Friday, March 31, 2017

Attention Storey County Nevada...Retain Sheriff Gerald Antinoro

The Committee to recall Gerald Antinoro is made up of Harper Valley Hypocrits to say the least...see:

Side note: Pat Whitten/County Manager and I go back a long way...we both relocated to Storey County in 1994 from Kawlifornia...he was the manager at the Virginia City RV park...then became owner...we both joined the Storey County Sheriffs office as reserve deputies...albeit I had previous LE experience...we both ran for SC Sheriff...his money and position placed him well ahead of me as a candidate for Storey County Sheriff..of course Pat won and I was not upset...However I was a lil upset when later down the road after his second election he bailed mid term and turned over the reins of Sheriff to Miller via appointment...who then went on to be elected...albeit he was by no means popular with the people!
I remember being at a Reserve Deputy party with Pat way back 95'...everyone was having a good time and the beer at any rate Pat told me how he was wrongfully accused of sexual harrassment while a manager at Bank of America in Tahoe...I believed Pat then as I believe Gerald Antinoro now...Lance Gilman is akin to Dirty Harry Reid and uses dirty politics for his personal gain...imho!
It's up to the electorate of Storey County to decide to retain or recall Gerald...I choose to retain !

Businessman: Lance Gilman, 68, says most voters didn't think twice about his ownership of the Mustang Ranch
I say recall Lance Gilman...Storey County Commissioner...we really don't need another Joe Conforte' /Progressive Dem... Harry Reid supporter!

I base my decision on this matter with the following:

Have a nice night and let your conscience be your guide when you vote!

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