Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hey ISIS...y'all are so full of it!

US Army 1st Cavalry Division Airborne Patch Decal Sticker
Special Opp's Navy Seals...Green Berets got nothing on us we soften the hot LZ,,enough said ...!!!
Ya think ya be soldiers and bad ass *whateva* ? haven't a clue about what US Soldiers can do when lead by real commanders...Barry Barack Obama ain't no Commander...nor is anyone on the progressive liberal movement...enjoy your 15 minutes of fame...our next election cycle will bring the likes of LTC Allen West as CIC...we have been there done that before,,,Allen is on the same plain as LTC Moore was 1965...he knew how to lead men to crush wimps as ya be...yeah ya be great raping women and children...cutting off heads of those who cave/cower  to your rants and raves and so scary faces...enjoy for now...but down the road, shortly, you will face the real US Cav...not MSM fantasy troops as you be thinking... did ya not think real soldiers did not notice your baggy pants,tops and tennis shoes? Ya,  ya be real soldiers tea,goats milk  and advised 'Walking Tents' ...your day of reconning is just over the horizon.... we know how to fix bayonets,charge and kick royal ass when we have leaders who give the true command!

Sleep well for now...soon you will see what war is all ain't pretty when ya have to face pissed off troops...not cowards who run...enough said eh?
Cue: Bayonets Fixed...and you are the targets:

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