Thursday, March 30, 2017

Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing on Russia et al...

dog and pony perform tricks on stage in a funny stock photo about ...   

Nothing more than the proverbial "Dog and Pony Show" to be blunt, let me say and you may quote me:
'Theory without fact is Hypothesis~ Fact without theory is Chaos'
What we have here is pure is not to solve the problem at hand but to create chaos... so both sides of the aisle can send out e-mails requesting/demanding donations to the party to fight the other side...pure and simple ~the proverbial Ponzi scheme! "A Never Ending Story"

Here is the cold hard point the finger at Russia and China is a oxymoron...all countries spy on each other and interfer with each others internal affairs and elections...the US being the biggest offender during the "Progressive" Obama administration!

Let me make this perfectly clear so even those with low IQ's can understand....Congress is not intended to be  a investigative is to make law...The DOJ and  FBI are tasked with this...therefore it would behoove congress to stay the hell out of it and request the DOJ/FBI to assign top level non partisan career employees with the task to open a comprehensive investigation and get to the bottom of all the corruption taking place in the halls and hollows of DC! It is more than a Swamp as Donald Trump calls it is a outright Sewer! 
Start here:

[Sound familiar? Gotta pass it to see it!]

As for the ObamaCare fiasco...let me make this clear also...We the People requested that it be repealed...not patched with duct tape...repealed means just that repealed... no ands, ifs or buts about it.
Congress has absolutely no business to be in the medical insurance business with the only exception being Medicare for seniors and Medicaid for the poor (Citizens only)...The whole 2000+ pages of this chaotic abomination needs to hit file 13 (the dead file) then cremated to make sure it never returns...then congress can get busy working on bills to solve the problem...start with bills addressing the gouging going on in hospitals and the Big Pharma companies as well as limiting the amount paid to tort/mal-practice claims against doctors. and hospitals.
Also reduce the amount of government backed student loans to a maximum of $25,000 for a 4 year degree and $10,000 for a 2 year community college work skill degree...this would cause the state/elite universities and community colleges to reduce their rates and promote useful degree programs vs rediculous useless degree programs and keep down student debt as well as government debt! New graduate Medical Doctors would not have to charge so much in order to pay off extreme debts aquired.

I can only give food for thought and plant the seed...bright and responsive representatives of We the People can take over now...carry on with God's speed and direction! 

Closing with:

There I said it and kept it short and sweet...unlike politicians who write extremely long and confusing bills padded with special interests agendas hidden within thousands of pages of gobbly gook!

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