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Gatekeepers Controlling Narrative Ensure Truth Suppressed from General Population

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Fake news, lies and smears are what the public hears about Oath Keepers from the media. And limited means of correcting the record are increasingly and intentionally being blocked. 

As part of keeping up with current news reports about topics relevant to my interests, I subscribe to Google Alerts. Every day I get emails based on key words I designate to allow me to see what’s being reported in Google-recognized media.
You can see from the feature illustration above what the general public is being led to believe about Oath Keepers. It’s like the Southern Poverty Law Center narrative on steroids.
Patriots who revere the Constitution are called “anti-government.” An association with bylaws featured prominently in the website header that are available for anyone to see for themselves is called a “militia.” That those bylaws disqualify from membership any “person who advocates, or has been or is a member, or associated with, any organization, formal or informal, that advocates the overthrow of the government of the United States or the violation of the Constitution thereof,” and any “person who advocates, or has been or is a member, or associated with, any organization, formal or informal, that advocates discrimination, violence, or hatred toward any person based upon their race, nationality, creed, or color,” is never mentioned. All most Americans will ever hear about Oath Keepers is that they are right wing extremists, domestic terrorists and haters on par with Nazis and the Klan.

Correcting that record is also suppressed.  The Google News feed does not include articles originated by Oath Keepers, limiting what does appear to … well, see for yourself. That’s also a recurring problem I have with articles I publish in other venues that do make the news feed – only to be removed later by deliberate intervention, something I’ve documented time and again after noticing exclusive stories being “disappeared.”
Relying on the so-called “mainstream media” to give a fair shake has proven futile. Too many liberty advocates have been burned too many times by opening up to supposedly objective reporters, only to find out later they’ve been presented out of context and used to advance a negative narrative.
That basically leaves two ways to get our side of the story out: Rely on supporters to share links (which is generally only done by a handful with very limited contacts, and even then not usually consistently), or spread the word in the only affordable way we can, via so-called “social media.” Do that though, and there’s an army of “progressive” snitches reporting posts they don’t like to moderators in order to get them removed. Author Matt Bracken found that out recently when he committed the “grave offense” of using the word “tranny” in a Facebook post about convicted traitor Bradley Manning, and received a seven-day suspension and the threat of permanent expulsion to boot (even though there’s a “Tranny Girls” group with over 5,000 members).

It’s no secret that Facebook “routinely suppress[es] conservative news,” and  that Twitter kicks off non-“progressive” accounts it finds objectionable. Under the guise of combating “hate speech,” Twitter “suspend[ed] alt-right accounts.”
Similarly, You Tube has been wholesale “demonetizing” videos, taking away the means for those producing content they don’t agree with to be paid for what in many cases are their livelihoods. And we recently saw an employee of parent company Google was fired for the heresy of daring to criticize the corporate social justice warrior orthodoxy. Meanwhile, per The Daily Caller, “PayPal banned Jihad Watch and the American Freedom Defense Initiative from receiving online donations using their platform because of the site’s “activities” after being designated as “hate sites” by left-wing groups. “ That, reportedly, was after those sites were smeared by a George Soros-funded group.But think about that – businesses can economically refuse to do business with those whom they disagree, unless of course if you’re a Christian baker and there’s a gay wedding cake to be baked. Beyond that is the sentiment that if your speech is disapproved, you have no right to it.  If you’re deemed a “hater,” what other rights would they say you shouldn’t have? Why should we recognize someone Antifa calls a “Nazi’s” right to keep and bear arms? Why should someone condemned by college Marxists as a “fascist” be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, or against self-incrimination, or from cruel and unusual punishments?

That’s what those presuming to be the authorities for what constitutes free speech are effectively saying.
And if I can refuse to sell you services, what about goods? Starve, Nazi! And you don’t deserve a place to live or medical treatment…
What about setting up alternatives?
Gab is trying. And true to form, because many in the so-called “alt-right” have gone over to it, the network is being smeared as a haven for racists. To drive that point home, Google just dropped it from the Play Store.
True dat.
Expect similar suppression against any competitor that might arise and that doesn’t toe the “approved thought” line. Corporate advertisers, being for the most part spineless, lying weasels in it for the buck, are quick to bolt at the first sign of controversy. The ability to pay expenses, to profit and to compete has been effectively blocked.
So what do we do?  After all, we’re talking about private companies here, right? True, they’re essentially monopolies, and any other “robber baron” would be busted on antitrust “laws,” but the impulse to sic the Feds on them needs to be balanced against Constitutional constraints.
What are they? How do you balance  that against the right of free association? Does entering into commerce make a difference? Should it?
And what can we do to get our message out beyond a niche readership that is being squeezed into a sealed echo chamber? Because as things stand now, the gatekeepers of approved thought might not be able to stop the signal, but they sure are doing everything they can to block it.
If you believe in the mission of Oath Keepers, to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, please consider making a donation to support our work.  You can donate HERE.


Thursday, August 24, 2017

REVEALED: Nancy Pelosi’s Father Dedicated Confederate Statues to Robert E. Lee & ‘Stonewall’ Jackson

In recent days, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has publicly supported the removal of Confederate statues around the U.S. As it turns out, the Pelosi family wasn’t always against the statues…

Read Full Story Here

Only Difference Between Alt-Left and Neo-Nazis is Color of People They Hate

by: D Jolly 

A week and half ago, white supremacist groups once again garnered national attention in Charlottesville, Virginia. They were conducting a peaceful demonstration when alt-left hate groups such Black Lives Matter and Antifa attacked them, sparking an hour of violence.

To no surprise the liberal mainstream blamed the alt-right white supremacists for the violence, when video coverage of the event clearly showed that it was the alt-left liberal hate groups that started the violence. 

President Donald Trump did condemn white supremacist groups involved, naming the KKK and neo-Nazis, but evidently, he didn’t do it quick enough to appease the liberals. In fact, Trump condemned extremist groups on both sides of the political fence – right and left.
Then he dared to speak the truth by laying part of the blame for the violence in Charlottesville on the alt-left groups for confronting and attacking the white supremacists. That’s when the media, Democrats and a number of Republicans began to condemn Trump. Many believed that in some way, he was condoning the actions and views of white supremacists, but he never did.

Everyone seems to be so quick to lay all of the condemnation on the alt-right white supremacists and no condemnation on the alt-left extremists. The media and Democrats point to the racist views of the white supremacists but when you sit down and look at many of their views with those of some of the alt-left groups, there is really very little difference – specifically, I’m talking about the neo-Nazis and either Black Lives Matter or Antifa.
All of them are racists. Neo-Nazis hate blacks and other ethnic groups if they are not white. Black Lives Matter hate whites and other ethnic groups if they are not black. The only difference in their racist views is the color of the skin of who they hate.

What about other political issues?
Abortion – Nazis and neo-Nazis are proabortion. They support it here in the US, especially for black Americans. Alt-left groups also support abortion, as do virtually every other liberal in the nation. None of the groups believe in the sanctity of life or that life begins at conception.

Gun control – One of the first things Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party did in Germany was total gun control and gun confiscation. They may not make it very public, but the majority of neo-Nazis in America also believe in gun control. It’s easier to enslave the population if that population has been disarmed. Alt-left groups, including Antifa and Black Lives Matter also believe in gun control and blame much of the violence in America on the lack of enough gun control laws, not on the people who commit the crimes.

Free speech – Consider that alt-right neo-Nazis, Black Lives Matter and Antifa, all want to restrict the right of free speech for anyone who doesn’t agree with their views. Neo-Nazis don’t want black activists to be able to speak openly and condemn them for their racist and extremist views. Black Lives Matter and Antifa are also trying to silence the free speech of others, especially white supremacist groups, along with any and all white conservatives.

Violence – All three groups have resorted to violent demonstrations and protests while trying to silence the other groups and to get their extremist views across to a gullible public.

America – None of the extremist hate groups – alt-right or alt-left – like the America that many of us knew and loved. They all want to change and mold America into something different, something that supports their extremist and racist views at the national level.
When you boil it all down, other than the color of whom they hate, is there isn’t any real difference between neo-Nazis, Black Lives Matter and Antifa?

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Attn: U.S. Department of Justice/FBI

We the people demand a investigation of the whole damn Obama Administration including BLM, George Soros, ANTIFA, MSM any and all players (former cabinet members, progressive congressional reps and senators) under 18 USC 2384-85 Seditious Conspiracy.
We demand a Grand Jury be impaneled, indictments and prosecution...this inmates running the asylum can no longer be tolerated/ignored, our great nation is being torn apart at the proverbial seams.
No ands,  ifs or buts about it....get busy!



Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Jury refuses to convict in Bundy ranch standoff

Updated 22 minutes ago
A federal jury in Las Vegas refused Tuesday to convict four defendants who were retried on accusations that they threatened and assaulted federal agents by wielding assault weapons in a 2014 confrontation to stop a cattle roundup near the Nevada ranch of states' rights figure Cliven Bundy.
In a stunning setback to federal prosecutors planning to try the Bundy family patriarch and two adult sons later this year, the jury acquitted Ricky Lovelien and Steven Stewart of all 10 charges, and delivered not-guilty findings on most charges against Scott Drexler and Eric Parker.

More than 30 defendants' supporters in the courtroom broke into applause after Chief U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro ordered Lovelien and Stewart freed immediately and set Wednesday morning hearings to decide if Parker and Drexler should remain jailed pending a government decision whether to seek a third trial.
"Random people off the streets, these jurors, they told the government again that we're not going to put up with tyranny," said a John Lamb, a Montana resident who attended almost all the five weeks of trial, which began with jury selection July 10.
"They've been tried twice and found not guilty," Bundy family matriarch Carol Bundy said outside court. "We the people are not guilty."

A first trial earlier this year lasted two months and ended in April with a different jury finding two defendants — Gregory Burleson of Phoenix and Todd Engel of Idaho — guilty of some charges but failing to reach verdicts against Drexler, Parker, Lovelien and Stewart.
Prosecutors characterized the six as the least culpable of 19 co-defendants arrested in early 2016 and charged in the case, including Bundy family members. With the release of Lovelien and Stewart, 17 are still in federal custody.

The current jury deliberated four full days after more than 20 days of testimony. The six men and six women returned no verdicts on four charges against Parker — assault on a federal officer, threatening a federal officer and two related counts of use of a firearm — and also hung on charges of assault on a federal officer and brandishing a firearm against Drexler. Navarro declared a mistrial on those counts.
None of the defendants was found guilty of a key conspiracy charge alleging that they plotted with Bundy family members to form a self-styled militia and prevent the lawful enforcement of multiple court orders to remove Bundy cattle from arid desert rangeland in what is now the Gold Butte National Monument.
Bundy stopped paying grazing fees decades ago, saying he refused to recognize federal authority over public land where he said his family grazed cattle since the early 1900s. The dispute has roots a nearly half-century fight over public lands in Nevada and the West, where the federal government controls vast expanses of land.

Acting U.S. Attorney Steven Myhre declined immediate comment on the verdicts. He said he'd make a determination later whether to seek a third trial for Parker and Drexler.
Stewart became emotional and reached for tissues as the jury findings were read. He and Lovelien were later taken with their lawyers, Richard Tanasi and Shawn Perez, to be processed by U.S. marshals for release.
Stewart, 38, lives in Hailey, Idaho. Lovelien, 54, is from Westville, Oklahoma, but he led a militia group called Montana State Defense Force.
All four men were photographed carrying assault-style weapons during the standoff near the Nevada town of Bunkerville, about 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas. Each had faced the possibility of decades in federal prison if they were convicted.
Jurors saw images of Parker and Drexler in prone shooting positions looking down their rifles through slots in the concrete barrier of an Interstate 15 freeway overpass toward heavily armed federal agents guarding a corral of cows below.

Defense attorneys noted that no shots were fired and no one was injured. They cast the tense standoff with more than 100 men, women and children in the potential crossfire as an ultimately peaceful protest involving people upset about aggressive tactics used by federal land managers against Bundy family members.
Drexler, 46, is from Challis, Idaho, and Parker, 34, is from Hailey, Idaho.
Parker's attorney, Jess Marchese, said he hoped Myhre will dismiss the two charges remaining against his client.
Drexler's attorney, Todd Leventhal, referred to defense teams' complaints that Navarro set such strict rules of evidence that defendants weren't able to tell why they traveled to the Bundy ranch.
The judge rejected testimony from five prospective defense witnesses, and Drexler and Parker were the only defendants to testify in their defense. However, the judge struck Parker's testimony for what she said was a deliberate failure to keep his testimony within her rules.
All four defense attorneys declined Aug. 15 to make closing arguments, a gesture of standing mute that Leventhal said may have had an effect on the jury.
"As much as we were shut down from bringing anything up, the jury saw through it," he said.

Ha this is the only Eclipse2017 I watched!

Don’t mess with Texas! AntiFa terrorists crying after reading this…

oped: Yes indeed Texas and Nevada are standing their ground...enough is enough...we are taking our country back...the looney left Liberals as well as progressives take are no longer going to be tolerated we will enforce laws,the US Constitution and Bill of Rights!

Can you name every state that recognizes your concealed carry permit? Did you know it’s probably changed?  Did you know you could be arrested for defending your family from AntiFa terrorists in the wrong side of a state line? Click here to tell Congress to pass National Concealed Carry Reciprocity!

There’s a reason you never see liberal riots in Texas.
And Texas Policy Academy Instructor Phil Ryan took the time to explain why, in a Facebook post that has liberals and AntiFa terrorists sobbing. 
Ryan writes:
As a police officer and police academy instructor, I am posting this as a public service announcement.
In Texas, Criminal Mischief (Vandalism) is a crime. So, let’s say someone is defacing or destroying a monument or a statue, not that it happens, just a hypothetical. That would be Criminal Mischief under Texas Penal Code: 

(a) A person commits an offense if, without the effective consent of the owner:
(1) he intentionally or knowingly damages or destroys the tangible property of the owner;
(2) he intentionally or knowingly tampers with the tangible property of the owner and causes pecuniary loss or substantial inconvenience to the owner or a third person; or
(3) he intentionally or knowingly makes markings, including inscriptions, slogans, drawings, or paintings, on the tangible property of the owner.
Texas Penal Code Chapter 9, which are the laws concerning the use of force and deadly force to protect yourself, someone else, your property, or someone else’s property (could be state, county or municipal property (the peoples). In Chapter 9 under defense of property it says: 

A person is justified in using force or deadly force against another to protect land or tangible, movable property of a third person if, under the circumstances as he reasonably believes them to be, the actor would be justified under Section 9.41 or 9.42 in using force or deadly force to protect his own land or property and:
(1) the actor reasonably believes the unlawful interference constitutes attempted or consummated theft of or criminal mischief to the tangible, movable property;
(a) A person in lawful possession of land or tangible, movable property is justified in using force against another when and to the degree the actor reasonably believes the force is immediately necessary to prevent or terminate the other’s trespass on the land or unlawful interference with the property (Criminal Mischief is unlawful interference with property). 

A person is justified in using deadly force against another to protect land or tangible, movable property:
(2) when and to the degree he reasonably believes the deadly force is immediately necessary:
(A) to prevent the other’s imminent commission of arson, burglary, robbery, aggravated robbery, theft during the nighttime, or criminal mischief during the nighttime (Night time is 30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes before sunrise).
Bottom line, if someone is destroying a monument or statue that isn’t theirs, you can defend it by force during the day with deadly force at night.
Just a little tip, from your Uncle Phil…” 

Yes, in Texas you can legally use your God-given right to self-defense to stop a liberal AntiaFa terrorist attack before it turns into another blood-soaked mass riot.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Fox CEO Murdoch Slams Trump, Conservatives Respond

Murdoch Brothers Assert Their Power With Bold Moves at Fox
oped: The "Progressive" Murdoch brothers have destroyed is nothing more than CNN/MSNBC/Variety Magazine lite now... Spoiled Brat #IDIOTS

James Murdoch, the CEO of Fox News' parent company, has been slammed by conservatives for harshly criticizing President Donald Trump and suggesting he had backed Nazi sympathizers.
Earlier this week, Murdoch, who heads 21st Century Fox, wrote "What we watched this last week in Charlottesville and the reaction to it by the president of the United States concern all of us as Americans and free people." 

Murdoch pledged $1 million to the Anti-Defamation League to fight hate crimes and prejudice, he said.
"The presence of hate in our society was appallingly laid bare as we watched swastikas brandished on the streets of Charlottesville and acts of brutal terrorism and violence perpetrated by a racist mob," Murdoch added. 

"I can't even believe I have to write this: Standing up to Nazis is essential; there are no good Nazis. Or Klansmen, or terrorists."
Trump did condemn white supremacists and Nazi sympathizers, including the person who murdered a young protester.
But, in an angry exchange with reporters in New York on Tuesday, President Trump reiterated his initial comments that "there is blame on both sides" in the melee over the removal of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee's statue from a downtown Charlottesville park.
However, Trump's defiance drew praise from many conservatives, including commentator Ann Coulter, who tweeted Tuesday: "We got our leader back." 

Radio talk-show host Laura Ingraham added that the president "made some points that were factually right."
"There was violence on both sides in that event Saturday," she said. "Anyone who watched the video could see it."
News of Murdoch's criticism of Trump drew sharp blowback from some conservative quarters.
A Breitbart News story on the Murdoch letter drew over 2,500 comments from angry readers, most supportive of Trump and critical of Fox News. 

Here are some examples:
  • "James Murdoch and his ilk destroyed Fox and is a traitor to the people who made Fox News number 1."
  • "It's amazing how the leftist business leaders think it's ok to take these publicly funded businesses into failure by alienating their Conservative customers."
  • "If Trump was saying and doing the things that the dishonest press 'reports,' I would agree that he is badly hurting the country. The fact that the dishonest press is distorting and smearing him puts the onus on the dishonest press for badly hurting the country. When do fake journalists have to answer for sedition?"

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Virginia City Nevada~Civil War Days

VC Civil War Days

From Friday, September 01, 2017 -  08:00am
To Monday, September 04, 2017 - 05:00pm

History comes to life each Labor Day weekend as the Great Civil War Reenactors bring epic battles to Virginia City. Hundreds of reenactors battle out great scenes on the Virginia & Truckee Railroad   and even right in the middle of C Street as part of the Labor Day Parade. Dress in your finest Victorian garb and join the ladies for High Tea at the Delta Saloon, or take a ride on an evening champagne train and see a battle from your seat. For more information and tickets, visit

More information on upcoming events:

Being that :

Virginia city, site of two Civil War battles, cancels upcoming reenactment weekend Saturday, 19 August 2017 ()
Manassas, Va., has canceled its upcoming Civil War reenactment weekend Friday amid the growing tensions regarding historic markers linked to the Confederacy and last week's Charlottesville tragedy. 

Has caved to the far left goons known as ANTIFA...The USA Taliban: SEE: 

Let be known that those who prize history,freedom,the right to pursue happiness and  adhere to the 1st as well as the 2nd are more than welcome to visit our little town and enjoy the open air reenactment~ the best stage in the world.
Also let it be known that neither ISIS,the Taliban nor their wannabee ANTIFA bros (The Progressive left) are welcome nor will they be tolerated...Nevada is a 2nd Amendment state having both open as well as CCW carry laws...which recognizes many other states CCW's 

Our local Sheriff as well as our County Commissoners and residents will make sure that the event goes smoothly...if any protestors show up with faces covered, uniforms covering the body from head to toe,helmets as well as shields and carrying bats and or whipping sticks or any other deadly weapons will be immediately arrested for inciting a riot,disturbing the peace and any other state and or federal laws that become apparent! 

It is written It is done...they are put on notice they are not welcome! Nor be allowed to interfer with our local economy!