Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Shimmy Shimmy Ko-Ko Bop

Y'all are probably scratching your head wondering what the hell is this all about..."Shimmy Shimmy Ko-Ko Bop"  
Well hell all this election corruption/investigations/lying and a crying starts to wear on one...ya start thinking should I take a break from Internet/Twitter and hit the cable channels ?... search out the "Walking Dead" and "ZNation" so I can get some relief watching the Progressive "Walking Dead" get their just reward...or hit the SYFY channel hoping for some funny SharkNado stuff to take my mind off of all the chaos going on! 

Well I was sitting on the edge of my bed on my zebra pattern bed cover looking up at my fake palm tree of which my grandaughter gave me for a Christmas present so I could relax before sleep takes over... imagining I am on a desolate beach! 

Then it hit me Shimmy Shimmy Ko-Ko Bop" a old song from my High School always cheered me up when things were getting chaotic! So I hit youtube found the old song, played it, and it cheered me I am sharing with y'all to cheer ya up also..... 😊 


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