Friday, June 13, 2014

MAJORITY OF AMERICANS: Obama is a Liar Who Can’t Be Trusted


It appears that six years of pathological lying by Obama are finally beginning to show up in the minds of Americans as the “hope and change” mantra is becoming as extinct as the Ford Edsel.

Just over half, 51% of Americans, don’t believe twice-elected Democrat President Barack Obama is “honest and trustworthy” according to a new Gallup poll.

Based on a survey taken June 5-8, when asked whether Obama “is honest and trustworthy,” 51% said the characteristics did not apply to him, while 47% said the terms did apply.

While the numbers above are all-time lows for Obama, they aren’t the only numbers that are crashing according to Gallup

Americans’ favorable/unfavorable views of Obama as a person have also tanked, with a majority (52%) having having an unfavorable view of Obama on a personal basis, while 47% still have a favorable view. The -5% differential is an all-time worse for Obama.

Only 39% of the respondents believed that Obama “can manage government effectively,” while just 34% think he “has a clear plan for solving the country’s problems,” according to the survey, indicating that many Democrats have joined Republicans in losing faith in Obama.

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