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BREAKING: Trump Issues Huge Call To America To Revolt: Reject The Rule Of The Elite

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In a truly stunning upset, the Brits have decided to abandon the European Union and take back the reins of their own government. This win for Britain was a massive snub to the polls and mainstream media, who said the “Brexit” supporters were fighting a losing battle all along.
Presumed GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump owns a golf course in Scotland, where voters largely called for the U.K. to remain a part of the EU, but his campaign issued a glowing statement about Britain’s vote to leave:

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“The people of the United Kingdom have exercised the sacred right of all free peoples. They have declared their independence from the European Union and have voted to reassert control over their own politics, borders and economy.

“A Trump administration pledges to strengthen our ties with a free and independent Britain, deepening our bonds in commerce, culture and mutual defense. The whole world is more peaceful and stable when our two countries — and our two peoples — are united together, as they will be under a Trump administration,” the news release stated.
The ramifications of leaving the EU are in many ways similar to that of electing Trump — each constitutes a serious blow to the media, a call for economic national independence and a battle cry for securing borders.
“Come November, the American people will have the chance to re-declare their independence. Americans will have a chance to vote for trade, immigration and foreign policies that put our citizens first.

“They will have the chance to reject today’s rule by the global elite, and to embrace real change that delivers a government of, by and for the people. I hope America is watching, it will soon be time to believe in America again,” the release concluded.
The George Soroses and those who have crafted the globalist scheme and the New World Order bet much on this election — and they lost.
So, what does that say about the Brits? It shows that slightly more than half of them just want to be left alone, that they care about the individualism and uniqueness of Britain.
In the end, the Trump campaign was right — Americans will have the same choice to make this November.

Dirty Hillary, Guilty of Treason and Murder, ill and Ineligible to Run for President

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by:Tony Elliott

A Hillary Clinton Administration would essentially be the Obama Administration on steroids when it comes to lying, cheating, backdoor corruption, murder, support of radical Islam, treason, and the overall desire to institute a Nazi agenda in America. From her early days of being fired from the Watergate Committee in 1974, to her lying and unethical behavior over her latest Presidential campaign, which shows voter fraud, voter manipulation, and suppression of votes in almost every state since the beginning of the primaries. Hillary Clinton has managed to be the first woman running for President, not actually the first woman, since Victoria Woodhull ran for President in 1872, but the first time in US history, anyone has ever run for President who should be in prison instead.

Hillary and Obama are solely responsible for the deaths of the US Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, and two CIA operatives (Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods) during the Benghazi attack in Libya on 9/11/2012.
Hillary and Obama knew ahead of time the attack was going to take place, did nothing to stop it or rescue endangered Americans, all due to the Obama Administration's gun running effort in supplying arms to terrorist factions fighting the Assad government in Syria.
These same terrorist factions made up of several groups such as Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood have since blossomed into the terrorist group known today as ISIS. Since then, the Obama Administration has used the US military to train ISIS in Jordan in 2012.

The Obama Administration has also sent ISIS billions of dollars, sent billions in arms and equipment, dropped them supplies on the battlefield disguised as mistaken drops, supplied them with a fleet of Toyota trucks, and aids them in battle with the US military.
Since ISIS is a CIA-trained terrorist group, they were also supplied with US chemical weapons via Turkey in an attempt to use them in Syria and blame it on the Assad government so the US would have an excuse to bomb the Bashar Assad government. All this while Hillary Clinton was still Secretary of State, hand in hand with the Obama Administration.

Hillary Clinton continues her path of lies and deception in proclaiming herself as a beacon for women's rights while accepting over 100 million dollars in campaign donations from Mid-East countries where women have no rights at all.
Hillary continues to promote allowing hundreds of thousands of so called Muslim refugees into the US, as well as welcoming millions more illegal aliens from Mexico and Central America. All this while knowing full well that, with the Administration's pro homosexual agenda, these groups of differing cultures simply will not tolerate each other, resulting in mass civil unrest and killings.
Hillary Clinton is also the most scandal-ridden individual to ever run for the office of President, including her latest of being under FBI investigation for using a private e-mail host for classified intelligence and documents.
Hillary and Bill have had their medical records sealed in an attempt to hide major health problems both she and her husband have. Hillary can barely make it through speeches and interviews without having a major coughing fit and Bill shows every physical sign that he has AIDS.

Besides the Clintons being the most corrupt family in US political history, they are the most unhealthy people, as well. Hillary simply will not make it through 4 years as president without having to resign due to health issues.
The most embarrassing thing that is likely to happen to Hillary before the election is Bill's announcement of being in the advanced stages of AIDS.
By Federal law, Hillary isn't even eligible to run for President according to a recent State Department audit released 05/16/2015, stating that her and her team ignored clear guidance from the State Department that her private e-mail use in sensitive government matters broke Federal standards, which could leave sensitive materials vulnerable to hackers.

As Islamists Plot Terror Attacks, Feds Focus On This!

AG Lynch’s Deceptive Behavior In Response to Questions About Orlando Shooter 

A dangerous ideology is shared among many high-ranking government officials. 

When there is a terrorist attack, why do the FEDS only want to re-focus on the right wing? It is almost like they are trying to say that there is nothing to see here, but you should see what the conservatives are up to. This is a way to marginalize the right and make them the danger. It is all about politics and control. Read more below. 

As Written By Joe Bilello and first appeared Fox News:
During a Wednesday Q&A session following a press briefing by Florida and FBI officials on the horrific terror attack at the nightclub in Orlando, a reporter could be heard asking, “Is the FBI tracking the Westboro Baptist Church”? FBI agent Ron Hopper quickly dismissed the ridiculous question by saying, “I have no information on that at this time.”

Unfortunately, the absurdity of that question does not merely represent the idiocy of one naïve reporter. It represents a dangerous ideology that is shared among many high-ranking government officials who are charged with the task of keeping us safe.
Every radical Islamist terror attack is an opportunity for those on the left to remind us how wonderful and peace-loving most Muslims are. It is also an opportunity to remind us of the potential threat lurking in the shadows, from a group who never actually partakes in any terrorist activities – “right-wing extremists.”
At a Homeland Security Advisory Council’s meeting following the…
Full Story Here:
Musings Of An Average Joe: As Islamists Plot Terror Attacks, Feds Focus On Threat From ‘Right-Wing Extremists’

Background Checks? You Go First Obama!

Every time some wacko or terrorist starts shooting people, Barack Obama calls for more thorough background checks. 
I'm going to take this a step further.."We the People" known as the electorate who are the hiring authority  for all elected as well as appointed cabinet members need to demand a bill be passed in Congress requiring all candidates for Congress,Senate,President,VP  be required to pass a full field background check at the secret level when they file papers to run for office with a side note requiring all sensitive Cabinet positions as well as POTUS/VP must pass a top secret level background and ifs buts about it.
Being that all federal employees in sensitive positions must meet the full field background check requirements before being hired! 
See The Obama files:

Complete files:



The president and his liberal progressive friends are very quick to demand more background checks after the Orlando terrorist attack. However, for an advocate to such checks, President Obama has been very protected in having his own background checked. Sort of interesting that there have been so many obstacles to his birth records being sorted out. The questions to the details are plainly laid out in this article. 

As Written By The Common Constitutionalist for
If Obama wants Americans to submit to background checks, then Obama needs to put up or shut up!
Every time some wacko or terrorist starts shooting people, Barack Obama calls for more thorough background checks. He wants to include mental health records, criminal records, no fly lists, terrorist watch list and who knows what else he’d add given the chance.

I’m against all forms of gun control and believe that they all violate the Second Amendment, but if I were to agree to the kind of background checks Obama wants, I would demand one provision be met first, that Obama submit to the first complete and thorough background check which includes opening up all of his personal records. Then and only then would I ever consider background checks, but I know I’m safe in saying that because Obama has not and will not submit to releasing his background information.
Several years ago, the Maricopa County Sheriffs Cold Case Posse tried to investigate Obama’s background. One of the pieces to the Obama birth certificate puzzle involves the birth of Virginia Sunahara. Virginia was born the same day Barack Obama, Aug. 4, 1961 and died on Aug. 5, 1961. Virginia’s brother, Duncan Sunahara had no birth certificate for his sister. In May of 2011, there did not seem to be any birth certificate for her at all. Then the state suddenly released a short form birth certificate to Duncan…….
Full Story Here:
Background Checks? Mr. Obama, You First! Put Up or Shut Up!

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On the 2nd Amendment: Congress,POTUS and DOJ really need to..

Get their proverbial heads outta their collective asses on the blaming the gun and responsible citizens for crimes using a gun... enough is enough... concentrate on the Economy,National Security,and Radical Islamist Terrorists!

Hit it Gun...tell em' like it is! 

Sniper Kills Two Terrorists With One Shot From Over 3,000 Feet Away!

By Tim Brown 
If you have ever seen the movie Shooter with Mark Wahlberg, then you get a little bit of a picture of what it takes to make a really long distance shot, especially a head shot in a moving target. In an amazing shot by a UK SAS sniper, the gunman made an incredible 1000 meter (3,280 feet) head shot to an Islamic State suicide driver and killed another passenger before they could reach their target. The UK Express reports

The terrorists were shot dead as they drove towards their target in Libya where they planned to detonate a car bomb. The hero marksman hit the driver in the head from 1,000m, killing him instantly. The bullet passed through his skull and struck his passenger in the neck, killing him too. SAS agents said the incredible long-range shot is one of the best in the elite regiment’s history. The sniper had just 20 seconds to hit his target to save the lives of hundreds of civilians. One SAS source told the Daily Star Sunday: “It was an amazing shot. It wasn’t so much about distance but the fact that it was a moving target. “If the sniper had missed a lot of people would have lost their lives.”
Now, compare that with this reporter who claims to have experienced some form of PTSD from simply firing an AR-15! The reporter was later schooled by a little 7-year-old girl in the joys of firearms. I’m pretty sure those this sniper saved are extremely thankful for his heroic effort, and I know I am thankful there are many men in the service of our own country with such skills that are used in the protection of innocent individuals.   Reposted with Permission from Freedom Outpost.

Western Nationalism: The Fear Factor~ the Brexit movement


by:Erik Rush

In practical terms, I suppose the only disagreements I’ve had lately with so-called “New World Order” conspiracy theorists have to do with some of the alleged shadowy participants cited in the plot for global domination and the charge that the plot itself is somehow secret.
Addressing the second contention first, several key indicators of a sinister global cabal seeking to radically transform Western civilization have revealed themselves over the last few years, and even more clearly in recent months. While many analysts predicted future economic and social chaos as the European Union came into existence, it is only now that those prophecies have come to pass that the motives of European elites are clear. Obviously, the Brexit movement, which seeks to extricate the United Kingdom from the swirling morass of economic and cultural disintegration that is the EU, has been a direct result of the negative effects of that nation’s membership in that doomed alliance. In America, the insurgencies within our two major political parties and the rise of Donald Trump are instances of American citizens balking at the effects of unfettered immigration, political correctness and economic policies that compromise both America’s advantage and its sovereignty. 

The point is that while conspiracy theorists’ NWO concerns have been proved valid, there hasn’t been anything particularly secret about the agenda or its implementation. While most powerful politicians have always had even more powerful private interests behind them, in this case, most of the players are known to political analysts and astute news consumers.
With regard to NWO theorists’ designation of these malevolent forces – Zionist bankers, Freemasons and so forth – in the operational sense, these distinctions are moot. We have seen the methods at work across the West, and we know who among Western leaders have sponsored policies that compromised the sovereignty and long-term survival of their nations.

Islam has a design for global domination; in fact, one might argue that Islam itself is a design for global domination. In this context, I am not suggesting that Islam is even a key player in this scenario; rather that Islam’s innate militancy is being exploited to further specific objectives of the West’s elites.
The extent to which the American electorate is revolting should not be underestimated, despite this extent being minimized by the leftist press and the elite establishment. A resurgence of nationalistic tendencies is occurring in Europe, but there is scant mention of this in the European press, save for the charges of bigotry aimed at perturbed native populations.

To the cause of expanding the knowledge base of millions of frustrated and angry Americans voters (who were frustrated and angry long before Donald Trump decided to run for president), it is important that more of us recognize some common indicators and their relevance in establishing an international socialist leviathan.
Among the more prominent methods employed by both European and American governments have been:
  • gravitation from republican-democratic governance toward oligarchical collectivism;
  • amalgamation of economies and governments to serve the agenda of those in government and their cronies at the expense of the majority of citizens;
  • politicians’ facilitation of mass migration into their nations by culturally incompatible populations;
  • Summary denial of the detrimental effects of their policies, whether it’s exploding unemployment rates or increased instances of terrorism;
  • and, attendant to these, the summary denial of Islamic doctrine as a motivating factor for the widespread increase in Islamist violence. 
If nothing else, the continuity of method suggests a continuity of purpose. The shamelessness of those who govern in the West and the surreal distance from the truth of that which emanates from their lips has directly resulted in the popular political uprisings occurring in Europe and America.
Moving forward, it would be highly useful if those among the American electorate who understand the gravity of our situation seek to understand as well the continuity of purpose shared by American politicians and their European counterparts. It is also essential that we as individuals recognize why citizens across North America and Europe are taking such a hard look at their governance.
Whether or not they comprehend the machinations as well as dedicated news junkies, these millions are responding in this manner because the road they’re traveling has begun to terrify them.
Unfortunately, though it can be a highly effective motivator, fear can also be a dangerous and unpredictable one.
Article posted with permission from Erik Rush.

Anti-Gun Journalist Claims it’s Easy to Buy a Gun – Then He Finds out Just How Wrong He is

Image result for girls shooting AR-15

by:Tim Brown

A Chicago-Sun Times reporter was looking to demonstrate the false claims that obtaining a gun is too easy for a hit piece. Specifically, he wanted to purchase an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. However, what he discovered was it was a lot harder than he thought.
Neil Steinberg attempted to buy the gun at Maxon Shooter's Supplies in Des Plaines, Illinois. Since he was in Illinois, he needed a Firearm's Owners' Identification Card (FOID) and submit himself to a background check. Additionally, he had to wait 24 hours before picking up the gun. All of this he complied with, even though every bit of it is unconstitutional and an infringement upon his rights.
Mr. Steinberg wrote his piece to slant and demonize the gun store and the Ar-15. He mentioned seeing "cases of weapons" and specifically pointed out that the Smith & Wesson M&P AR he was looking at came with a "standard issue 30-round magazine."

Still, he agreed to buy the gun.

He included a shocked response from a neighbor after he mentioned that he had purchased an "assault rifle." The ignorance of this reporter is amazing, as the AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle. In other words, it fires one bullet for each pull of the trigger. It is the furthest thing from an assault rifle. With that said, there is nothing in the Constitution that gives government the right to make real assault rifles illegal nor is there authority given to government to infringe on the right to obtain such a weapon.  

oped: Indeed see:

However, during the waiting period, the gun store decided not to sell him the weapon.
"It was uncovered that Mr. Steinberg has an admitted history of alcohol abuse, and a charge for domestic battery involving his wife," said the gun store.
"Would-be terrorists can buy guns. Insane people can buy guns," Steinberg responded to the cancellation of his gun sale. But reporters . . . that's a different story."

This is simply sour grapes from Mr. Steinberg. The checks, though I believe to be unconstitutional, did prevent him from obtaining a weapon, something that was obviously not in his favor considering his approach to the story.

However, I do agree that there seems to be a double standard in all of this. The problem is that when no one has committed a crime, then no one's rights should be infringed. Yet, this is exactly what the Obama administration is attempting to do through its use of a nebulous terror watch list and an illegal no fly, no buy legislation in Congress. This must be stopped at all costs.

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NEVADA DIGEST SPECIAL ALERT~the Californication of Nevada Gun Rights

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A Message from Washoe County Sheriff About Question 1 and the Californication of Nevada Gun Rights
Speaking as a member of law enforcement, I can tell you that if Question 1 passes, it will tax already scarce law enforcement resources without doing anything to make the public any safer.

In a recent op-ed in the Reno Gazette-Journal, Washoe County Sheriff Chuck Allen announced that he opposes Question 1.  Question 1 will appear before voters on the November ballot and would make common firearm transfers illegal unless conducted through a federally licensed firearms dealer, absent limited and narrow exceptions (so-called "universal" background checks).

"Speaking as a member of law enforcement, I can tell you that if Question 1 passes, it will tax already scarce law enforcement resources without doing anything to make the public any safer."
- Chuck Allen, Washoe County Sheriff
icon CLICK HERE to read Sheriff Allen's full op-ed in the Reno Gazette-Journal.
icon Washoe County Sheriff Joins Fight to Defeat Nevada Question 1 Gun Control Ballot Initiative


Don't forget to attend one of our FREE Election Action Meetings next week to mobilize Nevada gun owners to defeat Question 1:
Elko Election Action Meeting
Monday, June 27th
Elko Convention Center-Ruby Room
700 Moren Way, Elko, NV 89801
Reno Election Action Meeting
Tuesday, June 28th
Reno Guns & Range
2325 Market Street, Reno, NV 89502
Henderson Election Action Meeting
Wednesday, June 29th
Henderson Convention Center-Sierra Room
200 S Water St., Henderson, NV 89105
Las Vegas Election Action Meeting
Thursday, June 30th
Santa Fe Station- Centennial Room D
4949 N. Rancho Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89130
If you are unable to attend, but willing to assist, please contact or (703) 939-0824.


icon For more information on Nevada Question 1, please visit our new website at
icon Make your voice heard! Click here to sign the official pledge opposing Nevada Question 1 in November!
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Vote NO on Question 1
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LGBT Turnout for This Free Course in Houston Blows Organizers away!

by Jenn Jacques
When the Shiloh Shooting Range in northwest Harris County, TX offered up free gun classes to anyone in the LGBT community interested in attending, they never expected the response they received!
“Everybody has been so excited about being able to come out and do this. And it’s been a great learning experience for not only my community but for their community as well,” Shiloh owner Jeff Sanford said. “They’re learning about their rights and learning about the License to Carry Class and they’re absolutely thrilled to take it.”

More than 300 people responded to Sanford’s offer and the calls and emails are continuing to pour in. He said the first class they held, where 60 of 62 scheduled showed up, set a record for a free class at Shiloh.
“We learned gun safety,” said Jared Anthony, who attended a class earlier this week. “We learned that it’s not … it’s a big responsibility. If you do carry, it’s something that you do need to take seriously. You are providing … you’re providing a service to the community really.”
The best part of this story? Sanford says he will continue the offer until everyone who wants to be trained has been trained.

If you are or someone you love is in the LGBT community and interested in taking a free course, we encourage you to send an email to for more information about scheduling and course requirements.
You can watch the news story from Click2Houston [HERE]

 oped: Time again to post I'm just a Gun.. 

Should Democrats Be Attacking The Fifth Amendment Right Now?


by: Bob Owens
How would you like to be stripped of your civil rights for accidentally attempting to book a flight with an expired credit card, or for using two different travel web sites at the same time to see who has the cheapest hotels, or merely sharing a name with someone you’ve never met, or having a crazy relative, or for writing an article some anonymous bureaucrat didn’t like?
All of these are actual reasons American citizens have placed on one of the so-called “terror watch lists,” a series of databases ripped by the American Civil Liberties Union as, “error-prone and unreliable because it uses vague and overbroad criteria and secret evidence to place individuals on blacklists without a meaningful process to correct government error and clear their names.”

Senate Democrats attempted to ram through a bill Monday night which would have stripped you of your right to buy a firearm to defend your family if you ended up on one of these lists, which you also end up on for working with or living near someone who also popped up on the list for no apparent reason at all.
The watch list system is so arbitrary, broken, and pointless that 40% of the people on it have no ties to terrorism at all and no one seems to know how they got there. It’s tempting to wonder if this is nothing more a Stalinist government enemies list… and that should terrify every American citizen, regardless of your political beliefs.

Even reliably leftist, pro-gun control Gawker ripped the watch list system as a complete train wreck.
The no-fly list is a civil rights disaster by every conceivable standard. It is secret, it disproportionately affects Arab-Americans, it is error-prone, there is no due process or effective recourse for people placed on the list, and it constantly and relentlessly expands. As of 2014, the government had a master watchlist of 680,000 people, forty percent of whom had “no recognized terrorist group affiliation.” This is both an absurdly large number of people to arbitrarily target in gun control legislation, and far, far too few to have any meaningful effect on actual gun ownership, let alone gun violence.
Yesterday a handful of the most radical Democrat politicians conducted a “sit-in” in the House of Representatives, chanting “no bill, no break,” as they called for the House to vote on a bill to strip the civil rights of watch-listed citizens who have never committed a crime.
It was deplorable to watch the wailing and gnashing of teeth as these vipers attempted to justify an assault on the Second, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments.

At the same time these Democrats were screaming to skewer your Constitutional rights, their party’s presidential contender Hillary Clinton was sweating it out as her IT specialist invoked his Fifth Amendment rights more than 125 times during a civil deposition about Mrs. Clinton’s email server in a case running parallel to the FBI’s criminal investigation.
Clinton herself has screamed that those Americans arbitrarily placed on watch lists should be stripped of their due process rights as a way of targeting the gun rights of American citizens, but I don’t think she’s thought things through very well in her support on stripping away their due process rights as well.

At this very moment, numerous Clinton confidants, friends, allies, and State Department employees are protected by due process, particularly their Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment rights to not be be compelled to testify against themselves.
As then-Secretary Clinton clearly broken federal felony espionage laws in setting up her private email server—one apparently easily hacked by almost every enemy and allied government on the planet—she may want to reconsider her position before she and they end up living out the rest of their days in a federal prison.

Muslims Notice Reporter Doing Live Shot, Give Her “Islamic Lesson” for Looking Too Pretty

Two apparently Muslim men were recorded providing an “Islamic lesson” to a female reporter in the Netherlands whose otherwise completely normal attire apparently violated the strict dress-code requirements of Shariah law.
“For which channel are you working, sir?” one of the men could be heard in the video, initially uploaded to this weekend, asking the reporter’s male cameraman.
When the reporter replied that she was a woman, the other Muslim thug stepped up to her and began complaining about her clothes.

“I can see half your ass,” he whined.
“Everybody looks at your ass from behind,” his pal then added. “Are you always dressing like this?”
When the woman explained that yes, she always dresses like this, the “Islamic lesson” officially began.

“What a slut you are,” one said. “That’s how sluts dress, too.”
“Fix your clothes,” said the other one. “Try to look more decent.”
“Close your ass, f***ing whore.”

See Video:

The “Islamic lesson” continued like this for a number of seconds. The two Muslims also complained about the reporter’s news station treatment of Moroccan immigrants, making the case that it makes “corny jokes” about the Islamic religion.
Their concerns regarding such jokes were what led to assume that the men themselves were Muslim. Their sexist and misogynist behavior, which is typical among Muslim men who have no respect for women’s rights, were also very strong indicators.
When exactly the video was recorded remains unknown, though the lesson inherent in it is timeless: Islam and Shariah law are not compatible with Western culture and society, and unless our political leaders stop importing this twisted philosophy into our country, there is one day going to be one hell of a culture war upon us.
H/T Mad World News

Megyn Kelly HUMILIATES Obama With New Video… America Needs to See This

Megyn Kelly HUMILIATES Obama With New Video… America Needs to See This

Even after 49 Americans were slaughtered by an Islamic terrorist on American soil, President Barack Obama insisted that the Islamic State terror group was not a threat to the American people.
Fox News’ Megyn Kelly pointed out a glaring contradiction between the president’s comments on Islamic terror, and CIA director John Brennan who stated that the Islamic State group is still very much a threat.
The video consisted of a montage of Obama talking about how the terror group is being defeated and the CIA director contradicting that.

“We are making significant progress,” said Obama at a news conference last week.
“Despite all our progress against ISIL … our efforts have not engaged the group’s terrorism capabilities and global reach,” said Brennan while testifying before Congress.
“As ISIL continues to lose territory, it also continues to lose the money that is its life blood,” said Obama.

“Yet, ISIL is adopting to the coalition’s efforts and continues to generate at least tens of millions of dollars in revenue each month,” said Brennan.
Kelly saved the best, and most obvious, contradiction for last.
“Beyond Syria and Iraq, ISIL is also losing ground in Libya,” said Obama.
“The branch in Libya is probably most developed and most dangerous,” stated Brennan. 

Watch video:

Watching this really makes you wonder where exactly Obama is when he gets briefed on the situation in the Middle East. Obama isn’t even close to accurate when it comes to explaining what is happening with the Islamic State group.
Obama wants everyone to think that he has managed to defeat terrorism. He doesn’t want to admit that he is a complete and total failure and that our next president is going to have to clean up his mess.
Unfortunately for him, we can see through his empty rhetoric and history will undoubtedly judge Obama harshly for not doing more to confront the terrorist threat when he had the chance.

AR-15: What This Iconic Gun Would Say if it Could Speak

by: Jenn Jacques

Poor little AR-15. Such a hated and misunderstood tool.
American Thinker published a glorious monologue from the gun in black.
A raw, first person, er – first gun account of what it’s like to be the most vilified and misunderstood firearm in the world:
“Hi, my name is AR-15. Some of you know me, but many more of you know of me — through the media. But you may not know the real me.
I’m that cool, sleek-looking black gun you’ve seen profiled by the press. They put me in newspapers and on TV, showing my picture as if it’s a mug shot, even though I’ve never committed a crime.
The public knows my appearance well; people have seen my cousin and dead ringer, M-16, fired machine-gun style in war movies for decades. But, alas, I, AR-15 — the weapon available to the public — can only be fired semi-automatic. This means that every time you pull my trigger, one shot, and only one shot, is released.

So even if we accept the term “assault weapon,” that’s not me. To qualify, a gun must be capable of fully automatic fire (machine-gun style), and no such weapons are readily available to the public. So unlike cousin M-16, who originally had a select-fire feature allowing him to be shot in various ways, I’m just a one-trick pony.
Despite this, I’ve become a media whipping boy. Even when those rare crimes are committed in which a gun of my class is used, but which don’t involve me personally — such as the horrific Orlando incident, where a Muslim terrorist [name omitted] used a Sig Sauer MCX — my face is front and center.”

Bravo, sir! We applaud the courage it must have taken you to stand up and be so honest about sharing with the world the facts about who you really are.
Well, that is, if an inanimate object could have courage or be honest, that is. One thing is for sure, if this were the “in-depth expose” on some feminist or progressive ideologue in stark contrast to common sense and reality, the left would be cramming this autobiography down everyone’s throats.
As it is, it will most likely be sent around to our friends, colleagues and family who would agree with these facts, mostly because they already know them.

But if Kim Kardashian can become a popular and beloved reality start, we sure as heck can do the same for little Mr. AR-15!!
You can read the complete AR-15 autobiography [HERE]