Tuesday, January 24, 2017

[Going viral] Trump supporter EMBARRASSES Women’s March

It was one of the largest protests in the United States, and the size of Saturday’s “Women’s March on Washington” was dwarfed only by the tens of millions of women who voted for President Donald Trump.
But there’s one problem — once these so-called “environmentalists” were done, they left behind huge piles of trash and Starbucks cup and discarded their snarky signs wherever they pleased.

However, there are Americans that care. In a video that’s going viral, a man the protesters were calling “Deplorable” just a day before was seen hard at work picking up the garbage they’d left behind.
The video might show something liberals are unfamiliar with (Hint: hard work), but it is pretty normal for Trump supporters.
And getting that message out, folks, is how we make America great again.
— The Horn editorial team

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