Saturday, August 19, 2017

Radical Left Now Assaulting Civil War Re-Enactors with Pepper Spray

radical left

By Andrew West 

The left has long been attempting to spark a New Civil War in this country, and the Battle of Charlottesville may have only been the beginning.

In the week following the tragic clashes in Virginia, a number of new offensives have been opened up by the radicalized left, many centered around their disdain for American history; specifically, the War Between the States.

The left tends to blame long dead southerners for the neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, a piece of opinion that defies the logic of even the most ignorant of Americans.  In this pursuit, the left has targeted the history of the American Civil War as their newest target for extermination.  While liberals have long had it out for the Confederate flag, this new frontier in their war of perception aims to completely nullify and and all attempts at discussing the historic significance of the event.
Worse yet, the radical left is continuing to resort to violence in the name of historical revision.

“Tension continues to mount nationwide over Confederate statues and monuments, and Thursday morning, President Donald Trump defended the statues, tweeting, ‘You can’t change history.’
“Thousands filed into Newton Thursday afternoon for the 128th annual Soldiers Reunion Parade.
“During the parade, Channel 9 saw that one man with a gun was taken into custody. Eyewitness News reporter Dave Faherty witnessed the incident and said the man went over to some Civil War re-enactors and pepper sprayed them.
“Two parade participants notified police that a man with pepper spray was following the Confederate veteran re-enactors.”
One of the most harrowing concerns regarding this new offensive in the liberal war on history is how far they will take it.
Violence aside, there is an enormous difference between attempting to curb free speech and history in public through counter protesting, and actively destroying museum pieces and monuments.  Our nation has seen dark times, and the only way for Americans to avoid repeating those follies is by education.  Removing Civil War history sets up a dangerously undereducated populace, malleable in their youth, that can be made to dance as puppets for the radical leftist leadership.

Our future depends on our willingness to respect and protect the past.

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