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Thank your lucky stars folks Donald Trump arrived....

...just in the nick of time and saved us before we started eating each other...  and things stopped working...yep the year 2022 is just around the proverbial corner !  Enjoy the secret that was stopped dead in it's tracks....DJT aka Charlton Heston ha:

Build a Wall Around L.A. and Make Hollywood Pay For It

via: FixThisNation

Hollywood liberals are difficult to stomach under the best of circumstances, but the election of Donald Trump has turned them into a rabid band of anti-American whackos who will say or do anything to feel important.
Maybe it’s because Trump himself was a celebrity before entering politics. Maybe it’s because they were so invested in Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton that they can’t believe America chose a WHITE GUY to be president. Maybe it’s because no one in their elitist bubble would vote for a guy like Trump, making it impossible for them to understand those who did. Whatever the reason, they are clearly on a mission to embarrass themselves and the country.
Here are some of their most ridiculous reactions to the 45th President of the United States:
Madonna, at the Women’s March in Washington – “I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.”

Indeed? Perhaps the Secret Service should pay the Material Girl a visit in the coming days. It used to be frowned upon for activists to stand up in front of 100,000 people and advocate terrorism against the United States government.
Ashley Judd, at the Washington March – “I didn’t know devils could be resurrected, but I feel Hitler in these streets.”
Dollars to doughnuts, Ashley Judd could not give you five legitimate facts about Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich.
oped: Here let me educate Ashley Judd on the Third Reich, they are the fathers of the #LGBTQ movement:


Chrissy Teigen, on Twitter – “Can u guys feel it? America is great again all of a sudden. It’s so weird. He was right!”
This shows the contempt with which these celebrities view the average Trump voter. Despite lacking any sense of intelligence or history themselves, they think American conservatives are being blindly led astray by wishful thinking. Were people like Teigen making sarcastic “Ooh, look at all this hope and change” comments on the first day of Barack Obama’s presidency?
Michael Moore, online – “Here at the inaugural. A tragedy for democracy.”
Yes, what a tragedy to see the duly elected president sworn into office. If there is any hindrance to our democracy, it comes from these leftist protesters and celebrities who are sowing fear into the fabric of the culture.
A few years from now, it may be a little harder for Islamic terrorist organizations to plot against the U.S. It may be a little harder for criminals to get across the border. It may be a little harder for women to kill their unborn babies for the sake of convenience. It may be a little harder for other countries to rob the American piggy bank.

That’s what these celebrities are fighting against.
Don’t forget it.

STUDY: About 800,000 Non-citizens Voted for Hillary in 2016 General Election

by: Philip Hodges 

I’m sure that liberals in the media will dismiss this as a “conspiracy theory” or “fake news,” since it does not support their narrative.
A study led by Old Dominion University political scientist Jesse Richman found that about 800,000 non-citizens voted in the 2016 presidential election. The Washington Times reported:
Based on national polling by a consortium of universities, a report by Mr. Richman said 6.4 percent of the estimated 20 million adult non-citizens in the U.S. voted in November. He extrapolated that that percentage would have added 834,381 net votes for Mrs. Clinton, who received about 2.8 million more votes than Mr. Trump.
Mr. Richman calculated that Mrs. Clinton would have collected 81 percent of non-citizen votes. 

“Is it plausible that non-citizen votes added to Clinton’s margin? Yes,” Mr. Richman wrote. “Is it plausible that non-citizen votes account for the entire nation-wide popular vote margin held by Clinton? Not at all.”
Still, the finding is significant because it means non-citizens may have helped Mrs. Clinton carry a state or finish better than she otherwise would have. 

The President came under fire after he made comments at a private meeting with congressional members suggesting that anywhere from 3 million to 5 million non-citizens voted for Hillary Clinton.
Immediately, the media dogged White House spokesman Sean Spicer, asking for evidence of such a claim. The media claimed it was a conspiracy theory and fake news.
President Trump then announced he was requesting an investigation into voter fraud, which equally incensed liberals. CNN’s Chris Cuomo all of a sudden became a fiscal conservative and questioned whether that was a responsible use of taxpayer funds.

It’s true that 800,000 non-citizens voting for Hillary is a good bit less than what Trump and many other conservatives estimated. But it’s nothing to sneeze at. And it’s way more than liberals’ estimate of maybe a dozen. As is so often the case, the truth is somewhere in the middle.
I think this find warrants an investigation.

6 Gun Control Laws That Trump Can Reverse

gun control laws

Gun Owners of America (GOA) recently released a letter that listed six of the gun control laws, implemented by Obama, that Trump can undo. Thank God!
They are:
Executive Gun Control (January 5, 2016) —
As many of you know, Obama got busy in his last few days of being President, passing lots of sneaky Executive Orders.  This one in particular expanded the background checks, which ultimately forced private sellers to apply for a Federal Firearms License (FFL). This means that all sales must then be run through a government background check, and also added even more regulations  to the FFLs, and also opened the door for the Social Security Ban.

  1. Social Security Gun Ban—This was created in private during 2015, and came to be finalized in December of 2016. This ban affects any SS recipient who depend on this help, by drawing attention to these people and allows them to open an investigation on whether or not they are mentally capable of owning a fun. This will result in any seniors losing their 2nd amendment rights, simply for being elderly.
  2. “Removing the U.S. from the Anti-Gun UN Arms Trade Treaty”–John Kerry signed the UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) on September 25, 2013 and was actually warned by the NRA on how this would threaten individual gun ownership. The NRA stated: “This treaty threatens individual firearm ownership with an invasive registration scheme [and is full of regulations and requirements that are] blatant attacks on the constitutional rights of every law-abiding American.” However, Kerry didn’t listen and signed anyway.
  3. “Repealing bullet and gun import bans going from Obama back to George H. W. Bush’s semi-auto import ban”Breitbart explained this as: “The ban in view was an exercise of executive action taken by George H.W. Bush in 1989 and redoubled by Obama during his presidency. Bush used the ban to stop the import of certain “assault weapons,” while simultaneously admitting that any shortfall in said weapons via imports would be compensated by domestic production. In other words, it was gun control for the sake of gun control and succeeded only in making the acquisition of said weapons more burdensome. On July 8, 1989, The New York Times reported, “Today’s decision is a significant step in the evolution of the Administration’s gun control policies. It puts President Bush clearly at odds with the National Rifle Association and will almost certainly increase pressures on him to approve restrictions or an outright ban on domestic versions of semiautomatic assault weapons.” Trump can undo an remaining vestiges of such bans via the swipe of his pen.”
  4. “Repealing the suspension of health privacy laws with respect to gun owners”– After the attack at Sandy Hook Elementary, acted out by a man with stolen guns, Obama suddenly signed 23 executive orders. The 16th one states, “Clarify that the Affordable Care Act does not prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes.” Therefore collecting information on people with Obamacare who also own firearms. This is an invasion of privacy.
  5. “Restoring gun rights for 257,000 law-abiding veterans”–Democratic members of the Senate worked to suspend the 2nd amendment rights of a quarter million military veterans. This played hand in hand with the Social Security ban, since many of the veterans rely on those funds. Which they rightly earned after risking their lives for our country. Because of this, they were automatically placed on a “mental health” risk list, and had their 2nd Amendment rights revoked.
Donald Trump has already proven to be a man of his word, so lets hope he continues to hand back the rights that Obama tried to rip away from us.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Congresswoman Returns from Secret "Fact Finding Trip to Syria: "There Are No Moderate Rebels in Syria"
by:Tim Brown 

 This is not ground-breaking news for those who have been following the story of the rise of the Islamic State in the Middle East.  However, following a visit to Syria and secret meeting with Bashar al-Assad, one congresswoman is claiming she has proof that the Obama administration funded the Islamic State.
In an interview on CNN following a secret "fact finding" trip to Syria, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) said that Syrian President Bashar Assad should be left in power and communicated that there were no moderate rebels in Syria. 
"I don't think Assad should be removed," Gabbard said. "If Assad is removed and overthrown, ISIS, al Qaeda, Al Nustra, these Islamic extremist groups will walk straight in and take over all of Syria ... they will be even stronger." 

"Whatever you think about President Assad, the fact is that he is the president of Syria," she added. "In order for any peace agreement, in order for any possibility of a viable peace agreement to occur, there has to be a conversation with him. The Syrian people will determine his outcome and what happens with their government and their future."
Gabbard, an Iraq-war veteran, said she sees the U.S. repeating "the same mistakes of the past," no matter what "experts" say about Assad being a brutal dictator who is killing his own people.
"I serve the American people. I serve the people of Hawaii," Gabbard said. "I'm a veteran, and I hear from so many of my fellow soldiers and those who I've served with how concerned they are that we repeat these same mistakes of the past." 

"People said the very same thing about Saddam (Hussein), the very same thing about (Moammar) Gadhafi, the results of those two failed efforts of regime change and the following nation-building have been absolute, not only have they been failures, but they've actually worked to strengthen our enemy," Gabbard said.
"Every place that I went, every person that I spoke to, I asked this question to them [about arming moderate rebels], and without hesitation they said, 'There are no moderate rebels,' 'Who are these moderate rebels that people keep speaking of?'" Gabbard recalled. "Regardless of the name of these groups, the strongest fighting force on the ground in Syria is al-Nusra or Al Qaeda and ISIS. That is a fact.  There are a number of different other groups, all of them are fighting alongside, with or under the command of the strongest group on the ground that is trying to overthrow Assad.

CNN reported, "Republicans, including Sens. John McCain, R-Arizona, and Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, have also criticized the Obama administration for supporting, training and equipping Syrian fighters against ISIS, but not allowing them to use those resources to fight Assad, which is what the rebels want."
Yet, it was men like McCain and Graham that backed funding, training and arming the alleged "rebels" in Syria, knowing all along they were funding those who would become the Islamic State.  McCain even said so, and then ISIS not only praised him, but used a photo of him with the Muslim jihadists to promote his treason.
If you recall, Press TV Serena Shim was apparently murdered for exposing the Turkish government's assistance of ISIS.  Among other things she reported on concerning what was going on in Syria, these things were ultimately determined to be true as well. 

Hey Donald Trump #POTUS here is how to win over Vlad Putin

Putin on a show: The former KGB officer showcases his talents on the piano
Playing host: Putin entertains the crowd by singing patriotic songs with a young girlPlaying host: Putin entertains the crowd by singing patriotic songs with a young girl.

 Hone up on oldies music...preference being the *SOUL* genre....Vladimir Putin has a penchant for USA Oldies...who'da thunk? At any rate here is Vlad as PM 2010....Vladimir "Fats" Putin playing the piano and singing "Blueberry Hill". The Russian prime minister is used to taking to the stage, but this time it was not for one of his speeches. Vladimir Putin made his audience sit up and take note, as he sang at a charity fundraiser.
"Like an overwhelming majority of people, I can neither sing nor play but I very much like doing it," he said modestly after being urged by the event’s host to get up on stage and perform. After playing the opening notes to the Fats Domino hit on the piano, he stepped up to the microphone and sang.
 His spokesman said he learned the lyrics to Blueberry Hill as part of his English language studies.
The Russian President already has a reputation as an accomplished jet fighter pilot and Siberian tiger-hunter, and is a black belt in judo. Now you can add jazz/soul crooner to the list.

Enjoy: Imagining Trump and Putin doing karaoke...ha

The cold hard truth about #LGBTQ and Hollywood

I for one have had enough already...the cold hard truth: Those who make sexual fantasies/fetishes the foremost issue in their lives putting orgasms ahead of everyday concerns like security,jobs,economy,education, God and Country are either sexually immature,self serving uneducated buffoons or they think love and marriage are based on who can give the best orgasm....a dude poking another dude in the butt or a gal strapping on a dildo (artificial penis) and going all Girls Gone Wild on each other.

I hate to be the bearer of of bad news but sex is just a small portion of life akin to using the rest room,eating and sleeping,pro-creating...yes everyday fundamentals of life...however one cannot have these thingees without security,jobs,economy,medical,farming,ranching, fuel and transportation,housing,utilities on a daily and continued bases past a one night stand...thats the cold hard truth!

I could care less what consenting adults do in private...however making it a issue that we all are forced to swallow...sorry I will resist and spank y'all is not love it is just a small but pleasurable part of pro-creation...I enjoy it as much as anyone else...however it does not by any means take over my life and the many wonders of the world to enjoy...and friends enjoyment can only come(pun) thru hard work and discipline not fantasies and fetishes...and by the way IMHO homosexual sex is nothing more than a sexual fetish not worthy of special rights nor marriage rights...marriage is a contract between a man and woman for the soul purpose of pro-creation and the raising of a family. The rights the #LGBTQ movement whine about can be had via a mutual general a business contract etc! Leave marriage out of it...if the glove does not fit you must aquit! #EOS

Being that #LGBTQ with the exception of Bi-sexuals / T's which is another topic all not pro-create they only mutually masturbate... it is what it is... and by no means worthy of Special Rights!

This pretty much puts the above into context :

Hey Feminists and ‘Transgenders’, You Need to Get Your Stories Straight
I have long said that feminism and “transgenderism” are on a crash course. They cannot really coexist under the umbrella of the same ideology. Liberalism cannot put forward the notion that a woman’s reproductive organs afford her certain entitlements and special rights while at the same time putting forward the notion that a woman’s reproductive organs are not essential aspects of her womanhood. Liberalism especially cannot claim that men have no business formulating opinions about women’s issues due to our lack of a vagina while at the same time claiming that men can actually be women despite our lack of a vagina.

Either a woman’s anatomy means something or it doesn’t. Either men can intrude into spaces that are uniquely feminine or they cannot. Either our bodies are inherent to our identity or they are not. It’s impossible to answer “both” to any of these questions. It’s even more impossible to answer “both” to all three of them.
So, what’s it going to be? If the feminists are right about everything, then the “transgender rights” advocates are wrong about everything. And if the “transgender rights” advocates are right about everything, then feminists are wrong about most things. 

oped: Just remember 'Theory without fact is hypothesis...Fact without Theory is Chaos' The whole damn #LGBTQ /Feminist movement is pure Chaos...just a Fact Jack!

LMAO: Dude Said Climate Change Will Kill Us All – Gets Run Over By SUV

That barefoot man was denying the SUV’s right to exist. Clearly, THIS is a case of self-defense… or the pinnacle of stupidity.
After some careful examination, maybe it wasn’t self-defense after all:
…A man who was hiking across America barefoot on the side of highways to ‘save the earth’ was struck by a Buick SUV and died Saturday.
Mark Baumer, 33, began his shoeless trek in October. His journey aimed to raise awareness and funds for the FANG Collective, a Rhode Island organization that supports nonviolent resistance to the natural gas industry.
Florida Highway Patrol confirmed Baumer was hit on the side of Highway 90 in Walton County. He was pronounced dead on the scene during the 101st day of his trip…

…During his hikes he wore a bright orange vest to be visible to drivers.
He told Vice that going barefoot made his feet hurt and it was more comfortable to walk on the white line
He told the website that people gave him strange looks for walking barefoot in such a dangerous location.
Baumer said: ‘Something weird happens when you’re in a car. I feel like your mentality changes. You’re blocked off from the world, and you’re like, ONLY I MATTER. ONLY WHERE I’M GOING MATTERS.’
He also said he would not move for cars but would heed to trucks because: ‘They’ll really mess you up.’…
…The chilling photo for his final blog post shows a yellow arrow and text reading ‘killed’ on a road.
Read more: Daily Mail 

It’s not nice to speak ill of the dead, but I’ll make this exception because I’ve watched his last vlog post:
grazing the edge of the road because it is the smoothest. 
Looks like he was wrong about it just being trucks that ‘really mess you up’.
‘Something weird happens when you’re in a car. I feel like your mentality changes. You’re blocked off from the world, and you’re like, ONLY I MATTER. ONLY WHERE I’M GOING MATTERS.’
…said the guy that walked on the white line on the side of the road and refused to move for cars.
The self-righteous activist was ‘raising awareness’ about Climate Change.
As if we needed awareness raised.
It’s not as if anyone on the left would ever let anyone forget about anthropogenic Climate Change.

After all, the former President Obama (DAMN, that feels good to write!) has said numerous times that ‘Climate Change’ is a greater threat than Islamic Terror.
(This is in part because he can actually say ‘Climate Change’ but not ‘Islamic Terror’.)
But I digress…
This Baumer guy seemed like an obnoxious tool. I mean that in the nicest possible way– because he did get ‘Buicked’.
But this is the crap that the left spews.
In his last video, he spouted off a laundry list of complaints against President Trump and his supporters, starting at about the 2-minute mark.
He said that if you support President Trump and his policies, you don’t ‘support human life on this planet’.
Obviously, this guy could’ve used THIS before he ate pavement:’s, Editor-In-Chief, Doug Giles addresses our nation’s abysmal Pussification in his NEW book …
PUSSIFICATION: The Effeminization Of The American Male

HILARIOUS: ‘Men’s March’ Is Coming With Penis Costumes & BEER! (Here’s What They’re PROTESTING)

The women are fighting for equality, right? Well, they’ve had their airtime to cover THEIR issues. It’s time for men to stand up and do the same!
Landon Mac had a fantastic post on Facebook: 
Can we please organize a Men's March? We can march against unfair treatment in divorces, biased custody battles, false rape accusations and women aborting your own child without your consent. We can wear penis costumes and drink beer. Who's in?

We need to make this happen because it’s all about equality.
These are legitimate issues that men face:
– unfair treatment in divorce cases
– biased custody battles
– false rape allegations
– no say in the life of your child if the woman wants an abortion
How are those not worthy of a little media attention?

Of course you realize that the Feminists that had dressed up as vaginas — let’s call them ‘cl-theads’ — would protest the PATRIARCHY and Sexual Harrassment of men wearing a penis costume.
How about the MATRIARCHY and women trying to push the pro-choice agenda by wearing sad home-made costume that looks like an open wound.
And seriously, nobody wants to hear any speech with the words ‘menstrual blood’.
(We’re looking at you, Ashley Judd.)
I’m tired of hearing feminists rant about how President Trump is a ‘sexual harrasser’ and sees women as sexual objects — while walking around dressed as a vagina.
That doesn’t make sense.
It makes even less sense than Madonna, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and Lady Gaga opposing President Trump because he ‘demeans women’. Didn’t all of you make a career out of that?
And you’re supposed to be the moral authority because you’re ‘strong, powerful women’ and he’s just a man that is led around by his… well, you know. You’ve seen enough of them.
Oh, and by the way, feminists — before you get all your panties in a bunch about this article — this ClashDaily Editor is a woman. 

I know… I just did this, right?

Well, settle down and read this. It’ll help, I promise.

PUSS-I-FI-CA-TION*: The act, or process, of a man being shamed, taught, led, pastored, drugged or otherwise coerced or cajoled into throwing out his brain, handing over his balls and formally abandoning the rarefied air of the testosterone-leader-fog that God and nature hardwired him to dwell in, and instead become a weak, effeminate, mangina-sporting, shriveled up little pussy.
* From The Doug Giles 2016 Dictionary of Grow the Hell Up, You Pussy!
Doug Giles, best-selling author of Raising Righteous And Rowdy Girls and Editor-In-Chief of the mega-blog,, has just penned a book he guarantees will kick hipster males into the rarefied air of masculinity.
That is, if the man-child will put down his frappuccino; shut the hell up and listen and obey everything he instructs them to do in his timely and tornadic tome.

In PUSSIFICATION: The Effeminization Of The American Male, Giles takes ‘Crispin’ from the unaccomplished, prissy and dank corridors of ‘Pussville’ up the steep, treacherous and unforgiving trail that leads to ‘Mantown.’
“Secretly, everybody’s getting tired of political correctness, kissing up. That’s the kiss-ass generation we’re in right now. We’re really in a pussy generation.” – Clint Eastwood
Chapters include:
– Four Signs You’ve Been Pussified
– Bullies Love, And I Mean LOVE, Pussies (especially Big Government goons and Islamic radicals!)
– Dear Christian: You Might be a Pussy … but Jesus Ain’t
– Business Owners Should Avoid Pussies Like the Plague
– Real Women Hate Pussies
– How Parents Can Avoid Raising a Pussy
– Four ‘MUSTS’ For Males To Move From Pussville To Mantown
This is definitely one of the most politically incorrect books to ever hit the market.
It will most certainly offend the entitled whiners, but it will also be a breath of fresh air to young males who wish to be men versus hipster dandies.

Buy Now: PUSSIFICATION: The Effeminization Of The American Male

Share if you think that a Men’s March is a fantastic idea

Congress to Block Obama’s Secret Gun Ban?!

Now here is a novel event: Congress is working. That would be quite a change from the gridlock of the past 8 years. And just what is this item of work? Congress intends to remove the Social Security Administration from the gun-grabbing, anti-Second Amendment task that President Obama gave them to do. Here’s to a good work ethic for the next 8 years.
As Written By AWR Hawkins for Breitbart: 
Congress plans to take up legislation next week that is designed to block Barack Obama’s gun ban for Social Security recipients who require help with their finances.
On July 18, 2015, Breitbart News reported the Obama administration was fashioning what was then a secretive gun ban for Social Security recipients who needed help with their finances. The Los Angeles Times reported that the ban would be sweeping. They reported that it would cover those who are unable to manage their own affairs for a multitude of reasons — from “subnormal intelligence or mental illness” to “incompetency,” an unspecified “condition,” or “disease” — and would put the Second Amendment rights of such recipients in jeopardy.

On January 5, 2016, Obama incorporated the ban into his executive gun controls. A White House preview of those controls explained that the Social Security Administration (SSA) was busy finalizing rules for how and when to enforce the ban:
Current law prohibits individuals from buying a gun if, because of a mental health issue, they are either a danger to themselves or others or are unable to manage their own affairs. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has indicated that it will begin the rulemaking process to ensure that appropriate information in ……
Full Story Here:
Congress Acting to Block Obama’s Social Security Gun Ban – Breitbart

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An innocent soldier is in prison

 oped: We have two Lt's that were railroaded by the Obama administration for doing there job...Barry Barack Hussein Obama protected his is time for President Donald J Trump to right this wrong and give  a Full Pardon with reinstatement,back pay ,benefits and promotions..

Fellow Patriot,

I know we have never met. But if you have children of your own, you'll understand why I'm writing you today.

You see, the young handsome man in this photo is my son, Lt. Clint Lorance of the U.S. Army.

Like any mother, I was so scared that Clint would be hurt – or even killed – after he was deployed to Afghanistan.

Then on July 2, 2012, it almost happened.

Clint was sent to a "hot zone" on a dangerous mission to replace a lieutenant who had been injured when the Taliban attacked his platoon just days earlier. 

He was warned to look for multiple riders on red motorcycles – known as "spotters" who alert the Taliban when they see U.S. troops. And every soldier was on edge. They all knew about the earlier ambush – and that just days before a U.S. soldier had been shot in the neck in this very village.

Suddenly a U.S. helicopter radioed in to Clint that a group of motorcycle riders was sitting outside of the village near a road that was used only by the Taliban.

As Clint confirmed a clear description of the enemy, a motorcycle charged toward the platoon so one of the soldiers asked permission to fire a warning shot. Clint said, "yes."

But the riders did not stop. Instead, they continued riding and broke through the troop's formation, jumped off the motorcycle, and headed right toward our troops. With only a split-second to make a decision, Clint ordered his marksman to fire. Two of the riders were killed. The other was captured in the village.

Meanwhile, two other Taliban members were killed by Clint's platoon and a second man captured trying to leave the village.  

When Clint and his men arrived back at base, Clint ordered both of the prisoners to be tested for explosives residue. BOTH tested positive for residue on their hands, confirming Clint's suspicions that the motorcycle riders posed a threat.

Yet instead of imprisoning and interrogating these men, military intelligence at Brigade Headquarters released the men back into the wild.

Then they fired Clint as platoon leader.

And one year later, Clint was sitting in a military courtroom on trial for murder.

Five other members of Clint's platoon were also charged, including the marksman who had actually shot and killed the terrorists.

But all five were promised immunity if they would agree to testify against Clint.

Every one of the statements from these five soldiers changed from their initial statements. That's right, not one of their stories was the same as the account they gave on the day of the attack. 

But Clint's account did not change.

And when asked for his only statement during the trial, he looked into the eyes of the jury and said, "I totally take all responsibility for my actions. I gave the order because I was the leader on the ground and perceived a hostile intent."

My friend, I'm proud that my son gave that order.

Because only weeks after the ambush on Clint's platoon, a motorcycle with two riders rode into a village where U.S. soldiers were patrolling and detonated explosives strapped to their cycle. That leader did not react as my son did – and American soldiers died.

But none of this mattered to the military court. Even though Clint never fired his weapon, he was found "guilty" and sentenced to 20 years in Fort Leavenworth Prison.

As soon as the verdict was read, Clint turned to us. He told his brother, "Be strong and promise me that you will take care of my Momma and Dad."

Then he took me by the shoulders and said, "Momma I can't leave here without knowing that you are okay." 

It took every bit of strength I had to not cry. I did not want Clint to see me in tears as they took him from the courtroom. Instead I told him, "We will get through this. God loves to walk the dark hills with us."

Now, over three years later, I'm seeing just how much God is walking with us through this terrible time thanks to Major Bill Donahue of the United American Patriots. UAP helps provide legal defenses for soldiers like Clint who have been unjustly accused of crimes for making split-second decisions in the heat of combat.

Maj. Donahue is a Marine who survived three tours of duty in Vietnam – so he knows what it's like to make decisions behind enemy lines. And he knows you can't second-guess our young soldiers who have been trained to defend themselves in combat.

UAP is fighting to help Clint mount an appeal, a motion for mistrial AND secure a presidential pardon. But it's a costly process – and money our son doesn't have.

Clint was stripped of all pay when he was indicted. He was forced to sell his house. And he lost all 10 years of his Army pension.  

All we can do now is rely on UAP and the big hearts of American patriots like you who support them and their mission.

UAP is a non-profit organization. They don't receive a dime of federal funding. And Maj. Donahue doesn't even take a salary for his work. He just wants to help soldiers.

If you can help with a tax-deductible gift of any amount, won't you please send it to UAP today to help them fight for my son?

While politically correct government officials are going to extreme measures to protect the "civil rights" of terrorists who want to destroy our country, soldiers like my son are sitting in prison for protecting our nation from these terrorists!

On behalf of every mother of a U.S. soldier, thank you for taking the time to read my letter and for whatever support you can send today.


Mrs. Anna Lorance

P.S. During a break in the trial, I walked outside to catch some air. The last soldier who had testified against Clint was standing on the sidewalk with tears running down his face. When he looked up at me he quickly dropped his head in shame. Clearly, he knows he helped the Obama Administration send an innocent soldier to prison. Thank you for helping UAP fight to bring him home!     

FBI Violent Extremist Groups Website Short and One-Sided on Domestic Examples

Join Oath Keepers

It’s fair to ask who’s pulling the strings here, and if President Trump will cut them.


“Don’t Be a Puppet: Pull Back the Curtain on Violent Extremism,” the Federal Bureau of Investigation advises visitors to its website designed to counter radicalization and recruitment of young people by enemies foreign and domestic.
“It’s the FBI’s primary responsibility—working with its many partners—to protect the nation from attacks by violent extremists,” the website overview explains. “One important way to do that is to keep young people—the future of our country—from embracing violent extremist ideologies in the first place. This website is designed to help do just that. Built by the FBI in consultation with community leaders and other partners, it uses a series of interactive materials to educate teens on the destructive nature of violent extremism and to encourage them to think critically about its messages and goals.”

The home page links to six different categories. One is germane to the purpose of this report, “What are Known Violent Extremist Groups?” subdivided into two categories: International and Domestic.
That last one is what I want to focus on. That’s because it’s of special interest to Constitution advocates who have seen their efforts and character tarred in past “fusion center” efforts relying on smears from Southern Poverty Law Center and other totalitarianism-promoting groups. We’ve further seen, for years, SPLC characterizing Oath Keepers as a “hate” group.

So the FBI further breaks down domestic extremist “threats” as: Sovereign citizen extremists; Abortion extremists; Animal rights and environmental extremists; Militia extremists; Anarchist extremists; and White supremacy extremists.
Curious. Absent from the radar are communists and domestic Islamist groups.  And evidently,  George Soros-affiliated “Women’s March” partners, along with #DisruptJ20 radicals and black separatist and reconquista agitators are also of no concern.
So let’s cut to the chase and see who really bears special scrutiny, in the eyes of the FBI, “militia extremists”:
What They Believe: A militia is a group of citizens who come together to protect the country, usually during an emergency. Some militia extremists, however, seek to violently attack or overthrow the U.S. government. Often calling themselves “patriots,” they believe the government has become corrupt, has overstepped its constitutional limits, or has not been able to protect the country against global dangers.
As far as the first and third sentences, what is there to disagree with, or that’s “extreme”?  So the FBI need to elaborate on the second sentence about “violent attacks”:
Who or What They Target: Violent militia extremists mainly target those they believe could violate their constitutional rights, such as police officers and judges. In one 2010 case, a Michigan militia group planned to kill a police officer and later attack the parade of cars in the funeral, hoping to start a large battle. The FBI and its partners stopped them from carrying out their plan.
What they’re referring to is the Hutaree case. That’s the one where the federal judge dismissed all the terror charges against seven defendants, and accepted guilty pleas with sentences for time served for three defendants charged with machine gun possession. That means the FBI is wrong to represent the allegations as fact.
That’s it? That’s what’s being singled out to illustrate the “militia extremist” threat?
Let’s hope the Trump administration soon gets a handle on this kind of taxpayer-funded nonsense. Let’s hope it cuts the strings of bureaucratic puppets still engaged in a propaganda agenda to portray patriots as threats.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Prosecutors Seek to Protect BLM from Scrutiny in Bundy Ranch Trial

by: Tim Brown
It appears the government wants to hide the illegal actions it has taken, along with those of the Bureau of Land Management in the Bundy Ranch trial that is soon to begin.
On Tuesday, Prosecutors in Las Vegas filed a Motion In Limine  in the case of The United States vs Cliven Bundy et al.  They are hopeful that Nevada District Court Judge Gloria Navarro will allow the US central government to “cover-up” any wrong doing by Bureau Of Land Management agents during the 2014 Bundy Ranch siege.

An attorney for one of the defendants told Guerilla Media Network, "It’s a shocking blatant attempt by the Government to cover-up the brutal conduct of  BLM agents that caused a near catastrophe in Bunkerville, Nevada during the impoundment of rancher Cliven Bundy’s cattle."
Guerilla Media Network reports:
The motion is a draconian attempt at best to “protect” government agents from being exposed to further scrutiny during the upcoming Nevada trials in which they will be under-oath to tell the truth.
The defense in this case is centered around civil rights violations of the Bundy family and protestors who came to Bunkerville, Nevada to protest an overreaching government agency who had beaten and incarcerated Cliven Bundy’s son Dave Bundy and other protestors, used a stun gun on his son Ammon Bundy, viciously attacked Mr. Bundy’s sister Margaret, and terrorized peaceful protest with threat of snipers and military force.

Further the government which successfully used the idea that some of the defendants in the Oregon trial of the United States vs Ammon Bundy et al .. were also involved in the Bundy Ranch “armed” protest as a reason to deny them a pretrial release, now ask the Judge to not allow any reference to that case including the fact they were acquitted.

Here's a copy of the relevant portion of the motion.
Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 8.06.10 AM
 Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 8.05.32 AM

"It is what it is and we will fight it," said Chris Rasmussen, attorney for reporter and radio show host Pete Santilli.  "The government wishes to eliminate anything we could use that goes to the defendants' state of mind .. and we cannot allow that to happen. These people were frightened and there was a reason they reacted the way they did."
"Do we or do we not still live in America?" said former Nevada State Assemblywoman Michele Fiore on Tuesday in response to the motion.  "One way or the other the truth will be told and I would like to see them stop me from voluntarily giving my testimony when this trial begins."
Fiore has already told about some of the evidence that is known to exist concerning the criminal BLM, including audio and video from body cameras, and even spoken out on their crimes on the Nevada Assembly floor.

See Video: 

This doesn't begin to include the fact that the BLM engaged in the same actions that landed Dwight and Steven Hammond in prison.

See video: 

Additionally, no one at Bundy Ranch did anything like what the BLM did, which you can see here. 

Carol Bundy, Cliven Bundy’s wife, reacted in a similar manner, "So what kind of defense are we allowed to have if we can’t tell the truth?  Because if the Government has it’s way it looks like we will not be allowed to have any defense at all."
The central government has been at the center of coverups.  Among them have been Waco and Ruby Ridge.  They have sought and are seeking to do the same in the Bundy case just as they are attempting to do in the case involving the murder of LaVoy Finicum and as they have done concerning Daniel P. Love, the man in charge of the aggressive nature against the Bundys.
I met with Santilli on Saturday at the Southern Nevada Detention Center and he informed me that he believes with the evidence they have, that everyone should be acquitted of the charges against them.

He went on to state to GMN:
Sure, they would love it if we all just went into this trial docile and defeated, not willing to fight them, but that just isn’t going to happen. The Bureau of Land Management went to Bundy Ranch with a clear disdain and lack of respect for the Bundy Family. Dan Loves Objective fell just short of scorched earth policy; We can prove it, they know it and they are very, very afraid of that.  As I see it, we have them right where we want them, why would they file such a ludicrous Motion otherwise?  This Motion has the “BLM is guilty” written all over it and I for one think that’s great news. 

If the Government gets it’s way and eliminates the fact that Daniel P Love gave agents the authority to beat up on Bundy Family members and was not acting in a rational way during the impoundment, if the Jury is not allowed to hear what elected officials told Love in response to his brutal actions, and if there was never any reason whatsoever for protestors to be in fear for their lives, then I believe any Jury worth it’s salt is going to be very suspect as to the validity of this case.  I mean, if nobody did anything wrong, then why the hell are we having a trial? 

Judge Navarro has demonstrated that she is just as corrupt as the BLM and the politicians surrounding what is going on in Nevada.  Just look at what she has done to Santilli and Cliven Bundy.  Does anyone really believe she is not going to accept this motion?

Michelle Obama Bails on Barry & the Girls - Off to Billionaire’s Island Alone

Barack Obama, pictured leaving golf course, appears visibly upset after Michelle has a tantrum and leaves on Richard Branson’s private jet.

by: MIchael DePinto 
Is anyone else interested in getting a pool started for how long it takes the Obama’s to file for divorce now that their time in the White House has come to an end? That’s a joke of course… somewhat. Recall the following from January 1st, 2014:
“I’d bet my bottom dollar Michelle and Barack move to different locations the day his Presidency ends. Their marriage, like all the rest of Obama’s life, is a total lie. A sham. Mark this day on your calendar that I said this. He needed a wife for his Presidential run, and I guess Michelle thought she could tolerate him in exchange for the White House.” 
Was I off by only 5 days? Perhaps! Imagine how nice it would be if instead of the mainstream media continuing to endlessly report on the crowd size at President Trump’s inauguration (which they've been lying about along along anyway, as evidenced by CNN's very quiet walking back of their "fake news"), they actually diverted some of those resources to cover what looks like it could be trouble in paradise for the former first family.
Whether Michelle Obama’s recent temper tantrum, and her departure for Richard Branson’s “Necker Island” alone signifies the beginning of the end for Michelle and Barry remains to be seen, but don’t be surprised if the two are living on opposite ends of the country before long. Why? Because absolutely everything the mainstream media has reported about Barack Obama since the day he announced he was running for president, has been an enormous lie, starting with their marriage.
The following video reviews many of the stories about Barack Obama that the mainstream media has refused to cover, not because they lack merit, but because they have merit! Some of what the video below covers includes:

  • Michelle and Barack living separately for years prior to Barack running for the U.S. Senate
  • Michelle’s comments about being a “single mother” back when Barack was a Senator
  • Member of Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ claims Barack and her son were “involved”

  • Obama’s use of three separate Social Security Numbers throughout his life
  • Obama’s campaign turning in 3 different birth certificates in Alabama during his 2012 campaign (a very real lawsuit that rose to the level of the Alabama Supreme Court before it was ultimately punted by the Court, so as to avoid a national crisis)
  • Sheriff Arpaio’s team recently revealing that the birth certificate Obama released on the White House website has been confirmed as a fake by experts on multiple continents!
The article below certainly seems to suggest that what I first wrote about as far back as three years ago may in fact be the case. So, did Michelle really only agree to resume living under the same roof as Barack because of the lifestyle being First Lady afforded her? Time will tell, and I don't suspect we'll have to wait too long to find out… Reports:
The Obama's were scheduled to spend a few weeks in Palm Springs, California, but that all abruptly changed when Michelle was caught boarding a private jet alone. Barack was photographed visibly upset, leaving an exclusive Rancho Mirage golf course, and daughters Sasha and Malia were nowhere to be found. Now, we know why Michelle had a tantrum, demanding to leave, and you’ll be pissed off as she screws taxpayers again.

Reports from Palm Springs say that the Obama's were upset over all the rain they had to endure. They envisioned a sun-soaked time after leaving the White House, but instead, Mother Nature brought thunderstorms almost non-stop and that really put Michelle in a foul mood.
Daily Mail reports, “On Friday low clouds covered the valley, temperatures dropped to a chilly 50 degrees Fahrenheit and rain flooded the streets of the city – not an ideal start to their vacation.The weather was so bad the government plane carrying the family was diverted to March Air Force Base, some 44 miles away.”
Michelle never did leave the home of Spanish Ambassador James Costos and his partner Michael Smith, the gay couple the Obama's are friendly with especially since they live on an exclusive golf course. Since leaving the White House, the Obama's seem to be reduced to the charity of friends, and Michelle decided to leave after becoming tired of the Palm Springs rain for the previous two days.
Michelle called on another one of their liberal billionaire friends, Richard Branson, who owns an island in the Caribbean, asking if she could come stay with him right away. She was caught boarding his private jet without Barack or her daughters.
A change of plans like this cost taxpayer hundreds of thousands of dollars, with Secret Service having to be scheduled without warning and other accommodations needing to be made, but anything for spoiled Michelle who looked pissed off at the airport. 

Barack was then seen looking like someone took his golf clubs away after Michelle delivered the bad news that she was leaving immediately. Whatever the case, Michelle is a spoiled brat who is having a hard time realizing that she is not the queen bee anymore.
After Michelle arrived on Branson’s “Necker Island,” the Obama's public relations hacks scrambled to say that Barack was on the plane too, but no one saw him, not even one of the many reporters following them around.
“Michelle Obama was earlier seen boarding Branson’s Falcon 900EX at Palm Springs International Airport. Her husband also boarded, but was not seen doing so,” reports Daily MailIt’s crazy to think Michelle is seen as she gets on the plane, but Barack is able to hide, getting on the plane without being spotted by anyone — that makes no sense.

Necker Island (left), Richard Branson’s private island Michelle escaped to after enduring a rain-soaked Palm Springs. Branson’s private plane landed with Michelle aboard (right), pictured with another aircraft, possibly the one Barack Obama ended up taking to exclusive Necker Island.

One thing is clear, the Obama's, like the Clinton's before them, did not leave the White House billionaires. “Poor” Barack’s yearly pension is a measly $200,000 a year, not anywhere near the type of income they need to live in the style they became accustomed to in the White House.
They are taking advantage of staying with billionaire donor friends for now, and Michelle’s unscheduled abrupt trip signals just how upset she is with having to scale down her style of living. We couldn’t be happier that reality is setting in for the Obama's. Now that most of the perks are gone, Michelle better get used to not having Air Force One or millions of taxpayer dollars to spend on lavish vacations.
Article posted with permission from The Last Great Stand. Article by Michael DePinto.


Do Two Legal Systems Exist – One for Conservatives and One for Liberals?

Lady Justice

Be that as it may, while Clinton ultimately lost the election to President Donald Trump, it should not exonerate her for her crimes. We shall wait and see what happens regarding Clinton’s mishandling of classified information and if she gets away with her crimes she gets indicted.
Meanwhile, we have a similar case, albeit on a much smaller scale. A Navy sailor named Kristian Saucier, aged 29, who was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Stefan Underhill on August 20th, 2016 to one year in prison, six months of home confinement following his release, 100 hours of community service and a $100 fine for taking six pictures of submarine USS Alexandria’s classified nuclear propulsion system with his own phone for his own personal use in 2009. He has also been banned from owning firearms, according to the Washington Times. He has sit in the Federal Medical Center at Fort Devens, Massachusetts, since his sentence started in October.

Saucier’s case, comparatively, an overly harsh sentence, considering Clinton’s enumerable crimes with little legal backlash and former President Barack Obama’s inexplicable pardon of Chelsea Manning, who leaked classified information about our soldiers’ whereabouts in Afghanistan, putting them in grave danger.
Thankfully, we now have a new administration who cares deeply about the military, and, as such, according to Fox News, Saucier has sought a pardon from Trump. As a candidate for President, Trump often would cite the Saucier case as unjust. Saucier’s attorney, Ronald Daigle, told Fox News that he met with Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Trump’s national security advisor, about the Saucier case, and submitted a pardon request at Flynn’s request. Daigle believes that politics played a role in the overly harsh sentence that didn’t fit the crime, even after arguing for leniency by citing the FBI’s decision regarding its decision on Clinton regarding her mishandling of classified information. Greg Rinkley, another attorney representing Saucier, stated that the sentence for Saucier for his actions, compared to the crimes committed by Clinton and Clinton aide Huma Abedin, “smacks of two types of justice systems in the United States.”

Daigle hopes that Saucier receives a pardon from Trump that would both commute his sentence and erase his conviction from his record. I sincerely hope President Trump, a patriot who truly respects the country and its military, gives Saucier the pardon he deserves.

The New Democrat Party – Deadbeat Nazi Communists


Democrats under Obama have become so corrupted that they’ve become the anti-American party.
Democrats under Obama’s leadership turned from representing themselves as the party of the little guy to being the party of the anti-American.  They became the party of the greediest of the rich leading the poorest of the poor, non-Americans, racists, criminals, and lunatic fringe kooks.  The Obama coalition is the anti-Christian, anti-white, anti-capitalism, anti-American people of the world, and there just aren’t that many in Middle America, but they do occupy the coasts and cities.
Obama blames Rush for his failures
Rush Limbaugh:

“They [Democrats] actively, strategically, purposely began to throw away the white working class vote as something they wanted to pursue as part of their winning coalition.  They had decided that there was a greater opportunity for victory by coalescing all of these oddball minority groups and they cast aside what used to be their base – the little guy, the white working class… the Democrats abandoned them.  The Democrats became the party of the rich and the party of the oddball kooks!  The party of the rich, the bankers, the Wall Street types, Hollywood, Silicon Valley elites, and the party of the fringe lunatic whackos out there.  And that’s the Democrat Party base.  They threw it away.  It’s fascinating that that happened during the Obama administration.  It wasn’t by accident that it happened.” 

This is why Trump needs to eliminate ALL leftists in government from top to bottom.  From his Cabinet where there are no Democrats who can sabotage his administration, down to the lowliest teachers who corrupt America’s youth, there should be no Obama operatives or leftist saboteurs to undermine America.  Anyone who believes America is the problem in the world that must be brought down has no place in any position of authority or leadership in this nation.

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Black Waitress Who Joined Women's March Stunned By White Trump Supporters' Incredibly Generous Tip

Three white men from West Texas who were ostensibly in Washington D.C. to attend Donald Trump’s inaugural stunned a friendly black waitress by leaving her $450 tip on their $72.60 bill, as well as a beautiful note lauding her for her smile and kindness.
On Monday, Rosalynd Harris, a waitress at the restaurant Busboys and Poets who had joined in Women’s March on Saturday, waited on a table of the three white men mid-morning. As The Washington Post reported, “They chatted warmly. They told her they were from West Texas. One was a dentist and complimented her on her smile. They were jovial and fun. She admits now that she probably prejudged them, assuming they were in town for President Trump’s inauguration.”

The men left her the gigantic tip, which was nearly 625% of the bill. They also wrote a heartfelt message on the receipt: “We may come from different cultures and may disagree on certain issues, but if everyone would share their smile and kindness like your beautiful smile, our country will come together as one people. Not race. Not gender. Just American. God Bless!”
By the time Harris saw the receipt, the men had left. Harris told the Post that she read the words before she saw the tip. She said, “You automatically assume if someone supports Trump that they have ideas about you, but [the customer is] more embracing than even some of my more liberal friends, and there was a real authenticity in our exchange.”

The money came in handy for Harris, a professional dancer. According to the Post, “She started waitressing about a year-and-a-half ago to make extra money to pay her bills. She needs to move to a new apartment soon and has worried about how she’ll have enough cash to pay any upfront costs. She scheduled herself to work extra shifts to ensure she had enough, and the extra $450 is ‘a huge weight off my shoulders.’”
“We may come from different cultures and may disagree on certain issues, but if everyone would share their smile and kindness like your beautiful smile, our country will come together as one people. Not race. Not gender. Just American." 

Harris concluded, “This definitely reshaped my perspective. Republican, Democrat, liberal are all subcategories to what we are experiencing. It instills a lot of hope.”
Picture of the note below:

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Sen. Liz Warren Refuses to Disavow Madonna’s Wish to ‘Blow Up the White House’

Madonna and Warren
by Neil W. McCabe 

Two days after Madonna shared her wish to blow up the White House, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D.-Mass.) has not come out with a statement condemning the outrageous desire that the pop singer expressed in her address to Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington’s National Mall. 

“Yes, I am outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House,” Madonna said to the cheers of tens of thousands of feminists and other opponents of President Donald J. Trump.
Breitbart News sought comment from Warren with an office visit, in addition to emails and a phone message.
After being given a five-hour window before posting, the senator’s office did not respond.
A survey of Warren’s social media accounts and her official senate office website turned up no condemnation of Madonna’s threat of terrorism against the Executive Mansion.
According to Gateway Pundit, the response of the Secret Service was different:

A spokesman for the Secret Service told The Gateway Pundit the agency is aware of the comment by aging pop star Madonna made at a large liberal women’s protest against President Donald Trump held in Washington, D.C., Saturday, that she has “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.” The spokesman said an investigation would be opened but that the decision to prosecute rests with the U.S. Attorney’s office.
Sunday, the “Material Girl” songstress walked back her wish to blow up the White House in an exhaustive Instagram post:
Yesterday’s Rally. was an amazing and beautiful experience. I came and performed Express Yourself and thats exactly what i did. However I want to clarify some very important things. I am not a violent person, I do not promote violence and it’s important people hear and understand my speech in it’s entirety rather than one phrase taken wildly out of context. My speech began with ” I want to start a revolution of love.” ♥️ I then go on to take this opportunity to encourage women and all marginalized people to not fall into despair but rather to come together and use it as a starting point for unity and to create positive change in the world.
Madonna said her plan to blow up the White House was a metaphor and she does not want to speak or act out of anger: “It was truly an honor to be part of an audience chanting “we choose love”. ♥️♥️♥️♥️ #revoltutionoflove♥️#revolutionoflove♥️***”

oped: LOL told ya so...she would fast track back doing the proverbial Texas Two Step...word of the day metaphor! :