Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July is AMERICAN, Cinco de Mayo is NOT

Independence Day Trivia
I make no apology for being a patriotic American who has an intense dislike for others who try to usurp the importance of July 4th with holidays that are NOT American.
Too many Americans have lost all concept of what the 4th of July is really all about. They forget that the group of men who signed their names to Declaration of Independence did so knowing full well that it could cost them everything they owned and probably execution at the hands of the British. Taking the quill in hand, dipping it into the ink well and writing their names down on that piece of paper was the bravest and most dangerous thing those men did.

Put yourself in their shoes and I’ll use the tyranny of the Obama administration in place of the British. Would you be willing to sacrifice everything you owned, the possible safety of your family and your life to sign a similar document declaring our independence from Obama’s tyranny? Like the British at the time, Obama seems to have all of the power and force necessary to put down any attempt of deposing his rule over the land, but would that stop you?
That’s what we celebrate on the 4th of July. That’s what we should be remembering and commemorating. It’s not about a parade, picnic and eating watermelons. It’s not about a fireworks display at night. The 4th of July is about America’s freedom, something which we are rapidly losing. 

Patriotism in America is dying. It’s no longer taught in public schools. In fact, kids today are being taught that patriotism is a bad thing. 

But loyalty to other countries is being taught and getting more attention than the 4th of July. Tell me why we make such a big celebration of Mexico’s independence? Cinco de Mayo is celebrated across our nation these days. I’ve seen Cinco de Mayo celebrations last 3 or more days when we’re fortunate to get an evening for America’s independence. 

In a growing number of communities, the Mexican flag is raised equal to or higher than the American flag. This is a violation of the federal Flag Code. American students have even been disciplined for wearing the American flag or anything patriotic on May 5 because it offends the Hispanics.
This is America, NOT Mexico. If Mexican independence is so important to the Hispanic people then why don’t they move there? Why should Americans go out of their way to not offend people who come to OUR country when all they do is offend us right and left?
This is America! If people come here then they should do so knowing that they are expected to embrace OUR culture, learn OUR language and show patriotism to OUR country. If they aren’t willing to do that, then they shouldn’t have come here to begin with and they are more than free to leave right now!



  1. Not to be persnickety but Cinco de Mayo isn't Mexico's Independence from Spain that's 16 September 1810 from CIA World Fact Book Cinco de Mayo recognizes when Mexico defeated the puppet regime France installed in Mexico during US Civil War and, ironically, usually isn't celebrated in Mexico.

    There's a theory that beer manufacturers elevated the importance of Cinco de Mayo as an earlier kick off to summer than Memorial Day. Mexican Independence Day conflicted with the already established Labor Day celebrations in US. May 1, 2001 Wall Street Journal "U.S. Marketers Turn Cinco de Mayo Into Pan-Ethnic National Celebration"

  2. Ok and where did it refer to Sept 16 in the article?...nice try History 101 is a lil week here...Have a nice day thou!