Saturday, December 31, 2016

HAPPY NEW me age hell no! Ha

Let's face it when ya hit the 7th decade of life it means you are in the dead of winter...when spring or summer arrives ya can kiss yo ass goodbye...Like one foot is on a roller skate the other on a banana peel...nothing works quite right anymore...the spring in yo step has diminished to a stumble of which ya tell everyone I meant to do Ya find yourself addicted to Znation and the Walking Dead series... well hell ya can relate to the ZZZZZ's and walkers seems everyone is out to get ya *Yikes*

At any rate ya won't find me out in the damn cold watching a stupid ball fall...especially in NYC no booze,no bathrooms and shit howdy the old joints start to creek in the cold...and what cutie is gonna kiss a old fart Walking Dead

Me I'm gonna make a hot chocolate probs with a dash of Jim Beam [It's too damn cold tonight for a beer in N/Nevada 8 deg brrr] and cheer the walkers on as well as the ZZZZ's on netflex....rofl...have a great nite youngin's just remember life is short and it really goes fast! We all have a max of 100 years and the older ya get the faster time goes! As for my New Years resolution: hmmmm maybe I'll work out a lil more so I can make it to 100 so I can drive me kids nuts for another 28 years...ha

A couple of teasers Znation season 3 finale...Producer David M Latt promises season 4 to be great can't wait:) Season 3 finale was a real cliff hanger...  

Z-Nation Season 3 Finale Episode 15 - Everybody Dies in the End - Video Review! 


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