Monday, May 8, 2017

Ivanka Trump is investigating Obama’s lies (the media is BUSTED!) 
oped: You go girl make your Father proud...let your journey begin...Bust the Climate change Myth! 

Throughout his presidency, Barack Obama’s administration would often provide news releases to the press regarding climate change. Critics often called the information misleading, but it’s far worse than that.
A top U.S. scientist that formerly worked for Obama has finally revealed the truth –Obama’s administration had been lying about the data all along!
Nearly all the data and statistics given to the mainstream media conveniently supported the Obama administration’s narrative that climate change was out of control, the scientist revealed to The Wall Street Journal.
The media never bothered to check the facts, and repeated the alarming data — and now Ivanka Trump is in charge of getting to the bottom of the whole thing.

President Donald Trump has tasked his daughter Ivanka to investigate and determine what the U.S. truly needs to work to combat the effects of climate change.
Former Energy Department Undersecretary Steven Koonin admitted to The Wall Street Journal that Obama had been manipulating scientific data in order to exaggerate the severity of climate change. He also acknowledged how Obama’s administration “had a point of view about climate change, and was not afraid to promote that view.”

He continued “what you saw coming out of the press releases about climate data, climate analysis, was, I’d say, misleading, sometimes just wrong.”
For example, Koonin pointed to the National Climate Assessment in 2014, which claimed hurricane activity has increased since 1980, but downplayed another incredibly important factor in interpreting the data.
“What they forgot to tell you, and you don’t know until you read all the way into the fine print is that it actually decreased decades before that,” Koonin noted.

But now that Trump’s in office, he’s committed to finding the real truth — and he’s put Ivanka in charge of it.
The first daughter has been tasked with reviewing the U.S. commitment to the Paris Climate Change agreement, which Obama signed without Congress’ approval as an executive agreement in 2015.
The United Nations’ climate change meeting is next week in Bonn, Germany, with U.S. representatives slated to attend.
But their presence does not signify an American approval of the deal.

A State Department official clarified to The Associated Press, “The decision to participate in next week’s U.N. climate talks shouldn’t be construed as a sign that Trump has decided to stay in the Paris pact.”
Ahead of the meeting, Ivanka, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt and other Trump advisers will meet Tuesday to discuss a potential withdrawal from the deal.
She will lead an extensive review process to ensure that her father receives accurate information from government experts and the private sector before making a final decision on a potential withdrawal.
The Trump’s are committed to finding the truth and when it comes to climate change, it is in Ivanka’s hands.

— The Horn editorial team

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