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California: The World’s Largest Insane Asylum

Image result for funny pictures inmates running the asylum
Image result for funny pictures inmates running the asylum
oped: Yes indeed Kawlifornia has been taken over by the inmates...been on a downhill slide since the late 1960's.

By Adrian Vance 

When I arrived in Los Angeles on August 22, 1960 with my wife Carol, recruited from Illinois to teach Chemistry, I thought it was perfect, busy and a little scary, but just about the finest place on this planet.  As the years went by and I traveled to other countries that idea was enforced.  “LA had it all,” and I was there for 26 years watching it decay imperceptibly and that would flash on me once in a while. What is it like today?  Here following is a controversial list that has been seen in several publications with no challenge to the facts, but plenty of objections to their release.

 40% of all workers in L. A. County’s 10.2 million people are working for cash and not paying taxes. It is because they are predominantly illegal immigrants working without documents.

 95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens.

 75% of people on the most wanted list in Los Angeles are illegal aliens.

 Over 2/3 of all births in Los Angeles County are to illegal alien Mexicans on Media-Cal, with births paid for by taxpayers.

Nearly 35% of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally and not incarcerated for that crime, but others they have committed since arriving.

 Over 300,000 illegal aliens in Los Angeles County are living in garages, substandard housing by any measure and dangerous to public health and safety.

 The FBI reports half of all gang members in Los Angeles are illegal aliens from south of the border.

 Nearly 60% of all occupants of HUD properties are illegal aliens.  How does one qualify for this program without being a citizen?

 21 radio stations in Los Angeles broadcast in Spanish, which is a strongly negative factor in assimilation.

 In L.A. County 5.1 million people speak English, 3.9 million speak Spanish, and many have no interest in learning English, which is very harmful to them economically.

When this list of facts was published it produced a huge, angry controversy, not because anything was false, but simply that it was published, a behavior that encourages and welcomes despotism. Less than 2% of illegal aliens are picking our crops, but 29% are on welfare. Over 70% of the United States population growth, and over 90% of that in California, Florida, and New York results from immigration. 29% of inmates in federal prisons are illegal aliens, more than double “their fair share.”

This is not immigration; it is invasion and this is only one State. Much the same is happening across the nation.  The Democrats see this as a way to permanently control the nation as they will grandly announce all these people are welcome to gain their allegiance, promising them more and more benefits, higher wages and power for their votes, but they will get neither.

These are the symptoms of a sick city, state and nation. While we should expect good and bad to come and go in cycles, this is one of “going south” has been going on too long, too deeply and now developed a life and energy of its own.  We are now led by a bunch of insane people who are stealing us blind.

 Nancy Pelosi wants to put a Windfall Tax on all stock market profits, including Retirement funds, 401K and Mutual Funds, to help 12 Million Illegal Immigrants and unemployed minorities, saying:

 “We need to raise the standard of living of our poor, unemployed and minorities. For example, we have an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in our country who need our help along with millions of unemployed minorities.

Stock market windfall profits taxes could go a long way to guarantee these people the standard of living they would like to have as Americans.”

 This is classic liberal thinking and promoting an idea with the wedge and political power of “guilt.” We have more and they have less, so we should give them enough to make up the difference. That we earned it and they did not is never considered in the liberal mind.  It has never occurred to a liberal, the likes of Nancy Pelosi, that these people need to repair their country instead of turning what was a wonderful city into the world’s largest insane asylum.

British SAS capture 3 Isis chiefs in daring lightning raids as net closes around Mosul

SELLING TREACHERY: Four Reversals, Two Days, One HUGE Donald Trump Betrayal


Caleb Howe 
On Tuesday night, Senator Ted Cruz suspended his campaign for the Republican nomination for President of the United States, effectively ending the race and making Donald Trump the presumptive nominee. Kasich’s official withdrawal the next day was the only remaining formality and it came and went in an excruciatingly long, weird, and ultimately pointless way, as befit his entire campaign.

The very next day after that, the Trump Betrayal began. Like every project Trump boasts about, this one promises to be yuge and garish and, though he usually doesn’t mention this part, a total cluster.
In a period of less than 48 hours, Trump reversed himself in four spectacular betrayals that tell you volumes about what to expect. First, at around 5:45 p.m. on Wednesday, literally minutes after Kasich’s speech, CNN aired Trump telling Wolf Blitzer that he had changed his mind and is now open to raising the minimum wage.
Next, just a couple of hours later, the Wall Street Journal reported that Trump would not be self-funding his campaign anymore. You know, the thing he bragged about every day forever, including just a day before in Indiana. Done.
Then on Thursday morning at about 8:00 a.m., CNBC released video of an interview with Trump essentially renouncing his own tax plan.

And finally, later that same morning, it was revealed that the man picked to head up fundraising for his no longer self-funded campaign, Steve Mnuchin, is a former Goldman Sachs partner, serious Hillary donor, and most unbelievably, a former George Soros bigwig. Seriously.
That’s just a few hours past one full day since Cruz dropped out. Four betrayals. Less than two days. Unreal.
Now, make no mistake, each of these are major reversals, and what’s more, they are entirely revealing. Take the minimum wage increase. Trump’s most rabid base is mad about job losses, about low incomes, and are invested in class warfare. But they are also bitter about race relations and the perceived unfair advantages given to minority groups. They hate talk of minimum wage increases when Democrats do it, because they see it as some sort of affirmative action, but when presented by Trump as a way of increasing income to them they’re willing to swallow the pill.

He was softening the target. He got them to agree to a betrayal of their own prior convictions. It’s like a sales technique. Get them to say yes to something small and they’ll keep saying yes to bigger and bigger things. “Come on, high interest doesn’t really matter, what matters is your monthly payment.” Get them to betray themselves.

Or how about the tax plan? Again, he pitches it as something his base will swallow: forget tax cuts for the wealthy, I want to help you. Of course, it is a complete reversal of how he pitched it in the first place. The argument he made for his tax plan was that as it stood it would help every American. That’s what he said and that’s what his base not only believed, but what they proselytized to others. Trump’s tax plan is genius! Look at all these people who endorse it! They wrote articles and sent Tweets and made Facebook posts about how great and wonderful and smart and well-received his tax plan was.
But now? Now it’s unfair to the little guy and helps out the rich too much. Trump knows his base will swallow that one too, if he makes it sound populist enough. They already said yes to the minimum wage increase, after all. A little further this time. A little more. Another yes.

Of course, the really big one is that he won’t self-fund. Now, Trump people are already trying to spin that one, saying he never intended to self-fund the general, that he can’t possibly be expected to front that kind of money, but that’s all a huge load of crap. Trump’s voters heard what he told them over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. They heard and believed and repeated ad nauseum that his self-funding was his biggest asset because it put him outside the system. It made him his own man. What’s more, those who were taking money from outside sources were considered to be owned by those sources. Trump explicitly stated time and again that his opponents were beholden to those who funded them. That they were owned and that he wasn’t. The reason he wasn’t owned was that he wasn’t taking the money.


oped: side note...Trump did not I repeat did not self fund the primary...he *Loaned* 35m to the primary campaign and will be paid back from the general donations!

That’s a huge principle. A minor detail like “I never said the general election” is just Clintonesque, “what the definition of is is” parsing. It’s hogwash. He established relentlessly and without pause that self-funding makes you independent and pure, and that not self-funding makes you impure, owned, and a puppet of outside interest. Now he is saying he’s going to take that money. He’s agreeing to become owned.
And it’s worse than just a vague notion of fundraising. He put together a sophisticated operation to get big, big money from big, big donors. Remember how he went on and on and on demonizing Goldman-Sachs? It’s a favorite target of Trump’s base and the Occupy Wall Street crowd (with whom Trump’s base has a surprising amount of ideological crossover … or not so surprising). Well his finance chair was a partner at that evil firm. The one that his Twitter acolytes use as shorthand for “dirty Jew money.” That is who he hired.

And not just that. Mnuchin donated to Hillary Clinton many, many times. Even better, he was himself backed by billionaire and real life Dr. Evil, the Hillary-backing left-wing kingpin George Soros. Mnuchin is connected left and right. But mostly left. He’s got his fingers in Hollywood, in Wall Street, in progressive politics, and Democrat campaigns. And now he’s raising money for Trump from, one assumes, his big fat rolodex of lefties who, according to Trump’s own and endlessly repeated statements, will own and manipulate Trump because he will owe it to them. A return on their investment. That’s what he said about his opponents.
All of this happened in two days. And if you look at the big picture there are two obvious themes. First, he is now tacking left and second, he is taking money by way of a creature of the left.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a rally in Eugene, Ore., Friday, May 6, 2016. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Which should all fit nicely, by the way, with his Democrat running mate. Oh yeah, that’s a thing now too, guys.
Each betrayal on its own is something his followers are not only willing to defend, but are actively selling as good or reasonable things. Like they abandoned their long war against Social Justice Warriors immediately the moment that Trump told them that men in women’s bathrooms was super great, they are willing to abandon their opposition to government wage-control, their months long commitment to the genius of his tax plan, and their hatred of candidates who don’t self-fund. They’re even letting him slide on Goldman.
But taken all together … well it’s not pretty. He has immediately destroyed his every core principle that isn’t related to immigration. Because that’s the big one, and he will betray his voters on it. But he has to work up to it. It’s called softening the target. It’s what salesmen do.

And man, did you Trumpers get sold.

LYIN’ DON: Trump Just Totally Made Up the Story that he Talked to Marco Rubio Recently

Image result for funny pictures trump rubio

Caleb Howe
In case you missed it, on Thursday, Donald Trump told Bret Baier that he spoke with Marco Rubio and that Rubio was very supportive of him and even open to a VP spot. Late Friday night, Marco Rubio advisers not only denied that he was supportive, but flat out stated that no such conversation took place at all. Trump just made it up.

Here’s the transcript of Trump’s claim, from Fox:
BRETT BAIER: And you had conversations with Marco Rubio recently, several of them.
TRUMP: We’ve had really nice conversations, not necessarily about that, just that we had — you know, we always had a very good relationship, Bret, Marco and I. And then it got a little bit nasty for a period of time and then we had the election. And, you know, that was a tough period of time for Marco. Marco is a good guy, a really nice guy. And I like him. But, uh, not necessarily with respect to any position. But it could happen.
Not true, says the Rubio camp.
Trump also said “Marco has been, uh, very supportive, very good. And, you know, he said very nice things.”
Also, nope. Heat Street got the real story, the one that matches what we know of Rubio and his campaign and his history and his recent statements, rather than the fake, made-up, obvious lie that Trump told that doesn’t fit the facts at all.
However, Trump’s claims of talking to Rubio were completely false, two sources close to Rubio confirmed to Heat Street, emphasizing that Rubio had not spoken to Trump recently and certainly had not expressed support.
In fact, as Rubio’s advisers pointed out, he’s been very busy this week, out of the country on an official Congressional visit to the Middle East. Rubio, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Select Committee on Intelligence, visited with officials in Qatar, Iraq, and Turkey, as well as American military servicemembers and Christian leaders.
Oh there’s more.
On Friday, Heat Street spoke to multiple senior advisers, members of Rubio’s inner circle who have been in direct contact with him.
“Absolutely false,” said one Rubio adviser. “He absolutely will not be Trump’s Vice President.”
That sentiment was echoed by two other sources close to Rubio, who confirmed to Heat Street that Rubio was not considering joining Trump’s ticket. “That’s never happening,” said one. Another referenced the likelihood of snowballs in hell, and expressed frustration at the inaccurate stories, referencing how Rubio’s comments in late April about a contested convention had been taken out of context. “He was just speaking analytically then,” and not saying he opposed a contested convention, “and he’s not joining with Trump.”
And yes, there’s even more in the article at Heat Street that fully lays out the total absurdity of the lie Trump told. You should read it.
What Rubio did do recently is trash Trump, as Brandon Morse points out. It’s simply not credible to think that he would be supportive and open to a VP slot.
Here is the bottom line: Marco Rubio did not talk to Trump. Trump made that up. It’s not the first time he lied about what a Senator has said, either.
It is foolish to trust Donald Trump. You can’t trust him with nukes, you can’t trust him with the economy, you can’t even trust him to tell the truth about a phone call. Because he is fundamentally not trustworthy. How can anyone support that?
Gov. Perry … come on, man. Do the right thing.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Cruz, Trump, and Ryan: The Unimagined Week

by: Newt Gingrich
No one imagined three days ago that a month would disappear from the campaign calendar.
The morning of the Indiana primary virtually everyone assumed there would be a fight for the GOP nomination at least to June 7 when California, New Jersey and several other states vote.
Many thought the contest could go on after June 7 because Trump might still be a few delegates short.
Some hoped there would be a contested convention in July. 

Suddenly, Tuesday night, Senator Ted Cruz cut either one or two months out of the calendar.
In a very wise, realistic step he suspended his candidacy. This allows him to avoid a month of negativity. It will serve him well. He leaves the race a much bigger, stronger figure than when he entered. He is plausibly a candidate for the Presidency in 2020 if Trump loses. (Actually, Cruz is so young he is plausibly a candidate for President in 2040). He has the name recognition and financial network to become a future governor of our second biggest state. He would be a superb choice to fill the Scalia role on the Supreme Court. He can now take some time to think long and hard about his future. 

The Cruz decision had a big effect on both Trump and Ryan.
First, the Trump team was focused on winning the nomination. They were consumed by delegate hunts, future primaries, and winning a convention with a lot of opposition trying to stop them.
Suddenly the Trump team has had to shift direction, focus, and scale.
Trump himself has to move from an enthusiastic gladiator fighting Republican rivals to a national leader seeking to unify both the party and the country. The shift has been huge and sudden. It will take weeks to complete.
Second, Speaker Ryan represents a serious, policy oriented Washington based approach that is somewhere between skeptical and hostile about the Trump candidacy. 

On the morning of the Indiana primary the Washington policy Republicans still had hopes of a contested convention. Most thought that, at a minimum, they had six or seven more weeks to negotiate with Trump as he tried to win the last few delegates.
In some ways the Cruz withdrawal was the worst possible world for Washington policy Republicans.
Suddenly, Trump was unchallengeable. He was the nominee. None of the reconciliation and communication process had occurred.
Furthermore, by winning so early and so decisively, the Washington policy Republicans feared there was a very real chance Trump would now wander off into whatever policy inventions and maneuvers he wanted to.
Speaker Ryan was looking for a maneuver to slow down the Trump consolidation of power and force a negotiated dialogue toward some kind of accommodation between two very different set of policy goals. 

Ryan's Thursday statement that he could not yet endorse Trump was dangerous. It was also in some ways a demonstration of fear and weakness.
Faced with an amazing avalanche of personal victories for Trump, Ryan apparently felt he needed a big enough event to get Trump's attention.
This is a very dangerous game.
Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus is correctly trying to develop party unity now that there is a nominee.
Ryan's statement may have been given a bigger play because of the same day announcement by the two Bush Presidents and Mitt Romney that they would not endorse Trump or attend the convention. 

As someone who supported all three for President it was a bit outrageous to have them suddenly wiser and purer than millions of Republican voters. It is fine to have them skip Cleveland which ought to be focused on the future not the past. It is not acceptable to have them desert the party which made them national figures.
Hopefully Ryan and Trump will work through to an accommodation in the next week or so.
Running for president is hard.
Governing is even harder.
This is just one more bump on a road that Trump has triumphantly been on for a year. There will be a lot more bumps and his ability to solve them will determine if he becomes President. 

Ryan also faces the challenge of leading a House GOP which could rapidly split into unmanageable factions.
There is a lot at stake. 

Kawlifornia AG hates free speech

Senate candidate and California Attorney General Kamala Harris abused her powers in an attempt to disclose donors of conservative groups. The courts told her no but she won't stop abusing her power! Help us defeat this progressive hero who hates conservatives! 

Kamala Harris serves as California's Attorney General but she is really bought and paid for by radical progressive groups. A CA court recently decided a case telling Harris that she abused her power and ignored the free speech guarantees of conservative donors. 
From Breitbart: 

A conservative advocacy group backed by the Koch brothers won a First Amendment victory this week denying California Attorney General Kamala Harris access to the names of conservative nonprofit members and contributors. The conservative nonprofits claimed there was a substantial risk Ms. Harris and/or her staff would leak this confidential data to their ideological opponents and her allies. 

Basically the courts told Kamala Harris to follow the Constitution instead of breaking the law to help her liberal allies. This is not the first time Harris has been caught red handed using her power to help her friends. 

This is not the first time Kamala Harris has used her office to go after conservatives. 
Ever since Planned Parenthood was exposed in secret videos selling fetal body parts Kamala Harris has used her power to go after the pro-life group that exposed these sickening practices.

Undercover investigator David Daleiden’s home in California was raided Tuesday by officials under the office of California Attorney General Kamala Harris.

Harris has been investigating Daleiden for months, after his video exposé of Planned Parenthood’s alleged baby-parts scheme. Harris has taken no action against Planned Parenthood and defended their practice. 

Kamala Harris is a thug dressed up as Attorney General.  
She is a featured speaker at Planned Parenthood events, she takes their donations and then does anything they want. She is supposed to represent justice in California yet it is obvious she is just a politician doing the bidding of her donors.


Kamala Harris has the support of the Obamas in her quest for the Senate. The President once called her "a future President." And it is no wonder the Obamas love Harris. This is just a short list of the actions she has taken as Attorney General and District Attorney. 
Sanctuary Cities - Kamala Harris: "I support sanctuary cities, undocumented immigrants deserve our respect. I know what a illegal immigrant looks like and they are not criminals!" 
Death Penalty - Harris refused to seek the death penalty for the killer of a police officer. She says that the killer deserved our compassion.  

Gay Marriage - Harris refused to uphold the CA law that banned gay marriage in 2008. She went against the will of the voters in California to appease her donors who then put her in higher office. 
Guns / 2nd Amendment - As Attorney General Harris is fighting to take guns away from law abiding citizens, even military veterans. Yet at the same time her office has a backlog of tens of thousands of criminals and illegal aliens who have no right to possess a gun. She doesn't seem to mind criminals and illegals that have guns, she just wants to stop law abiding citizens.  

This is par for the course for fringe radicals like Harris. She supports illegal aliens over American citizens, she has more sympathy for criminals than victims and she only follows the laws that she supports. 

Please also like us on Facebook and share this campaign with your friends and family!
Thank You for Defending Freedom!

To Donate by Check:
Defenders of Freedom & Security
Re: Defeat Kamala Harris
PO Box 2489 
Sacramento, CA 95812

This week marks the second anniversary of the creation of the Benghazi Committee. Throughout the process, liberals have complained about interminable delays and the cost of the committee. It turns out, we now know who is to blame for that: Barack Obama's State Department. As Fox News reports:
The State Department missed its own target date last year for the establishment of a special unit to review Benghazi documents, documents obtained by Fox News show.

The previously unpublished documents, generated by the House select committee that is investigating the 2012 terror attacks, detail how Rep. Trey Gowdy, the panel’s Republican chairman from South Carolina, began working behind the scenes early last year to help the department secure over $4 million in “reprogrammed” funds set aside by Congress for such a unit.

- See more at:

Fast Rising Presidential Candidate Caught in Sex Scandal?

Image result for Austin Petersen

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oped: *Sheesh* why is it that all career politicians no matter the party are greedy,corrupt,horn dog drunks? 
What a mess this election cycle has become!

by:AAN staff

A few weeks ago, Austin Petersen was playing second fiddle to Governor Gary Johnson in the race for the Libertarian Party nomination. Then, something happened: Ted Cruz dropped out of the race, and thousands of conservatives who were turned off by Donald Trump went looking for a third party alternative. Enter Petersen. The internet entrepreneur's pro life, pro religious liberty positions gave wayward conservatives the sense that there was a candidate that shared their values. Many thought of him as the ideal protest vote candidate to tell the GOP that Donald Trump didn't share their values.

They might want to hold that thought.
According to the website Liberty Conservatives, it appears that Petersen is a member of the website What is that? As Liberty Conservatives explains:

Photos of what is allegedly Petersen’s account on ““, a website which aims to help attractive young women find a “sugar daddy”, have been provided by an anonymous source to Liberty Conservatives. A “sugar daddy” is defined by Urban Dictionary as “A man who provides money or other favors in exchange for sexual relations”. There are dozens of sugar daddy websites all over the internet, most of them involving younger women exchanging sex with older wealthy men in return for money and gifts. On his alleged profile, named “climbhigher”, Petersen claims a net worth of between 1-5 million dollars and an occupation in politics/government. The net worth claim strikes this author as being highly questionable (it could be true, Austin has not disclosed his finances yet as a candidate). That being said, the greater question is whether a presidential candidate has solicited a “sugar daddy” relationship, as the photo appears to show, by joining this website. If true, that is disqualifying in the minds of many voters who view this sort of conduct as childish and unserious. The “sugar daddy/sugar baby” relationship is one which is comparable to prostitution, and any candidate who was found soliciting prostitutes would be immediately disqualified from the votes of the vast majority of people.
The linked piece has photos confirming Petersen's profile.