Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sorry Progressives the Bill of Rights applies to all not just y'all


The time has come to set the record straight...The GOP ,Conservatives and yes even the Libertarians are fighting the fight against the looney left progressives all wrong [Fight Fire with Fire using the law against them] soon as they call you racist y'all curl up in a ball and raise the proverbial white flag of defeat! All you have to do to set the record straight is fight back using history and facts and shove it down their proverbial throats like they have been doing to you for decades using mis-information and facts deleted!  

The First 10 amendments as these always seem to be attacked the most:

This latest fiasco going on in congress with the Black Caucus ...hanging a picture in the halls of congress [a Government Building] depicting police officers as pigs shooting po' Black Folks (BLM) ?...and claiming the 1st Amendment right to do so..using the same against them "It offends me" hello fair is fair yes? Better yet just apply the laws fairly to all not just a select group of loud mouths without facts to back up their claims and rights!

Alrighty then...does this not also apply to Alabama and their freedom of speech rights re: the Confederate Flag, the 10 Commandments, the celebration of Christmas with Nativity Scenes in government as well as public places also? Indeed it does and the ACLU (Anti_Christ_Legions_Unleashed ) can stuff it and suck on the law as it applies to all! 

I was going to go on and on about this however sometimes it is better to keep it short and sweet to the point...easy to digest without boring the reader to death... "life is short keep it short" is my motto ha:

As for Social Media especially FaceBook and Twitter knock the crap off everyone is covered under the 1st Amendment! 

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