Saturday, July 11, 2015

Obama: American Troops Can’t Defeat Islamic State

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Obama just admitted today in his press conference at the Pentagon that he doesn’t believe American troops can defeat ISIS:
It is not enough for us to simply send an American troops to temporarily set back organizations like ISIL, but to then, as soon as we leave see that void filled once again with extremists. It is going to be vital for us to make sure that we are preparing the kinds of local ground forces and security forces with our partners that can not only succeed against ISIL, but then sustained in terms of security and in terms of governance.
We had won the war in Iraq until Obama showed up and gave it away by pulling all of our troops out. And then ISIS happened.
Now he’s suggesting that American troops can’t succeed against ISIS, saying that we can only ‘temporarily’ set them back and that they will begin again once we leave.

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