Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sanctuary and Free Zones...oh my

[In other words we have the right to our those who oppose ours do...gays / atheists etc are welcome to start their own bakeries or any other establishment and service their own...just as religious establishments have the right to refuse service/participation in a event that violates their tenants/belief as established in the US Constitution/Bill of Rights]

The time has come to use the looney left progressives tactics against the following and let it run it's course through the legal system all the way to the SCOTUS if they rule against you... then they just ruled against their own decree on refusing service re: gay marriage cakes etc.

Since cities,states,federal and SCOTUS recognize sanctuary cities and gun free zones how about we start posting signs at our christian and hetrosexual establishments.

Example: Sanctuary Bakery  {Reserve the right to refuse service that violates religious belief and to be free of city,state and federal intrusion}
                Gay Free Zone          {Hetrophobia free zone from gays who fear our religious beliefs}

If sanctuary cities are allowed to not enforce federal laws then sanctuary bakery's should be allowed  to ignore SCOTUS decrees and federal law also

If establishments are allowed to restrict the rights of those under the 2nd Amendment by posting a sign 'Gun Free Zone'
 at the entrance...then christian and other religious establishments should be allowed to post 'Gay Marriage Free Zones'   allowing restriction of some services to the non religious compliant... if such service violates their respective beliefs!

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