Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Trump Prepares To Attack Cruz’s Wife. Here Are 5 Reasons That’s Ridiculous.

oped: First and foremost the picture above is not is art no more no less shown than a girl on the beach in a bikini ...imo! I am not offended by the picture...being a guy she is attractive and catches ones eye.
Second a little advice to Donald and Ted stick with the issues at hand and what you will do to fix them.
To be quite frank the two of you are playing into the hands of the left and the establishment...both of you give them way more ammo than they need.

As for Heidi Cruz's depression bout...I can't speak for that, I have never suffered a bout of "Depression"  in the so called clinical sense...yes I am normal and have suffered the dreaded "Bummer" like when ya lose a race in track ,a job interview, a football game or rejection by the cute gal ya wanted to date etc...however these bouts lasted no more than a few minutes... maybe a hour or two on a bad bummer day ! So I will leave this to the experts,
The bottom line being politicians need to quit with all the nonsense that we the people are not interested in hearing about...are ya listening?

On Monday, Liz Mair’s Make America Awesome super PAC – a super PAC totally unaffiliated with the presidential campaign of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) – ran a Facebook ad that looked like this:  
Trump immediately responded on Twitter by targeting Cruz’s wife:
Cruz fired back:
Trump concluded:
Trump concluded:
Trump is apparently deeply offended by super PACs attacking his wife’s nude modeling career – so offended that he’s ready to “spill the beans” on Heidi Cruz. Here are five reasons that’s absurd.

1. The Super PAC Has Nothing To Do With Cruz. Liz Mair’s super PAC has no relationship with the Cruz campaign. Until the Trump blowup, they’d raised a grand total of $20,000. Trump granted them a multiple of that media attention. Mair revels in the attention, obviously, and has fired back at Trump. But Trump’s really just itching to attack Cruz, so he makes things up and states them as fact.
2. Trump Has Attacked Other Candidates’ Wives. Trump acting shocked and appalled at political attacks on his wife is rich, given this tweet about Jeb Bush long ago:

Trump deleted that Tweet, but refused to apologize to Jeb! on stage during a nationally televised debate.
3. Trump Has Attacked Other Women For Magazine Pictures. Trump playing “hot-house flower” over someone criticizing his wife’s magazine photos is rich, to say the least. Here’s Trump on Megyn Kelly in January:
So, yeah.
4. Melania’s Modeling Career Says Something About Trump. A man’s wife says something about him. I am married to a doctor; I married her primarily because we shared values, secondarily because she is brilliant, thirdly because she is fun, and finally because she is beautiful. Here’s what Trump said about meeting Melania in 1998: “I saw Melania and I said, ‘Who is that?’ She was a very successful model. She was terrific. I tried to get her number, and she wouldn’t give it to me.” Melania continued the story: “He came to the party with a date! I had heard he was a ladies’ man, and so I said, ‘I’m not one of the ladies.’ He said later that he sent her to the ladies’ room so he could get my number. I was like, ‘Oh, what a sneaky way!’” Melania told People magazine she liked Trump’s “sparkle” and took his number.
Trump, by the way, was still technically married to Marla Mapes. Trump routinely called Melania “my supermodel.” Melania told Howard Stern in 2000, “We have incredible sex at least once a day. Sometimes even more.” Trump told Stern about Melania looking good in a “very small thong.” Melania’s nude modeling history isn’t some shameful part of her past. It was her chief appeal to a man with a long history of womanizing and misogyny.
5. Heidi Cruz’s “Spilled Beans” Say Nothing About Cruz. Presumably, the spilled beans to which Trump refers are twofold: Heidi’s relationship with Goldman Sachs (fair) and a police report about her from 2005, when the Austin Police Department reportedly found her “sitting on the ground near the MoPac Expressway with her head in her hands, and no sign of a vehicle nearby.” The police report described Cruz as a “danger to herself.” An adviser to Cruz told BuzzFeed, “About a decade ago, when Mrs. Cruz returned from DC to Texas and faced a significant professional transition, she experienced a brief bout of depression. Like millions of Americans, she came through that struggle with prayer, Christian counseling, and the love and support of her husband and family.”
Heidi Cruz reportedly decided not to speak publicly about the issue, according to BuzzFeed, because “she didn’t want to minimize the struggle of those who suffer from depression their entire lives by trumpeting her own happy ending.” If this is the “spilled beans,” it has nothing to do with anything. Depression is a clinical condition, and suffering from a clinical medical condition says nothing about that person’s spouse, obviously.

Donald Trump playing victim with regard to this Melania ad is weird. His decision to target Heidi Cruz in response, however, is more than weird – it’s vicious. But we’ve come to expect that from Donald Trump.

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