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HAPPY NEW me age hell no! Ha

Let's face it when ya hit the 7th decade of life it means you are in the dead of winter...when spring or summer arrives ya can kiss yo ass goodbye...Like one foot is on a roller skate the other on a banana peel...nothing works quite right anymore...the spring in yo step has diminished to a stumble of which ya tell everyone I meant to do Ya find yourself addicted to Znation and the Walking Dead series... well hell ya can relate to the ZZZZZ's and walkers seems everyone is out to get ya *Yikes*

At any rate ya won't find me out in the damn cold watching a stupid ball fall...especially in NYC no booze,no bathrooms and shit howdy the old joints start to creek in the cold...and what cutie is gonna kiss a old fart Walking Dead

Me I'm gonna make a hot chocolate probs with a dash of Jim Beam [It's too damn cold tonight for a beer in N/Nevada 8 deg brrr] and cheer the walkers on as well as the ZZZZ's on netflex....rofl...have a great nite youngin's just remember life is short and it really goes fast! We all have a max of 100 years and the older ya get the faster time goes! As for my New Years resolution: hmmmm maybe I'll work out a lil more so I can make it to 100 so I can drive me kids nuts for another 28 years...ha

A couple of teasers Znation season 3 finale...Producer David M Latt promises season 4 to be great can't wait:) Season 3 finale was a real cliff hanger...  

Z-Nation Season 3 Finale Episode 15 - Everybody Dies in the End - Video Review! 


Fake news? The Russians did not hack the U.S. power grid

Fake news? The Russians did not hack the U.S. power grid

 oped: my gut feeling is that Obama administration intel officials hacked and planted the Russian code on the lap top in lieu of and in concert with Obama's accusations against Vladimir Putin on the DNC hacks...just my opinion mind ya...what say y'all?

The Washington Post caused a mild social media stir Friday when they posted a story alleging that the Russians had hacked the U.S. power grid via a utility company in Vermont.
In a story boasting the ominous headline, “Russian hackers penetrated U.S. electricity grid through a utility in Vermont, officials say,” the Post said the following:
A code associated with the Russian hacking operation dubbed Grizzly Steppe by the Obama administration has been detected within the system of a Vermont utility, according to U.S. officials.

While the Russians did not actively use the code to disrupt operations, according to officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a security matter, the discovery underscores the vulnerabilities of the nation’s electrical grid. And it raises fears in the U.S. government that Russian government hackers are actively trying to penetrate the grid to carry out potential attacks.
However, by late Friday night, after The Burlington Electric Department was finally contacted and could release a statement — something the Post didn’t obtain before publishing their piece — the headline had changed to something less ominous due to the utility company’s statement.

The Daily Caller reports that the statement read as follows:
“Last night, U.S. utilities were alerted by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) of a malware code used in Grizzly Steppe, the name DHS has applied to a Russian campaign linked to recent hacks,” a spokesman for the Burlington Electric Department said. “We acted quickly to scan all computers in our system for the malware signature. We detected the malware in a single Burlington Electric Department laptop not connected to our organization’s grid systems.”
The Vermont Public Service Commissioner Christopher Recchia told The Burlington Free Press, “The grid is not in danger.”

The Post has since changed the headline of their piece to read, “Russian operation hacked a Vermont utility, showing risk to U.S. electrical grid security, officials say.”
Charges of “fake news” have been leveled throughout the 2016 election season as being responsible for inflating or lying about both candidates depending on the source of the report. Concerns about it became so pervasive that media giants such as Facebook and Google vowed to research and begin addressing how news is shared on their platforms with the intent of controlling the spread of false reports.

Barry Barack Obama...King Tut or the Duke of Earl ?

How long must we suffer this fool with a Narcissistic Personalty Disorder bordering on Bi-Polar Disorder ? 
Yes indeed it all began when young Barry, while in school in Hawaii, placed his hand in a sidewalk cement patch with the caption " King Obama" 
From that day forward Barry dreamed of the day he would become King :  

During his formative years he took on the personna of "Duke of Earl" and began singing to the proverbial choir:   

I'm sorry Barry you are neither a King nor a Duke...however you were the leader of the pack known as the 'Choom Gang' in Hawaii...this I will give you...albeit you really should seek professional help for your obvious disorders... and by all means put the pipe down!

Obama: I Will Be There “Every Step of the Way” to Ensure Equality

He’ll be there every step of the way – as a citizen, of course.   The media will see to it that we’ll continue to hear his ‘critical analysis’ won’t they?
The Washington Examiner reports – President Obama used his final weekly address in 2016 to assure Americans that he will remain committed to defending the “progress” made by his administration after handing over the White House to Donald Trump on Jan. 20.

Offering what might be the clearest indication yet of his plan to stay in the political scene post-presidency, Obama said Saturday, “As I prepare to take on the even more important role of citizen, know that I will be there with you every step of the way to ensure that this country forever strives to live up to the incredible promise of our founding — that all of us are created equal, and all of us deserve every chance to live out our dreams.”
While the president initially indicated that he looked forward to a quiet retirement, at a time when many polls showed Democrat Hillary Clinton marching to victory in the presidential election, Obama has said his plans have changed since Trump ran away with the win.
Read More: 

Obama Meeting With Democrats About Shielding Obamacare from GOP

Image: Obama Meeting With Democrats About Shielding Obamacare from GOP
by: Joe Crowe  

President Barack Obama is set to meet with Democrats in Congress regarding ways to keep the Affordable Care Act safe from Republican efforts to repeal it, a source on Capitol Hill told Politico.
Obama will meet with House and Senate Democrats on Jan. 4, according to a notice sent out Friday.
Democratic legislators are working on strategies to save the Act, nicknamed Obamacare, from Republicans, who have promised to repeal it when the 115th Congress starts up in early January.
Soon-to-be Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, a New York Democrat, has said he would stand up against efforts from the Republicans to repeal and replace the health care law. A conference call among Democrats in the House of Representatives focused on the benefits of the act, Politico's report said.

Democrats Schumer, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and independent ally Sen. Bernie Sanders are hosting a "day of action" on Jan. 15 to focus on support for Obamacare and also Medicare and Medicaid.
In a "Dear Colleague" letter, the three wrote, "Beginning in January, it is likely that Republican leaders in Congress will follow through on their threats to ram through a budget bill that will severely undermine the health care needs of the American people," Politico reported.
Republicans could eliminate parts of Obamacare with a "reconciliation" vote, even though most laws require 60 votes to move forward in the Senate. The GOP is looking at a transition time period for the repeal, meaning it would be phased out while Republicans work on a replacement for it, Politico reported.

The Huffington Post reported that the Republicans' discussion about taking apart Obamacare could lead more insurers to leave the program.

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Rep. Louie Gohmert Drafting Bill to DEFUND The U.N. They Don’t Need Our Money to be Anti-Semitic

As Written by and seen first on Fox News: Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert (R) told Kimberly Guilfoyle he is drafting a bill that will halt all U.S. funds to the United Nations until they rescind a resolution condemning Israeli settlements.
Gohmert said his bill will also prevent American money from assisting any foreign government that recognizes Palestine as an independent state.
People have questioned Gohmert as to whether the U.N. would ever consider nullifying the resolution, he said.
“Fine. They don’t need our help to be anti-Semitic,” Gohmert said.
He added that a trend within the Obama administration is to support “bullies over victims”, citing their reaction to the resolution and eagerness to make a deal with Iran.
Israel is “the only place Muslims have complete freedom in the Middle East,” he remarked.

Kellyanne Conway: Russian Sanctions Intended To Restrict Trump?

Kellyanne Conway
by: Alicia 

Kellyanne Conway is articulate, confident, quick-witted, upbeat, professional, she radiates conviction and positive vibes. She would have been a great press secretary, too.
Obama is throwing fits like a spoiled brat because thinks his “legacy” has been severely tarnished. He did that all alone by endorsing and campaigning for the worst presidential candidate in US history, emboldening our enemies and arming them, betraying our greatest ally in the Middle East, and the American public, and the list can go on forever. Obama is an apologist president who failed way beyond miserably.

Incoming counselor to President-elect Trump weighs in on ‘Hannity.’

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California is one F'n sick state...the new Sodom & Gomorrah


Democrats Push to Legalize Child Prostitution in California!

The biggest problem with liberal solutions to problems is that they’re almost always overthought. In most cases, it isn’t that they don’t care about the issues they try to solve. They simply abandon logic and accountability in their quests to be more helpful. This reality is presented in the most dangerous way with SB 1322 which decriminalizes child prostitution in an attempt to save more children from sex traffickers.

Beginning on Jan. 1, prostitution by minors will be legal in California. 

SB 1322 prohibits law enforcement officers from arresting prostitutes who are under the age of 18 for soliciting or engaging in prostitution. This isn’t complicated: teenage girls, or boys, in California, in two days, will be free to have sex in exchange for money without fear of arrest or prosecution.

Read the law for yourself in the following link, or, just read the following direct quote from the law:
Existing law makes it a crime to solicit or engage in any act of prostitution. Existing law makes it a crime to loiter in any public place with the intent to commit prostitution. This bill would make the above provisions inapplicable to a child under 18 years of age who is alleged to have engaged in conduct that would, if committed by an adult, violate the above provisions.”

It’s okay if you want to reread that last sentence to make sure you read it right the first time. I’ll wait.

This story caught my attention when it was signed into law and I’m glad that it resurfaced yesterday. As a California resident with two daughters, this may be the last straw that pushes me back towards redder pastures after a decade among liberals.

“The law is supposed to protect vulnerable children from adult abuse, yet we brand kids enmeshed in sex-for-play with a scarlet ‘P’ and leave them subject to shame and prosecution.” said Democratic Senator Holly J. Mitchell. “This is our opportunity to do what we say is right in cases of sex trafficking: stop the exploiters and help the exploited.” Sounds good…if that’s all that there was to the law. Unfortunately, there’s more.

Analysis of the law continues: “Teenage girls (and boys) in California will soon be free to have sex in exchange for money without fear of arrest or prosecution.” 

Travis Allen, a Republican lawmaker representing the 72nd Assembly District in the California Legislature, warned of the fallout from what he called:
“Terribly destructive legislation [that] was written and passed by the progressive Democrats who control California’s state government.”

“Unfortunately, the reality is that the legalization of underage prostitution suffers from the fatal defect endemic to progressive-left policymaking: it ignores experience, common sense and most of all human nature — especially its darker side,” Allen explained.

“The unintended but predictable consequence of how the real villains — pimps and other traffickers in human misery — will respond to this new law isn’t difficult to foresee. Pimping and pandering will still be against the law whether it involves running adult women or young girls. But legalizing child prostitution will only incentivize the increased exploitation of underage girls. Immunity from arrest means law enforcement can’t interfere with minors engaging in prostitution — which translates into bigger and better cash flow for the pimps. Simply put, more time on the street and less time in jail means more money for pimps, and more victims for them to exploit.”

As with so many concepts pushed by leftists, this one is steeped in identity, labels, feelings, and compassion. The idea is that underage prostitutes are generally exploited and therefore should be treated as the victims they are rather than as criminals. On the surface, this makes sense… as long as you abandon the aforementioned logic and accountability. Rather than worrying about how an arrest will make them feel, we should be worrying about getting child prostitutes off the street and bringing their exploiters to justice.

SB 1322 will do the exact opposite by hindering both of its righteous goals, as Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley noted.

“It just opens up the door for traffickers to use these kids to commit crimes and exploit them even worse,” she said. 

It will not take child prostitutes off the streets. On the contrary, it will increase the number of children who willingly or unwillingly enter into prostitution. There is no argument even from the left that the number of minors willingly hitting the streets to sell themselves will rise. Fear of arrest and prosecution is what keeps many young people from entering into prostitution, so taking away the consequences will remove one of the last barriers of entry into the dangerous lifestyle.

What liberals don’t seem to understand is that it will increase the abuse by pimps and traffickers by giving them a barrier of separation between them and the law. If their victims cannot be arrested, they cannot be questioned. If they can’t be questioned, they won’t be able to turn in their oppressors. In California, manipulating children through threats is now much safer than it ever was before. As an anonymous California prosecutor observed, if sex traffickers or pimps were tasked with writing legislation to protect themselves, it would read like SB 1322.

California has launched a bright beacon into their skies to alert sex traffickers and pimps about their new safe haven on the west coast. Once again, liberals have attempted to preserve the feelings of people rather than to help them get out of their situation. Now, they’ll rejoice that child prostitutes can wear their label of “victim” instead of “criminal” even if doing so means that more children will be exploited as a direct and unavoidable result.

Obama Validates Arpaio Report: Confesses to Illegal Presidency
by: Andrew Hodges, M.D.
On December 15, after a five-year investigation Maricopa Country, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio released new forensic analysis evidence confirming that Barack Obama’s alleged birth certificate is a forgery. This was verified by completely independent forensic experts who discovered an authentic birth certificate from which forgers created a computer-generated modification transforming it into an official Obama birth certificate. The counterfeited document was released in 2011.
Arpaio noted that the fraud was a major violation of federal law—regardless of where Obama was born—and sent his findings to Congress. Predictably his conclusions were ignored by the mainstream media. 

But Obama has been confessing unconsciously to his illegal presidency for some time in exactly the way Jesus and cutting-edge psychoanalysis reveals—in one “log in his eye” projection after another. Remember the new understanding of the human mind. A person’s subconscious, far more astute than we ever realized, quick-reads himself in the blink of an eye. So we listen to Obama’s projections which are both his quick-read take on himself and a model of correction. 

See video:
Obama: My Brother’s Keeper 'Just the Beginning'

This monumental paradigm shift in psychology allows us to understand unconscious communication and the human mind’s startling super-intel awareness of conflicts and resolution. This new knowledge about the human mind allows us to fully grasp a man’s meaning.

Understand the new science of unconscious communication provides the exclusive hard evidence—apart from circumstantial evidence (fraudulent birth certificate, refusal to release any records, etc.)—that Obama is an illegal president. His unconscious super-intel mind has specifically confessed in its unique language. 

Projection confessions
Looking back at Obama’s recent comments, we find distinct projection confessions. While in Germany on November 17 he spoke about false news (a projection in itself) and how to determine the truth.
Obama declared, “In an age of so much misinformation—packaged very well…if we’re not serious about facts, about what’s true and what’s not, if we can’t discriminate between serious arguments and propaganda then we have problems.” 

In other words, he has disseminated misinformation about the legality of his smoothly packaged presidency, lied about the facts and propagandized America from the beginning of his candidacy.
Obama’s super-intel reports exactly where his deceit led. If we don’t discriminate between the truth and a lie and spot the propaganda, “we won’t know what to protect. We won’t know what to fight for.” 

When the media, the Congress and the courts—all the way to the Supreme Court— submitted to Obama’s propaganda, together they carried out the biggest birth conspiracy of all: accepting his U.S. birth and Hawaiian birth certificate as true facts.
Indeed, they didn’t know what to protect or what to fight for—our very foundation, the rule of law. That’s how close we are to losing America. No wonder Congress can’t face Arpaio’s findings.
Obama’s super-intel warns us, “We can lose so much of what we’ve gained in terms of democratic freedoms…prosperity we come to take for granted.” He’s hinting that we can lose our democracy. We can take our prosperity for granted as great nations invariably do before they fall from within.
We return to Obama’s admonition to get the facts—precisely what Sheriff Arpaio has just provided. Facts are determined by reality, and our leaders have consistently ignored the reality of Obama’s phony birth certificate. 
Here is where the breakthrough to the magnificent super-intel comes into play. Projections identify accurate unconscious facts someone wants to hide. The bottom line is that our brilliant super-intel picks up on the facts. It’s vastly superior to our conscious minds which remain prone to blind spots.   

Imagery of illegality
Unconsciously Obama’s consistent projection imagery presents the deeper fact of his illegal presidency almost daily. In Obama’s extensive interview with Rolling Stone magazine one day after the election, he said the way to bring the country together in the face of false news “is how we create a common set of facts.” Note the repetitive projection that he has created “fake news” about his presidency, but he points again to the answer—get the facts.
In the interview, he specifically points to his illegal presidency, and he spontaneously links Trump’s surprising election to his own election.
Early on election night in 2008 his key advisors told him, “We don't think we're gonna win this thing.” Read his super-intel imagery; he didn’t think he should have won the election and didn’t really win because he had been ineligible to run.
Confirming his hidden confession, Obama then told how he would advise Trump, “Number 1, however you campaigned, once you're in this office, you are part of a legacy dating back to those first Revolutionaries. And this amazing experiment in democracy has to be tended." 

It’s another projection confession. Obama campaigned as the first revolutionary illegitimate president and took office as such. He failed to tend to—protect—America’s amazing democracy. Instead he experimented with it, breaking the rule of law, our nation’s very foundation—and got away with it.
Don’t overlook his continued unconscious instructions to Trump: tend to democracy by enforcing the rule of law. Unknowingly Obama continues to instruct Trump to investigate his illegal presidency. As demonstrated in my recent book, The Stockholm Syndrome President: How Trump Triggered Obama’s Hidden Confession, Obama intuitively pleaded with Trump to hold him accountable and free him from his secret control by radical Islam. This led to Obama’s illegal candidacy and attack on America. Now Trump has new factual evidence: Arpaio’s proof of a forged Obama birth certificate. 

Immigrant president
In the Rolling Stone interview, Obama makes a familiar reference to immigrants secretly referring to himself. The 2016 election results showed that “Democratic immigration-rights activists failed to realize borders mean something to the majority of Americans,” he said. His super-intel is saying he was an immigration-rights activist about his illegal presidency entitled to make up his own rules and assault millions of Americans who knew that without borders we have no country. His super-intel functions as a “rule of law” activist correcting him and confessing to his great misdeed.

His denial confession reveals his contradictory thinking. He insists that “the rule of law and values that stay true to our (his) immigrant roots…don’t have to be contradictory.” Notice Obama’s illogical thinking—he can both break the law and keep it at the same time as his key imagery declares, “I am an immigrant rooted in an illegal presidency.”
This matches his earlier comment that fake news created a “dust cloud of nonsense”—a perfect description of his fake presidency. 

Ban illegal presidency
In rich projection imagery he then tells of people on Facebook “passing crazy stuff about [how he] has banned the Pledge of Allegiance.” Again secretly he admits that he behaved in a crazy way running as an illegal president and totally destroyed his allegiance to America. He reveals how distorted—“crazy”—his conscious thinking is so that it allows him to severely violate the law and it means nothing. His reference to the “Pledge” points to the oath of office he specifically violated on his Inauguration Day in 2009. He knows his presidency should be banned. He should still be impeached.
In the end Obama’s super-intel provides the antidote to his misleading of America with his illegitimate election. The answer—come back to the facts.
The interview took place in the Oval Office. Obama commented, “Sitting behind that desk is sobering…it will have an impact on him [Trump] as it has on every president.” Obama soberly and solemnly acknowledges his true legacy as America’s only illegal president. He cannot live with himself without telling the truth subliminally. 

Informed citizens only hope to constrain Obama
His super-intel reveals the stunning solution now, “I think the most important constraint on any president is the American people themselves, of an informed citizenry that is active and participating and engaged.” It’s as though he’s advising, “American citizens—of which I am not one—get the facts about my horrendous illegal presidency. Hear my super-intel telling you that secret fact again and then constrain me. Match it with the circumstantial facts of my suppression of my records. Match it with my forged birth certificate—now an undeniable fact.
Even our conservative leaders can suffer Beltway blindness. One leader—an outsider—saw it. Donald Trump was certain Obama was an illegal citizen. Can he now return to that belief for America’s sake? Obama himself tells us how important it is that he be brought to justice—America’s rule of law restored to its rightful place. Obama’s super-intel speaks not only for himself but for all America—to fight for and protect our nation.
Arpaio has done his part, now it’s up to the citizens.
Obama’s encouraging Americans to become informed and then take action. Constrain him by urging—insisting—their congressional representatives restore the rule of law. Deep down Obama knows he should be impeached—it’s the only way for justice to be satisfied. 

Because of that unconscious fact he promises “that is going to be something that I will, in my own modest ways, continue to try to encourage for the rest of my life." Obama will continue to confess subliminally. His inner God-given moral compass demands it.

Shocker! Hillary Clinton to be jailed!?

It’s not over yet! Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal has come roaring back to life – and this time, it might finally land “Crooked Hillary” in jail.
The Clintons thought they were safe. Donald Trump had, at least publicly, backed off a bit on promises to investigate her, and a judge had shut down efforts to force Hillary to release more e-mails sent from her homebrew e-mail server.
But now, a federal appeals court has ruled that John Kerry should have referred Clinton to the Attorney General, because – by deleting her e-mails – she had possibly concealed or even destroyed official government records.
When Judicial Watch sued for copies of the messages, Kerry asked Hillary if she would voluntarily turn over everything dealing with State Department business. Instead, she withheld and deleted tens of thousands of pages of e-mails that her lawyers said were “personal.”

She turned over her personal server – but only after zapping it with BleachBit to make sure the deleted e-mails were permanently unrecoverable.
That should have triggered serious consequences.
Under the Federal Records Act, Kerry should have asked the Attorney General to take action against her.
But she did nothing – and the Obama administration tried to whitewash it.
An Obama-appointed judge, James Boasberg, ruled that Kerry hadn’t committed a “dereliction of duty,” as long as he had not done “nothing” to try to get the e-mails. Asking her politely was plenty, he ruled.
But a federal appeals court ruled that the law requires more – much more.
And it could end up with Hillary in prison at last.

No matter how much he might want to, John Kerry can’t just “ignore” his “duty” to refer Hillary to the Attorney General, a three-judge panel ruled on December 27. The judges – which included another Obama appointee – said Boasberg’s decision would “flip (the law) on its head,” because government action might “shake loose a few more emails.”
Hillary has never bothered to turn over a single e-mail from the Blackberry she used for the first three months she was Secretary of State, before she had the e-mail server rigged up in the Clintons’ New York mansion.
The State Department is also hiding 30 of the e-mails Hillary turned over, saying they involve “government misconduct.” Judicial Watch wants those e-mails opened to the public.
Once Donald Trump takes office, Attorney General Jeff Sessions will tell Hillary’s lawyers to turn over all her the hidden e-mails that Hillary has “illicitly taken, arguably stolen.” Tom Fitton told the Wall Street Journal.

If she doesn’t – it’s curtains. An investigation, prosecution, and possible jail time could follow.
That may be the real reason why Democrats are fighting so hard against confirming Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.
Sessions’ confirmation hearings could begin immediately after Trump’s inauguration – and Senate liberals have already revealed they plan to smear and slander him to the greatest extent they can.
They’ve already revved up allegations that the Alabama Republican is a deplorable racist. (Who isn’t, as far as they’re concerned?) Sen. Elizabeth Warren demanded that President-elect Trump “reverse his apparent decision to nominate Senator Sessions to be Attorney General of the United States.” Otherwise, he is guilty of “embracing the bigotry that fueled his campaign rallies.”

The Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee sent a letter warning its chairman, Sen. Chuck Grassley, that they intend to make the hearings a circusby calling witnesses who will smear Sessions and turn him into a toxic figure, like Robert Bork.
That’s because Sessions has “a long record of doing his job,” Congressman Darrell Issa has said. If he’s appointed, he’ll prosecute Hillary to the full extent of the law.
That has Senate Democrats – and the wealthiest loser in Chappaqua, New York – shaking in their boots.
— The Horn editorial staff

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Trump’s Phone Call With Egypt Might Change How You Feel about Him Forever

President Obama has repeatedly used his position to undermine his enemies. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Obama goes and does something so vile, all you can do is shake your head.
Recently Obama stabbed our closest allies in the back by abstaining from voting at the UN Security Council. There are 15 members of the council, five of which have permanent positions. The US has one of the permanent positions so when UN Resolution 2334 was put forth with 14 members deciding to slap Israel with what pretty much amounts to a restraining order, one would expect the US to stand with our closest ally.
The US has one of the permanent positions.  When UN Resolution 2334 was put forth with 14 members deciding to slap Israel with a restraining order, one would expect the US to stand with our closest ally.

But not Obama.
Obama took the closest knife and plunged it deep into Israel’s back by refusing to vote. If this sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve seen it before. When Obama was a Senator, he voted present on so many votes that by the time he started running for President, his “present” vote outweighed his ‘Yay’ or ‘Nay’ vote by the hundreds. And for some reason he still won.
And, in this instance, a vote of abstaining was just as bad as a vote against Israel because America did not stand with our ally.
Which is why Donald Trump’s call was so powerful and timely.
On Friday, Egypt said its president had received a call from Trump in which they both agreed to give the incoming U.S. administration a chance to try and resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The call came hours after Egypt indefinitely postponed the U.N. vote.

A statement from the Egyptian presidency said the two men spoke by phone early Friday and agreed on “the importance of giving a chance for the new American administration to deal in a comprehensive way with the different aspects of the Palestinian issue with the aim of achieving a comprehensive and a final resolution.”
One of the glaring reasons Obama has been so unsuccessful as a President is his cowardice. He voted present more often than speaking his position. He abstained when it mattered. He stabs people in the back as opposed to facing them on challenging issues. Donald Trump, love him or hate him, is wading into the frey, rolling up his sleeves, and getting things done.
This is one reason he’s been so successful. He tells it like it is, calls BS on political correctness, and challenges the status quo. He’s certainly not going to get into office on January 20th and immediately go on an apology tour for the United States. Trump’s definitely not going to roll over when it’s his neck on the line.
What do you think of Obama’s cowardly move against Israel? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: American Patriot Daily

Obama’s Historic Land Grab: 553 Million Acres For ‘Conservation’

oped: First and foremost: 
The Supremacy Clause does not declare that all laws passed by the federal government are the supreme law of the land. Here is the entire clause: “This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding.”

Notice the part that reads, “laws of the United States made in pursuance" of the Constitution. This basically says that all laws and treaties must first be constitutional in order for them to be valid and the supreme law of the land, in pursuance thereof, not in violation thereof.

So does the constitution permit the federal government to own land? Yes it does, but there are very strict limitations. Our founding fathers were very specific concerning federal ownership and control of land. Article I, section 8, clause 17 of the U.S. Constitution gives the feds control of 10 square miles of Washington DC. It further states that land within the boundaries of a state may only be acquired if they first have the consent of the state legislature. The federal government is limited in it’s acquisition of land to four purposes, military forts, arsenals, dock-yards, and other needful buildings. Nowhere in the constitution does it grant the federal government the power to “own” millions of acres. The so called "public lands" that they currently control must be returned to the states. 

In reality under the US Constitution the US Government/ Congress/POTUS has zero authority to declare carte' blanche state lands to be under control/ownership  of the US government with the exceptions stated above... the clue being limited! Can the  POTUS declare National Monuments? Yes he can, but that is only by EO and the placing of  a monument declaring the area is recognized as  a Historical Monument, but by know means gives the federal government ownership nor control of same unless the states legislature gives it to them with the approval of the electorate via a state bill!

by Charlie Spiering 
President Barack Obama decreed two more national monuments from his vacation home in Hawaii on Wednesday, taking 1.65 million more acres of Western land for management by the federal government.
The new Bear Ears Buttes monument includes 1.35 million acres of Utah and the Gold Butte monument includes about 300,000 acres in Nevada.
That makes a total of 553 million acres of national lands and waters that Obama has repurposed for conservation and protection using the 1906 Antiquities act, more than any other president, according to the New York Times. More than 80 percent of Nevada and about 65 percent or Utah is owned by the federal government, according to National Public Radio.
Utah Republican leaders in Congress were furious after Obama decided to designate the controversial Bear Ears monument.
“This arrogant act by a lame duck president will not stand,” Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee responded in a statement. “I will work tirelessly with Congress and the incoming Trump administration to honor the will of the people of Utah and undo this designation.”
A November poll of Utah residents showed that 60 percent were opposed to the idea and only 33 percent supported it.

Congressman Jason Chaffetz was also furious.
“The midnight move is a slap in the face to the people of Utah, attempting to silence the voices of those who will bear the heavy burden it imposes,” he wrote, calling Obama’s actions a “major break with protocol” because it did not have the support of Utah’s Governor, the state’s Congressional delegation, nor local elected officials or state legislators who represented the area.
Obama has used his power to create 29 separate national monuments, using the Antiquities Act, but the Washington Post reports that he is expected to create one or two more in order to match or beat Franklin D. Roosevelt’s record of 30 designations.

California Moving to Give More Rights to Illegal Aliens Than to American Citizens
By Dave Jolly 

For years, liberal Democrats have been bending over backwards to give illegal aliens all of the comforts, benefits and rights held by American citizens, and more. This drastically escalated under the administration of Barack Obama.
Obama violated the US Constitution and federal immigration laws in his attempt to win the illegal votes of millions of illegal aliens. He ordered the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security to stop enforcing many of the federal immigration laws.
Under his administration, tens of thousands of illegals with felony convictions were released by law enforcement agencies and jails, allowing them to continue to walk our streets and victimize more American citizens.

Under his administration, millions of illegals were allowed to remain in the US and obtain work permits (green cards), allowing them to take jobs away from millions of Americans. I’ve heard the arguments that say this isn’t true, but I know of Americans who once worked in construction that could not find a job because so many builders and contractors were using illegals who worked for less. When Alabama passed strict immigration laws which included stiff fines for any employer found to be hiring illegals, the unemployment rate in the state fell by 1.1% in the first two months the laws went into effect. After the border patrol raided a restaurant in town, a week later they had a staff of Americans.
Under the Obama administration, millions of illegals were allowed to obtain valid state driver’s licenses which enabled them to vote illegally in states like California and Oregon. This is most likely why at least one organization says they have evidence that over 3 million votes were cast by non-citizens in the November election. Many of those illegal votes were cast by illegal citizens.

Friends and families back in Arizona have told me that many of the small hospitals and urgent care centers in southern Arizona have been forced to close because of the number of illegal aliens they have to treat. The federal government requires them to give free medical care to illegals, but many smaller facilities could no longer afford to keep giving free care so they’ve closed their doors. One friend told me that he and his family now have to drive over 100 miles to another larger town for emergency care because their local hospital closed. His wife’s father died in route to the hospital because it was so far away. He had a medical emergency but with no local hospital, it took nearly two hours to transport him to the nearest hospital over 100 miles away. By the time he arrived, it was too late to save him. My friend and his wife’s family blame illegals, liberal Democrats and the Obama administration for his death.
Some states along the southern border, including Arizona, are being forced to pay out millions of taxpayer dollars to illegals for free education, medical, unemployment and other benefits, some of which American citizens don’t get or have to pay for, like medical care.

I’ve also seen firsthand how illegals move into a neighborhood and turn it into a crime infested cesspool. That happened to the once family friendly neighborhood I lived in. When I returned and drove by the old house, it looked like some of the slums I’ve seen in Mexico.
Now, liberal Democratic politicians in California are introducing legislation that will extend more benefits to illegals. Among these pieces of legislation is Senate Bill 6, which will provide free (taxpayer funded) legal representation to all illegals in need of legal help. Federal law prohibits any government, local, state or federal, from paying for free legal representation for illegals concerning immigration matters.
Liberal supporters of SB 6 cite the US Constitution’s guarantee of legal representation in the event of being charged with a crime. What they fail to realize is that the Constitution applies to American citizens plus federal law is meant to protect American citizens from foreigners including illegals.

Liberal Democrats won’t stop until they give everything we own and work for to illegals just for the sake of their illegal votes. What we need are laws to protect American citizens from being forced to fund any and all benefits being extended to illegal aliens. The only right an illegal has in the US is the right to be detained and either locked up or deported, and nothing more. I work hard for my money and it galls me to know that my hard-earned tax dollars are spent on benefits for illegals that I, as an American citizen, have to pay for myself. Maybe we need to pass laws to ban illegal loving liberals?

EPA backs away from unfounded fracking allegations

Image: Pixabay, Open Clipart Vectors, CC0
Dear Self-Reliant Thinker,
Science or Politics?
Fracking has been painted as the bad guy in the energy debates occurring on Obama's watch. That's despite the cheap power it provides for households, the independence it provides against mega-oil producers like Saudi Arabia and Russia, and the massive amount of income it generates for participating states, workers and the nation.
As the Saudis and OPEC colluded to drive the U.S. oil and natural gas industry out of business, the ever-resourceful drilling industry responded by becoming more and more efficient. OPEC thought they could drive the U.S. out of the oil business. They were very wrong. 
Right now, in some Texan oilfields producers can drill oil for around $2 a barrel. Game over. We won. OPEC blinked and cut back on production to stabilize their prices.  

While the free market has been doing its part to help the economy, Obama's EPA has fought fracking at every step, including a five-year, $29 million Environmental Protection Agency study into water purity. 
Read about it yourself to see if it was worth it!

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Islam is NOT a Religion

by:Rev. Austin Miles

Let us be totally clear; Islam is not a religion qualifying for religious exemptions including Freedom of Religion. It is instead, a violent political ideology with the goal of taking over the world. Islam teaches its followers to murder any and all “infidels,” meaning those who do not accept their manifesto of hate. 
They are taught, not to become better people with integrity, but to lie in order to further their ideology. They are taught in their “holy book” The Koran, to kill innocent people in cold blood, plus, they are taught that raping children, including toddlers, is perfectly OK. Indeed they can sexually abuse anyone without consequences. That brutal ideology does not consider these violent sexual assaults illegal or sinful, but indeed permissible. The founder of Islam, Muhammad, married a 7 year old girl. 

The most disturbing fact of the followers of that false religion is that they are all pedophiles and are justified by their own (Sharia) laws, the same as NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association to make acceptable the rape of boy children, while most of the Muslims are after little girls.
And they are absolutely uncontrollable in their lusts. Obama has thrown open the borders of America to any and all of his fellow Muslims who want to come in as “refugees.”  Following their entry, violent rapes have been brought in with them as well as Jihad murders of our citizens, all from within.
In Twin Falls, Idaho, these ‘migrants’ have been forced in by the Obama Administration, allowing them to live in that state, where they all receive welfare, free housing, medical benefits and food stamps.  

One family moved into an apartment building. Shortly after moving in, two young Muslims in that family stalked and raped a little five year old girl who lived in that complex, not only brutally tearing her little vagina which would be exceedingly painful, but then had to further abuse that innocent child by urinating on her. These people are sub-human.
And who is protecting those Muslim savages? The Obama appointed U.S.Attorney for Idaho Wendy J. Olson, who has threatened prosecution against anyone in that town who speaks badly of that Muslim family. WHAT?? So this horrific rape of a little girl was set in place by the actions of Obama. The people, however, ran those Islamic thugs out of that apartment building. They probably are still in the U.S. where they will rape again.
Now the big question: What is religion? Religion is based upon God, or a manufactured god. The purpose of any religion, where a deity is worshiped, is to become better people and to do charitable work. That is why religious organizations are given freedom to follow their religions without interference. 

Islam, however, is not any of the things associated with religion. It is based upon a hoax by Muhammad who claimed the Angel, Gabriel, had revealed the text of the Koran to him to share with the world. 
How’s that again? Gabriel is the Archangel of Israel! So Gabriel has ditched God to assist in the formation of a false religion that will overthrow God? Ridiculous!
Muhammad claims, as true, that he was taken by Gabriel to Israel where he put his feet on the Temple Mount and became familiar with the area. That also is a yarn. Muhammad never set his foot in Israel. 
When cornered on this he stated that the trip to Israel was given to him in a vision, a much different story than he told his followers and the world for years. But remember, Muslims are given full encouragement to lie in order to further their cause. The real God says; “thou shalt not lie”. Big difference. 

And this created “religion” hates Jews, God’s chosen people, and is dedicated to slaying every Jew that can be found? And the Archangel of Israel will help carry out this dastardly deed? We don’t think so.
True religion encourages morals,Islam does the opposite. Indeed, if a Muslim gets killed by killing innocent people, which is a grave sin, he is considered a ‘martyr’ and ushered directly into Heaven where, it is promised, 72 virgins will be there on silken pillows awaiting each new arrival, where the ‘martyr’ will receive unlimited perverted sex for all eternity. We wonder what the wives and girl friends left behind think about this?
Here is something else to think about regarding that phony 72 virgins promise: When one does go to heaven, he does NOT take his body with him. The body stays here. Only one’s SPIRIT goes to heaven or hell. So how can that “martyr” who is now a spirit and the 72 virgins who are only spirits, have sex? Answer: It would not be possible since sex requires physical bodies to carry out that desire.They all are transparent with only a spiritual body. It would seem that minimal thinking would have figured this out.
In any case, a true God would never be an immoral god. The “god” that Muslims have been conned into worshiping would be just that, an immoral god. 

The Ten Commandments teach that one should not kill, something all religions teach….EXCEPT for Islam where murders of innocent people means lifetime tributes to the killer with the photos of the ‘martyr’ and his family prominently displayed in their mosque.
They are so focused on killing that they look for what is called, ‘soft targets,’ meaning targets that cannot fight back such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools and Christian churches. These “holy warriors” are total cowards who kill people where they are assured they will not get hurt in the process.
These misguided people who follow that cult try to con the world by saying that Muslims and Christians worship the same God. NO THEY DO NOT! Muslims worshiped the pagan moon god, Alilah, who had two daughters. This is why the emblem of Islam is a half moon and a star.  

Muslims worshiped Alilah but were forbidden to worship her daughters. When Mohammed convinced the world that he had been given a new religion, he changed the moon god name, taking the “i” out of her name to provide the more masculine name, Allah, which came to signify the higher power over the universe.
To give them credibility, Muslim leaders tried to convince the world that we worship the same God, which of course is not true. Indeed that is a lie, which Muslims are instructed to do to further their cause. And by the way, Muslim is not a race, it is an ideology. Muslims are mostly Arabs.That is their race.
It was duly noted that right after the 9/11 attacks in New York City a prominent Muslim cleric bragged on television right after the attacks: “This just proves that OUR god is more powerful than YOUR God.” By the words spoken on TV by that Islamic leader (I saw that interview right after the attacks), his very words on TV PROVED that they do NOT worship the same God as Christians and Jews. 

He also bragged that this attack would attract many new recruits to ‘the cause.’ And amazingly, many misfits did join them in the midst of that carnage falsely believing that this would give them purpose, identity (and,as dumb as it is), worth. Yes “worth” by causing havoc, suffering and death, which means to them that this shows power. Such soulless malcontents are very vulnerable and easy to manipulate.
These recruits are being deceived, used, abused and exploited by colossal lies.  Muslims, you are better than this. You have been duped into joining this political cult when you, like everyone else, has a seed of greatness within. This means everybody. But that seed must be nourished so it can grow. With that, you can be better than you are and can achieve real recognition and respect in this life without blood on your hands along with grieving survivors of your attacks. 

Instead of becoming great people, whom you were created to be, you have been manipulated into sins that anger God, transforming you into wicked men and women totally separated from the true God. See these Words in the actual Holy Book The Bible: “But if ye shall still do wickedly, ye shall be consumed (put to death and sent to the flames of hell with eternal torment), both you and your king (your Islamic leaders).” 1 Samuel 12:25.
If you wonder why you have a hard life and have very little of what you desire and need, here is the answer as written in Jeremiah 5:25: “Your iniquities have turned away these things and your sins have withheld good things from you.” This means that it is your own sins that deny you the good things of life. You only need to renounce these sinful activities and learn about Jesus, the Son of God. 
Even though mosques are protected under “religious freedom” in this country, a mosque is not a holy sanctuary but more like a union hall to recruit workers. It is in the mosque where the inside attacks of this country are preached and planned. There is nothing “holy” about it. It is a place of devious planning and instructions for murder and destruction. It is by no means a church and should not be recognized as such. 

Muslims can be charming and very hospitable. They are the most dedicated people to their cause that can be found on earth. However, that dedication leads to the wrong path that leads straight to hell. 
Muslims have been and are constantly being misinformed. What they are taught in the mosques are lies…which of course is fully acceptable if it advances the cause. Haven’t we heard that before? It is in the Koran, the so-called, “holy book.” That in itself is a lie.
Muslims who have unexpectedly encountered Jesus have left everything behind to follow Him. And you will find no more dedicated Christian than those who have learned the truth. A million Muslims a year have had that experience and have left Islam to follow Christ.  The lies that Islam has pushed on unsuspecting recruits has taken them away from any decency and productive lives they might have had by turning them into heartless savages and right into the fires of hell. 

There is certainly more on this subject that can be found, but what has been proven here is that Islam is not a religion.  Which means that Islam does NOT qualify for protections under the “Freedom of Religion” laws which they have exploited in order to intrude into countries and to set up their mosques which is not to become better people, but to stir those who gather there to hate and slay all Jews and Christians, even though hospitality was extended to them by the very country they invaded.
But what about moderate or ‘good’ Muslims? There may be. But as long as they read the Koran and go to the mosque, they cannot be trusted. If they denounce and get rid of their Koran and disassociate themselves from the mosque, then they might be in a position of trust, but not before then. Meanwhile the open borders must stop for our own survival.
Our leaders must be contacted and persuaded to take all mosques and Islam off the religion protection list. They are NOT a religion.

Leaked Proof of Obama’s Alliance With Muslim Countries

Leaked Proof of Obama’s Alliance With Muslim Countries

by iPatriot 

After angering Israel and Jewish Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, this morning one of Barack Obama’s most closely guarded secrets has been leaked: proof of Obama’s alliance with Muslim countries.
This evidence appears to have been accidentally leaked by the Egyptians, perhaps through Israeli subterfuge, in the form of the minutes of a meeting between U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, National Security Adviser Susan Rice and Palestinian officials.

“The Israeli TV news show Mabat broadcasted a report that shows Egyptian media Tuesday evening publishing evidence that the U.N. Security Council resolution against Israel was cooked up in a meeting between U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, National Security Adviser Susan Rice and two top Palestinian Authority officials.”
Egyptian media published the private minutes of the meeting between the Obama administration and Palestinian officials over the Christmas holiday.
In that meeting, Kerry and Rice presented to the Muslim coalition that the Obama administration was ready to cooperate with a Palestinian action at the Security Council. Kerry then reportedly sugg…
Read the rest of the story at

Congressional Second Amendment Caucus Launched by House Republicans

by Tim Brown 

Well, it looks like there are some Republicans who are not willing to just react to issues, but go on the offensive to advance an agenda, one of protecting the rights of the American people. This is something they have a duty to do in the first place. With that in mind, the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus has now been launched by House Republicans.
“The recent election results present us with a new opportunity to advance pro-gun legislation and reverse the erosion of the Second Amendment that’s occurred over the last few decades. I look forward to working with the new President and this determined group of conservatives to promote a pro-gun agenda,” Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) stated.

“Preserving the right to keep and bear arms is essential to maintaining freedom and liberty in our country,” said former Congressman Paul Broun (R-GA), who chaired the caucus from 2009 through 2013. “I’m honored that Representative Massie will build on the foundation that I established with this caucus.”
“With so many laws disarming the poorest and most vulnerable people in our society and others who face real threats to their and their family’s safety, it is reassuring to know that the Second Amendment Caucus is there to ensure people’s safety,” said John Lott, author of The War on Guns: Arming Yourself Against Gun Control Lies.
“While many of us lawyers are working to secure pro-gun reforms in the courts, it’s reassuring to know that the Second Amendment Caucus is doing the same in the legislature,” said attorney Alan Gura, who successfully argued McDonald v. City of Chicago and District of Columbia v. Heller before the U.S. Supreme Court.
Founding members of the caucus include:

  • Jeff Duncan (R-SC)
  • Ted Yoho (R-FL)
  • Brian Babin (R-TX)
  • Paul Gosar (R-AZ)
  • Mark Meadows (R-NC)
  • Ken Buck (R-CO)
  • Alex Mooney (R-WV)
  • Justin Amash (R-MI)
  • Jody Hice (R-GA)
  • Dave Brat (R-VA)
  • Warren Davidson (R-OH)
  • Scott Perry (R-PA)
  • James Comer (R-KY)
“Caucus members will lead efforts in the House of Representatives to pass meaningful firearms legislation and protect Americans against infringements of the Second Amendment,” the group said in a statement.

A recent report from Reason mentioned that Massie could possibly leave Congress to join the Trump administration in some capacity, possibly head of the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy.
“This is all just speculation,” Massie said. “But from my end, I would consider either of those positions if I was approached.”
Massie has received endorsements from Gun Owners of America, is a long-time concealed carry permit holder and a Class III weapon collector. Unlike many people who think the Second Amendment applies to sports shooting or hunting, Congressman Massie sets the record straight that it isn’t about any of that.
“In fact, the Second Amendment to our Constitution is our Founding Fathers’ restatement of our natural God given right to defend life, liberty, and property,” he said on his campaign website.

Massie is exactly right. DC has absolutely no authority to write any legislation that restricts or removes the right to keep and bear arms. In fact, our founding fathers had to fight off the British from taking their arms. That is what actually brought about the American Revolution.
Eligibility for membership in the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus will depend on a U.S. Representative’s voting record and his or her commitment to the caucus’s founding principles.

The Second Amendment Caucus, which operated from 2004 through 2008, was originally formed by former Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave of Colorado. In 2009 the caucus was reformed and renamed the Second Amendment Task Force by former Congressman Paul Broun of Georgia.
As points out, “The new group is separate from the Second Amendment Coalition formed by President-elect Trump, which includes six U.S. Representatives as co-chairs, none of which are a part of the Massie caucus.”

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Brave Team Of Christians Rescues Hundreds Of Persecuted Christians From Islamic Enslavement

Christians and Jews, when they see the vanished culture of the ancient Egyptian empire and their  pyramids, immediately are reminded of the story of the Holy Bible, which tells us about the persecution and hard lives of the house of Jacob during their slavery.
God brings Moses to set them free from slavery, and he brings out his people from the persecution and vulnerable lives. Similarly, like the Israelites, our Christian brothers are going through the same persecution of slavery in the Islamic world.
Muslims invaders in Asia, Europe, and Africa enslaved countless Christian during their conquests; many of us are unaware that, even today, this crime against God’s people is underway in Islamic countries.

Pakistan is among the countries with the highest number and highest percentage of forced labor. There are 2.5 million people in forced labor in Pakistan. Christians, who hold the 3% of the total population, are one of the most persecuted and oppressed classes in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Around 25 thousand to 30 thousand Christian families are working in brick kilns in Pakistan, where they were forced into slavery.
It has even been observed that minors were forced to work in the kiln to pay of the debts of their parents.
Rescue Christians, in the year 2014-2015, saved around 8000 slaves from the brick kilns in Pakistan during our rescue missions. We are often intimidated by the kiln mafia, and even sometimes our staff has been tortured, but we carry this mission to save our brethren.
It’s seems a much easier task while watching the videos of these slaves when they are thanking Rescue Christians, but behind the video, our people are make great efforts to save these Christian brethren. Most importantly, this whole operation is impossible without the contributions and love of our Christian brothers and sisters, who keep on supporting Rescue Christians to save the lives of persecuted Christians. Your contributions and donations are making our work different from others.

In October 2016, we started our Rescue slaves project once again, after stopping for a while to redesign our plannings. In last three months, we have successfully liberated 43 families (218 people).
On the 13th of October, we bought off 9 slave families, which were shown in our documentary published in 2015. We have made dozens of attempts to liberate them from slavery, but the owners of the kilns and their watchers are very influential and powerful characters in Pakistani society, and it is due to them that, at times, we have failed to rescue Christians from their enslavement. Here is the video of these slaves, for your quick memory.

You can see the smile and joy on the faces of these liberated people. This all was impossible without the support of our generous donors.
Our team is day and night working on collecting the data on the Christian slaves in different cities, and once they get the chance, they record the video clips through the handy cam, to prove the credibility of our work. Our data collection team is based on the pastors who go to kilns, provide prayer, and worship with these people. This helps us to learn the stories and difficulties of these persecuted Christian slaves.
Through that data, our rescue experts design the plan to rescue the slaves. After the final planning by the rescue experts, they usually send two or three of the staff to complete the mission, whereas the backup team, which is the main team, oversees and supervises the whole operation. Even if sometimes our first team faces any problems or is stopped at any check post, the second team jumps in to the situation and handles it.
Our method of rescuing slaves is that mentioned in Deuteronomy 16:1 “…. The LORD thy God brought thee forth out of Egypt by night.” We believe that Lord God is still rescuing His people from slavery like He rescued the Israelites from Egypt at night.
Here is the video of 5 slave families (22 People) we rescued in November 2016, you can see how God is changing their lives.

Often, these slaves, after being rescued from the kiln, are in great fear of their owners, as the kiln mafia in Pakistan is a very strong and powerful majority that belongs to political or high ranked government officials. It normally takes a week or so to bring them out from fear and trauma.
It is really a difficult mission we are working in, but our God, who is the mightiest and most powerful, is making all this possible. On 12 Dec, 2016, we took advantage of the distractions of a Muslim festival and took 13 families out from kiln slavery. For the first time, we are showing our audience how we normally rescue these slaves from kilns.
This time in this video, our staff is dressed up properly, to avoid any problem while entering into the city where our safe house is situated. As normally at nights, the police and other law enforcement agencies were having their check posts at the toll plazas to control criminals.
One of our staff was pretending to be a pastor of the community, taking the people to a funeral. On our rescue mission, we used another plan to safely reach our base. Here is the video of our rescue operation.

We are thankful to God for allowing us to do this real work to save His people. We are thankful to our donors and supporters for their love and concern for these persecuted Christians in Pakistan and other parts of the world.
We encourage our brothers and sisters who are celebrating the Christmas season to also remember these brethren are who are persecuted and enslaved. Keep them in your prayer and show your love to them.

Article reposted with permission from