Thursday, October 8, 2015

Gun Shop Owning Granny Just Sent Obama A Strong Message And Revealed Her Brutal Nickname For Him
by:F. Peter Brown 

Oregon grandmother Carolyn Kellim, 86, pulls no punches when it comes to discussing Barack Obama and gun rights. In an interview with NBC News, Kellim discussed the nature of the shooting that occurred recently.
Kellim owns her own gun shop in Roseburg, Ore., where the shooting atrocity that left nine dead occurred.

She donates all the money she makes from her gun shop to Casa de Belen, a local charity that provides transitional housing to homeless families with adolescents and homeless teens.
When asked about enacting stricter gun laws as a response to the tragedy, Kellim said, “I think that’s the worst thing in the world they could do.”
She gave President Obama a brutal nickname, describing him as the “executive anus.” 

On the topic of Obama, she stated: “He has strange ideas…I don’t think he’s ever carried a gun. I’m not sure he’s ever shot one. But he seems to think that they’re bad all the way through. They’re not.”
When the interview turned toward the topic of the shooter, Kellim stated: “How can you hate him? You don’t know him. He was just a child…He probably had his ups and downs, mostly downs. How are you going to come out of that if someone doesn’t care?”
Kellim proposed what she believes is the solution to preventing such tragedies in the future: “The thing that we need to do…we need to love people a heck of a lot more and make sure that all of our people in this community are accepted and that they have friends and that they have somebody maybe to just sit down and talk to.”

She said, “I think you’ll find that you’ll get a lot better response from just loving people than you will from trying to find fault with them and trying to keep them controlled. Control is for animals. It’s not for humans.”
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