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The cat is slowly coming further out-of-the-bag as a general consensus amongst family members says plane still intact

APphoto_Malaysia Plane
By Shepard Ambellas
KUALA LUMPUR (INTELLIHUB) — In a strange twist of events Sara Bajc, the girlfriend of missing flight 370 passenger Phillip Wood, told CNN how the Malaysian military and even the U.S. are likely involved in a massive cover-up surrounding the aircrafts disappearance on the morning of Mar. 8.
Astonishingly Bajc told CNN, “The jet [flight 370] had actually been accompanied by fighter planes, there is some witness to that.”. 
“I think we need to have a better view into where that plane went and who has got it now”, Bajc told CNN going on to explain how she felt her boyfriend Phillip Wood was still alive somewhere. Bajc also pointed out that the general consensus amongst family members also leans toward the plane still being intact somewhere, alluding to a militarized operation.
“I am sure that the military in Malaysia knew that plane was there and has tracked that plane in some way. Now whether they were in control of it or not we don’t know. Many people are saying that the United States is involved [...] but the general thinking across the families here and even non-families [...] believe this was a military operation of some sort.”, said Bajc. 

Shockingly, this dovetails with information already obtained by Intellihub News which, via GPS metadata, puts Phillip Wood in a holding cell at the U.S. controlled military base Diego Garcia

See Video: 

Intellihub’s exclusive MH370 Coverage:

Insurance payouts to family members of MH370 continue in exchange for waivers
Police Inspector General: ‘Crew of flight 370 not yet cleared, awaiting investigation of Captain’s simulator’
Malaysian politician: ‘The government is withholding evidence on missing flight 370′

Rothschild owned Blackstone Group benefits from missing flight 370, becoming primary patent holder of new technology, reports say
Partner of MH370 passenger acuses governments of cover up on BBC
Full manifest: Flight 370 — As released by Malaysian authorities
15 questions about flight MH370 that the media isn’t asking
YouTube Investigator: ‘Flight 370 landed at Diego Garcia military base, plane and passengers then put in a Faraday style hangar’
Malaysia says there is sealed MH370 “evidence” that cannot be made public
Full Transcript: MH370′s radio transmissions before it went dark
Why was the Malaysian MH370 flight not detected by the Diego Garcia US Naval and Intelligence Base in the Indian Ocean?

Failure to find Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 sparks Chinese consideration to surveil the world

Gay Conservatives Agree: The Troubling Ouster Of Mozilla CEO Isn’t A Gay Rights Issue At All

oped: Mr.Eich invented Java Script and started Mozilla FireFox he was not forced into resigning...he stepped down as CEO  to avoid further conflict and giving the Gay Mafia further ammo and fodder...he still owns part in Mozilla/Firefox  and he still believes in Marriage between one man one woman! 
However the board at Mozilla needs to wake up and not make such pathetic comments..Mr Eich as well as anyone else has every right to believe in their religious convictions...the Gay Mafia [LGBT & GLAAD] is akin to Hitlers Pink Swastika party!  

By Mike Miller 
Earlier this week, Mozilla (Firefox) CEO Brendan Eich resigned after activists started a petition demanding he openly support same-sex marriage or be fired immediately if he refused to do so. Eich’s “crime”? He donated $1,000 – six years ago – in support of California’s Proposition 8, which outlawed gay marriage. (The law was ultimately overturned by the courts.)
Now, several conservative gays have denounced Eich’s forced resignation, with this tweet summing it up nicely:
Well-known conservative (gay) radio talk show host Tammy Bruce also slammed Mozilla for driving out Eich and turning the company into a “bastion of intolerance and punishment.”
Even HBO’s Bill Maher and gay liberal Andrew Sullivan have weighed in, with Sullivan proclaiming: “If this is the gay rights movement today … then count me out.”
In a statement issued Saturday on the official Mozilla blog, the company claimed that Eich resigned “for the good of the company.”

“Mozilla’s mission is to make the Web more open so that humanity is stronger, more inclusive and more just. This is why Mozilla supports equality for all, including marriage equality for LGBT couples. No matter who you are or who you love, everyone deserves the same rights and to be treated equally.” 
Yeah, “inclusive” and “equality for all” for everyone except Brendan Eich. In today’s “progressive” America, people like Mr. Eich obviously do not “deserve the same rights and to be treated equally.”
Eich didn’t discriminate against gays – or anyone else – at Mozilla; he had only been promoted the week before the concocted firestorm began. Yet, the rabid left was successful in orchestrating his ouster.
Have we really arrived at a point in America when the CEO of a company – or anyone else – can be forced to resign or be fired over his or her thoughts or beliefs – vs. actions?
Incidentally, the group responsible for circulating the petition – Credo Action –  says this is “only the beginning.” It has vowed to seek the ouster of “every CEO in America” who fails to openly support “marriage equality.” 

The left ridicules conservatives who claim that freedom of speech is under attack in America. Is there a better recent example?

Just a fact Jack...the cult of Islam

Addendum: The Middle East had better thank their stars that the US has  weak leadership at this point in time next election cycle we will return to our founding fathers real conservative values and once again exhibit strong leadership in Congress and the  WhiteHouse...PC will be a thing of the past...we will *Fix Bayonets* and kick royal ass on those who attack us internally as well as externally! We have the history of such things...and 'we will return' as General MacArthur so eloquently put it!

Addendum: The Myth Of Islam:

And in this veterans humble opinion being PC is what causes PTSD...the military shrinks should research this...they are way off the mark...soldiers don't need drugs just full support of their CIC and Field Commanders!

Russian Ambassadors Discuss invading Miami and Kawlifornia Land

I'm thinking these two goobers have been taking way too many Putin Vodka shots Vlads coolaide!

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Liberals Ignore Islam's War on Women

60 Million Child Brides 5k honor deaths

For decades the progressive left has unleashed upon the American people "the thought police" and "the word police." Recently we heard of the move to ban the word "bossy." A move that quite frankly sounds very "bossy." Who are these people who think they can tell everyone else what to do, what to say or what to think?
Now we hear from a group called CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations), that they are the official "logic police" of the new left. But unlike the Dale Carnegie book “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” they seem bent on doing just the opposite, offending people's sense of decency and intellect and twisting logic into the arbitrary whims of their spin machine.

After reading CAIR's press release and hearing their spokeswoman speak on Fox news, it's clear what CAIR believes, which is this:
Speaking out against violence towards Muslim women makes you an Islamophobe.
Speaking out against genital mutilation of adolescent Muslim girls makes you Islamophobic.
Speaking out against forced marriages in Muslim majority countries makes you Islamophobic.
Speaking out against wife beating in Muslim families makes you Islamophobic.
Speaking out against forced dress codes and coverings for women makes you Islamophobic.
Speaking out against those who censor free speech that exposes evil makes you Islamophobic.
Speaking out against "honor" violence and "honor" killings of wives and daughters makes you Islamophobic.
While I'm not in the business of giving advice to those whose interests are not mine and not that of my country, I can say with absolute certitude that CAIR isn't making any friends or influencing any people with their claims regarding this new documentary, “Honor Diaries,” a movie that exposes the brutality towards women within Islam under the guise of "honor." This honor violence and the honor killings are nothing new. The documented costs are evidenced by the 125 million Muslim women and girls who had their identity and humanity ripped from them by a totalitarian ideology that believes in forced genital (mutilation) circumcision. 60 million women and girls have been forced into marriages and upwards of 5,000 per year according to the UN are killed in the name of "honor."

Watch Trailer:

What CAIR is doing is hijacking this issue in order to promote themselves and kill the movie. They are too proud to be ashamed. And why would they be? In 2007 they were named un-indicted co-conspirators in a case accusing the Holy Land Foundation of providing funds to terror groups such as Hamas. So while they claim to be outraged at the treatment of women and girls in Islam, they don't want a single person to see this film. All the more reason to buy it or go see it for yourself.
Having long ago dumped cable television for the "On Demand" alternatives, I no longer waste my evenings (as much as I'd like to) sitting in front of the television listening to others debate the fate of our civilization while talking over the top of each other. However, it came to my attention that a one, Megyn Kelly, star hostess of Fox news, did a masterful job defending the film "Honor Diaries" from the fringe who would label it Islamophobic. They oppose the film for one reason and one reason only: it exposes the brutality done to Muslim women in the name of Islam. Megyn, whose beauty is only surpassed by her fierce tenacity for honesty and truth, is always on her game keeping her guests in the universe of rational thought and never allowing them to plant their feet illogically in midair, no matter how hard they might try. And try they do.
This debate is truly an amazing spectacle. The tactics of CAIR are to engage in extreme vitriolic slanderous criticism, labeling the opposition as immoral, dehumanizing them, then quickly turning the tables with a second pronged narrative claiming victimhood and hiding behind a cowardly defense of Islam, the religion. They fight as political Islam, but hide behind the shield of religion.

Zeinab Khan who appears in "Honor Diaries" says of CAIR's campaign to censor the film, “It’s completely dangerous and shows their mode of operation: bullying, scapegoating, censoring, avoiding issues.”
CAIR could be showering the film with praise for its raising awareness to the plight of so many Muslim women and children, whose pre-teen girls are grotesquely forced into marriages with men who are the age of their fathers and grandfathers.
But if Muhammad married six year old Aisha and consummated that marriage when she became nine, then what is a Muslim man to do -- if the highest calling is to live a life worthy of the prophet? And yet, there are human beings still today so callous to this evil -- that they would not only stoop to defend it -- they will tell you and me we are "phobic" of their "way."
CAIR has apparently convinced several Universities to cancel or postpone the showing of the film. Why would you do such a thing when the film exposes such evil? CAIR claims that they have no issue with the content of the film, only with the Jewishness and hateful intentions of the producers. Did I just hear an anti-Semitic dog whistle? Well, well, well, so the producers are Jewish, so the film must be all lies, is that it? Don't you just love the logic?
Muslim Preteen Wives
The CAIR spokeswoman on Fox (interestingly clever tactical move putting a woman on the show) claimed that the film was not censored, it was pulled because each of the schools found out about the extreme views of the producers and decided to shut down the showings themselves. Seriously? Since when do we viewers do background checks on the producers of a film to make sure that the content is fair or balanced?
This female spokeswoman is a slave to an ideology and would rather look like an imbecile to the viewing public than face the wrath of her male superiors if she can avoid it. Perhaps she too is stuck in an ideological prison. The way I see it, is that light of truth is too bright for their eyes. They try to sit in the dark and contemplate their next move and when a pin hole of light peeks through, they call it harsh and offensive and cover it over. They blame the sun for its brightness. But it's only a matter of time before the black paper and paste give way to the "truth" the non-Muslim world already recognizes.

CAIR is only successful in their censorship because they employ tactics of intimidation that begin with name calling, and if that doesn't work, their PR war machine takes it to the next level. Most good, honest, just, fair-minded, equality loving Americans neither want the negative exposure, or the scarlet letter associated with such branding, so they self-censor at the first sounds of verbal cross fire.
When facts and history, logic and reason are on your side, there is no need to panic, no need to retreat. Just let out a little more rope and a little more and a little more, and before long they hang themselves. No need to go hand to hand combat with these mongers, for the war is won or lost on information, not PR campaigns. Give the American people the straight scoop and the tactics of the desperate and the angry will be washed away like debris in a flood. Those who ride the waves in confidence and stay on the solid ground of truth will win out.
If CAIR really cares about women, they will not only change their tune and tactics and use logic and reason, they will promote this film and work towards solutions that benefit women -- not allowing them to be placed into little wedlock prisons they claim to reject.

Religion of Peace Muslim Mob Murders Young Christian Girl..!

Mary Sameh George
In yet another display of Islamic “peace” and tolerance, a young Christian girl who was delivering medicine to an elderly woman in a local church, was pulled from her car then beaten and stabbed to death by an angry Muslim mob. Eyewitnesses say that her crime was especially heinous – she had a cross hanging from the rear view mirror of her vehicle!
Oh, the Horror.
This continues the 1300+ year trend of Islamic aggression and violence towards anyone who is not like them.
An eyewitness appearing on “90 minutes,” a program on the al-Mehwar satellite network, said 25-year-old Mary Sameh George was attacked in her car near a church, where she planned to deliver medicine to an ill and elderly woman. 

Protestors climbed onto her car, collapsing the roof, then hauled her from the vehicle, beating and mauling her – to the extent, he said, that portions of her scalp were torn off. She was stabbed multiple times, her throat was slit and when she was dead, the mob torched her car.
One Coptic outlet said that according to the health ministry, the young woman had been stabbed at least a dozen times 

The death of Mary Sameh George received little coverage in Egyptian newspapers.
Christianity is disappearing from the Islamic world thanks to constant pressure being placed on Christians from the Islamic communities. While the political regimes in most of these countries give lip service to religious “freedom” and democratic principles – that’s where they stop. Most of these Islamic regimes have no desire (and no incentive) to defend the rights of Christian minorities in their nations. In fact, protecting Christians could make it more difficult for governments to keep power – so they don’t.
Pray for the Copts of Egypt and other Christians scattered throughout the Islamic world – they need our support.

Why Does John Boehner Want to Keep 40 Million Americans From Buying Guns?

Funny John Boehner Crying Picture Six Crying Boehner GIFs
oped: IMHO I believe PTSD as well as ADHD are treated by lazy Md's and Psychiatrists with over prescribing of dangerous this particular case the Ft Hood shooter was prescribed Ambien which has some really bad side effects ie: 
Less common:
  • confusion
  • confusion about identity, place, and time
  • discouragement
  • feeling sad or empty 
  • irritability 
Less common or rare:
  • quick to react or overreact emotionally
  • rapidly changing moods 
  • Attack, assault, or force 
  • lack of feeling or emotion 
  • delusions
  • dementia
 Speaker of the House John Boehner exhibits some of the above he suffering from PTSD or over medication also...should John Boehner be allowed to own/possess guns? This also applies to Harry Reid,Nancy Pelosi and Senator Feinstein!

Reacting to the shooting at Fort Hood on Wednesday, House Speaker John Boehner reiterated a popular NRA talking point: "There’s no question that those with mental health issues should be prevented from owning weapons or being able to purchase weapons." Those suffering the same diagnosed illnesses as the shooter — depression and anxiety — might be surprised by Boehner's willingness to take away their Second Amendment rights.
Ivan Lopez, the alleged shooter, was being evaluated for post-traumatic stress disorder at the base, where he was stationed and lived with his wife. According to CNN, Lopez "was undergoing a variety of treatments for conditions including depression, anxiety and sleep disturbances," according to Army Secretary John McHugh. Lopez "was prescribed drugs that included Ambien" and "was fully examined last month by a psychiatrist." 

An estimated one-in-10 Americans suffers from depression, according to the Centers for Disease Control. That's about 31 million people, skewed told older people and women. The National Institutes of Health puts those suffering from "major depressive disorder" at the lower figure of 14.8 million. As for anxiety? The NIH says that 40 million Americans suffer from that.
Even if Lopez had been diagnosed with PTSD, that's still sweeping up 7.7 million Americans — 2.5 percent of the country. Who John Boehner, it seems, doesn't think should be allowed to have a gun.
That's almost certainly not actually what he believes. His comments, as The Hill's Russell Berman reports, came in the middle of an event at the Capitol. After saying there was "no question" that people with mental illness shouldn't be allowed to buy or own guns, he went on: "we need to continue to look at to find a way to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them." 

In the wake of the Newtown massacre, the NRA reiterated its call for one of the few gun control measures it supports: a database of the "actively" mentally ill, which gun sellers could use to screen buyers. Such databases exist, but usually with standards that are far, far more rigorous than anything Lopez was close to manifesting. Current federal law prohibits those who've been committed to an institution or officially determined to be "mentally defective" from buying a gun.
That wasn't Lopez. This is the problem with using mental health as the screen for gun ownership: for many of those who commit acts of random violence, those acts are the first manifestations of more serious mental health issues. And, furthermore, as the millions of depressed and anxious Americans can attest, only a tiny, tiny percentage of those with mental illness — mild or strong — would ever commit such acts.
But if Boehner is willing, at last, to support dramatic gun control efforts, there are almost certainly people on the other side of the aisle who'd be happy to work with him.

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Action Alert: Support Mozilla CEO for marriage vote

Kepala Eksekutif Perusahaan (CEO) Mozilla, Brendan Eich (

The Online Clearinghouse for Conservative Action

Patriot -

Brendan Eich, the CEO of Mozilla, which created and maintains the Firefox web browser, is under fire for having donated $1000 to Proposition 8 in California. Prop 8 was against changing marriage to make homosexual unions equal to heterosexual unions.
Among many protests against Brendan’s ‘politics’, the dating site okCupid is blocking visitors to its site using Firefox and asking them to ditch the Mozilla browser as a way of punishing Mozilla and Brandon for his views.
It seems the champions of tolerance once again have turned into bullies to harass and punish all who disagree with their opinions.
okCupid claims that 8% of their customers are gay. Well, 52% of California voters supported Prop. 8.
Especially concerning marriage, which is under heavy pressure from gay activists.
Thank you! ActRight Team
Together, we're changing the face of politics. ActRight.c

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Sheriff David Clarke Delivers Unforgettable Speech at USCCA Event

In this week’s Tactical Tim video, Tim shares never-before-seen footage from the USCCA Open House Event held in West Bend, Wisconsin in February, including a speech from Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke. Sheriff Clarke is often referred to as “The People’s Sheriff” and is most known for his series of Public Service Announcements encouraging law-abiding citizens to protect themselves with firearms. Watch the video below to hear his inspiring take on personal responsibility.
Sheriff David Clarke on Responsibly Armed Americans | USCCA Video 

Watch Video:

Tim invited Sheriff Clarke to speak at the Open House event because he is an advocate for concealed carry and a great supporter of our Second Amendment rights. In 2013, Sheriff Clarke was named “Sheriff of the Year,” being rewarded by The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association for staying true to his oath, true to his badge, and true to the people he has promised to protect.
What did you think of Sheriff Clarke’s speech? Would you like to have a guy like Sheriff Clarke as the Sheriff of your county? Let us know in the comments below.
To donate to Sheriff Clarke’s re-election campaign, please visit:

The Republican elite are skilled at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

by: Floyd Brown
Their arrogance in dealing with social conservatives, libertarians and the Tea Party underscores the continued rejection of the "big tent philosophy" they allegedly promote. If you don't adopt D.C.'s version of big-government conservatism and war-machine foreign policy, you can expect open opposition.

The worst perpetrator of this jihad on unconventional Republicans is Karl Rove (and his minions at the Crossroads committee).

And now, Rove and the rest of the D.C. consultants controlling the GOP are going to lose their best chance to win the U.S. Senate majority in a decade. How? Well, it starts with Alaska, where the GOP's misguided Puritanism has created astounding resentment.

In Alaska, the GOP elite are concerned with two things: helping the companies that they run to get federal contracts and keeping control of a Tammany Hall-type patronage system in state jobs.

On top of that, the consultants in D.C. smack their chops at a race in Alaska because their favorite campaign tactic - saturating the market with TV ads - costs chump change in Alaska compared to many other media markets.

But this thinking has inspired a series of stiff-armed moves that have laid waste to the Alaskan GOP. Six years ago, for example, Mark Begich - a generally unaccomplished unknown - was able to snatch the U.S. Senate seat away from long-term Republican Ted Stevens.

This election cycle, Begich is vulnerable... but the GOP elite would rather play blood sports to stop Tea Party leader Joe Miller than simply beat Begich.

In the end, either Joe Miller will win or Alaska will re-elect Begich.

A Vicious GOP Backstabbing
How can I be so sure?

I've watched Alaskan politics closely since I agreed to speak at their Lincoln Day Dinners in Juneau and Fairbanks over a decade ago. And to understand why either Miller or Begich will win, you need to know what happened in 2010, in Miller's last race, as it left a residual distaste for Republican elite tactics.

You see, Miller is typical of the candidates whom D.C. consultants dislike: He's too smart, too pro-life, too anti-government and too anti-establishment. He's also a decorated war veteran and a former Judge who cut his political teeth challenging the Alaskan GOP establishment owned by the Murkowski family. Alaska's senior Senator, for example, is Lisa Murkowski, whom Miller challenged - and beat - in the 2010 Republican primary.
When Murkowski lost the GOP primary, the D.C. establishment circled the wagons, helping Murkowski run an independent race as a write-in. The Republican leader, Mitch McConnell, didn't remove her from leadership even when she decided to launch her bid against the legitimate Republican nominee.

Meanwhile, the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) manipulated the very grassroots, fresh-faced Miller campaign and used his name to raise money... then subsequently spent the money helping Murkowski win her race.

Time to Widen the Circle
But the plan has backfired this election cycle. Emotions run deep because of the viciousness of the Murkowski campaign against Miller. And this time, he's the only GOP candidate who can win the general election. Polling shows that if anyone else wins the primary, scores of general election voters (in the double-digit percentages) intend to write in Miller as a protest against the aggressive backstabbing in 2010.

Miller's opponent in the primary is a Karl Rove favorite, Dan Sullivan... a Bush administration appointee and member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the World Economic Forum's "World Agenda Council." Sullivan is committed to aggressive War Party policies in Syria and elsewhere. Yet Miller, a veteran tank commander who has seen bloody conflict, is much more wary of American intervention abroad.
Frankly, Miller cares more about America than he does the Republican Party, and many of his supporters are encouraging him to just skip the GOP primary and run an unconventional campaign as an independent. Even if he went this route, it would still be disastrous for the GOP's hopes of recapturing the U.S. Senate.

With recent polling showing Miller's candidacy beginning to surge in a matchup against Begich, the GOP's best hope for picking up the seat is to embrace Miller as the Party nominee. The question is, will the Republican elite do their best to snatch defeat from victory again, or will they lengthen the tent cords enough to stand with a true conservative from Alaska?

Claim: We Found the Holy Grail: “The Cup Which Touched the Lips of Jesus Christ”

[Pictured: The Infanta Dona Urraca identified as the legendary Holy Grail of scripture] 
Mac Slavo

Then He took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, “Drink from it, all of you. For this is My blood of the new covenant, which is shed for many for the remission of sins. But I say to you, I will not drink of this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it new with you in My Father’s kingdom.”
Matthew 26:27-29

It was shared with his disciples at the last supper and just days later St. Joseph of Arimathea used it to collect the blood and sweat of Jesus Christ as his grand-uncle tended to him on he cross. When he was subsequently imprisoned in a tomb for several years Joseph reportedly sustained his life with its power by consuming fresh water and food from it until his release. At that point it was reportedly transferred to a spectacular castle in a region called Corbenic somewhere in modern day England. The location of the castle itself has been veiled in secrecy and purportedly lost to history.
But the legendary story didn’t end there.
The Knights Templar searched Europe and Arabia for it, as did the Nazi’s during the middle of the 20th century. Historians and treasure hunters the world over have spent centuries looking for the Cup of Life and today some 200 chalices lay claim to the title of “The Holy Grail.”
But according to a new book titled Kings of the Grail, two researchers claim they have conclusive evidence that they have found the one and only, true Holy Grail of scripture. After a three year quest involving analysis from ancient documents, starting with an Egyptian parchment that describes the grail in detail, authors Margarita Torres and Jose Manuel Ortega del Rio say there is absolutely “no doubt” that the cup which touched the lips of Jesus Christ has been identified.
Their research led them to a a museum in San Isidro Basilica in the northwestern Spanish city of Leon, where the cup has been on display in a small viewing room for years.

The supposed Holy Grail was offered to King Fernando I, who ruled between 1037 and 1065, as a peace offering by the head of a Muslim kingdom within Spain, the historians said.
The cup, made of agate, gold and onyx, is actually two goblets formed together, the authors claim.
The artifact had been known until last week as the goblet of the Infanta Dona Urraca, King Fernando I’s daughter.
With so many other historical investigations making similar claims the evidence for the Infanta Dona Urraca being the Grail has yet to be scrutinized by scholars, but Torres and Ortega del Rio are certain they have found the treasure of the ages.

At first glance, the jewel encrusted Grail is the opposite of what one might expect a carpenter’s cup would look like. But according to the researchers the jewels and other accouterments were added much later.
There is ‘no doubt’ it contains the cup which touched the lips of Jesus Christ, two historians claim.
In an explosive book charting three years of ‘scientific research’, Margarita Torres and Jose Ortiza del Rio reveal there is conclusive evidence from scrolls in Egypt that confirm their theory.
The onyx vessel made between 200 BC and 100 AD, they claim, is trapped inside a bejewelled medieval chalice.
According to two medieval documents written in Arabic, it was stolen from Jerusalem by Muslims, who gave it to the Christian community in Egypt.
Centuries later, in around 1050 AD, it was sent as a gift to King Fernando I of Castile to thank him for sending aid during a famine, they say.
By that point, it had been concealed with opulent decorations.

Gold inside, with patterns etched around the edges, the revered ornament is covered with pearls, emeralds, amethysts and sapphires, which the Egyptian kings will have designed to honour the well-liked Fernando.

It is said that those who drink from the Grail can attain eternal life, a legend depicted in various stories and perhaps most popularly by Indiana Jones. But many believe these to be fables created over the years to advance Christianity, namely during the Christian crusades.
Whether the mythical vessel for Christ’s blood has actually been found, or that it holds special powers such as those used to sustain Joseph’s life during his imprisonment, is left to one’s imagination.
But that a hunt for the treasure is still being actively pursued after twenty centuries is, at the very least, intriguing.

Unmasking the UN's Agenda 21

Little Green Book of Eco Fascism
What if the Green Movement is not saving the planet but enslaving humanity?

For decades the Green Movement has claimed that Earth is threatened by the activity and even the existence of mankind. Green policies dictate that the noble response is relinquishing our liberties to "save" the planet from peril. Award-winning filmmaker JD King sets off on a cinematic journey to challenge these Green philosophies, and overturn the tables on issues like carbon emissions, climate change, over-population, natural resources, and unmasks the UN's Agenda 21 plan. BLUE casts a bold new vision: that through greater freedom we can realize a fuller potential for our fellow man and this beautiful blue planet we call home.

Official Website: 

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Where is Honest Abe Lincoln when ya need him?

The Obama Hive is running rampant in Washington,DC..they are draining the life blood out of Uncle Sam ,you and me we need some Vampire slayers to take the Hive out...because Old Abe has gone home to the Heavens above...take notice the young and restless Congressmen and ladies who know what needs to be done to remove the scourge of the blood suckers...take out Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi ...Obama/Clinton enablers and protectors! Then Impeach the Vampire King!

Pump up the volume get busy:

Harry Reid can be found at the Titty Searchlight Nevada...the Armpit of Nevada

This Border Patrol Checkpoint Video Is The Most Unbelievable Thing You’ll See Today

Somewhere in an alternate universe law enforcement agents tasked with running checkpoints go out of their way to uphold the Constitution.
For April Fool’s Day, Reason shows us what that would be like.

Satan, Witchcraft, Role Play, and Challengers

Note the three hidden sixes in the name with an occult symbol in the ...
Erick Erickson
You may read this and believe it to be an April Fool’s Day joke. Sadly, it is not. And sadly, I must give a slight NSFW warning.
Congressman Ted Yoho is one of the congressmen the Chamber of Commerce and Establishment have problems with. He was one of the congressmen who would not vote for John Boehner as Speaker. He has been one of those congressmen who does not have a problem rocking the boat on his own side. I wish he’d do it more than he does. Frankly, I think some of the fight has been knocked out of him.

In any event, he finds himself with a challenger. The challenger’s name is Jake Rush. People tied to Rush are whispering that he is “the Chamber’s guy.” He’s given money to Democrats. His father gave money to Debbie Wasserman Schultz. He’s a lawyer.
Jake Rush also happens to be into Satanic symbolism, vampirism, “rape” photos, whips, chains, and … you get the picture. If you don’t, I’ve got the pictures.
He had membership (and may still have it) in a group called the Minds Eye Society, formerly known as The Camarilla. This is a live-action roleplaying group that used such systems as Vampire: The Requiem, Vampire: The Masquerade, Changeling: The Dreaming, and other such titles. He uploaded pictures to a wiki (that’s basically an online, user generated encyclopedia) called the Camarilla Wiki Project. It looks like someone started deleting the pictures just before Jake announced his run for Congress. 

Here’s Jake:
Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 10.22.30 PM
 Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 10.22.50 PM
Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 10.23.11 PM
Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 10.24.42 PM
But I’m not sure if this is him, though he posted it online:

On a Yahoo! message board called “Fallen”, he uses the name “Chazz Darling.” His posts there are, to say the least, rather interesting. One includes him telling someone
At first I thought you were just stupid and I wanted to stick my d**k in you mouth to shut you up while I snorted a line off my new machete
This guy wants to replace Ted Yoho. Is the Chamber really helping this guy? If so, that is hysterical.

Freelance journalist: ‘Hijacked flight 370 passenger sent photo ...

from hidden iPhone tracing back to secret U.S. military base Diego Garcia’   

oped: I am neither agreeing with this nor disagreeing with this theory after all 'Theory without fact is hypothesis...Fact without Theory chaos' merely posted for others to view and speculate on the feasibility. It does make sense though MH370 would have been tracked by Diego Garcia had it flown to a crash in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Australia ! They would know exactly where it crashed! 

SEE Diego Garcia :


diego garcia diego garcia is a tropical footprint shaped coral atoll

Is passenger Phillip Wood and others still alive after flight 370 was hijacked then taken to a secret U.S. military base located on a remote island in the Indian Ocean? 

By Shepard Ambellas
INDIAN OCEAN (INTELLIHUB) — According to freelance journalist Jim Stone, one of the American passengers, Phillip Wood, a technical storage executive at IBM, who was aboard the now missing Malaysian Airlines flight, keystered his iPhone 5 in his anus after the Boeing 777 carrying 239 people was hijacked by military personnel while on route to China.
Amazingly, Stone claims that metadata within the photo yields evidence confirming “100 percent” that Phillip Wood sent the photo, along with a brief voice activated text, from GPS coordinates which put Wood only a few miles away from the U.S. controlled Diego Garcia military base which is located on an island south of the Maldives in the Indian Ocean. In his post Stone claims that the coordinates may be off by a few miles (see update below post), proving that the iPhone actually sent the otherwise blank black picture revealing nothing else. Stone speculates the picture was taken in a dark room or in some position in which Wood’s hands were bound.
As reported by Stone, the picture was posted along with the following text allegedly from Wood:

“I have been held hostage by unknown military personal after my flight was hijacked (blindfolded). I work for IBM and I have managed to hide my cellphone in my ass during the hijack. I have been separated from the rest of the passengers and I am in a cell. My name is Philip Wood. I think I have been drugged as well and cannot think clearly.”
Strangely the blank black image labeled “1395192158752.jpg” contains the following metadata:
1395192158752Dimensions: 240 x 320
Device Make: Apple 
Device Model: iPhone 5
Color Space: RGB
Color Profile: sRGB IEC61966-2.1
Focal Length: 4.12
Alpha Channel: No
Red Eye: No 

F Number: 2.4
Exposure Program: 2
Exposure Time: 1/15
Stone also points out in detail how the above Exchangeable Image Format (EXIF) image data is the “smoking gun”, writing:
The Exif is intact. Exif data gets embedded in every image by every camera and includes the circumstances under which the photo was taken. It can be viewed by saving the image to your desktop, and then right clicking it and selecting image properties. Hit the details tab. You can see that the image was taken on March 18 with an iPhone 5, with the ISO at 3200 and a shutter of 1/15. The coordinates are included in the exif data because the iPhone knows where it is, and the coordinates are for Diego Garcia. THE FIRST TIME A BLANK PHOTO SAID IT ALL.  

Exif can’t be rewritten with common software, it can only be added to in fields such as image credits with some advanced applications. It can be erased as well but NOT CHANGED. Photos with the exif intact will hold up in court. If the Exif is hacked and this is not real, the CIA or a really good hacker did this, which I doubt, I’d say it’s probably real.
Another smoking gun is that the voice recognition software put the word personal instead of personnel. This is completely consistent with a blind software assisted dial out.
Surrounding this story is the fact that the man who managed to get this information to Farganne (forum member Glitch) was harassed and received many threatening voice mails over it, that is another piece of evidence pointing to this as being real. One thing is certain, once it’s posted here on this site the genie is OUT OF THE BOTTLE. I cannot stress how important it is that the GPS coordinates in the photo do not perfectly match what Google says and are not posted anywhere on the web, because it proves that the source of those coordinates did not come from google or Wikipedia, they really did come from the imaging device and it HAD TO be at Diego Garcia when it took the photo. 

Interestingly, 7-days ago, on March 24, 2014  at 2:30 AM EDT, it was reported by Intellihub News that flight 370 landed at Diego Garcia, a secret U.S. military base leased from the EU, during the early morning hours of March 8, 2014 after a YouTuber by the name of Montagraph put two-and-two together following other reports.
An excerpt from the article reads:
“[...] MH370 most likely landed at Diego Garcia and the plane may have been ushered into a massive “Faraday cage” style hangar to avoid passengers from communicating with the outside world.”
Surprisingly, this all dovetails with a Malaysian Insider report released on Mar. 18 titled “US military base, South Asian airports in MH370 pilot’s simulator, says paper“, as the pilot of MH370 was found to have had scale simulations of Diego Garcia in his home flight simulator.

An except from the Malaysian Insider reads:
Investigations into the flight simulator taken from the missing pilot’s home showed a software for five practice runways, including one belonging to the United States, Berita Harian reported today.
“Among the software we checked so far is the Male International Airport in Maldives, three airports in India and Sri Lanka, and one belonging to the US military base in Diego Garcia. All have a runway length of 1,000 metres,” a source told the Malay daily.
Police seized the flight simulator from pilot Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s house last Saturday before reassembling it at the federal police headquarters in Bukit Aman, where experts were conducting checks.
If anyone has anymore information on this matter we urge you contact us at Intellihub News right away.

Update 2:49 PM EST

The following information was posted as a tip on Steve Quayle’s website:
Hi Steve,
Re: the black/blank photo from the IBM tech on the lost Malaysian jet. The photo was taken inside a building just off the runways at Diego Garcia. I put the photo into my editing software, grabbed the GPS point and here it is. Try this: go to: , choose #6, go to the bottom right box and input the info:
-7 18 58.3 LATITUDE
72 25 35.6 LONGITUDE
Click on: SHOW POINT
Zoom in and you will see where the photo originated. Wow. You’ll probably recognize the heavy aircraft parked nearby.
Image Via
(Featured photo at top of page:
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Gotta luvs MSM/College Professors ..they know everything bout' war/life ...#Not

Funny image of barack obama . funny barack obama picture . funny obama ...
[Hollywood hype and pure BS!]
Until You experience it and live it ...You know is just theory..hello you may quote me 'Theory without fact is hypothesis...Fact without theory is Chaos' and folks that is just what we have with the Obama administration [Progressives]*Pure Chaos* matter what you learned in college.from draft dodger Professors/MSM talkin' heads #Cowards ...and what they told you to make their life style acceptable and cool...bottom line they are still cowards...they know nothing about life...they never lived it...It's all fantasy and BS!...with a perverted agenda[CPUSA/Islam]..They say follow me and we will make the world a better place...really ?and how does that work? from those who were never there and done that?...never got their proverbial hands dirty?...amazing eh?

I say it is past time for Veterans who have been there and done that to call out the BS...*Fix Bayonets* and Charge...enough is enough! 

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Ann Dunham Not Obama’s Mother?

Barack Obama, Sr., Ann Dunham Obama Barack Obama, Sr., Barack Obama, Jr.
[Barack Obama, Sr., Ann Dunham Obama
 Barack Obama, Sr., Barack Obama, Jr.]
 oped: Interesting Read but I will need to research it further when I have the time

The photos above are the only images I find with Obama, Sr. and Ann Dunham together with Barry Obama (Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.). Note that the location and the clothing of Senior appear to be at the same place and same time and Barry is not a baby or a toddler.
The first instance I can find of this video being put on the internet is April 13, 2012, and Shrimpton is at an event or meeting to discuss the legitimacy of the European Union, and perhaps specifically Britain’s membership related to constitutionality. There is no information where the speech took place nor for what group or organization. This second longer video at The Daley Gator is titled “Barrister Michael Shrimpton – EU – Obama born in Kenya – German DVD-[OSS something unreadable].” Early on Shrimpton mentions both “radical Muslims” and “good Muslims,” in Afghanistan, refers to Hamid Karzai as a “good guy,” (remember this is 2008). He likes former Russian president Demetri Medvedev and Putin, and the “democratic election” being held in Russia. He refers to the “Global warming nutters,” and then goes into the Obama story and then goes into his EU speech where I tuned out.

The Daley Gator’s report on Michael Shrimpton’s background is where I started. At some point, Wikipedia scrubbed Shrimpton’ page. The Daley Gator has the scrubbed page, so it is available, but don’t stop reading there. As you scroll down Daley Gator’s page, you’ll find some fascinating information about Ann Dunham, Loretta Fuddy, Sudbud and the name Barack Hussein Soebarkah (Barry Soebarakh), as well as Rudy Guiliani and Hillary Clinton’s  ”people’s” knowledge of this information in 2008. Follow the links for all the details. 
Michael Shrimpton
Michael Shrimpton
Looking for more about Michael Shrimpton beyond being a “barrister,” I find that he is shown as a columnist for Veterans Today, which features Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, with recent columns titled “The Humiliation, I didn’t make the top 10 Anit-Semite List,” and “Zionists Occupy USA.”
I found a Shrimpton column in Veterans Today making claims about the Sandy Hook murders:

Word on the street is that the organisational and logistic aspects of the Sandy Hook shootings were set up by the ‘Latin Kings’ narcotics gang, who are said to have assets in Newtown police.  That would make sense, since these days they tend to be tied into Mexico…
Sandy Hook will lead to increased intelligence focus on the Latin Kings gang.  Given their Chicago roots there is bound to be speculation about links between them and the notoriously corrupt Obama Administration. Source: Michael Shrimpton, Veterans Today
Shrimpton seems to have a problem with Germans — just from what I’ve seen around the InterWebs. I do not believe the theories that children did not die at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT.
In the banner bio of Shrimpton as a columnist, it links to his deleted Wiki page, and other links leading to the reason for deletion, one of which is “fake page,” one that says there are two Michael Shrimptons, one id’ed as “Afd discussion,” and one id’ed as “barrister and terror expert.” At Veterans Today, Shrimpton has recently published a series on the “Kennedy Conspiracy.” No, I have not read them. He also has a website, The Shrimpton Report.
Western Journalism in January 2014 comments on Obama’s inconvenient press timelines over a 14 year period:

In a recent American Thinker report, one specific aspect of Obama’s childhood is explored in detail, resulting in the conclusion that at least one of the president’s biographical timelines is inaccurate.
Citing media reports released over the past 14 years, Jason Kissner highlights a discrepancy that seems to put a young Obama in two very different places at one time. While an Illinois Daily Herald article from 1990 indicates he lived in Asia from the age of 2 until he reached fifth grade, a Los Angeles Times report from the same year suggests he spent just six years in Indonesia before returning to Hawaii in preparation for college.
While those two accounts might suggest Obama reached fifth grade by the age of eight, at which time he promptly began studying for college, a subsequent entry in Hawaii Business adds another wrinkle to his purported past. That report suggests Obama was in Hawaii for at least his kindergarten year in elementary school, which represents a major departure from the timeline advanced in the previous articles.
Furthermore, his education records – along with his mother’s passport – are no longer available for review.
The Birther Report has some information on Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s new investigation into the Obama’s birth certificate put on the Internet by the White House. At least one additional news conference is coming, and the head of Arpaio’s “cold posse” working on the case says it has news that is “universe shattering.” Read the story at The Birther Report

We wouldn’t be talking about Obama’s ‘origins’ if there were not so many mysteries about an obviously forged presidential birth certificate. We know something is out-of-sorts, we just can’t put all the pieces together. I have no trouble believing that if the CIA did find the results in the opening paragraph, they might keep it quiet. For what reason, I don’t know, but there isn’t a single conjured deceit and/or corruption that I cannot believe. So I, and others, keep talking.
Linked at BadBlue, all the news, uncensored, 24/7. Read it here.
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