Friday, January 27, 2017

The cold hard truth about #LGBTQ and Hollywood

I for one have had enough already...the cold hard truth: Those who make sexual fantasies/fetishes the foremost issue in their lives putting orgasms ahead of everyday concerns like security,jobs,economy,education, God and Country are either sexually immature,self serving uneducated buffoons or they think love and marriage are based on who can give the best orgasm....a dude poking another dude in the butt or a gal strapping on a dildo (artificial penis) and going all Girls Gone Wild on each other.

I hate to be the bearer of of bad news but sex is just a small portion of life akin to using the rest room,eating and sleeping,pro-creating...yes everyday fundamentals of life...however one cannot have these thingees without security,jobs,economy,medical,farming,ranching, fuel and transportation,housing,utilities on a daily and continued bases past a one night stand...thats the cold hard truth!

I could care less what consenting adults do in private...however making it a issue that we all are forced to swallow...sorry I will resist and spank y'all is not love it is just a small but pleasurable part of pro-creation...I enjoy it as much as anyone else...however it does not by any means take over my life and the many wonders of the world to enjoy...and friends enjoyment can only come(pun) thru hard work and discipline not fantasies and fetishes...and by the way IMHO homosexual sex is nothing more than a sexual fetish not worthy of special rights nor marriage rights...marriage is a contract between a man and woman for the soul purpose of pro-creation and the raising of a family. The rights the #LGBTQ movement whine about can be had via a mutual general a business contract etc! Leave marriage out of it...if the glove does not fit you must aquit! #EOS

Being that #LGBTQ with the exception of Bi-sexuals / T's which is another topic all not pro-create they only mutually masturbate... it is what it is... and by no means worthy of Special Rights!

This pretty much puts the above into context :

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