Sunday, April 30, 2017

Developing: Trump WH Eyeing Sheriff Clarke for Job in Administration [Report]


Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, is pretty much one of the most awesome lawmen in America. With his trademark hat and blunt speaking style, he’s won over conservatives and infuriated liberals from sea to shining sea.
Now, Mr. Clarke could be going to Washington.
According to Politico, the sheriff is being considered by the Trump administration for a role in the Department of Homeland Security. Clarke would be appointed as the assistant secretary at DHS’ Office of Partnership and Engagement.

The position, which does not require Senate confirmation, would involve an outreach program to law enforcement, as well as officials in state, local and tribal governments.
One of the three sources who confirmed the story to Politico said that it’s “not a done deal yet.” The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported that the process of selection and appointment could take over a month, adding that the administration was “a few steps away from making the appointment.”
“It wouldn’t be for a while,” a source told the paper. “Nothing’s imminent.”

However, the paper also reported that “(s)ources close to the sheriff have said for months that Trump officials have been interested in appointing Clarke to serve as the administration’s liaison to the law enforcement community.”
Clarke had been seen at Trump Tower in the period following Trump’s election last November and had been rumored to be in the running for head of DHS.
At the time, WITI-TV reported that Sheriff Clarke had said he would serve in Trump’s administration were he asked to. The DHS job eventually went to former Gen. John Kelly.

Nevertheless, the sheriff remains a popular figure for Trump supporters, and he’s almost certainly a qualified pick to fill the role. If Trump decides to go with Clarke, it’s a decision that millions of conservatives will be cheering loudly.

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