Saturday, October 7, 2017

Lib Tries to Show How Easy It Is to Buy Guns, Then Video Takes Embarrassing Turn

A liberal reporter who thought it would be a good idea to make a video about how easy it is to buy guns in the United States embarrassed herself when things did not go according to her plan.
Maggie Palmer, an Australian reporter, set out on a mission to by a gun in Las Vegas, a town she described as having relaxed gun laws.
“Literally all you need to buy a new gun is a local ID card,” Palmer wrote in a piece for Australian news outlet SBS.

“The seller conducts a background check which takes less than an hour in some cases. Get the all clear and voila — you’re a gun holder! No license or registration required,” she wrote.
Eager to prove her point, Palmer waltzed into a Walmart with a camera crew, fully expecting walk out of the store with a gun.
Palmer sarcastically called attention to how the rifle display was located next to the toy section. She also pointed out how the Walmart assistant behind the counter claimed she was not particularly educated about guns (and that their regular gun expert was off that day), but yet was still able to sell them.

However, with all her enthusiasm and wit, Palmer found she could not buy a a gun in Las Vegas because she didn’t have the appropriate ID.
Talk about proving a point.

See video:

This reporter should have been embarrassed but she was not. She glossed over the fact that she was unable to make a purchase because of a little snag with her ID, while continuing to bemoan the fact the U.S. does not follow Australia’s position on gun control.

Arguments like this make no sense.
Palmer illustrates why so many thinking people believe that liberalism is a disease.
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