Thursday, June 23, 2016

Megyn Kelly HUMILIATES Obama With New Video… America Needs to See This

Megyn Kelly HUMILIATES Obama With New Video… America Needs to See This

Even after 49 Americans were slaughtered by an Islamic terrorist on American soil, President Barack Obama insisted that the Islamic State terror group was not a threat to the American people.
Fox News’ Megyn Kelly pointed out a glaring contradiction between the president’s comments on Islamic terror, and CIA director John Brennan who stated that the Islamic State group is still very much a threat.
The video consisted of a montage of Obama talking about how the terror group is being defeated and the CIA director contradicting that.

“We are making significant progress,” said Obama at a news conference last week.
“Despite all our progress against ISIL … our efforts have not engaged the group’s terrorism capabilities and global reach,” said Brennan while testifying before Congress.
“As ISIL continues to lose territory, it also continues to lose the money that is its life blood,” said Obama.

“Yet, ISIL is adopting to the coalition’s efforts and continues to generate at least tens of millions of dollars in revenue each month,” said Brennan.
Kelly saved the best, and most obvious, contradiction for last.
“Beyond Syria and Iraq, ISIL is also losing ground in Libya,” said Obama.
“The branch in Libya is probably most developed and most dangerous,” stated Brennan. 

Watch video:

Watching this really makes you wonder where exactly Obama is when he gets briefed on the situation in the Middle East. Obama isn’t even close to accurate when it comes to explaining what is happening with the Islamic State group.
Obama wants everyone to think that he has managed to defeat terrorism. He doesn’t want to admit that he is a complete and total failure and that our next president is going to have to clean up his mess.
Unfortunately for him, we can see through his empty rhetoric and history will undoubtedly judge Obama harshly for not doing more to confront the terrorist threat when he had the chance.

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