Tuesday, January 24, 2017

“Tolerant” left guilty of alarming political violence

Since the election, “Love trumps hate” is the slogan demonstrators across the country are proudly parroting to one another.
Unfortunately, reality is much more bloody.
Immediately following the election of President Donald Trump, an unprecedented wave of politically-motivated violence has erupted in America. The violent trend almost exclusively being carried out by liberal agitators – and if that’s surprising to you, it’s because the mainstream media is willfully silent.
Since the election, anti-Trump activists have been arrested for committing at least 20 fake hate crimes — including an arson attack that destroyed a black church — and have been behind a staggering amount of politically-motivated violence.

For example, leftists extremists have attacked and beaten strangers without provocation in schools, and have destroyed the property and set fire to vehicles of innocent people.
In Chicago, four people kidnapped and tortured a man while mocking Trump and white people.
Another angry mob dragged a man from his car and laughed while they beat him and yelled, “Don’t vote Trump!”
And, yes, since the election leftist radicals have committed politically-motivated murder as well.
There has been unprovoked mob violence against women. In one incident caught on film, leftists set one woman’s hair on fire. In another, they attacked a pregnant woman’s car with baseball bats while she was trapped inside. They assaulted two women – both from Gold Star families – at an inaugural ball held to honor Medal of Honor recipients.

Unfortunately, the list of individual attacks and unprovoked assaults is too extensive to list here, but it goes on and on.
If these facts are staggering and this is hard to believe, it is because this violent crime wave is being shamefully under reported.
But buckle up, because it gets worse.
Beyond these shameful acts of individual violence and murder, the scope of the lawlessness is worse. It’s not just individuals these violent thugs are targeting, after all. It’s the very foundation for our republic.
Did we forget that anonymous leftist thugs threatened electoral college voters with death if they failed to overturn the election results?
There has been numerous attacks against law and order since November as well. Since losing a free and fair election, gatherings by anti-Trump protesters have turned violent in cities like Portland, Seattle, Omaha, Indianapolis, Oakland, Los Angeles, New York City, Washington, D.C. (where rioters also burned a Muslim immigrant’s limo) and more.

Mobs have identified and attacked non-liberal reporters and camera crews attempting to cover the violence.
It’s not limited to just the streets. They’ve been seen bullying strangers on planes and have harassed both the president’s daughter and the president’s 10-year-old son.
Meanwhile, these agitators have issued public calls for the death of Trump voters and the outright assassination of the president.
It’s so bad, Democrats have actually pushed for the CIA and other intelligence agents to “subvert” and “undermine” our government.
Imagine for just one second of any of these numerous incidents have involved conservative activists, not anti-Trump “protestors”?
Reverse the situation, and the mainstream media would be foaming at the mouth. There would be panel discussions on every major news network demanding the president denounce the violence. There would be scathing op-eds from every corporate newspaper, and marches demanding order and peace be restored.

But because it comes from the left, these “protestors” are given a free pass.
Enough of the bias.
Enough of the violence.
It’s time the American public demanded better.
— The Horn editorial team

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