Thursday, March 8, 2012

Newt 2012

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These troubled times call for more than just another typical politician who played ball when in Washington – we need somebody who will change the game in Washington so we can right the course of this great nation.
As Senator, Rick Santorum was a big labor, big earmark, big government spender. In his six years of Senate leadership from 2001-2007, Santorum failed to deliver a single balanced budget.
That was pretty hard to do since Santorum inherited four years in a row of balanced budgets and billions of dollars in surpluses delivered by Newt Gingrich's leadership as speaker.
Instead, the big spending ways of Santorum and his Republican allies amounted to $1.6 trillion in budget deficits and added trillions more to an exploding federal debt.
In response, voters threw Santorum and his big spending colleagues out of office and yanked the majority away from the Republican Party. In Senator Santorum's case, he lost his 2006 reelection by 18 points, the largest margin of loss for an incumbent Senator in Pennsylvania history.
When called to account today for his big spending, the best Santorum can offer is that he was just playing ball, a good "team player".
Senator Santorum is the poster child for the big spending, compromised Republican Party the American people rejected in 2006 and 2008, a failure of leadership that has saddled the country with President Obama.
Newt v Rick
Newt, on the other hand, changed the game in Washington as speaker. He created the first Republican majority in 40 years and spearheaded the first balanced budget in a generation. All told, the economic policies Newt put forth led to four consecutive balanced budgets, $405 billion in national debt being paid off, the creation of 11 million new jobs, and a 20% reduction in our national debt. Talk about a game changer!
To illustrate the wide gap between Gingrich and Santorum's leadership in Washington, we created this new infographic. Please tweet it, Facebook it, and forward it to your family and friends. And then chip in $5 or more to help send Newt to Washington to change the game by dismantling the old order, shrinking the size of government, and sending power back to the states.
Vince Haley
Deputy Campaign Manager
Newt 2012
P.S. America's challenges are simply too great to send another "team player" to Washington to play ball with the establishment. Please share our new infographic with everybody you know to show why we need Newt's leadership to change the game in Washington.
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