Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Detail Just Emerged About Who Bill Cosby Gave Money To That Is Raising Eyebrows

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[The Clinton Foundation...Managed by  Harry Reid... Parhump Nevada]


After months of stories of sexual assaults actor and comedian Bill Cosby is being accused of, legal action has finally come his way. But with that scrutiny, other things Cosby has done are also coming to light; and one instance may affect the upcoming presidential election.
Even as Cosby is coming under attack by dozens of women who claim he assaulted them–and has now been indicted–his associations with various companies and organizations are being looked at as well. With that scrutiny, many groups and organizations are disassociating themselves from Coz and removing his name from their registers.
But news has emerged that Cosby has been a big donor to the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation, and many watchers of politics are wondering if the Clintons are going to return the thousands Coz donated. Others wonder how the connection could affect Hillary’s run for president.
As The Daily Caller reported, the Cosby Show creator and star “gave between $1,001 and $5,000” to the Clintons. But after dozens of women have come forward to charge Cosby with abuse and rape, some want to know if the Clinton foundation will emulate the actions of so many other organizations and return the actor’s money and remove him from its list of supporters.

Hillary’s camp has even been asked this question. In an interview in July, Clinton campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri was asked about Cosby’s donations, and she did her best to evade the question.
“It’s, you know, wealthy people giving money to help poor people. Uh, we think that’s, uh, that’s a positive thing,” Palmieri said.
Thus far, the foundation has refused to comment on the Cosby donations.
For many, the question becomes: how could the Clinton Foundation square Hillary’s claim to be an advocate for women but still take on Cosby’s donations? Further, isn’t associating with an accused rapist too reminiscent of the sexual assaults her husband, Bill, is accused of?

Breitbart News, for one, noted the dichotomy between the way the two men are being treated, as Cosby is attacked in the media while Bill Clinton is celebrated.
Of course, not every organization is distancing itself from Cosby. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has announced that it will not remove Cosby’s star on the Walk Of Fame.

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