 arrests and 334 weapons confiscations. According to France Info (via Breitbart), 34 of those weapons were “war-grade.”
All in all, counterterrorism authorities have raided 2,235 homes and buildings in the wake of the Nov. 13 attacks. In addition to the weapons, illegal narcotics were found in 165 locations.

“In 15 days we have seized one-third of the quantity of war-grade weapons that are normally seized in a year,” French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said.
Cazeneuve also said that three mosques had been closed down in the national state of emergency following the attacks. One of the mosques authorities shuttered on Wednesday after authorities discovered a 9mm handgun, a concealed hard drive, a life insurance policy and — most tellingly — documents relating to jihad.
“Operations are being carried out against hate preachers and self-proclaimed imams,” Cazeneuve told reporters, calling the measures necessary because of “Islamist radicalization.”

According to Cazaneuve, this is the first time that France has ever taken these measures against Islam, but they were necessary.
Answering critics who said that the state of national emergency could be lifted, Cazaneuve responded that “state of emergency was needed and is still required,” adding that “it is terrorism that threatens freedom today, not the state of emergency.”
Now, here’s my question: Can you ever see President Barack Obama taking decisive action like this against radical Islam?
Of course not. In fact, the president refused to even call the Paris attacks “Islamic terrorism.” When Obama can’t even identify what we’re fighting against, how can we possibly expect him to act this decisively?

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For the Obama being a Muslim deniers....Sorry he is !

Facts are facts...had MSM and FoxNews as well as the DNC vetted Obama we would not have him as POTUS for the last 7 going on 8 years... he was illegally certified by Nancy Pelosi and Harry which time he has totally messed up the security as well as the economy of the United States of America with his Islamic Sharia Law/MB enabling within the USA as well as the Middle East!

Hawaii -- 1967 -- Indonesia

While studying for her bachelor's degree, Anna met another foreign student at the university.  According to Stanley Ann's passport file and Lolo's INS file, we know that she met and eventually married Lolo Soetoro Mangunharjo in 1965 and in 1967, Lolo, a Muslim, promptly moved his new family to Jakarta, Indonesia, the worlds most populous Muslim country.   


Indonesia -- 1967 -- Was Barry Adopted?
Obama arrived in Indonesia at about the age of five according to most accounts, although it was possible he arrived at the age of six, according to a few sources.  At some time, Lolo Soetoro adopted Barry, and Barry would have automatically become an Indonesian citizen according to the country’s laws in the 1960’s, which stipulated any child is immediately granted Indonesian citizenship upon completion of the adoption process.

we know that Barry was adopted by Lolo Soetoro.  His half-sister Maya stated so publically. 
As evidence that an adoption occurred, there are the following artifacts:

1.  The registration document from the Roman Catholic, Franciscus Assisi Primary School (next item), in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Barry Soetoro is registered as a "citizen" of Indonesia.

According to Indonesian legal experts, only Indonesian citizens could attend state-operated public schools, and Barry would attend two of them.

3.  In the divorce documents (page1 and page2), Lolo Soetoro is described as "father" -- "husband has not contributed to support of wife and children" -- "oldest child in university" -- and this curious note, "both mother and child are U. S. citizens while father an Indonesian citizen."

We know from the Stanley Ann/Lolo 1980 divorce documents that "the parties" were the parents of one child under 18 [Maya] and one child over 18 but still dependent on the parties for his education [Barry].  The divorce was filed/granted in Hawaii.  That Barry was adopted by Lolo Soetoro is not in the realm of speculation.  It is fact.

There is accumulating evidence that Anna was something of an expert at taking advantage living abroad, while carefully keeping one foot in the US of A for herself and her children.

"The Indonesian Citizenship Law states that children's citizenship is derived solely from the citizenship of the father.  Children of citizen mothers and foreign fathers are considered foreigners and require visas to remain in the country until the age of 18, at which time they may apply for citizenship.  They are prohibited from attending public schools and must attend private, international schools, which usually are more expensive."
U. S. State Department 


Indonesia -- 1968 -- Besuki Primary

Obama then entered the Besuki Primary School, a state school.  He was enrolled as Indonesian citizen, Barry Soetoro, Muslim.  He would attend Besuki for two years.

Iis Darmawan, 63, Obama's teacher, remembers him as an exceptionally tall and curly haired child who quickly picked up the local language and had sharp math skills.  "He wrote an essay titled, 'I Want To Become President,'" the teacher said.  Here are Barry's school records:
Iis Darmawan, 63, Obama's teacher, remembers him as an exceptionally tall and curly haired child who quickly picked up the local language and had sharp math skills.  "He wrote an essay titled, 'I Want To Become President,'" the teacher said.  Here are Barry's school records:


Indonesia -- 1968 -- A Hidden Memory reports that at the time Barry Soetoro was in Indonesia, all Indonesian students were required to carry government identity cards or Karty Tanda Pendudaks, as well as family card identification called a Kartu Keluarga.  The Kartu Keluarga is a family card which bears the legal names and citizenship status of all family members.

Soetoro/Obama was registered in a public school as an Indonesian citizen by the name of Barry Soetoro and his father was listed as Lolo Soetoro, M.A.  Indonesia did not allow foreign students to attend their public schools in the late 1960’s or 1970’s, and any time a child was registered for a public school, the child’s name and citizenship status were verified through the Indonesian Government.  See Constitution of Republic of Indonesia (Undang-Undang Dasar Republik Indonesia 1945), Chapter 13, Law No. 62 of 1958 (all citizens of Indonesia have a right to education).  The Indonesian school record, indicates that Soetoro/Obama’s name is "Barry Soetoro;" his nationality is "Indonesia" and his father "Lolo Soetoro, M.A.  There was no way for Soetoro/Obama to have attended school in Jakarta, Indonesia legally unless he was an Indonesian citizen, as Indonesia was under tight rule and was a Police State.  See Constitution of Republic of Indonesia (Undang-Undang Dasar Republik Indonesia 1945), Law No. 62 of 1958.  These facts indicate that young Barry was/is an Indonesian citizen, and therefore he is not eligible to be President of the United States.

Under Indonesian law, when a male acknowledges a child as his son, it deems the son, in this case Soetoro/Obama, an Indonesian State citizen.  See Constitution of Republic of Indonesia, Law No. 62 of 1958 concerning Immigration Affairs and Indonesian Civil Code (Kitab Undang-undang Hukum Perdata) (KUHPer) (Burgerlijk Wetboek voor Indonesie).

Furthermore, under the Indonesian adoption law, once an Indonesian citizen adopts a child, the adoption severs the child’s relationship to the birth parents, and the adopted child is given the same status as a natural child and the child takes the name of his step-father, in this case, Soetoro.  See Indonesian Constitution, Article 2.

The Indonesian citizenship law was designed to prevent apatride (stateless) or bipatride (dual) citizenship.  Indonesian regulations recognized neither apatride nor bipatride (stateless or dual) citizenship.  Since Indonesia did not allow dual citizenship; neither did the United States (since the United States only permitted dual citizenship when 'both' countries agree); and since young Barry was a "natural" citizen of Indonesia, the United States would not step in or interfere with the laws of Indonesia. Hague Convention of 1930.

As a result of Soetoro/Obama’s Indonesian "natural" citizenship status, Soetoro/Obama could never regain U.S. "natural born" status, if he in fact he ever held such, which we doubt.  Soetoro/Obama could have only become "naturalized" if the proper paperwork were filed with the U.S. State Department, after going through U.S. Immigration upon his return to the United States; in which case, Soetoro/Obama would have received a Certification of Citizenship indicating "naturalized."
Indonesia -- 1968 -- Mates

In 2007, classmate Rony Amiris described young Barry as enjoying football and playing marbles and of being a very devout Muslim.  Amir said, "Barry was previously quite religious in Islam."

"We previously often asked him to the prayer room close to the house.  If he was wearing a sarong he looked funny," said Rony.

Amiris now the manager of the Bank Mandiri, Jakarta, recently said, "Barry was previously quite religious in Islam.  His birth father, Barack Hussein Obama was a Muslim economist from Kenya.  Before marrying Ann Dunham, Hussein Obama was married to a woman from Kenya who had seven children.  All the relatives of Barry's father were very devout Muslims"

Rony extrapolates further, that Obama at one point had to change his religion if he ever intended later to run for the office of President of the United States because America would never elect a Muslim to the be President of the United States.

Also in 2007, Emirsyah Satar, CEO of Garuda Indonesia, was quoted as saying, "He (Obama) was often in the prayer room wearing a 'sarong', at that time."

"He was quite religious in Islam but only after marrying Michelle, he changed his religion."
Australia -- 1969 --Barry Had A Passport And Was Traveling
Obama visited Australia as a boy according to a report by The Australian News.  Brad Norington writes, "Obama visited Australia as a boy when he passed through Sydney from Indonesia, where he lived with his mother for four years, during trips to visit his grandparents in Hawaii."

"He is said to have enjoyed his stops in Sydney, especially the beaches."

We know Barry wasn't on his mother's passport, so this tells us that Barack Obama had a passport of his own.  The question is, was it an American passport or an Indonesian passport? 
It is important to discover whether or not based upon Stanley Ann's’ August 13, 1968 Passport Renewal Application to DoS shown as page 3 and page 4 of Stanley Ann excluded Saebarkah Soetoro (BHO)from her Passport of July 19, 1965; and therefore, left no way for Barry who is presumed to also have the right to an Indonesian Passport under Lolo Soetoro to reenter the USA with Stanley Ann except by use of the expired July 19, 1965 passport.

Read entire Obama File :

Is Free Speech Dead? Obama Attorney General Promises to Prosecute Anyone Using “Anti-Muslim Speech”

is reporting that President Barack Obama will nominate Loretta Lynch ...

 Breitbart alleged that Loretta Lynch, the New York federal prosecutor ...
[AG Loretta Lynch ]
All seem to use the dreaded index finger point of intimidation!

Cast of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest posing for their photograph ...
Another one in the Obama administration that is a prime example of the inmates running the asylum...akin to 'One flew over the cuckoos nest' 

Not to forget:

oped: AG Lynch is every bit as prejudice as Eric Holder and Barry Barack Hussein Obama...#BlackLivesMatter #JihadLivesMatter #MuslimsLivesMatter and actively work to destroy the 1st,2nd and 4th amendments of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights! All three  should be Impeached for Treason against the USA... prosecuted under the war powers act !  

And by the way Loretta Lynch ... what law are you going to use to prosecute Freedom of Speech as granted under the US Constitution/Bill of Rights?...oh wait you will wait for Barry Barack Hussein Obama to write and issue his own law by decree...Step down immediately Loretta Lynch or risk being impeached and prosecuted along with your boss! #Treason during war time begets life imprisonment up to the death penalty! 

In the aftermath of yet another Muslim terrorist attack on innocent people, Attorney General Loretta Lynch is promising swift and aggressive action against evildoers… 

Oh no. Not the evildoers who committed the terrorists acts. No, she’s promising to act against Americans who speak out about the dangers of Islam.
Now obviously this is a country that is based on free speech, but when it edges towards violence, when we see the potential for someone to lift — lifting that mantle of anti-Muslim rhetoric or, as we saw after 9/11, violence against individuals who may not even be Muslims but may be perceived to be Muslims and they will suffer just as well, just as much. When we see that, we will take action….

Since 9/11, we’ve had over a thousand investigations into acts of anti-Muslim hatred, including rhetoric and bigoted actions, with over 45 prosecutions arising out of that….
I think it’s important, however, that as we again talk about the importance of free speech we make it clear that actions predicated on violent talk are not America they are not who were they are not what we do and they will be prosecuted, so I want that message to be clear also.
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All Syrian Refugees Allowed In The U.S. Since Paris Attack Share Common Trait… This Is SCARY

Following the bloody massacre in Paris by Islamic State group terrorists, more than half of the states have called for a halt to President Barack Obama’s plan to bring in thousands of Syrian refugees, fearing jihadists could be hiding among them.
As it turns out, there is a good reason for the states to be concerned about the potential for these refugees to be radicalized and become a terrorist threat, based upon the government’s own admission.
According to CNS News, the State Department recently admitted that in the nearly three weeks since the Paris terror attacks, at least 132 refugees from Syria have been admitted into the United States.
And as Top Right News reported in September, Syrian ISIS operative ...
Of those 132 Syria refugees, every single one of them is a Sunni Muslim, the branch of Islam that forms the base for radicalized jihadist groups like the Islamic State group, Al Qaeda and others.
Not a single refugee admitted over the past few weeks has been Christian, Druze, Alawite, Shiite, Yazidi, or any of the other religious minorities bearing the brunt of the persecution dished out by the barbaric Islamic State militants.
Of the 132 refugees admitted since Nov. 13, 72 of them were men and 60 were women. Roughly 30 percent of the total were between the ages of 14 and 50, while 40 percent were children under the age of 14.

Looking back to the start of Fiscal Year 2016, 423 Syrian refugees have been admitted into the United States, a full 98 percent of whom were Sunni Muslims. Roughly a quarter of those were men between the ages of 14 and 50.
Only five Christians have been brought into the country as refugees over the past couple of months, despite Christians being the most persecuted group in Syria.
All told, since the civil war in Syria began in 2011, only 2.3 percent of the refugees admitted into the country have been Christians, a much smaller proportion than the 10 percent of the Syrian population that identifies as Christian.
Conversely, while Sunni Muslims make up about 74 percent of Syria’s population, they have comprised more than 93 percent of the refugees Obama has imported to American cities and towns.

Obama has told us that he is bringing in those who are most persecuted, and we shouldn’t be afraid of widows and orphans. But as the State Department’s own numbers make perfectly clear, Obama is instead bringing in the least persecuted group from Syria, a full quarter of which are males of fighting age who are part of the highest risk group to become radicalized jihadists.
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Governors in 27 States Now Refusing Syrian Refugees Following Paris ...

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Anarchist Obama Uses Laws He Violated to Force States to accept Syrian Refugees

King Obama’s Royal Declaration: “I can do whatever I want” -
[King Obama’s Royal Declaration: “I can do whatever I want” -]

For the past several years, Barack Obama has deliberately violated the United States Constitution by instructing the Department of Homeland Security not to fully enforce federal immigration laws. Instead of detaining and deporting all illegal aliens, Obama instructed them to only deport illegals that have previous felony convictions. The DHS took the orders a step further and started releasing hundreds of thousands of illegals with felony convictions back out on our streets to continue victimizing American citizens. 

Obama took his illegal actions further by issuing an executive order and memo to grant nearly 20 million illegals to apply for delayed deportation, obtain work permits, valid state driver’s licenses and obtain a number of government assistances. Some states have taken this illegal action even further by passing laws that automatically register everyone to vote who obtains a state driver’s license, renew their license or obtain a state ID card, thus allowing illegals to cast illegal votes. 

Now the Obama administration is using federal immigration and refugee laws to defend their actions to allow thousands of Syrian refugees into the nation.
Currently, 31 states have informed the federal government that they are refusing to accept any more refugees from Syria. They state that the threat of members of ISIS hiding among the refugees is too great of a risk.
In reply to the states, the Obama administration is shoving the federal laws in the face of the states, telling them they have to abide by federal law that requires them to take their allotment of refugees. 

This is so typical for the most corrupt administration in the world. They openly break the same laws that they expect others to obey. When laws become arbitrary it leads to anarchy, a state of political and social disorder. We are already experiencing social disorder with the increased racial tensions building in the nation. Much of this disorder was created by Obama’s racist policies of not prosecuting blacks for their crimes but going after everyone else. Blacks now believe they are entitled to special treatment and immunity from the law because of Obama’s example. 

Government disorder has become the norm with the Obama administration. The Constitution and federal laws no longer mean anything to him. He picks and choses which laws and parts of the Constitution he wants to enforce and which ones he doesn’t want to enforce. Obama refused to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act over a year before the Supreme Court overturned it. Obama refuses to enforce federal immigration laws. Obama willingly defied Congress by supplying millions of dollars and weapons to a terrorist organization that swore to destroy the United States. He repeatedly bypasses Congress by making illegal changes to Obamacare.
The states that are refusing to accept Syrian refugees need to point to Obama’s own violation of the laws and say if he can defy federal laws so can they. Besides, the Tenth Amendment gives states authority over the federal government in matters like this. However, our anarchist courts also don’t care about adhering to the Constitution or laws and will assuredly rule in favor of our anarchist dictator.

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Is Obama’s new ISIS czar a documented terror sympathizer?

robert malley

The Obama administration’s new czar for countering the Islamic State terror threat is Robert Malley, a longtime Middle East expert with a history of sympathizing with extremists.
The White House announced Malley’s appointment during a press briefing focused on the Paris climate conference.
“The president recently elevated Rob Malley, the NSC [National Security Council] Coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa, to serve now as the Senior Adviser to the President for the Counter-ISIL Campaign in Iraq and Syria,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters.

Earnest added that the new ISIS czar’s job will be to “support our reinvigorated diplomatic track toward a political transition in Syria.”
Malley isn’t a new face in the Obama administration. Malley served as a foreign policy adviser to the Obama campaign in 2008, but he was dropped from the campaign for having regular contact with members of Hamas.
Working closely with Hamas is just one of a number of Malley’s actions that have led to questions about whether he sympathizes with Arab extremists.

Via Judicial Watch:
Over the years he has published a number of newspaper opinion pieces urging the United States to reach out and negotiate with terrorist enemies like Hamas, Hezbollah and Muqtada al-Sadr. A website that documents the networks and agendas of the political left offers details about Malley’s scary past and provides links to the egregious articles he’s published, including several co-written with Hussein Agha, a former adviser to Arafat. In 2007 Malley published an op-ed piece in a mainstream newspaper expressing strong support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, a murderous tyrant who has been credited with helping ISIS rise.

Malley grew up in France and his Egyptian-born father was a key figure in Egypt’s communist party and a close friend of Arafat’s. His parents were fervently anti-Israel and huge supporters of several leftist revolutionary liberation movements, especially the Palestinian cause. Malley published a piece in a mainstream newspaper declaring that Israel was responsible for the failure of Bill Clinton’s peace talks with the Palestinians. Malley attended the 2000 event, which was held at Camp David because it was the site of the landmark 1978 Israeli-Egyptian peace accords.
Last year, the president made Malley the head of the National Security Council. Before that, after the 2012 election, Malley served as Obama’s senior adviser for Iraq-Iran-Syria and the Gulf states.

So, the guy who is now heading up the fight against ISIS is one of the same guys that should’ve been informing the Obama administration that the threat was growing for the past several years. Obama didn’t get any of those memos.

Save-the-planet George Soros invests in coal

environmentalism and money

In August, Breitbart’s Steve Milloy wrote:
I predicted … that the left wasn’t going to kill off the coal industry so much as it was going to steal it. That prediction is already becoming true courtesy of billionaire George Soros.
U.S. Securities and Exchange Act filings indicate that Soros has purchased an initial 1 million shares of Peabody Energy and 553,200 shares of Arch Coal, the two largest publicly traded U.S. coal companies. As pointed out last week, both companies have been driven perilously close to bankruptcy by the combination of President Obama’s “war on coal” and inexpensive natural gas brought on by the hydrofracturing revolution.

Less than a year ago the Soros’ Climate Policy Initiative issued a major report concluding that the world could save $1.8 trillion over the next two decades by transitioning away from coal. The report referred to coal reserves as “stranded assets” that were losing value as they were no longer needed.
What a difference a few months makes, especially when those months have seen coal company stocks fall to fire sale prices.
Instead of the ever-popular “pump and dump” strategy for making money, this is dump and then pump. Make coal look worthless, then buy it up. Then take the stock price up.

The climate change tap dance features all sorts of financial deals, and as yet the really huge ones are lurking behind the curtain. In the meantime, we can see a few of the out-front hustles.
There is the case of Tom Steyer, hedge-fund billionaire, as reported by NewsBusters in July:
Tom Steyer’s concern for the environment and almost religious devotion to promoting green energy appear to be targeting another kind of green.

Alternative Energy wasn’t always Steyer’s focus. He only began attacking coal power in 2011 …

Meanwhile in Australia, the hedge fund that Steyer started and ran until at least 2013, Farallon Capital Management, was busy finalizing a transaction to create what is on track to become one of Australia’s largest coal mining operations. This deal increased coal production in Australia by a staggering 70 million tons.
Steyer divested from Farallon in 2014 after saying that he could not reconcile it with his current personal beliefs about climate change. Also, conveniently after he had made a fortune.
Nice work if he could get it, and he could.

Gore’s good fortune

Several years ago, I wrote a piece about Al Gore’s good fortune as a climate-change god.
Here is an excerpt:
In 2001, Al Gore was worth less than $2 million. Now, in 2012, it’s estimated he’s locked up a nice neat $100 million.
How did he do it? Well, he invested in 14 green companies, who inhaled — via loans, grants and tax relief — somewhere in the neighborhood of $2.5 billion from the federal government to go greener.
Therefore, Gore’s investments paid off, because the government was providing massive cash backup to those companies. It’s nice to have federal friends in high places.

For example, Gore’s investment firm at one point held 4.2 million shares of an outfit called Iberdrola Renovables, which was building 20 wind farms across the United States.
Iberdrola was blessed with $1.5 billion from the federal government for the work which, by its own admission, saved its corporate financial bacon. Every little bit helps.
Then there was a company called Johnson Controls. It makes batteries, including those for electric cars. Gore’s investment company, Generation Investment Management (GIM) (Twitter search), doubled its holdings in Johnson Controls in 2008, when shares cost as little $9 a share. GIM sold when shares cost $21 to $26 — before the market for electric-car batteries fell on its head.
For a while, the going was good. To make it go good, Johnson Controls had been bolstered by $299 million dropped at its doorstep by the Administration of President Barack Obama.

On the side, Gore has been giving speeches on the end of life as we know it on planet Earth, for as much as $175,000 a pop. (It isn’t really on the side. Gore is constantly on the move from conference to conference, spewing jet fumes in his wake.) Those lecture fees can add up.
The save-the-planet cash registers are ringing. And you can bet that the future configuration of cap and trade, carbon taxes and “reparations” paid out from developed to undeveloped countries will funnel endless cash into elite hands, while cutting energy production for the planet and putting more people into a state of poverty.
We’re just seeing the tip of the financial iceberg.

Finally, Princeton physicist William Happer wrote in January:
… the jihad against atmospheric carbon dioxide.
Like its predecessors, this cause has generated plenty of sanctimonious slogans: ‘intergenerational justice’, ‘saving the planet’, ‘sustainability’, ‘negligible carbon footprints’. In reality, the cause has brought ugly, bird-killing windmills, which have replaced the psalmist’s ‘cattle on a thousand hills’; hapless native peoples have been expelled from their from ancestral lands, sometimes at gunpoint, so wealthy corporations and foundations could claim to be saving the planet, at no small profit to themselves; fraud in the trading of carbon credits has cheated honest taxpayers. But for this cause, as for most of its predecessors, the end justifies the means.

Policies to ‘stop climate change’ are based on climate models that completely failed to predict the lack of warming for the past two decades. Observational data show clearly that the predictions of unacceptable warming by more carbon dioxide are wrong. … [P]olicies designed to save the planet from more carbon dioxide are based on failed computer models.
Profits for “the right people,” however, aren’t failing.
–Jon Rappoport

POTUS Obama gets serious on The worlds greatest Threat !

EOS...yes indeed the inmate running the proverbial asylum!

ISIS Adherents Praise San Bernardino Massacre, “America Burning”

“God is great and he the one to be praised for that,” another supporter posted in the forum in Arabic. “This is hell with god’s will.”
ISIS extremists began celebrating the mass shooting in San Bernardino hours after the massacre, creating the hashtag #America_Burning as police hunted for as many as three shooters, Vocativ discovered. The Islamic State, however, did not take credit for the shootings in the ghoulish postings.

“Three lions made us proud. They are still alive,” one ISIS adherent tweeted in Arabic after the shootings at Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino. “California streets are full with soldiers with heavy weapons. The Unites States is burning #America_Burning #Takbir”
ISIS never fails to prove how sick and twisted they are — this time by celebrating the mass shooting that occurred today in San Bernardino, CA.

But we can’t call it terrorism, it might offend someone……
ISIS extremists began celebrating the mass shooting in San Bernardino hours after the massacre, creating the hashtag #America_Burning, Vocativ discovered. The Islamic State, however, did not take credit for the shootings in the ghoulish postings.
Vocativ deep web analysts used our technology to discover the sickening ISIS posts on web forums where the extremists frequently share information.

“Three lions made us proud. They are still alive,” one ISIS adherent tweeted in Arabic after the shootings at Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino. “California streets are full with soldiers with heavy weapons. The Unites States is burning #America_Burning #Takbir”
ثلاث ليوث اثلجوا صدورنا بفضل الله مازالوا أحياء ويتجولون شوارع كاليفورنيا بالزى العسكرى وبأسلحة ثقيلة #أمريكا_تشتعل #تكبيـر
— ﺳ̲ﻟ̲آﻣ̲يےﻋ ﺂ̲ﻟ̲ﺩ̲ۆﻟة (@alSaoD__yahoD__) December 2, 2015
“God is great and he the one to be praised for that,” another supporter posted in the forum in Arabic. “This is hell with god’s will.” But the hashtag was primarily used on Twitter where one ISIS extremist taunted the United States with a tweet that read “Let America know a new era #California #America_burning.”
لتعلم #أمريكا أننا في زمان جديد #كاليفورنيا #امريكا_تشتعل — أبومصعب المصري (@abomossabelmass) December 2, 2015

Another ISIS supporter posted in reference to the shooting on Twitter, “God is the greatest. May god spread fear in the homes of the Crusaders.”
الله اكبر…اللهم انشر الرعب في عقر ديار الصليب فكم اذو المسلمين — john–almwhid (@almwhid_john) December 2, 2015
Multiple shooters opened fire at a center for the disabled in San Bernardino, California on Wednesday. Fourteen people were killed and at least 17 wounded in the deadliest mass shooting in the U.S. since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
A massive manhunt for the suspects ended in a shootout that left two suspects dead, a man and a woman. A third person was arrested. A police officer was also wounded in the gun battle, but his injuries are not life threatening.

One of the suspects was identified by multiple sources as Syed Farook. He’s believed to have worked at the San Bernardino County Public Health Department, which held a holiday party at the center where the shooting took place on Wednesday.
Farook’s father said his son was a “very religious” Muslim. “He would go to work, come back, go to pray, come back,” the father told the New York Daily News.
Later in the day, Farook’s brother-in-law, Farhan Khan, spoke to reporters during a press conference organized by the Council on American-Islamic Relations. “I cannot express how sad I am for what happened today,” he said. “My condolences to the people who lost their lives. I am in shock that something like this could happen.”
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Innocent FB humor... Lady duct tapes her dogs mouth...cited for animal abuse

And .@FoxandFriends as well as twitter goes bonkers ...overreaction/false outrage for what was a few minutes to post the picture to FaceBook...the dog was not harmed nor in distress ...and the poor lady was cited for animal abuse by the same animal control officers who tape gators mouths shut when captured /relocated they should then cite themselves if taping a animals mouth is abuse!

Trump 100% Vindicated: CBS Reports ‘Swarms’ On Rooftops Celebrating 9/11

by John Nolte 

The DC Media has spent the last two weeks attempting to destroy Donald Trump with lies. Outright lies, and they are doing so in order to protect a 14 year-old cover up. Not only have eyewitnesses and contemporaneous reports proven Donald Trump 100% correct about Muslims celebrating 9/11,  a just-uncovered  local CBS News (WCBS-TV in New York) report completely vindicates Trump’s claim of “thousands and thousands” of Muslims celebrating the fall of the World Trade Center.
The video below is from a September 16, 2001 news report:

Just a couple of blocks away from that Jersey City apartment the F.B.I. raided yesterday and had evidence removed, there is another apartment building, one that investigators told me, quote, was swarming with suspects — suspects who I’m told were cheering on the roof when they saw the planes slam into the Trade Center. Police were called to the building by neighbors and found eight men celebrating, six of them tenants in the building.
The F.B.I. and other terrorist task force agencies arrived, and the older investigators on the task force recalled that they had been to this building before, eight years ago, when the first  World Trade Center attack led them to Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman, whose Jersey City mosque lies between the two buildings getting attention today. And the older investigators remember that the suspects that eventually got convicted for the first Trade Center case … lived in the building where these same eight men were celebrating the destruction that they saw from the roof. Calling this a hot address, the task force investigators ordered everyone detained.

You want to get into semantics about how many people make up a swarm?
But that’s not all.
You have to add up all of the contemporaneous news reports. You are Donald Trump. You are taking in all the news during that awful week. You are told by the media that “swarms” of Muslims in a known terrorist’s neighborhood were seen on rooftops celebrating 9/11. Just two days earlier you have read this in the New York Post:

Here in New York, it was easy to get angry listening to Egyptians, Palestinians and the Arabs of nearby Paterson, N.J., celebrate as they received word of the murderous attack in New York and Washington. But Mayor Giuliani (who has been tireless and magnificent in this crisis) rightly warned New Yorker-ers that is would be wrong to take their anger our on the city’s Arab and Muslim residents. Attacks on Arab-Americans in Paterson or elsewhere are utterly indefensible.
You hear radio news reports about Muslims celebrations.
MTV runs a news report about Muslim celebrations.
From all of those news reports, it is perfectly reasonable and nothing close to lying to put together a picture of “thousands”.
FACT: Donald Trump is now 100% vindicated. 

If these celebrations did not occur, the only thing Trump did wrong was to believe the same media that is now calling him a liar — and doing so to cover up the truth about American Muslims celebrating 9/11 and their own covering up of that fact.
Numerous times I’ve suggested Trump exaggerated the “thousands” claim, and for that I apologize.

Bill Nye's solution for climate change

oped: Just *SMH* Bill Nye is as nutty as Al Gore,Barry Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton..yes indeed he fits right with them as another inmate running the asylum! This whole issue of Global Warming is just another Obama administration/UN scam to collect a carbon tax...and who will pay this tax? You guessed it Middle America's working class! 

Bill Nye the science guy?...not hardly ..BS in engineering See:
Schools Attended: Lafayette Elementary School and Sidwell Friends School both in Washington, DC. Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. LOL just another elite Limo Liberal!
Worked as an engineer at Boeing Aircraft in Seattle, and appeared in at least 3 training films, some of which are still popular among the workers there.
Started his career after he won a Steve Martin lookalike contest.
By Alex Bregman
As nearly 150 world leaders, including President Obama, gathered in Paris for a historic conference to combat climate change, Bill Nye “the Science Guy” is out with a new book, “Unstoppable,” outlining his own suggestions for that fight. One of the solutions includes bubbles, as he demonstrated for Yahoo News and Finance Anchor Bianna Golodryga, on “Yahoo News Live”!
In a demonstration, Nye blew bubbles into water and explained that bubbles could help fight climate change because they reflect light. He explained to Golodryga: “If we were able to induce bubbles on purpose – in let’s say the cooling ponds at power plants or in reservoirs – there would be less evaporation and then you would have more water to do what you want to do. However, does the cost of producing these bubbles outweigh the benefit of having them reflect into space? It just might not work … it might work!” 

The Science Guy also proposed a carbon fee: “We cannot say tax! We must say fee!”
Why should Americans worry about a 1.7-degree Fahrenheit increase in temperature? Nye told Golodryga: “Most of the world’s 7.3 billion people live on coasts, so as you make the ocean just a little bit warmer, it gets bigger.” He continued, “As the ocean gets bigger, there will be coastal flooding, and people will leave and they will be displaced.”
What cities will be impacted in the U.S.? Nye told Golodryga: “New Orleans, Boston, New York, there is a whole thing in Washington, D.C., called the tidal basin … all of the cities will be affected, and that is in the developed world.” 

Nye also linked climate change to fighting terrorism. “In the case of terrorism, water shortages in Syria cause people – particularly young people – to abandon family farms that have been there for centuries and go to the big cities looking for water. They couldn’t get work, got disenchanted, angry with the system, got recruited by terrorist organizations and are now showing up around the world shooting people.”
Nye addressed those candidates running for president who do not believe in climate change, called “climate deniers.” He said, “I want to see what happens after the second big primary. … In order for anybody to get elected, I am pretty sure they have to engage millennials … to engage those people, you are going to have a reasonable stance on climate change. And so in order to get elected, you’re going to have to talk rationally about climate change.” 

What can every American do to personally help fight climate change? Nye gave some tips: Insulate your attic if you live in a house, replace your windows, use systems to eliminate wasting hot water, and don’t waste stuff.
In a lightening round, Nye also gave his take on everyone from Donald Trump (his reaction: “Wow.”) to Hillary Clinton (“Right on.”) to the Kardashians (“I don’t know anything about them. My understanding is they are or were smokin’ hot.”). 

Nye’s final point: “Let’s go people! We can change the world!”

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hillary: Hey, Let's Learn From Latin America's 'Success' and Elect a Woman President

 [Cast of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest ]

Cast of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest posing for their photograph ...

oped: Ok against my better judgement...I will give those who voted for Obama's first term a pass...they were caught up in the moment...however those who voted for his second term and are considering voting for Hillary Clinton this term..all I can suggest is they check into the nearest psychiatric ward for a evaluation !
I'm sorry but in my humble opinion Barry Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton are prime examples of the inmates running the asylum...they are 'Bat Shit Crazy' and anyone who supports them are as well!

by:Guy Benson 

As I've said repeatedly, and as is flagrantly obvious, Hillary Clinton will seek to overcome her heavy personal and political baggage with a simple identity-based message to America's female-majority electorate: It's high time we elect our First! Woman! President!  That her allies have already played the gender card to neutralize mild criticisms from Mrs. Clinton's top Democratic (nominal) opponent tells you everything you need to know. They're going to blitz the eventual GOP nominee as anti-women at every turn, while hyping the historic nature of Clinton's candidacy. In her latest naked appeal to 'girl power' vibes, Clinton is explicitly and enthusiastically subordinating actual results to the cult of identity:

Let's examine a few of the recent "success" stories from which Americans can learn:

Brazil - Over to you, Washington Post...

Brazil’s economy is tanking — and it’s not just China, its principal trade partner, that is to blame. South America’s biggest economy fell into recession in August and is expected to shrink by 2 to 3 percent this year. Inflation is pushing 10 percent, its highest since 2003, unemployment has climbed to over 8 percent, and the Brazilian real has lost about a third of its value against the dollar this year. Just a few years ago, Brazil was a favorite of investors — one of the “BRICS” group of emerging markets named for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Its economy grew more than 7 percent in 2010. Yet last week, ratings agency Standard & Poor’s reduced Brazil’s credit rating from investment grade to junk. In a rare front-page editorial Sunday, the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper reacted by attacking President Dilma Rousseff, who was narrowly reelected in October, for the “generalized irresponsibility” of recent years, during which public spending soared.

Brazil's tanking economy comes amid a huge spike in government spending under Brazil's left-wing government, which has been consumed by a multibillion-dollar corruption scandal.  The country's credit rating has been downgraded to junk status.  Presiding over all of this is President Dilma Rousseff, whose approval rating has slumped to eight percent. 

Argentina - The era of Cristina is over.  The left-wing president's hand-picked successor lost to a conservative opponent last month, ending an period marked by longstanding corruptioneconomic malaise, and multiple credit defaults.  Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner leaves office with another dark cloud hanging over her head:  She's been dogged by serious allegations that her government was actively complicit in covering-up an Iranian terrorist attack against an Argentinian Jewish center in 1994. In January, the chief federal prosecutor who'd investigated the case for a decade was found dead, literally the day before he was set to brief Congress on the evidence he'd compiled. The New York Times: "Mr. Nisman, 51, leveled explosive accusations that top Argentine officials, including President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, had conspired with Iran to cover up responsibility for the bombing as part of a deal that would supply Iranian oil to Argentina. Now, the mystery has deepened with the discovery of Mr. Nisman’s body on Sunday — the day before he was to testify before lawmakers about those accusations."  Cristina's administration declared the death a suicide, but no gunshot residue was discovered on the deceased's hands.  Authorities found a draft warrant for the president's arrest in the dead prosecutor's apartment.  The Economist summarizes Cristina's tenure: 

Ms Fernández has hoarded power and suppressed dissent. She has bent the central bank to her will, muzzled the government’s statistics institute and bullied the media. She has tried, less successfully, to suborn the independence of the judiciary. She leaves an economy in even worse shape than it looks.

Costa Rica - Via Bloomberglast year: "Costa Rica’s presidential race is in a statistical tie with a third of voters undecided after corruption scandals and historically high unemployment undermined President Laura Chinchilla. Unemployment averaging 10 percent the past two years and a series of resignations tied to accusations of corruption pushed Chinchilla’s approval rating to 9 percent, the lowest among 17 Latin American leaders, according to a 2013 survey by Mexico City-based pollster Consulta Mitofsky."  Chinchilla, a center-Left economic moderate and social conservative, was replaced by a member of a different Chilean left-leaning party.

Chile - Via The Guardian, this spring:

Amid a series of political corruption scandals which have upended the Chilean political establishment and delivered a critical blow to her popularity, President Michelle Bachelet on Wednesday dismissed rumours that she is considering resigning...Public opinion polls in March showed the president’s approval ratings fell to 31%, down drastically from the 84% with which she finished her first term in 2010. Over the past year the percentage of Chileans expressing disapproval with Bachelet’s leadership jumped from 20% to 61%. Long a champion of Chile’s poor, Bachelet is now battling to maintain her ambitious social reform agenda amid massive public criticism. “There is an important crisis of confidence,” the president said...Over the past 12 months, Bachelet has had multiple legislative victories, including an increase in corporate tax rate to finance free or heavily discounted higher education for tens of thousands of students. The president, a pediatrician, is also pushing to build thousands of free day care centers throughout Chile.

A more recent public opinion poll measures a further deterioration of the left-wing president's approval rating, which now stands at (24/72).  Between the failed leftism, the endemic corruption, and the flagging approval ratings, perhaps Hillary Clinton is right: There is a lot American voters can learn from these examples.  I'll leave you with two more instances of First! Woman! President! identity fetishism.  Eleven more months of this, friends:


Contained? New Report Says There’s ‘Unprecedented’ ISIS Mobilization In The U.S.

by: Matt Vespa 

On November 12, President Obama said ISIS had been “contained.” The next day, ISIS launched a deadly terrorist attack in Paris that left 130 people dead. Guy has written about what appears to be a developing scandal within our intelligence community, specifically the suppression­–or disregard–of intelligence about ISIS’s rise that didn’t necessarily fit the view of the Obama administration. Now, George Washington University’s Program on Extremism released a rather disconcerting report showing “unprecedented” “ISIS-related mobilization” in the United States:

Seventy-one individuals have been charged with ISIS-related activities since March 2014. Fifty-six have been arrested in 2015 alone, a record number of terrorism-related arrests for any year since 9/11.
The profiles of individuals involved in ISIS-related activities in the U.S. differ widely in race, age, social class, education, and family background. Their motivations are equally diverse and defy easy analysis.
ISIS-related radicalization is by no means limited to social media. While instances of purely web-driven, individual radicalization are numerous, in several cases U.S.-based individuals initially cultivated and later strengthened their interest in ISIS’s narrative through face-to-face relationships. In most cases online and offline dynamics complement one another.
The spectrum of U.S.-based sympathizers’ actual involvement with ISIS varies significantly, ranging from those who are merely inspired by its message to those few who reached mid-level leadership positions within the group.
The 71 indictments are merely the tip of the iceberg, as U.S. authorities estimate that the number of individuals linked to ISIS is much larger. Our researchers identified a few dozen individuals with reported ISIS links who have not been charged. Similar to those in the legal system, the “At-Large” cohort have no common profile.
Among them, for example, are three teenage girls from the suburbs of Denver, two Somali-American sisters aged 15 and 17, and their 16-year-old friend of Sudanese descent. The trio lived a normal and comfortable life among their unsuspecting families and peers.

Leah wrote yesterday about ISIS planning on having Sirte, Libya as their fallback capital, given that al-Raqqa, Syria, their current base of operations, is being pummeled by Russia and France. Libya was destabilized when the Obama administration decided to assist rebel forces in their effort to oust Muammar Gaddafi, which was ultimately successful in 2011; another testament to the success* of smart power.

ISIS being “contained?” We probably better add that to the long list in which the president has been wrong, beginning when he mocked Gov. Mitt Romney that Russia isn’t our biggest geopolitical foe during the 2012 election. Romney was right–Russia has been allowed to invade Ukraine, annex Crimea, and intervene in the Middle East, where the U.S. has made it a priority to keep them out of this region for the past 50 years. As former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton noted in October, our decision to even entertain de-confliction talks regarding our air forces in Syria legitimizes their presence there.

What is this administration going to do if 150,000 Russian troops enter the region? Russian president Vladimir Putin signed legislation conscripting 150,000 troops in October. While Putin’s office noted that this decree is signed every two years, it comes at a time when Russian airstrikes have intensified. Moreover, this administration’s effete efforts on the Ukraine crisis, among other things, pretty much assured the rest of the world that the lights were on, but no one is home at the Obama White House.
Regarding the taking in of Syrian refugees, the president has mocked Republicans’ rational concern that this could allow terrorists into the country. The FBI has admitted that they cannot screen all of the refugees that are projected to enter the country. We’ve currently accepted 10,000, of which over 2,000 have been resettled. Thirty-one governors have said they will reject Syrian relocation, though the State Department noted that they might not have much choice. Nevertheless, a lack of participation could make things more difficult.

As Kevin Drum of the left-leaning Mother Jones wrote, this mockery of a legitimate issue has the potential of biting Democrats next year by coming off as out of touch and looking un-serious on national security issues. No one wants to look that way, but it’s a criticism that is mostly affiliated with Democrats–hence why the House’s refugee bill passed with a veto-proof majority despite opposition (and a veto threat) from the Obama White House.
*Of course, I'm being sarcastic

FBI Chief James Comey Pivotal Figure for Clinton

Image: FBI Chief James Comey Pivotal Figure for Clinton
oped: We will see...I'm not holding my breath on this far 'We the People' have not seen one iota of Justice from the Attorney Generals Office~First we had injustice from Eric Holder and I see Loretta Lynch as just a Eric wearing a skirt ...! 

By Loren Gutentag  

While Hillary Clinton is the overwhelming favorite for the Democratic presidential nomination, The Hill notes that a pivotal figure in the 2016 presidential race is FBI Director James Comey, who is continuing the investigation into Clinton's use of a private email server while she served as secretary of state.
After an 11-hour hearing in October by the GOP-created Benghazi Committee, political pundits and leaders on both ends of the spectrum believe that the hearing failed to produce anything newsworthy and in turn, the FBI will have the final say in whether Clinton's actions were unethical or not.

The Hill notes that as FBI Chief Comey has taken over the investigation, both parties will have to accept the verdict because Comey is, in many ways, "untouchable."
Comey, 54, the grandson of a police officer in Yonkers, N.Y., was confirmed as FBI chief by the Senate to a 10-year term in a 93-1 vote this summer and holds a reputation for his "independence and aggressive prosecutions," The Hill reports.
"My folks don't give a rip about politics," said Comey earlier this year when discussing the ongoing email investigation. "We're competent, we're independent and we're honest," he added, which has made both parties confident in an unbiased ruling.

According to The Hill, this is not the first time Comey has dealt with the mishandling of classified information. In 2004, Comey played a large role in investigating Sandy Berger, former President Bill Clinton's national security adviser.
"We take issues of classified information very, very seriously," Comey told reporters at the time, The Hill reports. "It's our lifeblood, those secrets."

Monday, November 30, 2015

Germany Just Confirmed Everyone’s Worst Fears About Syrian Refugees

by:Jack Davis 
"They start by saying..."

Islamic extremists in Germany are using food, shelter and the religion of home as bait as they fish the wave of Syrian refugees entering Germany for new converts to radical Islam.
“They start by saying, ‘We will help you live your faith,’” Torsten Voss of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency told the Wall Street Journal. “The Islamist area comes later — that is, of course, their goal.”

German officials said that refugees who want to attend mosques in search of familiar surroundings are, increasingly, attending those frequented by Islamic extremists. German officials told the Journal that they already know of at least 100 instances in which Islamic extremists known to the authorities have tried to establish contact with refugees.
“I’m afraid that anti-Americanism, anti-Israel sentiment and anti-Semitism will be on the rise,” said Der Tagesspiegel editor in chief Malte Lehming. “We have very limited educational tools to change that. Syria is one of the most anti-Israel countries, influenced by Iran and helped by Hezbollah.”

More than one million Syrian refugees are expected to enter Germany in the next year. The radicalization of Muslim refugees has taken on a new urgency in Europe after disclosure that at least one of the terrorists participating in the Paris attacks entered Europe in the mass of Syrian refugees.

Berlin recently distributed a 16-page pamphlet alerting aid workers. Extremists may “take advantage of the refugees’ emotional situation to influence especially young people ideologically, to build ties to them ideologically, and in the worst case to incite them to acts of violence,” it said.
In Saarland, along the French border, Helmut Albert, the state’s chief domestic intelligence official, said that since early September, most newly arrived refugees are frequenting radical Islamic mosques.
“We’re watching to see whether, over time, the refugees start going there not only because the sermons are in Arabic but because they’ve joined the movement,” he said.
h/t: TheBlaze

HERE’S WHAT ISLAM DID: To A Formerly Booming Vacation Spot

 Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 10.51.11 AM
This is what happens to a formerly booming city when Islamic terrorism takes its toll.  
It’s faced bombings and political turmoil over the past decade – and last month’s plane crash has left Egypt’s tourism industry in chaos.
Some 15million visitors a year were heading to the country up until the 2011 Arab Spring, but that had dropped to just 9million in 2014.
And this eye-opening collection of photographs reveals an abandoned landscape of deserted beaches, unfinished hotels and a country in crisis.
Married photographers Andrea and Magda have documented the Sinai region including resorts such as Sharm El Sheikh and Nuweibaa.
They spent nine months touring the area after finding more and more of the places they had previously visited were closing down.
The suspected bombing of a Russian passenger jet saw British Airways and easyJet cancel flights between Sharm and the UK until 2016.
The Foreign Office has warned British tourists of a ‘high threat from terrorism’ in Egypt, where more than 900,000 UK nationals visit a year.

Read more: Daily Mail

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SUCK ON THIS: 1000s Of Kurdish Girls Stayed To Fight ISIS While MILLIONS Of Syrian/Iraqi Men …

What does this tell you about the innocent ‘refugees’ that Obama is always talking about? 

I do believe the United States of America should give 100% + support to the Kurds...they seem to be the only group who gets it...they are fighting for their freedom...and they can be trusted ! 


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Swedish Village Descends Into OPEN WARFARE After Tensions Over Syrian ‘Refugees’ ERUPT

If Obama continues with his plans to import thousands of refugees into America, it wouldn’t be a surprise when it starts happening here.
A small Swedish village has descended into open warfare after furious locals clashed with migrants in a chilling warning of the dangers associated with mass migration.
Outraged protestors threatened children and hurled stones at sheltered housing in apparent retaliation for vandalism and burglaries carried out by newly arrived refugees.
The growing chaos engulfing the once tranquil village of Tärnsjö has got so bad that the children of migrants now need a police escort just to get to school.
It is a snapshot of potential tensions between locals and large numbers of new arrivals boil over, coming as thousands of Syrian refugees begin to arrive in Britain.
Villagers have expressed outrage that migrants get instant access to state benefits and housing whilst many families struggle to get by paying exorbitant rates of tax.
Read more: Express
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The Ultimate Hypocrisy of Anti-Gun Politicians

Obama’s Kids’ School Has 11 Armed Guards – How Many Does Your ...

Most people believe that anti-gun politicians are hypocrites because they claim gun control lowers violent crimes. That hypocrisy has been revealed by the fact that the cities and states with the strictest gun control laws have some of the highest gun related crimes. Cities of Chicago, Baltimore, New York City and Washington DC are prime examples. States like Illinois, New York and Maryland are examples of where an unarmed citizenry makes them more susceptible to becoming the victim of gun violence.

Most of the mass shootings take place in known or posted gun free zones. Schools are a prime example. Within three weeks of declaring their retail stores to be gun free zones, two different Target stores were held up in daylight during business hours by armed robbers.
I’ve reported numerous incidents when a legal owner has stopped a crime in progress or from happening. Armed homeowners have often protected themselves and their family from intruders because they were armed.
... Obama has signed a bill that would afford him armed Secret Service
[Obama has signed a bill that would afford him armed Secret Service] 

Think about it, when is the last time you heard of a bar or any other place frequented by law enforcement personnel being held up by armed robbers? It just doesn’t happen because they know there is a good chance of someone in the bar being armed.
But this isn’t the real hypocrisy of anti-gun politicians like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Michael Bloomberg and Andrew Cuomo. The real hypocrisy is that most of these anti-gun politicians enjoy the privilege of having armed security around them most of the time.

NRA: Obama 'Elite Hypocrite' Because Daughters Have Secret Service ...
As leader of the nation, Obama and his family have the armed protection of the Secret Service. The school his daughters have been attending has a minimum of 11 armed guards yet Obama is against allowing your children’s school to arm themselves to protect your children.
Read more: