Thursday, May 11, 2017

*Sigh* Storey County Nevada is on a downward spiral...

While I am by no means against capitalism and improvement of communities via bringing in venture capital  and new must be very careful to maintain the overall flow of  keeping a community quaint and simple and fair to old timers and small business owners not to their proverbial detriment!
I talked to several small business owners as well as old is their complaint: Ever since 'Lance the Pimp' Gilman Businessman: Lance Gilman, 68, says most voters didn't think twice about his ownership of the Mustang Ranch entered the scene and was elected commissioner... business license fees as well as property taxes,sales tax etc has gone up for residents as well as small business owners...while the Big Business boys Tesla,Apple,Amazon.Google ,FedEx et al have received tax exemption/low rate status as well as really good  benefit/expansion deals to make their businesses grow in the N/West SC Industrial Park, a Gilman enterprise (TRIC) it turns out old timers and small businesses mostly located in Virginia City are receiving the brunt of the taxes, fees etc and are really hurting...many are closing down and have put their properties up for sale!

Another complaint is: "the influx of these progressive tree hugger.climate change ,Bay area Kawlifornia company transplants moving into our community and bringing their perverted agendas with...they are welcome if they leave their Kawlifornia crap in California...they ruined California and we don't want them ruining our tranquil community who thrives within our US Constitution /Bill of Rights" 

Lance Gilman tried to remove our Conservative~ duly elected Sheriff via a recall..of which he lost big time as the community rallied behind Sheriff Antinoro:


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