Saturday, March 26, 2016

Professor Decides To “CoExist” With Refugee… Then Colleagues Find Pool Of Blood

Mehdi H. and German police

A German-Iranian high school math teacher who hosted refugees in his home was found murdered and his killer has been arrested.
According to Bild, the teacher, only known as Mehdi H., failed to arrive at work in the town of Celle one morning in early February and was reported missing. A fellow colleague found him later in his basement lying in a pool of his own blood where he had died from violent blows to the head.
Popular with his students, Mehdi was an Iranian immigrant himself who responded to the wave of refugees that arrived in Germany from Greece and the Balkans in December by donating food, blankets and other supplies to local asylum and refugee homes. He reportedly also provided interpretation services and hosted up to four refugees in his home.

Following their investigation into the murder, German police arrested the suspected murderer, an Afghan refugee who was staying with Mehdi, on March 17. The two men had reportedly been arguing when the refugee brutally beat Mehdi with a rock and a crowbar or pipe. The man has since confessed to the killing.
German police were reportedly initially hesitant to confirm the refugee’s nationality. Some speculate the police’s hesitancy stems from a fear of further backlash from terrorist groups or from government pressure to downplay a recent spike in violence by migrants from the Middle East.
Mehdi’s murder comes on the heels of another murder committed by what was thought to be an “underage” refugee in Sweden. An asylum center worker, Alexandra Mezher, was stabbed to death in January by migrant who was later determined to be an adult.

Although the motives behind Mehdi’s murder are not known, it is important to emphasize that immigrants, regardless of where they come from, must be properly screened before being allowed entrance into any country.
The facts remain that even people seeking asylum can have ulterior motives. If America is going to secure its future and prevent horrific murders like Mehdi’s, screening techniques must be developed and implemented that siphon out the terrorists.
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