Sunday, August 20, 2017

Virginia City Nevada~Civil War Days

VC Civil War Days

From Friday, September 01, 2017 -  08:00am
To Monday, September 04, 2017 - 05:00pm

History comes to life each Labor Day weekend as the Great Civil War Reenactors bring epic battles to Virginia City. Hundreds of reenactors battle out great scenes on the Virginia & Truckee Railroad   and even right in the middle of C Street as part of the Labor Day Parade. Dress in your finest Victorian garb and join the ladies for High Tea at the Delta Saloon, or take a ride on an evening champagne train and see a battle from your seat. For more information and tickets, visit

More information on upcoming events:

Being that :

Virginia city, site of two Civil War battles, cancels upcoming reenactment weekend Saturday, 19 August 2017 ()
Manassas, Va., has canceled its upcoming Civil War reenactment weekend Friday amid the growing tensions regarding historic markers linked to the Confederacy and last week's Charlottesville tragedy. 

Has caved to the far left goons known as ANTIFA...The USA Taliban: SEE: 

Let be known that those who prize history,freedom,the right to pursue happiness and  adhere to the 1st as well as the 2nd are more than welcome to visit our little town and enjoy the open air reenactment~ the best stage in the world.
Also let it be known that neither ISIS,the Taliban nor their wannabee ANTIFA bros (The Progressive left) are welcome nor will they be tolerated...Nevada is a 2nd Amendment state having both open as well as CCW carry laws...which recognizes many other states CCW's 

Our local Sheriff as well as our County Commissoners and residents will make sure that the event goes smoothly...if any protestors show up with faces covered, uniforms covering the body from head to toe,helmets as well as shields and carrying bats and or whipping sticks or any other deadly weapons will be immediately arrested for inciting a riot,disturbing the peace and any other state and or federal laws that become apparent! 

It is written It is done...they are put on notice they are not welcome! Nor be allowed to interfer with our local economy!

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