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Just when you thought that ‘Dirty’ Harry Reid could not surprise you any more

Utah in an UPROAR! 

Just when you thought that ‘Dirty’ Harry Reid could not surprise you any more, he gets named in a bribery scandal. This is a BIG deal that the Senator will not be able to close an eye to. Jeremy Johnson was allegedly told by Utah Attorney General John Swallow that for $25,000, Reid would help make his Federal problem go away. Is this just fabricated? You be the judge. 


As Reported By MSFP NEWS:
Indicted Businessman Names Harry Reid as Alleged Recipient of Massive Bribe

A Utah businessman is rocking both state and national politics after claiming Utah Attorney General John Swallow helped him broker a deal with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to make a federal investigation into his company quietly disappear, the Salt Lake Tribune reports.

(GOP The Daily Dose) Jeremy Johnson was allegedly told that the price would be $600,000, and claims to have made an initial payment of $250,000 when he was slapped with a federal lawsuit.  Now he says he wants his money back. 

The Salt Lake Tribune points out that Johnson has no way of knowing whether the funds actually made it to Reid, even if he did make a massive payment to Reid’s alleged intermediary.
The Salt Lake Tribune continues, explaining how the bribe supposedly came to be in 2010:
At the time, Johnson was largely known in Utah as a wealthy philanthropist who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to ferry supplies into Haiti after the devastating 2010 earthquake.
Then, with the FTC investigation continuing, Johnson said Swallow suggested Reid could make problems with regulators go away — for a price.
“I said, ‘OK, what do I need to do?’ He’s like, ‘OK, it costs money,’ ” Johnson said, who claimed Swallow was adamant he make a deal.
“I think he told me, ‘Richard Rawle has a connection with Harry Reid,’ ” Johnson said……

Obama Is Fuming After This UK Reporter REALLY Puts Him Back In His Place

A BBC reporter was not happy with Obama in a press conference after he traveled to London to support David Cameron in his efforts to stop the UK from exiting the European Union.
Check out what she asked him below:
“Thank you, Mr. President. You’ve made your views very plain on the fact that British voters should choose to stay in the E.U. But in the interest of good friends always being honest, are you also saying that our decades-old special relationship, that’s been through so much, would be fundamentally damaged and changed by our exit? If so, how? And are you also, do you have any sympathy with people who think this is none of your business?” 

Do you think she put Obama in his place? Or was she being disrespectful?
You can watch the question below: 

DEAR PATRIOTS: The Accused PEDOPHILE Behind The ‘Bathroom Bill’ Is FRIENDS With This 2016 Presidential Candidate


oped: Also see:

Did you know that this radical leftist, and pedophile, is behind the bathroom bills that are causing massive controversy in America right now? Let’s take a look at some of his history and also at which Presidential candidate he happens to be friends with.
Accused pedophile, “mega-Obama-bundler” and long-time prominent fixture of the radical left, Terry Bean, is responsible for the bathroom bills sweeping America.
If not for Bean’s “affluenza,” it is quite likely that the 68-year-old would be in prison today for allegedly having sex with a 15-year-old boy in an Oregon hotel room in 2013 with his then-lover Kiah Lawson, who was 25 at the time.

As reported at Oregonlive, Bean “had offered the boy at least $200,000 to settle the case.”
Terry Bean is the co-founder of several radical groups posing as civil rights organizations.
One of these organizations, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), created the template for the bathroom bill ordinances sweeping the nation.
While Pastors in Houston famously brought much-needed publicity to the ordinance after Houston Mayor Annise Parker subpoenaed them for copies of their sermons back in 2014, an abundance of similar laws have quietly passed in towns all over America.

Read more: Trevor Loudon
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Chelsea Clinton: Scalia’s Death Means It’s Possible To Enact More Gun Control

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oped: The proverbial fruit doesn't fall far from the is Chelsea stating between the words Mamma and Pappa san along with Obama were involved in taking out Scalia to be able to push their gun control agenda? I sure hope the FBI takes this twit down along with Mamma and Pappa san! #Benghazi #FastandFurious...scandals et al 


Chelsea is right – the death of Justice Scalia has the potential to change the America’s future irrevocably…especially if Hillary Clinton is elected President. 

Gun control will be the first step.
The Daily Caller reports – Chelsea Clinton claimed that since late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is no longer on the bench, it is now possible to enact more gun control, if her mother Hillary is elected to nominate a liberal justice.
During a campaign event, Chelsea Clinton said, “It matters to me that my mom also recognizes the role the Supreme Court has when it comes to gun control. With Justice Scalia on the bench, one of the few areas where the court actually had an inconsistent record relates to gun control.”
“Sometimes the court upheld local and state gun control measures as being compliant with the Second Amendment and sometimes the court struck them down,” Clinton claimed.

Clinton campaign spying on voters

hillary cheering

It appears former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaign recently read through George Orwell’s dystopian fiction 1984 and thought, “Now that’s a good idea.”
A Clinton SuperPAC, Correct the Record, has announced a controversial new plan — they are investing a huge amount of money to silence and attack anyone critical of Clinton online.
They plan to grow their paid army of virtual Thought Police, who — with Clinton volunteers and staff — will scour through individuals’ Facebook, Twitter, and other social media posts and shut down anything negative of Clinton.
If they can’t change voters’ minds, they plan to silence their voices.
According to their press release, Correct the Record is planning to pump big money into the operation.

“Correct The Record will invest more than $1 million into Barrier Breakers 2016 activities, including the more than tripling of its digital operation to engage in online messaging both for Secretary Clinton and to push back against attackers on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram,” their release said.
The Clinton SuperPAC has been accused of using loopholes to avoid FEC and campaign laws in the past. According to The Daily Beast, “Due to FEC loopholes, the Sunlight Foundation’s Libby Watson found this year that Correct the Record can openly coordinate with Clinton’s campaign, despite rules that typically disallow political campaigns from working directly with PACs.”
Correct the Record “was created in May of last year when it was spun off from the American Bridge SuperPAC, which is run by longtime Hillary and Bill Clinton supporter David Brock. Brock also founded the left-wing media watchdog website Media Matters for America,” The Daily Beast reported.
And Clinton’s Internet hit squad is already hard at work.

The task force has “already addressed more than 5,000 individuals who have personally attacked Secretary Clinton on Twitter,” Correct the Records announced.
This isn’t the first time the Clinton campaign has come under criticism for their controversial online tactics. In March of last year, New York Times reporter Amy Chozick revealed a threatening email warning her not to use certain words when speaking about Clinton.

Amy Chozick ‎@amychozick
A group called HRC Super Volunteers just warned me "We will be watching, reading, listening and protesting coded sexism..." (1/2)
Amy Chozick ‎@amychozick
2/2 Sexist words, they say, include "polarizing, calculating, disingenuous, insincere, ambitious, inevitable, entitled, over confident..."

Cruz pounces as Trump promises personality makeover

oped:Yes indeed I called it right way back in July 2015...IMO Donald's presidency will fall somewhere between Obama and still amazes me how people never seem to learn...they continue to make the same mistakes over and over again "Yes we Can" slogans rule, common sense (a oxymoron) takes a backseat ride!

via:The Horn News
Is presidential candidate Donald Trump backing down, or is this another crafty move by the master of the deal?
It depends on who you ask. But, with his general-election appeal in question, Donald Trump’s senior team is promising anxious Republicans that voters will see “a real different guy” soon after the GOP front-runner claims his party’s presidential nomination.
“When he’s out on the stage, when he’s talking about the kinds of things he’s talking about on the stump, he’s projecting an image that’s for that purpose,” Paul Manafort, who is leading Trump’s primary election strategy, told Republican National Committee members in a private briefing late Thursday. The Associated Press obtained a recording of the discussion.
“You’ll start to see more depth of the person, the real person. You’ll see a real different guy,” Manafort said.

“He gets it,” Manafort said of Trump’s need to moderate his brash personality. “The part that he’s been playing is evolving into the part that now you’ve been expecting, but he wasn’t ready for, because he had first to complete the first phase. The negatives will come down. The image is going to change.”
The message is part of the campaign’s intensifying effort to convince party leaders that Trump will help deliver big electoral gains this fall, despite his contentious ways. Yet it also opens him up to questions about his authenticity.
Republican rival Ted Cruz seized on the remarks in a radio interview late Thursday.
“I’m actually going to give Trump a little bit of credit here. He’s being candid. He’s telling us he’s lying to us,” Cruz told host Mark Levin. “You look at what his campaign manager says, is that this is just an act. This is just a show.”
The Texas senator continued: “When Donald talks about building a wall, when Donald talks about enforcing immigration laws, when Donald talks about, I guess, anything, that it’s all an act, a show.”

The Republican National Committee gathered at a seaside resort in south Florida for its annual spring meeting. While candidates in both parties targeted primary contests in the Northeast, Hollywood’s Diplomat Resort & Spa turned into a palm-treed political battleground.
Senior advisers for Trump, Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich courted RNC members in a series of private meetings on the resort’s grounds, sometimes sitting at adjacent tables in the marble-floored lobby. Trump’s tightening grasp of his party’s presidential nomination dominated much of the hallway discussion.
“He’s trying to moderate. He’s getting better,” said Ben Carson, a Trump ally who was part of the GOP’s front-runner’s RNC outreach team.
Despite his team’s aggressive message, Trump was telling voters he wasn’t quite ready to act presidential. “I just don’t know if I want to do it yet,” he said during a raucous rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, that was frequently interrupted by protesters.
“At some point, I’m going to be so presidential that you people will be so bored,” he said, predicting that the size of his crowds would dwindle if he dialed back his rhetoric.

Trump’s team also signaled to RNC members that he was willing to dip into his personal fortune to fund his presidential bid, in addition to helping the national committee raise money, a promise that came as Trump prepared to launch his first big television advertising campaign in a month.
His campaign reserved about $2 million worth of air time in soon-to-vote Pennsylvania and Indiana, advertising tracker Kantar Media’s CMAG shows.
“He’s willing to spend what is necessary to finish this out. That’s a big statement from him,” Manafort said in the briefing.
Manafort also insisted that Trump is prepared to work closely with party leaders, despite the candidate’s near-daily public attacks on what he calls “a rigged” presidential nomination system.
“Is Donald Trump running against the Republican National Committee? The answer is he is not,” Manafort said.

Trump is increasingly optimistic about his chances in five states holding primary contests Tuesday: Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. He is now the only candidate who can possibly collect the 1,237-delegate majority needed to claim the GOP nomination before the party’s July convention.
Cruz and Kasich hope Trump will fall short so that they can have a chance to turn enough delegates to win the nomination at the convention.
What do you think of The Donald’s move to soften his demeanor? Share your comments below.
The Associated Press contributed to this article

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Story Line a new direction for the #WalkingDead *UpDate*

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UpDate: I have the perfect one for the leader of the pack *Olive Garden* Rebekah Kennedy...she is spunky lil one..talented as well as funny and down to earth...even if ya don't like my story idea...she would be a great addition to your cast of characters:) . Another one who should be considered would be Stacey Dash...she's not clueless either...:)




Addendum: well Stacey is running for congress now...she may be busy:


Being that I really enjoy the Walking Dead series...I would like to see it go to a new positive direction...I have a story line that would make the series more pro-active and not so dark and dismal.
The cast stumbles onto a small group who have a olive tree farm...they find out that no one who dies or is bitten by the walkers becomes a walker ! After asking the group what they do to avoid the plague they confess they are naturalist who adhere to natural medicine...they state Olives and olive leaf extract is a known Biblical cure for all forms of virus as well as bacteria infections...they are crazy wild about cooking with olive oil...eating the fruit and concocted olive leaf extract in it's purest form [oleuropein] to ward off infections.

This gives the cast a new direction on saving the world...they begin eating the fruit, cook with olive oil and begin concocting liquid olive leaf extract as well as searching out holistic natural food stores for a catch of liquid olive leaf extract products to be used in Veternarian darts to seek out and stop the virus spread among the Walkers!  When hit by the darts they drop in their tracks some even begin to revert back to walking alive again...ha depending on the condition and severity of their injuries prior to being infected.

Image result for walking dead

If ya like my idea feel free to use it...I'm not asking for money...I just love to share ideas:) Just like I do in my info!

Olive leaf extract

The Bible refers to the olive tree as the “tree of life.” Olives, the ripe fruit of the tree, yield healthy monounsaturated fats and phytochemicals that act as potent antioxidants. Research on the benefits of olive oil abounds in scientific literature. Yet, people are still not aware of the amazing healing powers of another component of the olive tree, the leaves.
ts_oliveleavesThe olive tree, botanically designated as Olea europaea, brings to us a promising herbal product known as olive leaf extract. The ancient Egyptians regarded olive leaf as a symbol of heavenly power, and in keeping with that belief, they extracted its oil and used it to mummify their kings. The healing powers of olive leaf were realized as early as the 1880s when it was utilized to counteract malaria. According to the 1854 Pharmaceutical Journal of Provincial Transactions (pp. 363-354), Hanbury stated that a “decoction of the leaves” of the olive tree had been found to be extremely effective in reducing fevers due to a severe and otherwise often-fatal disease that swept the island of Mytilene in 1843. The olive leaf extract was reported subsequently to be more effective in its fever-lowering properties than quinine. Hanbury recalled that similar observations had been made in France and Spain between 1811 and 1828. It appears that in the early 19th century, Spanish physicians sometimes prescribed olive leaves as a “febrifuge,” and often used them to treat cases of intermittent fever (2). Hanbury concluded that the properties of the tree Olea europaea deserved more extensive investigation.
- See more at:
Olive leaf extract
Olive leaf extract

UNESCO Just Decided The Temple Mount In Jerusalem Is An Exclusive Muslim Holy Place

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oped: I'm sorry UNESCO but you do not have the authority to re-write history much less Ancient World History 101...Fact :Israel and the Jewish people existed thousands of years before the 7th Century Islam came into let me educate you on Islam:

UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, just rewrote history, announcing the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is an exclusive Muslim holy place and has no connection to the Jewish people or their religion whatsoever.
Last week UNESCO adopted a resolution which refers to Israel as the “occupying power” in Jerusalem and on, what UNESCO calls, the al-Haram al-Shariff (Temple Mount). The Western Wall (Wailing Wall) that is today Judaism’s holiest site is referred to as “Al-Buraq Plaza” in the resolution.
The UNESCO resolution claimed “Israel is planting Jewish fake graves in other spaces of the Muslim cemeteries” near the Temple Mount and falsely accused Israel of “the continued conversion of many Islamic and Byzantine remains into the so-called Jewish ritual baths or into Jewish prayer places.”

The UN body also accused Israel of changing the status quo on “al-Haram al-Shariff” and claims Israeli “right wing extremists” and “uniformed forces” constantly storm the al-Aqsa Mosque and commit “aggression against civilians including sheiks.”
UNESCO especially mentioned the damage caused by Israeli Forces since Aug. 23 “to the gates and the windows of the so-called Qibli Mosque inside al-Aqsa Mosque.”
The organization claimed that Israel doesn’t respect the integrity, authenticity and cultural heritage of al-Aqsa Mosque as “a Muslim Holy Site of worship and as an integral part of a World Cultural Heritage Site.”

Aug. 23 is the date that 67 Jews were murdered in Hebron in 1929 during riots that began after similar lies about a Jewish threat to al-Aqsa ignited the Arab street in British-ruled Palestine.
The UNESCO resolution doesn’t utter a word about the daily riots that already started on the Temple Mount in the summer of 2015 and continued into the autumn after the Palestinian Authority and Hamas spread false rumors that Israel intended to change the status quo on the mount.
There is overwhelming video evidence of who started the fighting at the Temple Mount and of Muslims barricading themselves in the al-Aqsa mosque.
You can watch an example of this evidence here: 

This video was shot at the ninth of the Hebrew month Av (July 26), the day that Jews all over the world commemorate the destruction of the two Temples that stood on what the Arabs now call al-Haram al-Shariff. Jews who came to read the book Lamentations at the Western Wall in Jerusalem were also pelted with rocks that day.
The video shows how Muslims had barricaded themselves in the al-Aqsa mosque and started to pelt police with stones. The video also delivers the evidence that the damage caused to the doors and the windows of the mosque was a result of the actions of the Muslims who prepared for the violence by piling up building materials and rocks in the al-Aqsa mosque.

The premeditated attacks started on July 23 and not on Aug. 23 as UNESCO claims.
Here’s video evidence of the extreme Muslim violence on the Temple Mount that day:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reacted furiously to the new UNESCO resolution.
“This is yet another absurd UN decision,” Netanyahu said on Saturday. “UNESCO ignores the unique historic connection of Judaism to the Temple Mount, where the two temples stood for a thousand years and to which every Jew in the world has prayed for thousands of years. The UN is rewriting a basic part of human history and has again proven that there is no low to which it will not stop.”
The UNESCO resolution was submitted by several Arab countries, among them Egypt which has a peace treaty with Israel. The language of the resolution is identical to the “news updates” that are sent to foreign reporters and diplomats by the Palestinian Authority and the language Arab media use in their reports on Israel.

This is not the first time the UNESCO adopted a resolution that denies Jewish history in Israel and converts Jewish holy places in the country into Muslim holy sites.
In October, the UN organization decided Rachel’s Tomb near Bethlehem and the cave with the tombs of the Jewish Patriarchs in Hebron (Ma’arat HaMachpela) were, in fact, Muslim holy sites. The draft of that resolution originally also included a mention of the Western Wall on the Temple Mount as a Muslim site but was hastily withdrawn after it drew a storm of criticism.
Rachel’s Tomb and Ma’arat HaMachpela are mentioned in the book Genesis (Beresheet) in the stories about the Jewish forefathers Jacob and Abraham. The cave in Hebron was bought by Abraham after his beloved wife Sarah passed away.

For centuries, Jews were banned by Muslims from praying at Ma’arat HaMachpela, and it was only after the Israeli army conquered Hebron during the Six Day War in 1967 that Jews were allowed to pray in a small part of the complex. This situation continues to today.
As for Rachel’s tomb, only in 1996 after the establishment of the Palestinian Authority Arab officials began to refer to the site as the Bilal ibn Rabah mosque.
Later the Palestinian Authority also began to lay claim to Christian holy sites in Israel. Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas said last year that the Church of the Holy Sepulcher (Jerusalem) is “ours” and earlier media reported that Muslims in Nazareth planned to build a giant mosque on the site of the Church of the Annunciation.

Paul Ryan Will Be Furious When He Sees Why This Dump Truck Is Cruising Around His Home

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Though he has held the position for only a few short months, there are some already calling for an ouster of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.
In fact, at least one person is calling for Ryan to be removed from Congress completely, that person being Paul Nehlen, who is challenging Ryan for his seat representing Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District, according to a news release from the aspiring congressman.
Nehlen is promoting his candidacy by going directly after Ryan in the district, touring the area with a large dump truck painted with the message, “Dump Paul Ryan.”

Image result for dump truck “Dump Paul Ryan.”

The dump truck also encourages people to “get the dirt on Ryan” by going to, where they can also track the dump truck with a detailed map showing where it’s been and where it’s headed.
You're going to love seeing what will be painted in the #DumpRyan truck bed :-)

Paul Nehlen ‎@pnehlen
Taking a massive mountain of our money and spending it wildly doesn't make you a budget guru. It makes you a part of the problem.

“Wisconsin’s 1st District has deep roots in manufacturing and industry, in design and engineering. We’ve been a powerhouse in these respects,” Nehlen said in the news release.
“But Paul Ryan is now undermining us at every turn — on spending, on trade, on immigration, and more. He’s broken every single promise he’s made to us,” Nehlen continued. “A lot of us, me included, have had to ask ourselves why his votes no longer line up with our interests. We’ve had to ask ourselves who exactly Ryan is representing, because it’s clearly not us any longer.”
Taking a massive mountain of our money and spending it wildly doesn't make you a budget guru. It makes you a part of the problem. 

— Paul Nehlen (@pnehlen) April 13, 2016
Nehlen proceeded to point out that, based on Ryan’s own campaign finance reports, the bulk of Ryan’s campaign funding is coming from sources outside the home district, with much of that coming in the form of large donations from lobbyists in and around the D.C. area.
“Paul Ryan isn’t representing us anymore — he’s representing his special-interest buddies in D.C.,” Nehlen declared. “The #DumpRyan tour is a powerful way to shed light on that fact.
“We encourage people not only to follow the travels of the #DumpRyan truck, we look forward to seeing them at various stops around the district,” he added. “We’re going to provide a lot of information, and we’re going to have fun doing it. This campaign will continue to bring the fight to Paul Ryan all the way to Election Day.”
While this man’s courage and boldness in taking on a still generally popular and well-entrenched sitting congressman who was recently promoted to be the speakership is commendable, he is most likely fighting a losing battle.

That said, we certainly have no qualms about his primary challenge to Ryan, as it should at the very least serve as a warning to Ryan and make him a bit more honest toward his constituents and the American people.

Please share this on Facebook and Twitter to help spread the word that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is being challenged for his congressional seat.