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Did you forget? Obama’s 5 biggest scandals    obama

President Barack Obama’s longtime adviser Valerie Jarrett made an embarrassing and flat-out false statement to CNN Sunday when she claimed, “The president prides himself on the fact that his administration hasn’t had a scandal.”
Do people actually believe this garbage?
Since the Obama administration seems to have forgotten the last eight years of a scandal, The Horn News is here to help.
Here are five of Obama’s biggest, most infamous scandals from his presidency.

#1 – Fast and Furious
One of Obama’s first scandals was a failed attempt to track Mexican drug cartels. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (AFT) participated in a “gunrunning” operation in which they allowed guns to be sold to Mexican drug cartels with the goal of recovering them at crime scenes.
The Obama administration failed miserably when they lost track of an estimated 2,000 weapons after they crossed the border.
In other words, Obama armed the Mexican drug cartels with no benefit to America whatsoever.

#2 – IRS targeting conservative groups
In 2013, the Internal Revenue Service revealed that conservative political groups applying for tax-exempt status were subject to intense scrutiny solely based on their political affiliation. It became apparent that groups were targeted if their names included words like, “tea party”, “patriot”, “constitution”, and “liberty”.
While the IRS blamed it on low-level employees, they deferred releasing a list of the specific targeted organizations until 2016 when they were accused of avoiding the release.
Upon release, a judge ruled the allegations were substantial, and the IRS would take four-times longer to process tea-party applications.
A pretty big scandal Jarrett seems to be ignoring.

#3 – Benghazi
Benghazi is one of the biggest scandals of Obama’s presidency that contributed to the Democratic Party’s loss in the 2016 election. On September 11th, 2012, four Americans were killed in Benghazi, Libya, and what followed was a slew of lies. The Obama administration claimed that an anti-Muslim YouTube video caused protests resulting in the attack, when in reality there was no protest that night.
The administration repeated these claims again and again, continuously lying to the American people.
When then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was questioned about the event, she claimed she never saw a message from the late Ambassador warning that they could not defend themselves against a “coordinated attack.” Had Clinton done her job properly, the lives of those American heroes could’ve been spared.

#4 – “Keep your doctor” Obamacare
Obama touts the Affordable Care Act as one of his greatest accomplishments, but it has been an utter failure since its inception. He famously promised, “You can keep your doctor” — which has been proven to be a lie.
Premiums have been consistently spiking year after year, make the Affordable Care Act not so affordable. All of the wonderful aspects that Obama promised turned out to be lies, making Obamacare one of his biggest scandals.

#5 – VA death list
One of the worst mistakes of the Obama administration resulted in the death of thousands of our nation’s heroes. After veterans risked their lives to protect American freedom, they faced insane wait times to receive care promised to them by the Veterans Administration.
A VA inspector general’s report revealed that 800,000 records were left sitting in the agency’s system for enrollment, 307,000 of which belonged to veterans who died while waiting to be processed.
One veteran who passed away waited to be processed for an astounding 14 years! Obama’s lack of care for veterans will go down in history as one of the biggest, most costly scandal of Obama’s administration.

What was Obama’s biggest scandal?

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