Sunday, June 12, 2016

General Petraeus and NASA astronaut Mark Kelly *OathBreakers*

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As Written By Eugene Scott for CNN:
Retired U.S. Army Gen. David Petraeus, who has long resisted calls to run for political office, is teaming up with retired NASA astronaut Mark Kelly to create a new group urging greater gun control.
The two announced on Friday that they were launching Veterans Coalition for Common Sense to encourage elected leaders to “do more to prevent gun tragedies.” The group will feature veterans from every branch of the military who are urging lawmakers to toughen gun laws, the organization said in a news release. 

“As service members, each of us swore an oath to protect our Constitution and the homeland. Now we’re asking our leaders to do more to protect our rights and save lives,” said Kelly ……
Full Story Here: David Petraeus, Mark Kelly launch gun control group – 

oped: Just when you thought there was enough gun control out there, a new group forms! This one will use veterans to plead for more gun control. WTH? The VA already has veterans covered up in gun control with unconstitutional revocations of gun ownership and denial of permits. Where did these anti gun veterans come from? Where did the need for this group arise? None of this makes sense. 

May I suggest General *Betrayus* and *Astronut* Kelly join #OathKeepers and take on constructive issues befitting Veterans rather than take on issues of the looney left progressives who are destroying our country from within! You can sign up here:  
Another great site to look into: 
Note: Here is the link to the national “Stand By Me For Liberty” website, where everyone can find something to do, some way to help. This is a righteous cause for America, so do please look into this site and learn how you can add your voice for freedom to the general liberty movement. Thank you!

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