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So whatcha all doing this fine fall week-end? My lil town Virginia City,Nv Zombie Day!

Yes indeed the summer season ended  we are now in the fall season...the kickoff is RedRun III Oct 10-11 Zombie week-end October Halloween and all...tis fun to live in a small tourist town or not lol Depends:) 

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HUNDREDS TURN OUT to Protest Obama in Oregon "Go Golf!"


Tonight Bill O'Reilly said hundreds turned out in equal numbers to protest/support Obama's visit to Roseburg
Typical Bill leaning toward support of Obama as usual...hello look at the video on the left supporters a few on the right protestors hundreds!

Obama got dissed BIG time today when he showed up in Roseburg, Oregon. He was not welcome one bit to the residents who love their guns and who are trying to mourn their loss without it being politicized.
President Barack Obama was met by hundreds of pro-gun protesters when he arrived in Roseburg, Oregon, on Friday in the aftermath of the deadly Umpqua Community College shooting.
On the day a gunman shot and killed nine people, Obama said the tragedy was “something we should politicize” to push for gun control.
“Each time this happens, I’m going to bring this up. Each time this happens, I am going to say we can actually do something about it,” Obama said at the time. (The Blaze)

Oath Keepers to form college chapters and train students to fight back !


Join Oath Keepers
Go to:

Reporting from Roseburg, Oregon
In the wake of Umpqua Community College shooting, Oath Keepers to form college student groups on college campuses across the U.S. (starting here in Oregon) to teach the students to fight back.  As part of its new S.T.O.P (Students Taking Over Protection) program, Oath Keepers military, police, and first-responder instructors will teach the students to fight back with empty hands, improvised weapons, knives, and firearms, and will teach them effective combat mindset and awareness techniques and strategies so the students can be their own "first-responders" and take out an active shooter.
Just as post 9-11, where people no longer submit and cooperate in their own murders on planes, the obvious answer to school shootings on college and high school campuses is that the students must stop submitting and cooperating in their own murders.   They must fight back, and we will show them how. 

Like millions of other young Americans, these college students have been conditioned since grade school to be passive, submissive and "non-violent" - taught that violence is "never the answer" despite reality showing that sometimes violence is the ONLY answer.  So it should be no surprise that the students at Umpqua Community College (with the notable exception of Army veteran Chris Mintz) were passive, submissive, and obeyed the commands of the shooter.  They allowed themselves to be herded into a corner and then complied with his commands to lay down on the floor and obediently remained on the floor until ordered one at a time to stand up where they were asked by the shooter if they were religious or not. If they answered "no" they were shot in the arm or the leg, If they answered "yes" they were shot in the head.   The shooter did this one at a time, one after another, with the students obediently laying on the floor until it was their turn to stand and be shot.  The conditioning was so severe that even when it was made clear that they were all to be shot, they still remained on the floor. 

What they should have done was to instantly rush, tackle, and subdue the attacker. Even without training in hand-to hand-combat or gun disarmament they would have put an end to the shooting just by attacking the attacker. This is not a "hardware" problem.  It is a "software" problem.   It is a problem of mindset.   Young Americans have been conditioned to not to fight back even when it is the only option that will save lives and end the violence.
So Oath Keepers is now going to form Oath Keepers Student groups on every U.S. college campus, starting right here in Roseburg, Oregon, at Umpqua Community College, where our local chapter leader, Rob Price, is an alumni and we also have Oath Keeper members that are now currently students.  We will teach them to fight back with their empty hands, with improvised weapons, with less than lethal tools such as pepper spray, com-tech stingers, kubotans, etc. and lethal force tools such as knives and guns. We will provide a full spectrum of training and leave up to
them which self defense tool they will use.  But the most important shift will be in their mindset. 

Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes taught rape prevention and street crime survival for three years as a volunteer instructor for the Jean Nidetch Womens Center at UNLV, teaching students to do exactly what we will be teaching them now across the country, with a focus on combat mindset and need to resist. This includes awareness and mental conditioning so that they can see an attack coming and have a plan for response.
Also assisting in this curriculum will be John Karriman, Oath Keeper Leader from Missouri, who is a current serving police academy defensive tactics instructor and Rick Moon, our Arkansas state chapter president who is a U.S. Army Special Forces Veteran and has also worked for TSA in threat analysis and identification methodologies. In fact, while working for TSA, Rick Moon actually identified and stopped an active shooter at a airport before he could open fire. 

John Karriman, in his defensive tactics classes, routinely has the students undergo a realistic active shooter scenario.   One student is given a semiautomatic Simunition handgun, firing paint marker rounds, and plays the role of an active shooter who walks into the room and opens fire while the 10 - 12 other students react.  He teaches the students to react by instantly attacking the attacker, en-mass, and taking him down and disarming him. In all of times that he has run this scenario, no more than two students are shot by the role-playing attacker before they are able to overpower shooter.  Even without training in disarming techniques, any group of people - even unarmed - can overpower an armed attacker just by taking decisive action - by instantly attacking the attacker. This is the most important thing to teach students.  But we will also teach them effective techniques. Each class will include running through this very scenario with a paintball gun or Simunitions pain marker gun.  And each class will also be taught the full spectrum of effective tools of defense, and how to use them. n

Once again this is first and foremost a mental "software" issue, not a "hardware issue." Much as post 9-11 we no longer just submit to an attacker on an airline, but instead attack and subdue them, we must also do the same when it comes to active shooter situations in our schools. We will start in our U.S. colleges with these student groups and then work backwards through our high schools (forming Oath Keepers high school student groups) to undo the conditioning that our kids are being subjected to, which makes them passive victims in the face of violence.
Remember, this passive victim conditioning makes them submissive not just to private violence, abuse, and oppression, but also to government violence, abuse, and oppression.   And we believe this is the big-picture goal of such social conditioning - a nation of passive, submissive, and obedient serfs. Those of us who are police, military and first-responder veterans understand the need for the warrior mindset of decisive action, and we need to pass it on.  It is our duty to teach our young people to defend themselves and each other.  This effective answer does not rely on politicians, but will be done by the people themselves, and we will lead the way.

Read the article at Red List News

Oath Keepers National will be publishing a full curriculum and training videos that our local and state chapters can use to institute this program on campuses. Please check back to the website for upcoming details. We will also be setting up a donation fund to help support this initiative.


This article is online at the Oath Keepers national website:

Obama Files: William Charles Ayers... a work of Art..Titled: Weathered Trash!


 [To bad Bill wasn't with his girl friend in the oop's Apartment bomb blast...we would not have Barry Barack Hussein Soetoro Davis Obama or whatever his real name is as POTUS now!]

[Yup Barry claims he did not know professor  Bill until a Chicago fund raiser party...uuuh huh!] 

Without further adieu for your research pleasure on the one known as POTUS...

Obama's Close Friends & Associates 
The Obama files: 

Illinois Democrats...Stinking up America : More friends of Obama

BET YOU DON’T KNOW HER: Why? Because She Stopped A School Shooting With A GUN 
Hmmmm. I wonder if Obama called her and thanked her? I doubt it. SEE interview :

WELCOME TO HELL: This Woman Was Gang Raped by Refugees and Then Killed in Germany

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 7.10.32 AM
oped: And the idiots in the Obama administration want to import 200,000 of these into the USA?WTF! 

I hope Germany is prepared to deal with a whole lot more of this.
The horrifying story of an “honor killing” in Germany spotlights the sheer madness of importing millions of unvetted, unassimilated migrants.
The victim, a 20-year-old woman known as “Rokstan M,” is one refugee who had a strong case for asylum. She was gang-raped in Syria, emigrated to Germany two years ago, and found employment with the German government as a translator.
However, she strongly suspected her family wanted her dead for being “unclean,” and her suspicions appear to have been confirmed, as the German police believe her father and brothers slaughtered her with knives and buried her body in a garden, allegedly at the instruction of her mother.
So reports the UK Daily Mailwhich notes that shortly before her death, Rokstan wrote on her WhatsApp profile: “I am awaiting death. But I am too young to die.” She wrote that after living and working in Germany for two years.
The Daily Mail relates the testimony of a writer named Mark Kruger, who hired Rokstan as an interpreter to help him interview refugees. After working with him for a while, she felt comfortable enough to tell him about her experience in Syria.
Read more: Breitbart

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Ben Carson...Donald Trump and Ted cruz singing to the media!

Yes indeed MSM as well as Fox News needs to let the POTUS candidates be open and PC police please let the electorate decide who they want, based on honest & open answers!

Hit Dogs:)

Ohio Gov. John Kasich Believes the Bible Supports the Welfare State

Gov. Kasich, JobsOhio take hits as high court hears JobsOhio case Nov ...
John Kasich, John Kasich Wife, John Kasich Issues, John Kasich ...
[Light bulb goes off' Become the son of a preacher man and preach ahh the Obama thingee make it up as you go  whats that called again?..oh yeah...“Taqiyya" a component of Shia that allows, and even encourages you to lie to achieve your goals, ]

Once again we have a politician using the Bible to support a political position. This time it’s Ohio governor John Kasich, a Republican, believes the Bible can be used to support taking money from some people so it can be given to other people. He’s critical of people who oppose the expansion of Medicare in his state. He offered to buy opponents of his expansive efforts a copy of the Bible to set them straight: 

“Look at Medicaid expansion. Do you know how many people are yelling at me? I go out to events where people yell at me. You know what I tell ’em? … I say, there’s a book. It’s got a new part and an old part; they put it together, it’s a remarkable book. If you don’t have one, I’ll buy you one. It talks about how we treat the poor. Sometimes you just have to lead.” 

The Bible addresses poverty a great deal. But there’s not one passage that says that the State – civil government – should tax workers to create programs to help the poor. Contrary to popular belief, Jesus was not a Socialist, and the Bible is not a Socialist manifesto.
Read more: “The Lie that 'Jesus Was a Socialist'.”
The Bible knows about sickness and health. But there’s not one passage that says the State should put into place a top-down civil system to care for the sick.
I debated Jim Wallis, editor of Sojourners magazine, a proponent, like Gov. Kasich, of a “Christianized” welfare state. Wallis claimed that there are more than 2000 verses that address poverty. This may be true, but, as Gary North points out, “he has yet to provide textual/exegetical support for his constant calls for more State welfare to the poor.”

In my debate with Wallis, I asked him to show me one verse of the 2000 he says address the poor that says the government should get in the welfare business. He could not.
Liberal "values are about sticking a gun into a successful person's belly,” Gary North states, “taking his wallet, removing an unstated percentage of the money, and handing the wallet back. 'See you at the next election.'"
While Gov. Kasich referenced the Bible in an attempt to support his growth of the welfare state and shame his opponents, he did not offer a biblical argument. Like Jim Wallis, he did not put forth any passages in context that would support his claim.


The Old Testament had gleaning laws (Lev. 19:9-10; 23:22). These were not government programs. The poor had to do the gleaning (Ruth 2:2-3). When Jesus and His disciples were gleaning, the Pharisees accused them of working on the Sabbath (Mark 2:23). Jesus had many opportunities to call on the Roman Empire and the civil officials in Israel to develop a confiscatory welfare State. He didn’t. 

There is no forced governmental altruism mandated in the Bible. The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25–37) uses his own money to care for the robbery victim left for dead. There was Paul’s collection for the saints in Jerusalem (Acts 24:17; 1 Cor. 16:1–4; 2 Cor. 8:1–9:15; Rom 15:25-27). 

good samaritan_02 
These examples cannot be used as a directive for social spending by governments. Jesus never calls on the State to act in an altruistic way. The State can’t be altruistic since it has nothing of its own to give. The eighth commandment applies to civil governors in the same way that it applies to self-governors (individuals). Neither is permitted to steal to help others.
You can’t be altruistic with other people’s money. Taking money from one group of people and giving it to another group of people is not altruism, even if a majority of people vote for a program that does it. It’s theft. Theft by “majority rule” is still theft.

Wallis and Kasich take verses that are directed at individuals and turn them on their head and give them a political twist. Here’s a representative example:
“Most important, when we reflect on all Jesus had to say about caring for the poor and oppressed, committing ourselves to His red-letter message [the words of Jesus that are often in red letters in some Bibles] just might drive us to see what we can do politically to help those he called, “the least of these” (see Matt. 25:31–46).
“On the day of judgment . . . [God] will ask whether or not we fed the hungry, clothed the naked, received and cared for aliens, and brought deliverance to captive peoples (see Matt. 25:31–46).” 

The author of the above sees a political solution in these verses when Jesus is addressing what individuals have or have not done. There are a number of things that civil government is permitted to do that I, as a private citizen, am not allowed to do, for example, execute criminals.
Civil governments are the biggest hindrance in helping the poor, and it’s not because they don’t tax enough and redistribute wealth. High taxes and control of the money supply (inflation/deflation) enable civil governments to control people and their property. A ten percent tax is a sign of tyranny (1 Sam. 8:15), and yet these so-called social justice Christians believe in higher taxes on the rich to help the poor.
It was a taxing policy by Rome that forced Mary and Joseph to leave their stable home environment, Joseph’s job, and spend money they probably did not have in order to register for a government tax (Luke 2:1–7). Wealth redistribution policies, with all their good intentions, hurt the poor and make them wards of the State, so that “the last state of that man” and tens of millions more “becomes worse than the first” (Matt. 12:45).


Army Captain Bumps Into Black Man In Restaurant…Doesn’t Think Much Of It Until He Steps Outside

TPNN soldier beaten
oped: Have y'all had enough of Obama's agenda yet? #BlackLivesMatter, #GayLivesMatter #IslamShariaLawMatters #FoodforThought  >  #ConstitutionBillofRights  < doesn't matter according to Barry Barack Hussein Soetoro Davis Obama or whatever his real name is!

A Purple Heart recipient encountered this after he survived on the battlefield...

by:Alexander Sommerset 
An Army veteran and Purple Heart recipient — a white man — has been ambushed and brutally beaten by a large group of black men in Kansas City, in an attack that has left the soldier hospitalized in serious condition.
The 37-year-old Army captain who is not being named publicly to protect his identify has so far spent a week in the hospital after being set upon by a vicious gang of up to eight attackers who confronted him after he walked out of the Zocalo Mexican Restaurant.

According to police, the decorated veteran bumped into one of the African Americans in the restaurant last week and words were exchanged. The captain reportedly apologized and thought the matter was settled. But when the officer exited the eatery he was jumped by a large group and beaten, punched and kicked repeatedly.
A witness told police one of the African Americans waiting outside of the restaurant sucker punched the soldier, and then the gang began to pound and kick him after he fell to the ground.
The soldier’s buddies then rushed outside to assist, and after a short melee, the suspects jumped into a white car and sped off.

“They were repeatedly kicking and punching him, there’s no other intent but to kill. It’s horrible,” the army captain’s brother said.
The soldier’s injuries were severe and potentially life-threatening — he reportedly suffered a significant loss of blood, numerous broken bones in his face, possible optic nerve damage to one of his eyes and a skull fracture.
“He’s confused. He’s angry. He doesn’t understand. He doesn’t know why this happened,” the victim’s cousin told Fox 4 in Kansas City. “It’s very hard for him but all he can say is ‘I’m lucky to be here.'”
Police say they do have the name of one of the attackers because he had an open bar tab, and he left his debit card behind when he fled.
But authorities seem to be trying to downplay the attack, saying in their report, “It should be noted that all the involved parties were heavily intoxicated.”

Despite the racial aspect of this black on white crime, police are refusing to speculate on whether or not hate crime charges will be filed against the attackers, once they’re nabbed. 

[Yup this would go against Obama's agenda]


A Madman Walked Into Church to Kill Dozens… Here’s the 1 Thing That Stopped Him Cold

Second Amendment Photo Commentary | Opinion - Conservative

[Hey Barry if ya insist on banning guns...start with your own protection detail!]

President Barack Obama used his bully pulpit hours after the tragic shooting at Umpqua Community College near Roseburg Oregon to advance his gun-grabbing agenda, just like he does after every mass shooting.
The college was labeled a “gun-free zone,” (oped: actually it wasn't it became one after the shooting... by UCC admin to cover their not allowing armed students to respond) like most of the other venues where mass shootings have occurred, essentially rendering the victims defenseless and dependent on police to intervene. That leaves too much time for a killer to amass a higher body count.

Let’s look back at 2007 incident at a large venue that wasn’t a “gun-free zone” and compare the outcome.
A man walked into the large New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with intent to kill as many church members as he could. The church, which held at least 5,000 parishioners at any given time, was a target-rich environment for the would-be mass murderer.
But, when Matthew James Murray entered the building with enough firepower to kill hundreds after he’d just shot and killed two people in the parking lot, he must have quickly realized that targeting a place that wasn’t “gun-free” was a bad idea.

, funny, Second Amendment picture, Second Amendment pictures, Second ... l1000.jpg

According to the Denver Post, volunteer security guard Jeanne Assam was in the right place at the right time, because as soon as the armed woman spotted Murray getting ready to begin his murder spree, she pulled out her handgun and dropped him in his tracks.
Without a doubt, her quick thinking saved countless lives. And there was no president or member of Congress on television that night rallying for gun control.
It’s extremely sad that he was able to get to two people in the parking lot, but it proved a point. We’ll never stop psychos from trying to commit mass murder, but we can most certainly reduce the body count when it happens if law-abiding citizens are able to properly defend themselves.
As a writer at Allen B. West pointed out, “Imagine how many would be alive today if we had not more, but fewer, ‘gun-free zones.'”
H/T Allen B. West

Obama’s DOJ to Make Terrifying Move on Oct. 30, 2015… We Are in DANGER
There will be roughly 6,000 more criminals out on the streets after Oct. 30, as the Obama administration plans to release drug offenders as part of a sentencing program initiated by the president.
According to Fox News, a Department of Justice official confirmed that the prisoners would be released as part of new sentencing guidelines established last year for drug crimes. The criminals involved were sentenced under older guidelines.

And that’s not all. The U.S. Sentencing Commission decided in July of last year that almost 50,000 criminals would be eligible for shorter sentences.
The release of 6,000 prisoners will be the largest one-time release of prisoners in U.S. history, according to The Washington Post. The inmates, who are serving their sentences in federal prison, will be released between Oct. 30 and Nov. 2.
As always, Obama administration officials insist you have nothing to worry about. 

“Even with the Sentencing Commission’s reductions, drug offenders will have served substantial prison sentences,” Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates told the Post. “Moreover, these reductions are not automatic. Under the commission’s directive, federal judges are required to carefully consider public safety in deciding whether to reduce an inmate’s sentence.”
However, The Post reported that the judges involved in deciding who would be released were handling up to 70 cases a week, which sounds less like the careful consideration of public safety and a bit more like rubber stamping.
It was reported that a majority of the prisoners will be released to halfway houses or drug rehabilitation centers. (If you have to put them into rehab, are you sure these are the people you should be releasing?)
However, about a third of them will be released to Immigration and Customs Enforcement for immigration violations. Given Obama’s prosecutorial discretion in that arena, too, don’t expect them to be deported anytime soon.
Just another day in Obama’s America, where the administration is always placing its agenda above your safety.

Boyfriend Reveals The Last 3 Words Girlfriend Texted Him Before She Was Shot In College Massacre

TPNN shooting text
Absolutely heartbreaking.
by: Duane Lester 
As a young woman fights for her life, the last text she sent to her boyfriend highlights the human tragedy of a senseless mass shooting.
Julie Woodworth texted her boyfriend Tyler Clark just hours before a gunman walked into her classroom in Roseburg, Oregon and opened fire.

“She sent me a text about one and a half hours before the shooting,” Tyler told The Daily Mail. “It said: ‘Good morning baby. I’m just getting ready. I love you.'”
Tyler said he didn’t see the “I love you” text until after he heard about the shooting. He hurried to check his phone, only to find the earlier message.
“I was just like, is this real or what? I was trying to find out the details of what happened but I just knew Julie was there,” he said.

Worried about Woodworth, he went to look for her but couldn’t find the young woman.
“I went down to the [Douglas] fairground where they were taking survivors and I saw bus after bus come in but she wasn’t on any of them. I waited until the very last bus then went down to the ICU in Eugene – I was told that’s where the injured had been taken.”
Woodworth was in her classroom where she was shot ten times. She’s alive and in critical, but stable condition. Her boyfriend of two years said been allowed to see her in the hospital.

“She looks like she’s lost 10 lb,” he explained. The Daily Mail describes his voice “cracking with emotion.”
“She’s all messed up and connected to a load of tubes.” Tyler said she is struggling to survive and has been awake, even moving her hand.
When the shooter entered the room, he shot the teacher first. Then, witnesses say he was asking students in the room about their religion. Christians were shot in the head.
It appears Julie, a Catholic, was singled out for “particularly harsh treatment.” Her boyfriend, Tyler Clark, doesn’t understand why.
“She’s a bright light. She’s adventurous and such a giver. She gives to everyone, not in material terms always but in any way she can.” 

“Julie is fighting. She’s so determined and if she says she’s going to do something, it will get done.”


Gun Shop Owning Granny Just Sent Obama A Strong Message And Revealed Her Brutal Nickname For Him
by:F. Peter Brown 

Oregon grandmother Carolyn Kellim, 86, pulls no punches when it comes to discussing Barack Obama and gun rights. In an interview with NBC News, Kellim discussed the nature of the shooting that occurred recently.
Kellim owns her own gun shop in Roseburg, Ore., where the shooting atrocity that left nine dead occurred.

She donates all the money she makes from her gun shop to Casa de Belen, a local charity that provides transitional housing to homeless families with adolescents and homeless teens.
When asked about enacting stricter gun laws as a response to the tragedy, Kellim said, “I think that’s the worst thing in the world they could do.”
She gave President Obama a brutal nickname, describing him as the “executive anus.” 

On the topic of Obama, she stated: “He has strange ideas…I don’t think he’s ever carried a gun. I’m not sure he’s ever shot one. But he seems to think that they’re bad all the way through. They’re not.”
When the interview turned toward the topic of the shooter, Kellim stated: “How can you hate him? You don’t know him. He was just a child…He probably had his ups and downs, mostly downs. How are you going to come out of that if someone doesn’t care?”
Kellim proposed what she believes is the solution to preventing such tragedies in the future: “The thing that we need to do…we need to love people a heck of a lot more and make sure that all of our people in this community are accepted and that they have friends and that they have somebody maybe to just sit down and talk to.”

She said, “I think you’ll find that you’ll get a lot better response from just loving people than you will from trying to find fault with them and trying to keep them controlled. Control is for animals. It’s not for humans.”
What do you think of the Kellim’s views on gun control? Share and comment below.

Obama Launches Huge Executive Orders to Destroy Gun Rights…

When President Barack Obama announced last week that we should politicize the issue of guns in America, he didn’t waste any time actually doing just that.
According to Breitbart, the White House confirmed that Obama was putting in order a series of executive actions on gun control after the Oregon shooting.
“It’s a high priority and will continue to be until we start to see more progress on this issue in this town,” press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters Sunday.
Earnest said the White House is “continuing to review the law that’s on the books and continuing to consult with legal authorities but also others who may have ideas about what steps that can be taken to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.”
He also admitted he had no details for what those ideas might be.

Earnest criticized the “gun show loophole” that he said allows people with criminal backgrounds and mental problems to buy weapons.
Just like Obama, he also couldn’t wait to blame organizations like the National Rifle Association for blocking action on the issue.
These people love to criticize but they have no solutions and think that more legislation will help when previous legislation has done little but impinge upon the rights of lawful gun owners.
Once again, our president is looking to violate the Constitution and make his own rules — regardless of what the people want. He is slowly morphing into a narcissistic dictator who believes he knows what’s best for everyone.
Last week when addressing the nation, Obama said that prayers were not enough and he needs help from state and government officials — but it’s clear he has no intention on working with anyone as he throws together regulations that will once again attack American liberty.
He must be stopped before he destroys what’s left of our Constitution and our rights as Americans.
H/T Young Conservatives

One of Americans Who Stopped Train Attack in France Stabbed in California

One of the three Americans who helped stop a terrorist attack on a train this August in France has been stabbed and is in stable condition, a defense department official confirmed to ABC News.
Spencer Stone, a member of the U.S. Air Force, was reportedly attacked at approximately 1 a.m. PT, according to an Air Force spokesperson. The attack took place in the area of 21st Street and K Street in Sacramento, Calif. The Sacramento Police later added on Twitter that the "assault occurred near a bar, alcohol is believed to be a factor."
American Train Hero Spencer Stone Thought He Was 'Going to Get Shot' Inside the Attack on Paris-Bound Train: The Timeline of Terror ABC News affiliate KXTV reported that Stone suffered multiple stab wounds to his torso.

"It is believed that the victim was out with a group of friends when a physical altercation led to the victim being stabbed multiple times in his upper body," the public information officer for the Sacramento Police Department said in a statement to KXTV. "Detectives were called to the scene to assist with the investigation and the victim is currently being treated for what appears to be non-life threatening injuries."
An Air Force spokesperson confirmed to ABC News that Stone had been transported to a local hospital and is currently being treated for his injury. The incident is under investigation by local law enforcement.

Stone, 23, was traveling on board a train headed to Paris with two friends when the train came under attack by a gunman.
Stone ran at the gunman and later said in an interview released by the Pentagon that he remembered thinking "I'm going to get shot, I'm dead." 

Stone lives in Carmichael, Calif., a suburb of Sacramento. He had to have surgery to reattach his thumb after it was cut off with a box cutter by the attacker on the train.
Stone and his friends Alek Skarlatos and Anthony Sadler received the Legion of Honor medal, France's highest honor.
Skarlatos posted a message on Twitter this morning once news broke of Stone's injury.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

RESIDENTS OF OREGON: 2,600+ Just Signed Up To Diss Obama In a HUGE
The people of Oregon are letting Obama know exactly how they feel about him.
David Jacques, publisher of the Roseburg Beacon, told Bill O’Reilly on Monday that the people of Roseburg would not welcome Barack Obama if he came to town to politicize the funerals of the Umpqua College shooting victims.
Madman Chris Harper-Mercer murdered eight students and a teacher last week in a shooting spree on campus.
David Jacques and community leaders, including Douglas County commissioners, the police chief and local sheriff, do not want Obama to come grandstand in Roseburg for political purposes. (Gateway Pundit)

The Facebook event page reads:
The anointed one his majesty king 0bama and the White House have announced a Friday arrival in Roseburg, Oregon in the wake of Oct 1st’s horrific tragedy at UCC.
Polarizing as usual, Mr 0bama has insisted on politicizing the event as a conduit for increased executive orders on gun control via means of his pen, and his phone.
This blatant disrespect of the victims families, the community and the town of Roseburg, Mr 0bama’s administration is flying not just the 747 that is airforce one to Oregon, but a three helicopter team of Sikorsky’s that make up HMX-1, known as Marine one to travel to Roseburg at the taxpayers expense.
We need a lot of people. Please come show your support for Roseburg, not the little man who has no respect for the Constitution. 

For the Liars/Deniers of Islam tennants...

oped: Yes indeed I also covered this subject :

Taqiyya: The Muslim Practice of Lying to Protect Islam Is Prevalent across Sects
“Believers should not take Kafirs [non-Muslims] as friends in preference to other [Islamic] believers.  Those who do this will have none of Allah’s protection and will only have themselves as guards.  Allah warns you to fear Him, for all will return to Him.”  —Koran 3:28 

Taqiyya, in Islam, is sacred lying.  Muslims are allowed, according to Islamic doctrine, to lie to protect themselves or their ideology from being harmed by those who believe differently.  In the Muslim world, this might mean Shias lying to Sunnis, in order to protect themselves.  And in the non-Muslim world, this generally means Muslims and their apologists lying to non-Muslims in order to protect themselves or the goals of their jihadist faith.

Taqiyya about Taqiyya
Daily, in the mainstream media, we see the public being lied to about Islam, in order to reduce people’s worries about doctrinaire Muslims.  This occurs mainly because journalists have been indoctrinated by the politically-correct institutions of higher education they attended to believe that Islam is a religion of peace and that the politically-correct thing to do is to defend Islam.  So this is what journalists tend to do.  Most journalists do not actually study the texts of Islam, but instead rely on the testimony of “experts” as to what Islam teaches and believes.  This reliance on secondary, and sometimes tertiary, sources over and above primary textual sources is not only less than ideal, it is downright irresponsible in a world that is constantly under threat of Islamic terror.

Recently, the Washington Post gave Dr. Ben Carson four Pinocchios for saying that devout Muslims often lie about the true goals of Islam to non-Muslims.  The Washington Post reporter, Glenn Kessler, who is supposed to pass for a competent fact-checker, relied on third- and fourth-rate Muslim apologists as the basis for his accusation, rather than seeking out primary, authoritative texts and the secondary writings of renowned Islamic scholars.  (You can read the inaccurate assertions of Mr. Kessler here.)
The truth is that Dr. Carson did not deserve a single Pinocchio for his statement, for what he said was 100% true!  Indeed, it is the Washington Post itself that deserves four Pinocchios for participating in such a brazen act of taqiyya in its defense of the jihadist ideology of Islam.

What Kessler Should Have Said about Taqiyya
Taqiyya 2The term taqiyya comes from the Arabic root wāw-qāf-yā, denoting fear, or protecting against danger.  Another Arabic term, taqwa, carries the meaning of piety, or fear of God, and comes from the same root.  The term taqiyya comes from the Koran.  In the Wikipedia, an exegesis of taqiyya, as derived from Koran 3:28, is offered: “‘Let not the believers take the unbelievers for friends rather than believers; and whoever does this, he shall have nothing of [the guardianship of] Allah, but you should guard yourselves against them, guarding carefully (illā an tattaqū minhum tuqāt).’  The two words tattaqū (“you fear”) and tuqāt (“in fear”) are derived from this root, and the abstract noun taqiyyah refers to the general principle connected with the situation described here, first recorded in a Qur’anic gloss by Al-Bukhari (9th century).”  (You may read more about taqiyya here.) Abu Ad-Darda, a friend and companion to Muhammad, once said “We smile in the face of some people although our hearts curse them.”  And Ibn Kathir, the prominent Muslim scholar, asserted that Muslims who “fear for their safety from the disbelievers . . . are allowed to show friendship to the disbelievers outwardly, but never inwardly.”  Many Muslim apologists consulting with journalists smile at them outwardly, no doubt, while cursing them inwardly, as they mislead and dissemble.

More about Muslim Lying
Lying is also permitted by Koran 16:106: “Anyone who, after accepting faith in Allah, utters Unbelief—except under compulsion, his heart remaining firm in Faith—but such as open their breast to Unbelief, on them is Wrath from Allah, and theirs will be a dreadful Penalty.”  This verse, on the face of it, allows a Muslim to lie, under duress, about converting to another faith, as long as he remains a Muslim at heart.  Yet, by extension, this same verse can also be used by a Muslim to lie about converting from his true faith, because he feels compelled to do so in defense of the jihadist goals of Islam.  For example, a Muslim could run for president, all the while claiming adherence to a non-Muslim faith (such as Christianity), in order to win election to office, because the non-Muslim culture in which he was running compelled such action as a necessary part of getting elected.  It might also be worth pointing out that swearing on an entire stack of Bibles would not improve matters, when it came to taking the Presidential Oath of Office, as long as the Muslim taking the oath was still loyal to Islam in his heart.

Taqiyya Is Not Just for Shias
Although Dr. Carson initially stated, “Taqiyya is a component of Shia that allows, and even encourages you to lie to achieve your goals,” the Lebanese Druze scholar Sami Makarem, in Al Taqiyya Fi Al Islam (Dissimulation in Islam), argued that taqiyya should be considered prevalent across all sects of Islam: “Taqiyya is of fundamental importance in Islam.  Practically every Islamic sect agrees to it and practices it.  We can go so far as to say that the practice of taqiyya is mainstream in Islam, and that those few sects not practicing it diverge from the mainstream. . . .  Taqiyya is very prevalent in Islamic politics, especially in the modern era.”

Don’t Believe Everything You Read in the Newspapers
If you want to check on the veracity of what is being said in the mainstream media about Islam, a good place to begin is Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch.  If you go to the site, you will find out the following about the man running it: “ROBERT SPENCER is . . . the author of fourteen books, including two New York Times bestsellers, The Truth About Muhammad and The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) (both Regnery).  

Ivy League Professor Calls Dr. Ben Carson a “Coon”


Yeah, you read the headline correclty; Anthea Butler, a tenured prof. at the University of Pennsylvania, is at it again.
Butler tweeted "if only there was a 'coon of the year award" in response to Ben Carson's claim that people have the right to display Confederate flags on private property. She's previously tweeted that God is a "white racist" and that Michael Brown's death was a "blood sacrifice."
Campus Reform’s Christian Spencer has more on this heinous story below:

University of Pennsylvania Professor Anthea Butler called Presidential Candidate Ben Carson a “coon” for claiming that people have the right to display Confederate flags on private property.
“If only there was a ‘coon of the year’ award…” Professor Butler tweeted in response to another tweet linking to a Sports Illustrated article in which Carson was quoted defended the right of NASCAR fans to fly Confederate flags during races.

“Swastikas are a symbol of hate for some people too … and yet they still exist in our museums and places like that,” Carson observed during the event in North Carolina with NASCAR legend Richard Petty. “If it’s a majority of people in that area who want it to fly, I certainly wouldn't take it down,” he added, noting that NASCAR races are held on private property.
The word “coon” is an offensive term to slander Africans, deriving from the Portuguese word “barracoos,” which is a hut-like dwelling used to store slaves during auctions, according to Online Etymology.
In effect, then, Butler’s tweet insinuated that Carson is a metaphorical slave who belongs in a wooden shed.
Anthea ButlerThis is not the first time the religion studies professor made a racially charged comment on social media. Butler believes God is a “white racist...carrying a gun and stalking young black men” because George Zimmerman was found not guilty in the Trayvon Martin case, and also made bizarre remarks during the hype of Michael Brown’s death, referring it as a blood sacrifice.

Also worth noting is that Butler has tenure status, and once boasted that “I can’t get fired” over criticisms from the right, according to The College Fix.
Neither Butler nor spokespersons for the university responded to repeated requests for comment from Campus Reform. The Department of Religious Studies declined to comment, saying they can only answer questions from students regarding her class.
Butler did, however, delete the “coon” tweet from her account shortly after Campus Reform attempted to contact her.
Ironically, Butler has a Tumblr account called “nosecretsonthenet” where she reproduces critical, and sometimes racist, comments made about her on the Internet, presumably in an effort to shame those who make insensitive statements online. 

Attn: Bill O'reilly 'The spin stops here'

Bill O’Reilly To Martin Luther King III: Blacks Should Wear ‘Don ...
Sorry Bill but the real spin stops here:
I for one am tiring of your Mr.Know it all are one arrogant SOB...Fact: hello Bill you were a draft dodger during the VietNam took the deferment approach to avoid the draft...not much different than those who ran to Canada to avoid the draft! I for one dropped out of college to serve..I was raised by WWII parents and relatives to put my country first over my personal desires...right or wrong thats how it is! And here ya are in the 21st Century...writing all these books on Killing this and Killing that...your take on history...and may I add with the aid of paid researchers and ghost writers who were never there and done that~akin to you!...making you look really good...or bad depending on the perception of the reader/viewer.   So Billy I will give you some advice via sound bites from a movie...of which even you should understand!  Watch it I am pointing the finger at you giving a lil advice!

Don't get me wrong now we Vets appreciate your dedication to helping Vets with your donation Web Site and all...but let's get real all the money is a tax write off... we aren't all that dumb!

And in closing a lil more advice: Be true to your school!

Really now Bill...Tell Me all about it!

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Carly Fiorina Is as Corrupt as They Come

Carly Fiorina

oped: I have no idea if this is true or not...but Carly Fiorina must address this accusation ! 

by: Abel Danger
Carly Fiorina is quickly turning out to be the Republican party’s Obama – that is she is not really what she appears to be on the Republican campaign trail.
On FOXNews Fiorina chastised Hillary Clinton for wiping her secret server clean two years after leaving the State Department. However, according to former HP employee Charles Nielsen, prior to ousting Walter Hewlett and the HP board of directors, Fiorina directly ordered Nielsen to destroy all five hard drives which resided in her secret email server to cover up her takeover plans which netted her millions of dollars and ended up gutting HP.   

According to a story in today’s, by Kelleigh Nelson, who personally interviewed Mr. Nielsen:
“My name is Charles Nielsen, and I was an employee with HP from 1/2000 until 8/2001. I worked in the Boise, Idaho Data Center. I was the sole Customer Engineer allowed to work on Carly’s Private Server.”
“It was kept under lock and key, and I was the only engineer allowed to work on it under the direct supervision of the Data Center Manager….”
“In March of 2001, just before Carly Fiorina had taken control of HP from Walter Hewlett, I was asked to remove the 5 hard drives from her personal server and physically destroy them with a hammer.”
“I asked why I would destroy hard drives that at the time were worth over $15k apiece and I was told because she said so.”

“Shortly after destroying all evidence of her conspiracy to take over the company, she removed Walter Hewlett from the board of directors and made off with approximately $500 million dollars from the company with the rest of the board of directors ($100 million for Carly personally).”
“All of her emails and all working documents were destroyed.”
“I have kept my silence until now, when I find it highly offensive that after laying off close to 33k workers … she is pretending she would never behave like Hillary has. Carly Fiorina is as corrupt as they come.”

Oregon Publisher to Obama: “We Believe in the Second Amendment” (You’re Not Welcome Here)

Obama is scheduled to take a four-day West Coast trip this week, where he is reported to be stopping in Oregon to visit privately with families of the victims of last week’s shooting at Umpqua Community College.
However, the trip has angered some residents in Roseburg.   Lee Stranahan and Breitbart news intereviewed David Jaques, the publisher of the Roseburg Beacon newspaper, and asked about the possibility of the President visiting. Mr. Jaques responded:
“I think that’s very inappropriate and I think it’s disrespectful to the families.  The fact is, this President has no connection with this community.  He has no connection with any of the families, and he made it abundantly clear in his opening press statement.  We haven’t even identified bodies.  We’ve still got incident command trying to contain the scene, and he’s holding a press conference 3,000 miles from here telling us, almost implying, that he single-handedly could’ve prevented this if the Congress would’ve listened to him.” 

He said in that speech that people are going to accuse me of politicizing this event, and frankly it needs politicizing.  So, I think he admitted it himself.  So, his visit here isn’t a re-election campaign stop.  But, it is a campaign stop none-the-less for an agenda that he and his associates believe is important, and that is to take away Americans’ right to own firearms.  And, I think that it shows not only a total disdain and disregard for our constitution, but our very citizens, and especially those of us right here in Douglas county.  We believe in the Second Amendment.  We believe in the whole Constitution.” 

In other words, Mr. Obama – you aren’t welcome.   Keep your political agenda to yourself, and allow that community and those families to grieve without bringing your entourage and your agenda to them... as a matter of fact
. < not welcome in the WH or the entire USA! go home ET! You are akin to the relative from hell who overstays his welcome after Thanksgiving!

What This Florida Senate Candidate Did Will Make You Queasy -

 Augustus Invictus for U.S. Senate/Facebook
oped: OMG...this has to be the strangest election cycle ever...! But it is entertaining yes?  BurningMan festival oh Libertarians vs Vegetarians ?

by Warner Todd Huston 

A candidate running as a Libertarian for the U.S. Senate from Florida is being criticized this week for revelations that, in the past, he participated in pagan ceremonies and once even killed a goat and drank its blood.

Florida Senate candidate Augustus Sol Invictus, 32, has admitted to a ceremony some two years ago where he spent a week in the Mojave Desert fasting and praying. After his week of fasting was up, Invictus says he went home, slaughtered a goat, and drank its blood to “give thanks” for surviving the ordeal.
But now, his ceremony is coming back to haunt him as he throws his hat in the ring for the U.S. Senate.
The incident is not a dirty trick, though. The candidate is openly admitting to killing the goat.
“I did sacrifice a goat. I know that’s probably a quibble in the mind of most Americans,” Invictus told “I sacrificed an animal to the god of the wilderness–yes, I drank the goat’s blood.”

But drinking a little goat blood might be the least of the oddities with the Invictus campaign.
Invictus, whose name means “majestic unconquered sun” in Latin and who “refuses to reveal his given name,” says that he sees a second civil war coming and wants America to prepare for it.
“The only question is when are the citizens going to start fighting back?” he asked Salon. “I don’t think I’m the only person who sees a cataclysm coming, but I think I’m the only person saying it, and I think that scares people.” He insists that, with his campaign, he is trying to “wake up voters.”
The candidate also admitted to the Orlando Sentinel that he has been investigated by the FBI, the U.S. Marshals service, and other law enforcement agencies. He claims these investigations were launched because he has posted a series of YouTube videos meant to warn the country against a “great war.”

Though Invictus is running as a Libertarian, other Libertarians in the state deny he has anything to do with their party.
“He is the absolute exact opposite of a Libertarian. He’s a self-proclaimed fascist. He’s promoting a second civil war,” said Adrian Wyllie, now former chairman of the Libertarian Party of Florida. “It’s absolute insanity. We must explain to people this is the opposite of Libertarians. This guy has no place in the Libertarian Party.”
Wyllie is leading a charge to get the Florida Libertarian Party to denounce Invictus in no uncertain terms.
A candidate running as a Libertarian for the U.S. Senate from Florida is being criticized this week for revelations that, in the past, he participated in pagan ceremonies and once even killed a goat and drank its blood.

Florida Senate candidate Augustus Sol Invictus, 32, has admitted to a ceremony some two years ago where he spent a week in the Mojave Desert fasting and praying. After his week of fasting was up, Invictus says he went home, slaughtered a goat, and drank its blood to “give thanks” for surviving the ordeal.

But now, his ceremony is coming back to haunt him as he throws his hat in the ring for the U.S. Senate.

The incident is not a dirty trick, though. The candidate is openly admitting to killing the goat.

“I did sacrifice a goat. I know that’s probably a quibble in the mind of most Americans,” Invictus told “I sacrificed an animal to the god of the wilderness–yes, I drank the goat’s blood.” - See more at:
Breitbart has the details:
A candidate running as a Libertarian for the U.S. Senate from Florida is being criticized this week for revelations that, in the past, he participated in pagan ceremonies and once even killed a goat and drank its blood.

Florida Senate candidate Augustus Sol Invictus, 32, has admitted to a ceremony some two years ago where he spent a week in the Mojave Desert fasting and praying. After his week of fasting was up, Invictus says he went home, slaughtered a goat, and drank its blood to “give thanks” for surviving the ordeal.

But now, his ceremony is coming back to haunt him as he throws his hat in the ring for the U.S. Senate.

The incident is not a dirty trick, though. The candidate is openly admitting to killing the goat.
- See more at:

#PlannedParenthood #DNC ***** #Laundering tax dollars *****?

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Just about sums it up eh'?

Trump Sent Rubio a Care Package. What Was In It?

Establishment favorite Marco Rubio is doing his best to climb to the top of the top of the presidential heap, and with Governors Walker and Perry now out and Jeb Bush floundering around 4 percent, Rubio seems like a legitimate threat to the party's top 3 candidates: Trump, Carson, and Fiorina. With that in mind, Rubio has turned his attention to attacking long time presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, noting earlier this week that he didn't want to be a part of his "freakshow" and questioning Trump's foreign policy bona fides.

Rubio's strategy seems simple. If he can provoke Trump, or convince enough moderate and establishment primary voters that the candidacy is a sideshow, those in the party that dread Trump will rally behind him. The strategy seems reasonable enough, and it's hard to see how else to go about taking down Trump.

The Donald's reaction? Yesterday, he poured cold water on the whole thing.

Via the Hill:
Donald Trump has sent rival presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) a “care package” mocking his hydro-challenged 2013 State of the Union response, according to a Monday report.

Rubio’s presidential campaign office in Washington, D.C., received the gag gift Monday, CNN News says.

It said that Trump’s campaign sent Rubio a 24-bottle case of “Trump Ice Natural Spring Water” with the outspoken billionaire’s face on it.
It also mailed the Florida lawmaker two towels and several bumper stickers boasting Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan.

“Since you’re always sweating, we thought you could use some water,” the Trump campaign reportedly wrote in a letter to Rubio’s staff. "Enjoy!”

The latest Pew Research Poll has Trump at 25 percent and Rubio at 8 percent. So far, there's been no response from the Rubio campaign, but maybe that's the best strategy. The Teflon Donald has thus far proven immune to criticism, and in some cases it's reinforced his outsider status, strengthening his position in the polls.

 Source: AAN

How would the Media and the Left have Reacted if the Oregon Shooter had Targeted Gays or Muslims?

Liberal Logic on Obama’s vs Romney’s Religion | Scotty Starnes's ...
The nation was rightly horrified when Christians in a black church in Charleston, South Carolina, were gunned down. There was so much outrage that anything Confederate was considered to be an affront to civil rights. Flags were removed, names of Confederate Generals were expunged, and some even advocated digging up the bodies of confederate soldiers.
Let’s not forget the Matthew Shepard incident. Shepard “was an American student at the University of Wyoming who was beaten, tortured and left to die . . . . Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson were arrested shortly after the attack and charged with murder following Shepard's death. Significant media coverage was given to what role Shepard's sexual orientation played in the killing.”

Homosexuals, Congress, and President Obama got behind hate-crime legislation based on this single incident that turned out to be false. Shepard had not been attacked because he was a homosexual. It didn’t make any difference...

Keep Reading at Godfather Politics...

President Obama’s “G-d Damn America” Style of Christianity

Rev. Wright said, "Goddamn America!" Another preacher who gave Obama's ...
When President Obama took to the microphone to make his remarks on the shooting in Roseburg, Oregon this week, he was once again guilty of failing to even mention the fact that the victims were singled out due to their religion. It was the same omission as when he failed to mention the religion of the Jews who were gunned down last January in a Paris Jewish market by Islamic gunmen. They were just "folks". It was the same omission he makes when he describes the beheadings of Christians in the Middle East. 

When Obama made his remarks, he knew that the gunman in Oregon had asked his victims what their religion was and shot them in the head if they identified themselves as Christians. What he did not know at the time was whether the killer was a Muslim on a mission of jihad (which he wasn't). So Obama played it safe. He kept his indignation limited to the issue of guns.

Barack Obama's Preacher - Obama Cartoon
Obama is an Anti-American Muslim Communist
The truth is that this president doesn't feel any indignation at the slaughter of Christians and Jews, largely because it is Muslims who are doing the slaughtering. Obama's Christianity, such as it is, is the Christianity of Jeremiah Wright, the "G-d damn America" (and G-d damn the West) variety of Christianity. It is the kind of Christianity that leads him to the insane decision to bring in 100-200,000 "Syrian refugees" but ignore the real refugees of the Middle East, who are Christians fleeing for their lives. It is the kind of Christianity that leads him to give amnesty to the people crossing our border with Mexico unless they are Middle East Chaldean Christians, in which case they are being processed for a hasty deportation. It is the kind of Christianity that makes him hostile to Israel and indifferent to the depredations of the Palestinian terrorists. Just this week, Palestinian gunmen slaughtered a Jewish couple in front of their four children, the eldest of whom was 9 years old. Palestinians are cheering as if their team just won the World Cup while Obama is silent. I suspect that is the variety of Christianity he learned from his anti-Semitic pastor, Reverend Wright.

Can anyone doubt that had the Oregon shooter selected innocent Muslims as his victims that Obama would have been all over that? He would have had the attorney general standing next to him at the podium and sent her hastily out to Oregon.  I would not have criticized him for that, but it just goes to show his selectivity. 

This is a president who is utterly indifferent to the resurgence in anti-Semitism worldwide and the effort by Islamists to carry out genocide of Christians in the Middle East. Incredibly, he believes at the same time that what this country needs is hundreds of thousands if not millions more Muslims.
My father, who was not a religious man, had a crude description of those he considered phony Christians, and I apologize if the reader is offended by this. He used to say, "He doesn't know whether Christ was hung or shot in a pool hall."
I suspect that could be applied to President Obama.


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#DNC POTUS *Choices* .@HillaryClinton (Thesbian) or #JoeBiden Drunk?


 Oh my *Uncle Joe* fer sure since the DNC is made up of drunken sailors on a spending binge    ...then again they also luvs the #LGBTQ  and anti-gun  agenda ! Dunno y'all be the judge...I'm just the messenger....I'm awake are y'all? #WakeupAmerica

Hillary and Obama  has  .@ShuttleCDRKelly on board... ... well at least with the attack on the 2nd Amendment...not sure about the #LGBTQ agenda ya betta ask Mark about that one!

And then there is Bernie or is that Barney the purple dinosaur ? Beats me smacks of Sesame Street on a bad day!

Mother of Oregon Shooting Victim Tells Americans They Must Be Armed

Target The Second Amendment

by AWR Hawkins 
On October 1 Cheyenne Fitzgerald was shot in the back during the attack at Umpqua Community College, and her mother says the attack is a reminder that Americans must be armed for self-defense.
During a segment aired by NBC Nightly News on October 4, Fitzgerald’s mother–Bonnie Schaan–said her daughter should have been armed and she stressed that Americans must arm themselves so they are able to defend their lives if such a heinous attack befalls them.
Schaan said, “America we need to pack guns–if this is what it’s coming to–to have to protect ourselves.” And Schaan was not alone in her views. Rather, numerous Sunday sermons in Roseberg, Oregon, focused “God and guns.”

On October 2 Breitbart New reported that Roseberg residents were rallying to the Second Amendment in the wake of the attack. One resident–disabled Marine Casey Runyan–said he carries a Glock handgun “everywhere he goes.” He added, “All my friends agree with me. That’s the only kind of friends I have.” Another resident criticized the gun-free policies at UCC, claiming such policies open the door to cowardly attackers.

Let’s End The Charade Of Gun-Free Zones

second amendment

Allowing and encouraging people to carry will make it so cowards won’t have easy targets.
Check it out:
Did you ever see the 1978 Vietnam movie “The Deer Hunter” where, in a prisoner-of-war camp, Viet Cong captors forced American soldiers to play Russian Roulette? 
In a very real way, that’s exactly what President Barack Obama is forcing our servicemen and servicewomen to do every time they set foot on the “gun-free zone” of a military facility. He’s forcing them to surrender their safety—and too often, their lives—to a suicidal policy based on anti-gun ideology.  

In fact, it’s what all of us are forced to do, every time we go into a movie theater, a mall, a college campus or anywhere else where so-called “gun-free zones” deny us our God-given, constitutionally guaranteed right to protect ourselves—a right that we practice in our homes, in our cars, on the streets and nearly everywhere else. 
With just one single exception, every public mass shooting since 1950 has been committed in a “gun-free zone.”
“Gun-free zones” don’t protect anyone except the evil. How? By disarming law-abiding, peaceable people. By giving the lawless and the merciless a monopoly on force. And by guaranteeing that suicidal mass murderers will have zero resistance and 100-percent success against disarmed and defenseless victims.
Everybody knows it. History proves it. And it’s time the American people demanded their leaders do something about it. Because too many in our political class are happy to have 24-hour armed security for themselves, while forcing the rest of us to play a form of Russian Roulette with our lives.   

Second Amendment Poster

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